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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 7

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 7

Chapter 7 – Practice Battle (5)

Sophia couldn’t accept reality. Yohan, who activated ‘that skill’, attacked his best friend’s minion.

Sophia, whose name was a god, was able to look down on the human world. Of course, he also discovered human mates, but refused to watch it because he was ashamed.

If you were a modern person, you wouldn’t watch porn until you became an adult. That was Sophia.

Having no sex tolerance, she couldn’t stop John. She couldn’t even look at her properly. The moment Johann’s great object appeared danglingly, Sophia closed her eyes.

But the sound continued. She burst out with screams of dislike at first, but as time passed, she had a mixture of feelings Sophia didn’t know existed.

‘When will it end…’

I covered her ears, but she continued to hear. As the eternity of time passed, Ebrande’s moaning stopped.

‘Is it over?’

The moment Sophia opens her eyes.

“Hee-wook. Weird, strange, uhhh! It’s over, but the stomach is, heuuuuu!

Ebrande trembled violently. The good eyes of her goddess caught her expression, her gestures, the drops of sweat running down her body and her enlarged cunt.

The crystallization of pornography she had never encountered in her life was there. Her breasts, which are smaller than her breasts, but look perverted because they are drenched in sweat. Her cunt, which didn’t reveal her flesh unless she dared to open her hand to check, caught her attention.

“Sophia! Can you hear me now?”
“Uh, huh?”
“What the hell is your minion! What have you done to my Ebrande!”

As I followed the sound, I saw the angry face of my friend. Dohoyo, who was always easygoing and making fun of himself, was angry.

“Ah… That, I’m sorry…”
“No, the minion did it on its own, so you don’t have to be sorry. Are you okay. Just explain. Why did the Ebrante ship turn out like that?”

‘I’m holding back my anger.’

Dohoyo suppressed his anger and tried to judge rationally. But he closed her eyes and covered her ears because he didn’t want to see anything dirty. I was ashamed.

“That’s it, my minion has a skill called Impregnating.”
“Get pregnant?”
“Huh?! What’s growing inside Whoops! Feel good I feel good!!”

While Sofia explained as calmly as possible, Ebrande’s stomach swelled up. A belly that looks like the second month of pregnancy, not full term.

“So Ebrande is pregnant?”
“Yes. Maybe.”
“How could this happen…”
“Huh. Come out ♡”

Dohoyo pondered for a moment and quickly came to a conclusion.

“You know this is wrong, right?”
“Then your minion. Do you want to pass it on to me? I will forgive you if you pass it.”


I watched Ebrande’s change with interest. There’s an egg in that swollen stomach, right?

When I was on Earth, I used to use a great site called Hiyomi. There were many works that made me cry just by looking at them, but as much as people’s tastes were diverse, sexual desires were also prevalent.

Tentacles and gore were famous, but there were quite a lot of bullets. It wasn’t my favorite genre, but I watched it occasionally when I was bored.

Pregnancy and childbirth always appeared in Chungganmul, but now I could understand the writers who were drawing Chungganmul.

“Hey. Whoops, whoops!”

Brande sobbed, as if feeling her pleasure more strongly than her colic. One of her best workouts, her sex, made her sweaty body quiver pathetically, her cunt opening open to reveal her pink flesh.

The complex structure of the vaginal wall wriggled incessantly, trying to push the egg out of the womb. The so-called amniotic fluid oozing out, it was like watching love juice dripping with excitement.

Goddesses don’t mind playing with themselves. I brushed her hair off Ebrande’s face.

“It’s okay?”
“Huh. I feel strange…”
“I’m doing it to have a baby.”
“Yes. Our child.”
“What a child… I am an elf who is not innocent… Without a husband.”

Ebrande muttered self-mockingly. I held her weakly stretched hand tightly.

“Why aren’t you pure? They say that even an elf with her husband is chaste.”
“I have a husband…”
“I will be your husband. Honestly it was good I liked it too.”

Brande climaxed as she whispered to her with her passion. There was strength in her hand that touched her.

“A pervert like you is my husband…?”
“Call me John.”
“Pervert, Yohaanhehe!”

Has childbirth started? No, it lays eggs. Can I call it childbirth? After all, elves give birth to half-elves, so giving birth is correct, right?


While I was thinking about it, colic started. As I felt the pressure so strong that it crushed my grip, I thought it didn’t matter what term I used.

Let’s reassure Ebrande for now.

“It’s okay. Are you okay. Take a deep breath. Exhale.”

