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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 6

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 6

Chapter 6 – Practice Battle (4)

Ebrande was from a long-established elven family. The servants of the civilization born in outer space often did not advance to the center and ended up in the outer space league.

However, Ebrande’s father advanced to the central 4th division. It was a really great achievement considering the reality that even the best minions in the 1st division of the outskirts couldn’t even give a business card to the 4th division.

Her mother didn’t make it to the center, but she was from the championship team of the periphery league. The two saw several children, but among them, Ebrande was the most outstanding.

She learned her swordsmanship from her father and passed on her elemental arts to her mother. After decades of training and honing her skills, she became the first servant of her master’s young son.

Brande had her dreams as she had a new master. She is the first minion of the winner of the Outer Area League, and she is the first to accompany her when advancing to the Central League. After she rises as high as possible, she must meet her good husband and raise good minions like her parents.

Chi Gu-wook

But now, that dream was about to be shattered. A human cock named John was entering Beecher, who had not allowed anyone’s touch in her life.

‘Oh, no.’

Ebrande panicked. Her rapier swordsmanship, which she boasted of, did not work on humans, and her spirits were reverse summoned, and her skill, Wind Protection, which she acquired while becoming a minion, was not helpful in this situation because it was a skill that increased her agility. .

If it was a skill that increased strength, I’d rather shake off Yohan. She gritted her teeth as she stared at John, stained with her lust.

“Rape bastard…”

Kill. Sure to kill But the resolution is only momentary. When John put his hand to his ear, a tingling sensation spread throughout his body and his strength was relieved.

‘Good mood…’

She tried to come to her senses, but a foreign object dug into her and made her come to her senses. She recalled the conditions for the practice battle to end.

‘If I use up all my stamina, it’s a defeat.’

If your opponent doesn’t want to kill you, you can just commit suicide. Why did I come up with this idea now?

Even as I think about it, foreign substances come inside. A hot, hard object forced her cunt open, squeezing her precious hymen.

I can’t lose her virginity, which I treasured for her future husband. Even more so for a crazy rapist. You’re not really going to die anyway, so bite her tongue.

The moment she makes her decision. Her John looked at her as if her eyes were piercing her soul.

“Then no pig.”

John touched Ebrande’s lips. Opening her tongue slightly to bite it became poison. Tears leaked out as her thick, slippery tongue forced itself into it.

‘Why, why are you in a good mood?’

She felt much better than when she summoned her spirits for the first time and was praised by her mother, than when she learned swordsmanship from her father, or when she met her master.

A primitive pleasure that is incomparable to mental pleasure. The moment I lost my mind for a moment, the hymen was torn.


The pupils dilated and the legs spread apart. Her mother said she was quite sick when she met her first night with her husband. She insisted on choosing her husband well, saying that being with the person she loved was the only way to overcome the pain.

But she wasn’t sick at all. It felt good even as the big cock forced my vagina open. The tightness in her pelvis and the feeling of her full stomach was so satisfying.


His tongue moved as he groaned. He wants to speak and pushes John’s tongue out, and John in response mixes his tongue to and fro.

It was an act that had been disgusting until just now, but now it was sweeter than anything else. Human saliva tasted better than any other drink. Those eyes that seem to see right through you are cool, and the hands that touch your ears are warm.

‘Why does it look cool?’

Johann’s appearance was comparable to that of an elf. Why didn’t you know Could it be because he thought he was crazy and didn’t look at him properly?


After the kiss, Yohan smiled viciously. Why did he write such a cool face like that?

‘What am I thinking!’

Ebrande repeated the reality. That man is a madman, and for every rape he forcibly commits himself. Her hatred, which had subsided because of her pleasures, flared up.

“I will kill you! Die!”
“My heart hurts so much because I was cursed at by an elf for having sex. Do not do that. Our relationship is fine.”
“What a place… Hee hee!!”

As John lightly bounced on his back, a relatively sloppy glans stabbed him in the lower stomach. To be precise, it was rubbed against the vaginal wall of his lower abdomen.

Ebrande is an elf who has never masturbated. With experience he might have been able to resist a little, but he could not overcome the first pleasure in his life.


My body melted in the languorous pleasure. Even the wind brushing against her protruding nipples made her feel better.

“Looks good.”
“No no…”

I tried to scream, but my vocal cords wouldn’t listen. As Yohan put his hard body on top of each other, his protruding nipples were pressed against the strong chest muscles.


