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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 8

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 8

Chapter 8 – Turns Out to Be a Production Genius (1)

“It will happen again! I won’t!”
“I won’t.”

Mechakucha scolded for dozens of minutes. No matter how pretty Sofia is, it’s boring anymore. Why do you keep scolding me when you say you won’t? Can’t you tell me my sincerity?

I guess I’m safe because I’m not sincere. To be honest, I loved my first sex in real life. He wasn’t just an ordinary person, he was also a beautiful elf.

When I get a chance, I’ll use make her pregnant. No matter how much Sophia nags, I can’t stop it.

“Then… Um…”

I didn’t say anything, but Sophia let out a quiet voice. Then he looked at me.

“Are you upset?”
“Yes? No.”

I really didn’t pout. If you get mad at something like this, you’re not an adult, you’re a child. In fact, I’m even grateful for giving me the opportunity to have sex with an elf.

“I’m sorry… Was I too harsh?”
“No, really…”

Uh? Isn’t this situation a win-win? Let’s use Sophia’s guilt.

“Honestly, it was severe.”
“Uh… That’s right. Sorry. It’s not because I hate you, but when I battle with another minion, I don’t know what will happen, and…”
“What else?”
“I didn’t want to lose you to another god…Today, Dohoyo passed over, but just in case…”

Aha. I was nagging because I was worriedhahaIf there is no love, there is no nagging. It’s all because there is love.

“Yeah, you know. I’m sorry…”
“Then can you give me a hug?”
“Uh? Ugh! Sure! Come on!”

Sophia clumsily spread her arms. You hugged me well earlier, but now you say why are you ashamed? Her hesitation hugged her tightly.


Sophia’s body trembled with tension. A part of her body, her breasts, also snuggled with sweetness. Is it a real story? Her breasts are so big that you can barely cover her back with her arms stretched all the way out.

Big breasts are invincible and divine.

“Are you done now…?”

She enjoyed it as much as she enjoyed it. Wait for the next opportunity

As they fell, Sophia checked her dressing. She stretched out her one-piece dress, and each time she did so, her convex nipples were visible in the middle of her breasts.

You call that a knock-off? It’s very cool. Seeing that she is hotter than when she saw Brande’s raw breasts, it seems to be true that she is more erotic when she is slightly covered than naked.

But what about Sofia touching her breasts too long?

“Ahhh! Hmm! Anyway! Are you done now?”
“Can we fight more? Her stamina has been restored, but I read that she shouldn’t be sent into fights in a row, as it will drain her sanity as well.”
“I saw it in a tip for newbies!”
“Can I see it too? I don’t know if the behavior I hate is written as a tip.”
“Is that so?”

Sofia made her screen again. This time you can also see the community name. I was expecting site names such as SiC, Hemco, and Age of Goddess, but it was a boring name called “Play of the Gods.”

On the right, there is a nickname and an alarm. Sofia’s nickname is ‘The Strongest Newbie’?

“Don’t look!”

Sofia hastily covered her nickname. Seeing how her ears turned red, I wonder if her breasts also turned red.

Or maybe her ass was red like her monkey. Oh, butts turn red when you hit them. The day my wish comes true. Sophia’s ass will be on fire.

“I didn’t see anything. The strongest newbie.”
“I’m not even a cat, so why are you moaning? Although prettier and cuter than cats.”

The sinking of the Sophia. She clicked on her alarm while she hovered over her.

[Newbie bulletin board block notice]
[Block period: 7 days]
[Reason: Bitick]

“…So why not do it in moderation.”
“But, I’m so happy to see your talent, so stop…”
“Then I can’t help it.”

Honestly, even if it were me, she would have been non-ticking. No, it must have been more aggro. As much as they showed off their evil powers in the game, they went wild in the community as well.

“I’ll tell you how to cheat without being blocked.”
“Really? Uh wait. How do you know how to learn it?”
“…Let’s check the text. Can I see the tips without logging in?”
“Don’t talk back!”

I manipulated Sophia’s screen to display a tip message.

[Newbie Trainer Perfect Strategy Part 1!]
[One. Get a good minion.]
[2. Knowing the aptitudes of minions.]
[3. Raising minions.]
[4. Trainer’s mindset.]

“Since we already got a good minion, shall we start with number 2?”
“A good… Minion…?”
“I should have gone to Dohoyo.”
“Ah! Sorry! Yohan is the best minion!”

