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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 9

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 9

Chapter 9 – Turns Out to Be a Production Genius (2)

Hermes Mall boasted unparalleled delivery speed compared to Coupang in Korea. It wasn’t long before he ordered the items, and several boxes fell into the black space.

It looks like a treasure chest because it’s a god thing. If you bring it to the dungeon, it’s a design that gamers will be thrilled with.

“Wow! Delivery came! John! It’s yours, so open it yourself!”
“I will write well.”

Originally, delivery is the most fun when unboxing. I deliberately opened the wrapping paper without looking at the sticker on the box.

The first thing that came out was straw.

“Why did you buy this?”
“Our grains are ingredients for making a house.”

The egg laid by Ebrande was given the nickname AL-AL. Sophia said to put it in the incubator, but the contents were not even algae, so she decided to make a birdhouse herself.

It is not a new house, but a nest.

“Are you going to make it at home?”

Sophia was anxious. She bit her lip and lowered her eyebrows sadly, like someone who wants to say something but can’t.

It looks like you want to receive my first production, right? I don’t know how a goddess can be this cute.

“No, I can make a small house right away, so I’ll put it off until later and try to make an item for the next crafting set.”
“You’re already aiming for an item? A mediocre artisan can’t make a normal grade item until he’s been a minion for years. That dwarf also hangs on an annual basis.”
“I have dexterity.”

On Earth, it is a talent that was used when mixing clay in elementary school art class. I just thought my hands were tougher than the other kids. I didn’t know if it was a talent enough to be specified as dexterity.

If I had known that earlier, I would have become a designer. I wasted my life studying for no reason.

“Then I will open it. Dugodoo”

How can you ignore such trivial buzzwords when you don’t know the important cultures of the Earth? When I opened the box, an introductory crafting set popped out.

“Coke! Cough Cough!”

Sophia, who inhaled smoke, coughed. You should have held your breath like me. Our goddess. The reaction rate is not good. If I had met him in a game, he would have beaten me three times and grinded his teeth.

“It’s a craft set…”

Are you polishing gems? I’ll have to look at the manual to find out.

[An introductory guide to crafting.]
[Please carve the enclosed lower grade gemstone.]
[Please trim the accessory material with the enclosed tool.]
[Create accessories by combining processed gemstones and materials.]
[* How to work with gemstones]
[*How to make a necklace using tools]
[*How to make a ring using tools]

It was the work of processing jewelry and making accessories. In addition to necklaces and rings, bracelets, anklets, tiaras and more. There are so many different types.

Great. If the blacksmith set came out, I would have gifted Sophia something like a sword or armor. Accessories suit Sophia better than armour.

“Well. What to make anklet? Bracelet? Necklace? Ring?”

Sophia flinched each time she spoke. Since I reacted the most to the ring, I should make a ring.

The material for making the ring was a blunt metal stick. You can hit it with a hammer to balance it, roll it into a circle, and then insert a jewel into it, right?

There is also a hole drilled in the part where the jewel will go. There is also a grinder on the table for tools. What’s this? Washing liquid sprayer?

The composition of the introductory set is very clear. I made it so that even a layman can get used to it quickly.”

“Then shall we begin the crafts?”
“For a moment. What are you going to do here?”
“Then where do you do it?”
“I have to go home.”

Wasn’t this home? I thought Sophia was living a very pitiful life because there was no furniture. It was my mistake.

“It was said that summoning should be done outside, so I deliberately left the house.”
“But wouldn’t it be messy if I did it at home? I’ll just do it here.”
“Yes. Okay.”

A somewhat sad tone. What did you prepare at home?

“It’s not like I won’t go in at all. All you have to do is make it and check it.”

Get your spirits up really fast. I started with jewelery according to the guide.

First of all, with a chisel and hammer, I knocked out a lump of stone adhering to the surface of the diamond. It is written that if you adjust the force incorrectly, the jewelry will be damaged, but I intuitively realized how much force should be applied to prevent the jewelry from being damaged.

I didn’t try to make it perfect, but only cut out large chunks. If you try to remove even that small stone with a chisel, the rough stone will be damaged.

Next time, trim it with a knife-like file, right? The stone attached to the outer surface was ground with a flat file to find the brilliance of the jewel, and the indented part that was difficult to file was sharpened with a triangular file.

In the process, the angular parts were also boldly sharpened.

“Oh. Alas!”

