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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 4

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 4

Chapter 4 – Practice Battle (2)

A desolate wind winds around the grains of sand and turns them into a sandstorm. Grains of coarse sand brush past my nose.


Ebrande was ridiculous.

“I also felt it when you were rude to your master. You are insane.”

Ebrande was frightened. A man must also have a spirit. He got the head start before the battle even started.

“Goddess. Are you ashamed of me?”
“A bit much…”
“Do not worry. I will give you victory.”
“I’m not worried about that…”

Dohoyo, who had been watching, split again. Our Goddess is not a woman who laughs profusely, so why does that woman smile so well?

I’m a little angry.

“Goddess. From now on, I will be a celebrity for you.”
“What are you talking about again…”
“Be your celebrity!”
“Battle! Let the battle begin!”

Sophia exclaimed hastily. Dohoyo was still giggling.

“Why? It’s fun, how about some more?”
“It’s not fun at all!”
“Then let’s start the battle. The rules are simple. If one side uses up all their strength, they lose.”
“How do you calculate your stamina?”

This is reality, but since there is a system, I didn’t know that the game’s HP might be there. Ebrande laughed at me.

“You don’t even know that. In the War of the Gods, you don’t lose your life. You’re just summoned out of the arena.”

E Brande pulled out the rapier that had been worn around her waist. The rapier is a weapon without a scabbard, so there is no sound effect, so I gave it to you instead.

“…You’re a lunatic. The most insane human being I’ve ever seen.”
“Thank you so much for the compliment.”
“It’s not a compliment!”

Ebrande got angry. This is the martial arts system honed in virtual reality! Even before the battle started, the excited opponent would get beaten without reading my aim properly.

It’s definitely more provocative because we’re face to face. I wanted to dance in my heart, but I refrained from fearing that our Sophia’s face would explode.

That pretty face should be designated as a national treasure, but it’s a big deal if a face that looks like a national treasure gets damaged.

“Don’t kill me…”

Ebrande gnashed her teeth. At the same time, Dohoyo declared.

“Then the battle begins! Ebrande! Use your skills!”
“All right!”

Ebrande raised her rapier vertically and muttered something. It’s not even a Pokemon battle, but the trainer gives instructions. Can I do this?

After this battle, I’ll ask Sofia.

“Goddess! I will use my skills too!”
“Oh, why?”

Sophia pointed in front of her. Enveloped in green energy, Ebrande charged at me with her rapier raised.

“This is my mother’s swordsmanship!”

A game technique that rushes like lightning and throws a stab at a single point. It was a skill used by a proud female knight in a game I enjoyed.

It’s like a game, not real life. Beginners used that technique honestly, and experts waved the tip of their rapiers to confuse the hitting point.

Ebrande. Are you a beginner or an expert?

“It’s coriander!”

I tried to avoid it by a single inch, but Ebrande’s rapier broke her lupus and turned her body around as it followed.

And a series of stabs followed. If I had a sword, I would have blocked it and counterattacked, but I focused on avoiding it because it was an enemy air force.

“No, Goddess! She has a weapon, but why am I bare-handed!”
“Oh right.”
“Oh right, damn it!!”

I have something else to eat. Forgot your weapon? I couldn’t completely avoid it, so I was slightly brushed by the rapier.

Originally, I was a person who felt pain even if I cut my skin on paper. But is it because of the characteristics of an iron man? The wound was not large. How about a little scratch on your fingernail?

“You’re weak.”
“Now we begin!”

Ebrandé gritting his teeth and moving his arms. As his arms swayed like waves, afterimages formed on his rapier, aiming at my forehead, heart, and vital points.

Only one of the three is real. There is no need to understand Ebrande’s intentions and figure out the real attack.

“The attack is too honest.”

In order to create afterimages, at least they shouldn’t be in a straight line. The rapier is bad because of this. As it is a weapon that specializes in thrusting rather than cutting, it has the advantage of hitting a single point, but a dexterous person like me can see and avoid it.

After avoiding the attack by turning lightly, he hit the side of the rapier.


Ebrande groaned and retrieved the rapier. I commend you for not missing a weapon. But did I tell you?

“That my female knight’s win rate is 100%?”
“Still talking nonsense…!”
“You must shed tears to believe it.”

He had never exercised, but his body moved freely. Thanks to this, it was possible to reproduce the movements of game characters that received various corrections.