After teaching her Ramadan breathing method, which was said to work well for pregnant women, her Ebrande’s complexion eased a little.


Inside her cunt, her egg poked out.

“Great. You’re doing great. Give me a little more strength.”
“Bad… Bastard…”

She has become much more refined than the curses she heard while raping her.

“Great. Almost done.”


When Brande gave her strength, a pale green egg came out, resembling the color of her elf’s hair. Only newborn babies

“Congratulation. It laid healthy eggs.”
“Heeuk… Yet, heeuk!!”


Another egg came out. No, what is it?

[Activate the hidden effect of making pregnant!]
[Lays several eggs with a rare chance.]

Hey This is an S-class skill. She admired and tried to pick up all her eggs, but Ebrande wouldn’t let go of my hand.

“Great job. Rest in peace now.”
“I didn’t recognize you… As her husband…”

What else am I talking about Since I got an egg, it doesn’t matter if it’s my husband or whatever.

“But with your strength and that, that, that… I think it’ll be fine…”
“Yes? What is that?”

[Ebrande’s stamina has been exhausted.]
[John wins!]
[The battle ends.]

Ebrande passed out. Sophia and Dohoyo are like friends and rivals, so we’ll see each other often. Let’s ask when we meet again.

“Sophia! I won!”
“I have two babies!”
“Uhh… That’s good…”

Why is the response so ambiguous? Ah, Sophia was so naive that even holding her hand made her likable, so she had no tolerance.

The first sex intuition in her life is crazy. Let me calm down

“Sofia knows the effect of pregnancy skiing, right? It is the fruit of my love with Ebrande. A good baby will surely be born.”

Instead of Sophia, Dohoyo answered. Compared to the timid Sophia, she was full of confidence and was majestic.

“Rather than that, I want to hold her accountable for raping my minion.”

I forgot because I was blinded by sex. Since the minion was raped, Dohoyo will not stand still.

“I thought about taking your life, but I’ll forgive you especially for being my minion.”
“That’s a bit troublesome.”

It would be nice to become Dohoyo’s minion. Since I belong to the same company as Ebrande, I might be able to listen more closely to what I said earlier. We’ve already hit rice cake once, so if the timing is right, we’ll keep having sex. By getting her pregnant, she gives birth to a child.

But the opportunity to fuck Sophia disappears. She said that she would make any wish come true in exchange for becoming a minion, but if she fell for another goddess, you might hear something like ‘You’re not my minion, so your wish is invalid!’

First of all, Sophia has big breasts. Boobs like that are not common among pornstars and rice cakes. Happy Life with Small Elves vs Fucking a Busty Goddess? Of course the latter.

There is no need to tell all of these things. Answered as simply as possible.

“I like Sophia.”

Sophia, who was worried, smiled broadly in relief. For an instant she was stunned. So pretty. She became a fan of her after seeing her heroine smile in a movie called About Time, and she said that Sophia is many times prettier than that actress.

“I trusted John!”

Sophia hugged me tightly. She’s still not wearing a bra. Ebrande’s breasts were great too, but these big breasts are really, really happy. Just happy

People who didn’t get a facial massage because of their big breasts don’t know how I feel. It is a heart that creates loyalty that was not there.

“Well. Too bad. I’m sorry.”

Dohoyo licked his lips.

“Then how should I ask for this sin?”
“That’s what you mean.”

I held out one light green egg.

“This is me and Ebrande’s child. Do you know my skill?”
“I heard from Sophia.”
“Then it might be faster. Here, a child will be born with only the strengths of me and Ebrande. Please grow well.”

Dohoyo, who gave me a sticky look, crossed his arms. Hey Even with his arms supporting his chest, he is much smaller than Sophia.

“Well, it seems like Ebrande will be sad if your life is taken. It’s not like I won’t see you in the future. Okay.”

How did it get solved The goddesses said goodbye and arrived at the room where they were first summoned. I cherished the egg I was holding in my arms.

What kind of child will be born Even if it’s the result of skill, it’s my baby. It was still only an egg, but it felt lovely.

“Sophia! Not my child!”
“What do you mean? Anyway, sit here.”

Sofia thumped the sofa. I feel like a child who somehow made a mistake.

“I told you not to use it to get pregnant! What would he have done if Dohoyo hadn’t forgiven him!”
“Still, the results were good…”
“So you didn’t do anything wrong?”
“No. I was wrong…”

I was scolded by my mother because I graduated on my own.

“Sophia Maman?”
“I can’t come to my senses again! I must be scolded!”

After that, Mechakucha got scolded.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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