Every time the diamond gets smaller, Sophia regrets it, but the work must be bold. If you leave it as it is, the jewelry will look too ugly.

After trimming it properly, I put it in the dishwasher and washed away the dust. Then the brilliance of the diamond came to life.

Now we have to decide on the design. The design in the guide is fine, but I’ve seen much better rings.

My mother’s wedding ring must have been a diamond ring. It was so pretty because it was a ring that exceeded 100. My memory wasn’t perfect, but I filled in the parts I couldn’t remember with my senses.


I believe in my dexterity! After finishing the design, boldly grinding, washing again, finely shaving again, and finishing the polishing work, a beautiful diamond was born even though it was small in size.

Diamonds should also be put in platinum. Among the blunt metal rods, a platinum rod was placed on the anvil and hammered. While being careful not to crush the groove in the middle…

“Sophia. Please give me your hand.”
“I just catch it.”

When we held hands, Sophia was embarrassed and tried to run away. I forcibly held it and measured the size of my index finger.

Is it this much? It’s not thick at all, so it’s just right for the size. I hit the hammer again to shape it, and inserted the diamond into the groove.

“Isn’t it a bit sad?”
“No! Pretty!”
“Something is missing. Wait.”

Why are you sorry? I made it as per the guide. Oh, that’s too clunky. Traditionally, if it is a feminine ring, it should be slightly twisted into a spiral.

After removing the diamond, he tapped the ring again. In the process, the ring split in two.

“It’s okay.”

It’s prettier this way. You can add more gems to decorate the diamond. He worked on scraps of jewelry, twisted the ring into a double spiral, and used a drill to re-drill the grooves that were lost in the process.

In the center is the first cut diamond. Around four scrap diamonds. As I proceeded to the fixing work, sweat dripped from my forehead.

It was a detailed work that I couldn’t make a mistake, so I was overly focused. However, the finished ring was very pretty. I’m sorry my mother, but it looked much more expensive than a wedding ring.

[Created an item for the first time!]
[I realized the jewel crafting skill!]
[I realized the accessory making skill!]
[I realized the appraisal skill!]

Spread the skill Let’s check the items first, then the skills.

“Item Appraisal.”
“Item? Did you say item?”

[Diamond ring.]
[Rating: Normal]
[The first ring made by a minion for the master. It was made with ordinary materials, but it was made with sincerity and became an item.]
[Really LV. One]
[It becomes easier for those who wear the ring to control their minds.]
[*The effect may increase if you engrave the craftsman’s initials.]

I can’t stand the increase in effect. When I engraved the phrase Y.H after my English name, the calming level rose to 2.

“It’s an item! After all, our Yohan is a genius!”

Sophia was also happy to confirm that she hugged me. This softness that makes you feel good whenever you hold it. This is heaven right here

Is it really heaven because there is a goddess? Anyway, big breasts are the truth.

“Now what are you going to do with this…?”

While rubbing her breasts, Sophia, aware of her shame, stepped aside and asked. I wanted to make fun of him because the way he twisted his fingers was cute, but let’s just let it go this time.

“Didn’t Sophia-sama check it too?”
“Hmmmm. Right.”
“This ring belongs to Sophia.”
“I really like John!”

A second hug is good too. He took a deep breath and imprinted on Sophia’s body. She’s a goddess, so she smells really good. Get drunk

“Since it fit perfectly on my index finger…”
“Now, wait a minute. It tickles me when I say it there…”

Sophia, who had fallen again, covered her chest. Oh, you spoke to her chest. I’ll even stick out my tongue.

“So you can wear it on your index finger, right?”
“Yes. Try it on now.”

Sofia stared at her ring, unable to put it on. Come to think of it, I was wearing only a dress without a single common accessory.

You haven’t worn her ring, so you don’t know how to wear it. I’ve never put it on anyone, but it’s simple.

“I will insert it.”
“Yes? No! It’s okay! I’ll do it!”
“It’s nothing to be ashamed of, so don’t decline.”
“Aren’t you ashamed…”

Why are you so embarrassed when you only wear one ring? I don’t know how the goddess feels. She took Sophia’s hand and put her ring on her index finger.

“It suits you. Pretty.”
“Ugh… Thank you…”

Sophia, her face red, bowed her head. Is it hot It even fanned out.

“Don’t stay like this, let’s go inside!”
“I still have boxes left…”
“I will move that! Hurry!”

Why are you in such a hurry She was led by Sophia’s hand through a door in her void.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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