What I imitate is the character of an unknown swordsman. He was a foolish man who believed that he could subdue a sword with a fist.

When dealing with an enemy with a sword, distance control and positioning were important. Busy with his feet, Brande took the line of sight where he couldn’t aim right at me.

E Brande could have attacked by forcibly bending his arm, but the angle of his arm is a position where his strength is not properly applied.

Even if stabbed, thanks to the iron man’s characteristics, he won’t be fatally wounded. In the end, Ebrande had no choice but to constantly turn around to hurt me.

The movement of less than half a step made it difficult to maintain distance.


Ebrande realized too late and mixed up a backstep, but it was already too late. It is common knowledge that running forward is faster than walking backward.

“You should have kept your distance.”

He stretched out his fist, giving advice as he did to newbies. As she pretended to aim for his head, Brande frantically raised her rapier.

It seems you don’t have a lot of experience dealing with gwonsa. You should have kept your distance or attacked.

Mimicking the game’s golden trick, he caught Ebrande’s wrist. Realizing his mistake, Ebrande let go of his sword and tried to distance himself, but I was faster.


The rapier fell to the floor with the sound of his wrist snapping. It’s a pity that there is no sound because the sand floor is well-tamped. I tried to hit Brande’s chest without letting go of Brande’s wrist, but I had no choice but to let go to avoid his fist approaching his nose.


As he leaned over, a savage shriek passed over his head. You can tell without looking. Ebrande tried to nip me with his elbow without retrieving his arm.

His stance is broken, so his counterattack is unreasonable. It burrows into Ebrande’s arms as it is. Open his arms, grab him by the waist, and push him down!

“Are you not falling?”
“After. Did you know that I would be weaker than you?”

Her pointy elbow struck her back in succession. One room. Every time he was hit, it seemed that his intestines went into labor, but the Iron Man protected him as much as he was weak.

When Brande lifts his foot to land a knee, he misses the gap and places his supporting foot. After grabbing his ankle, Brande’s body leaned over to Rini.

“Where! Look at the fighting skills of the elves passed down from their father!”
“I was trained directly by an unknown guru!”

Although, to be exact, it was just entering the game character and using the skill. Since I used it directly without inputting a command, I guess you could call it an enemy apprentice.

Ebrande desperately tried to keep her balance, but my technique was better. She knocked her over and put her mount, but she didn’t wear her bra.

Her small but elastic breasts crushed her face.

“This, you pervert!”
“Not on purpose!”
“Die! Die!!”

He desperately subdued the struggling Ebrande. I lost my composure because I touched her chest with her cheek. Did a woman who was raped resist with three times as much force as usual?

“Men are said to be seven times as powerful!”

He grabbed both of Brande’s wrists and pinned her to the floor. Only then did he have time to see Ebrande’s face.

Tears welled up in her eyes due to her shame. The elf in Yagem used to make that face before being raped. The dormant heart that had been sleeping in my groin welled up.

“Ebrande! Use spirit magic!”
“Ah, Sylphid!!”

The wind blew behind me and something happened.

“Blow the wind cutter!”

At Brande’s command, something sharp raked her all over, starting with my back. The blood that burst like a fountain soaked my back and ran down my face and body to Ebrande.

Iron man, who had paid for his meal, could not completely block this attack. The whole body is sore as if it has been burned. The muscles were cut to such an extent that the grain was exposed, and the strength was lost.


But our Goddess is looking forward to it, so I can’t sit down like this.


In the meantime, Sylphid suffered more wounds, but recovered. It wasn’t perfect, but it was enough to heal the wound.

“Lie. To have healing skills…”
“I don’t only have healing skills.”
“Profit! There must be a limit to that skill too!”

As the elf gritted his teeth, the sylph attacked more fiercely. If I go to a war of attrition, I lose. What should I do to get rid of the spirits?

I don’t know much about elemental magic, but I know very well that summoned objects disappear when the summoner takes a hit. Since both arms are blocked, headbutt.

Pak- Pak-

No matter how many times I hit her head with a stone, Ebrande didn’t lose her fighting spirit. Rather, she flashed her eyes and she hacked my back.

You can’t do this, right? I was going to not use this because it was a practice game, but I couldn’t.

“Get pregnant.”

The skill was activated along with Sophia’s scream.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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