My body didn’t listen. The sensation from her nipples spread down her spine. Her pleasure intensified as the cock that had been rubbing the vaginal wall moved forward, opening the tightly closed vagina.

“Are you an elf getting raped? Do you feel so This is why it is called Erof.”
“Crazy Ingaan. Don’t rapehehe, bastard…”
“On the subject of setting the nipple like this.”

John pinched Ebrande’s nipples.

“You’re dripping water from your bottom mouth.”

It felt so good that I couldn’t even groan as my fingers rubbed against my clitoris. I didn’t get used to it because it felt like I was being stimulated inside and outside at the same time.

“Tighten your pussy well. Why do you keep pretending you don’t like her when she moans like this?”
“I don’t like it.”

Yohan laughed bitterly and hugged Ebrande until her body was crushed. It was so stuffy that I couldn’t breathe, but it felt good. It felt so good to be squeezed by strong muscles.

“Do you really hate it?”

John moved his hips roughly. She sighed as the cock almost came out.


‘I’m sorry.’

Sorry? Why? Wouldn’t it be better if I took out the cock? After a moment of questioning, Ebrande realized why she felt sorry for the cock coming back.


I thought her vagina was closed as the cock slipped out, but it wasn’t. She had already had her way through and gleefully accepted the reinvasion of her cock.

What’s good about being raped? Yohan isn’t even the husband that Ebrande hoped for. It is a reason for disqualification from the point of being human. He is forcibly raped, so why does he feel this way?

“For a subject who was a virgin until just now, she fucking spills her love juice. Why are you so lewd?”
“I’m not lewd…”
“You still can’t admit it?”

John’s cock went all the way to the root. Before I came in, it felt like I was filling my stomach, but I pressed my belly button from the inside. Ebrande knew well what kind of organ was inside.

“The response has gotten better. Is it okay to press on the uterus?”
“Even like this?”
“I really hate it?”
“No ♡”

Who the hell is this voice? Are you sure you are yourself? He didn’t think long. John’s cock got bigger and filled his vagina.

John turned on his back and rubbed his womb. Rubbing Brande’s clit against her tight iliac bones, her firm breasts squeezing her nipples, her thick lips over her mouth, her tongue in.

All the action made her mind go blank. Ebrande realized.

‘This man is good at sex…’

Ebrande’s spirit was swept away by her waves of pleasure. She has acclimatized like a person facing a natural disaster.

“Huum. Huh…”

I sucked on her sweet tongue and savored the pleasure of being fucked. Her hand, which had been pushing John away, moved and hugged his neck, and her legs, which had stretched out and trembled, wrapped around John’s waist.


Her body and mind surrendered to John.



After a few thrusts into Brande’s cunt, she let out a moan. Her elf cunt was so good. She was many times better than the character in the virtual reality game.

He could distinctly feel the chewy flesh of her cunt curling around her prick. The elf’s tightening was much better than the tightening that the game developers advertised as superior to real women.

Irregularly procrastinating vaginal discharge coiled around and unwrapped the cock, the piston vagina spattered squirts of juice, and pressing her cervix gave a raw response.


Sweat broke out on Ebrande’s body. Her sweaty hair clinging to her face and the drops of sweat running down her breastbone were so attractive.

Above all, I was more satisfied because it was not a mechanical reaction. This is real sex Real sex that cannot dare to touch virtual reality.

“Joah, Joha.”
“Do you like being raped that much?”
“Ugh. Whoa!!”

E Brande hugged me tight and rubbed her whole body. As the elf’s signature fresh scent spread, her cock swelled.

Erof is really awesome. A pussy you want to eat all night long But sex comes to a climax.


The tightness got a lot better as Brande’s legs entwine to the point that her back hurt. A feeling of ejaculation rushed through her as the hot lump of flesh pressed against her cock.

“I’ll wrap it inside, so I need to make a pretty baby?”
“Wrap it inside!”

Brande’s pupils became clear in the hazy, so she had already started cumming. Brande’s waist soared in her as she gulped and vomited her semen.

“Hey hey hey ♡♡”

I felt a better sense of pleasure than anything else I had ever experienced. Even while she was cumming, Brande’s vaginal muscles licked his cock. When her long ejaculation was over, she pulled out her cock, and pink liquid gushed out of her slightly gaping hole.

At the same time, a sense of exhaustion set in. The effect of making her pregnant is over. Let’s see what happens now.

“Hee-wook. Weird, strange, uhhh! It’s over, but the stomach is, heuuuuu!

Ebrande’s stomach swelled.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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