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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 5

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 5

Chapter 5 – Practice Battle (3)

When he activated the skill, his hand moved freely and took off Brande’s clothes.

“What are you doing!”
“John! Stop!”
“Get pregnant. Could it be that it’s your minion’s skill?”

Sophia, who reflexively retorted, buried her face in his hands, unable to overcome her embarrassment.

“What if I use that skill!”

Honestly it was embarrassing. Why don’t you use the skill you’re using? No matter how manly it is, it is an S-class skill. In addition, sex is a very good sport that removes physical strength regardless of gender.

“Don’t tear! My clothes, the precious clothes I got from my parents…!”

Ebrande’s expression becomes tearful as the clothes she treasures so much are torn. How good it is since it inflicted psychological damage as well.

Her robe was ripped open, revealing her panties and cute breasts. Ebrande creates a risky situation by covering the top part with a cloth that has not been torn.

“Krr. I can’t stand it.”
“Hey, perverted human! What if you put your hand on my chest, huh?”

E Brande tried to punch her but dodged it by burying her face in her chest. She bit into the tough fabric that had withstood the tear with her hands and tore it apart with her teeth.

Then, a pink areola appeared. In the process of tearing her clothes, a soft bump brushed her cheek. It must have been that nipple.

“Why not light green? I thought elves’ nipples would be light green.”

Big disappointment. Brande muttered in vain as she was still glaring at me ferociously.

“Sylphid was reverse summoned…?”
“You have no means to stop me now?”

The miasma disappeared from Brande’s face as she lost hope. Water formed in her eyes as she looked up at me.

“Stop it now, huh? Why did you win…”
“I can’t stop the skill.”

Exactly, I didn’t want to stop. First sex in real life. It can also fuck and eat elves, but it stops?

“Then you’re not even a man!”
“Stop! Stop! Perverted human! If you stop now, I’ll forgive you! So stop right now!”

Ebrande’s eyes were filled with poison again. The woman who moistened her eyes glared at me? It’s a reward in our industry. The power went into ttttori.

It even tore Ebrande’s pants with 7 times the normal strength. Then, white panties appeared.

“Aren’t these panties made of leaves?”

It’s a little disappointing. If you are an elf who loves nature, of course you should wear underwear made of natural materials. I’m so fed up with society.

“That’s me.”
“A real crazy bastard! I will kill you!”

In anger, Brande swung her arms and legs. Was the reason she kept quiet all this time to conserve her power? She was not easy to subdue.

Why can’t I suppress it like this when it comes to S-class skills? In her moment of displeasure, a hunch struck that would neutralize Brande.

In the race of elves, ears are erogenous zones. There are differences depending on the individual, but Ebrande was an elf with particularly sensitive ears.

Bringing up knowledge you never knew existed. Is it the hidden effect of making her pregnant? Following her intuition, she touched Brande’s ears.

“I’m sorry.”

Ebrande’s limbs lost strength. The ring in her eyes loosened her strength, and she hesitated. Then she opened her eyes wide, saying that she couldn’t believe her reaction, but it couldn’t be that cute.

“This, this is not it!”
“Your ears are sensitive.”
“No, no…”

Ebrande’s face melted again as he slowly stroked the lobe and went down to grab it. Your chance is now! She quickly took off her panties.

“Pussy has the same hair color as her fur.”

The elf-like light green color makes her feel at ease.

“Don’t look!”
“Do you want me to touch her ears some more?”
“Jiraaal… Huh…”

Her earlier had touched her right, so when he caressed her left ear, Brande fainted again. Brande murmured while enjoying her touch.

“What have you done… My body is strange. I haven’t neglected my training to the point where I’m weak just by touching my ears…”
“You’ve never had sex before, have you?”
“How dare you doubt my chastity! An elf only makes one companion for life!”

Ebrande had a seizure. She became compliant again when I touched her ear to calm down. Can I touch your pussy now?

I’ve experienced it several times in adult games in virtual reality, but this is the first time I’ve ever touched it in real life. And what about her virgin elf’s cunt?

She first checked her appearance with her naked eyes. Her light green pubic hair was thin and did not completely cover the translucent skin. She must have worked hard to tidy up, she was pretty without any fuzz.

“Don’t look!”

As if to prove her virginity, her cunt was tightly closed, but her clitoris was sticking out. E Brande boasted of her well-trained body, but perhaps because of that, there was not much flesh in her cunt.