It should have been in the first place. I tried to push away the clinging Sophia, but I stopped allowing it because of her breasts.

How can you reject a cute girl with big breasts? If there is such a baby, she will be a gay or a gay. No, because Sophia is a goddess, she might make a eunuch stand and perform a miracle that turns a gay into a heterosexual.

[If you’re a god who has raised a lot of minions, you can figure out their aptitude at a glance, but it’s difficult for newbies. The simplest way to figure out aptitude is race and talent!]
[Dwarfs are usually good at crafting items. Sometimes there are dwarves who aren’t good at blacksmithing, but this isn’t trash. That’s awesome. His strength and stamina are higher than the average racial value, so it’s perfect if you raise him as a tanking warrior. As will be described later, it is very suitable for taking out the opponent’s minions’ physical strength, magic power, and skills.]

Dwarves are like this. There were many explanations about other races, but I skipped them all and found the human section.

[I’m sure there are no newbie trainers who use humans as their first minions, right? Because I told you never to choose a human in the first item.]

“But! Yohan won the elf too! Even Ebrande was an elf from a prestigious family!”
“Then is he also a member of a prestigious family?”

I picked up an egg that was loosely rolling around on the floor.

“Oh right. How does he hatch? Should I buy an incubator?”
“Isn’t it listed in the tip?”
“I don’t know. Let’s find it together later.”

Let’s read some tips.

[Still, there will be newbies who use humans as their minions, so I’ll let you know. They may have purchased humans in pursuit of romance, but it is never an easy road. There are many cases where you don’t have talent, and you have to do it at best. If you have more than one, congratulations! If you’ve saved a human with more than two talents, you’re not a newbie! It’s a decent mid-level trainer!]

“Did you hear? I made John, who has three talents, as my minion!”
“Yeah yeah.”

[Human beings are versatile, so it’s hard to figure out their aptitudes. First of all, if you touch the field where you have talent, what if humans hate it? Then don’t do it Humans are complex creatures, so if you do something you don’t like, you can’t grow. Try fighting and crafting once. If you don’t like both, teach magic or martial arts, and if you don’t like them, teach mechanized civilization skills. Hate everything? Congratulations. A newbie’s first minion is an old class. Throw it away.]

“If you are dissatisfied with all of the above, shouldn’t you abandon a non-human race as well? I wrote the obvious fact at length.”
“I know.”

I also saw the human part of the third item, nurturing minions, but it was only written to keep doing what you are good at. The other races specified the efficient route in detail, but why is the treatment of humans like this?

I didn’t see the trainer’s mindset because it was annoying. Sophia will take care of it.

“I have something I can relate to.”
“Yes? What? What was it?”
“Try to do as much as possible. I am particularly attracted to martial arts.”
“Really? But I didn’t have any martial arts skills. If you want, I can get you some basic martial arts books.”
“Then thank you, but I want to start with something else. I also had dexterity with my talents. You said earlier in Bticgle that you buy dexterous dwarves at a high price.”
“Ah. It did.”
“I think it’s a talent that helps with production. Production is also different, right? I want to test which field suits me best.”
“If that’s the case, leave it to me!”

Sofia opened an app called ‘Hermes Mall’.

“Isn’t Hermes the god of the earth?”
“A famous god can spread a myth even to planets where newbies like me didn’t originate. Hermes was only in the second division, but he ran a shopping mall and became more famous than the first division!”

Then, not only Greek and Roman mythology, but also all the gods that appear in Norse mythology and so on must exist. Personally, I want to meet Thor.

Because I want to show movies aired on Earth. How will the real Thor react when he sees a fat figure? Just imagining it is fun.

Sophia, while I am wilding my imagination, has ‘Introductory blacksmith set’, ‘Introductory crafting set’, ‘Introductory carpenter set’, ‘Introductory alchemy set’…

“For a moment. What do you buy so much of?”
“Even though I’m so poor that I can’t even afford a minion, there’s a divinity that our John can buy an introductory set for!”
“Actually, I won the practice battle and got some from Dohoyo. Before I recruited my minions, I made some bets on who would win.”
“Aha. If you lost, Sofia-sama would have become a beggar?”
“No! It must have been a bit tight, but I was back in a few months!”

You bet a few months worth of divinity. I am worried that Sofia may not be addicted to gambling. No matter how pretty she is, she’s a gambling addict goddess… Maybe it’s okay because her breasts are big.

After all, it’s the chest before riding. After all, big breasts are the best.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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