So the clitoris was more prominent. She caught her attention like a sprout from the asphalt floor. She was so wonderful that she put her tongue on her.


Her strength squeezed into Brande’s thigh. She was so responsive that she cast her kernel lingus in earnest.

I’ll show you the techniques I’ve honed in virtual reality! She was a real woman, so she was worried that she would smell, but Ebrande’s scent was fragrant. She is sweeter than any fruit and her tongue tingles.

“Huh, huh, that much… Stop it…”
“Did you feel it already?”

Wanting to check Brande’s expression, she looked up. She saw first her breasts rising and sinking rapidly, then her palms covering her face and her red ears.

When an elf gets excited, her ears turn red. She knew it was good Even if I can’t see her expression, I can tell if I’m good or not just by looking at her ears.

“You are still a virgin, but you feel like you are sucking on your pussy, right? This is why the elf hears her rope.”
“Don’t insult the elves.”

After removing her hand, Brande blew her life away. Even so, it’s not in the palm of my hand. As she flicked her tongue over her clitoris, she swelled up more than she had before. As soon as she bit into it, Brande slapped her waist.

“You are really sensitive. It wasn’t as easy as you for the kids from Yagame.”
“Not. I’m not lewd It’s because I’m feeling strange right now, because you’re acting strangely!”
“I said I was sensitive. I didn’t say it was lewd. Did you get stabbed?”

Ebrande, who tried hard to refute, was silent. She seems to have completely lost her will to rebel. When I decided to take off her pants, her clothes naturally disappeared.

Is this also an effect of impregnating her?

“Dress! John! Get dressed! Hurry!”
“What is that…”

The goddesses who were watching screamed in fright. I couldn’t pay attention to them. His body, which hadn’t exercised at all, became well-balanced and muscular like a game character, but compared to the size of his cock, it’s nothing.

Where did my stubby, who used to be the average in Korea, go and turn into a big thing? I thought it was an illusion, so when I touched it, it was real. The size has grown, but the rigidity is so great that it will be difficult for black-type to hold out a business card.

If sex had started on Earth, wouldn’t dozens of messages have flown in?


Seeing my angry cock, Ebrande freaked out and tried to run away. Crawling busily on her limbs, she grabbed Brande’s thigh.

“Where are you running?”
“Chi-Chi! Put that away! It’s disgusting!”
“Is your cock disgusting?”
“It hurts me because I hate it so much. I need to heal my broken heart.”

He forced Ebrande’s legs apart, digging into her inner thighs. After a while, the cock pricked Ebrande’s ass.

She has abs on her stomach and her thighs are also strong, so I thought her butt was going to be chubby, but it’s so soft. Her glans pressed hard against her skin and dug into her.

Rubbing her glans against her soft ass made her feel better.

“Something hard is poking her ass…”
“You think you’re only going to stab her ass?”
“Stop it! I lost! You’ve done enough for this! Stop now!”
“You know it’s a fire engine game?”
“Fire truck?”
“Fire trucks don’t stop at red lights.”

A man who wants to fuck a woman doesn’t stop halfway. I don’t know if it’s a Japanese cartoon featuring a eunuch. Yasugak was caught, but seeing the bastards talking nonsense like ‘I want to cherish you’, I feel sick.

Brande tried to resist again, so she ran her hand over her cunt. Your pussy is softer than his ass. With her vulva being toyed with, Brande looked for Dohoyo with tears in her eyes.

“Master! Master! Please finish the battle! I can’t lose my virginity!”
“Sorry. I already tried and it didn’t work.”

Ebrande despaired. A drop of her tear flowed down again. Won’t you rebel now? He rubbed her cunt and slipped his fingers inside.

Warm and wet She didn’t have a place to live outside, so I expected it to be like that inside, but I could feel the bumps. This is a pleasant betrayal.

“Hey! I’m in! What’s in!”

Ebrande desperately pushed me away. He pushed her breasts with her arms and swayed her legs, trying to kick her in the face.

It’s a futile fuss. Brande lost her strength as she pinched the clitoris.

“Slowly give up. As long as you’ve triggered Impregnation, there’s no other way for you.”
“No no…”
“And you were excited too.”

When she removed her finger, a small amount of her love juice came out. As she boasts, she throws a mini in front of Ebrande’s eyes, and her pupils go blank.

“Now put it in.”

This was enough for her to drag on for a long time. She thrust her cock into the elf’s virgin ground.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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