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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 3

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 3

Chapter 3 – Practice Battle (1)


His thin, white fingers tapped the floor nervously. It’s really annoying because the goddess is angry.

He grabbed the thread phone lying on the floor and spoke into a paper cup.

“Goddess Sophia.”
-Why. It’s a pervert
“It’s not even a skill I wanted to acquire. Now speak directly.”
– Then, are you trying to get me pregnant too? You are a minion! I am a goddess!

Sophia put her thread phone down and crossed her arms in an X to cover her body.

No really It’s over the line. How long are you pissed off? Were women in real life so troublesome? I can’t handle it because I get angry once.

If I had a lot of experience, I would be able to solve it, but it’s more difficult because it’s my first time talking to a girl since graduation. What should I do?

Let’s throw in some words.

“I will never use this skill against the Goddess. It’s a promise.”
– How do you believe?
“I promise you with your little finger. You don’t even know how the skill was activated in the first place.”

Sophia put her thread phone down. She exhaled, gathered her resolve, and held out her hand.

“I promise to make a bet soon.”

She hooked her little finger. Even when she lifted her up earlier, she felt her hands are so soft. It is suspected that it may be a mollusk.

“Take a stamp, too.”
“Sure. Sure.”

When her thumbs were put together, her Sofia’s complexion brightened noticeably. She’s not even a child, and she’s just relieved of her anger?

I’m glad anyway It’s a relationship between a goddess and a minion, so you can’t keep confronting each other.

“By the way, can’t you see the skill description in the status window?”
“I forgot…”

It’s really ridiculous. Even though there was a way to check, did you just get mad?

“Don’t look at me like that! I mean, I was confused too! I was expecting it because it was an S-class skill, but, uh, making her pregnant…”
“Yes, yes.”
“Aren’t you angry?”

Sophia looked up at me with her straight eyes, perhaps realizing my ugliness. Her looks are really pretty Her breastbone was also subtly revealed, making me want to forgive anything.

In exchange for forgiveness, can I put a cock in that bone? If I said it, Sophia would take it out again, right? It’s unfortunate, but let’s aim for good timing.

“I’ll check your skills.”
“Sorry. It’s my fault…”
“If I did something wrong, would you even hold my hand?”
“Hand? What about your hand?”
“Since that just happened, you probably don’t want to kiss me. Just hold hands.”
“Will you forgive me if I just hold your hand?”

I took Sophia’s hand. I wasn’t satisfied with that and quietly put her shoulder to shoulder with her. Sophia winced at her shoulder as she felt skin through her thin fabric.

“Is it necessary to be like this…?”
“Let’s look at the status window together. Please check the skill description.”

Sofia pretended nothing was wrong and adjusted her status window screen, but that didn’t stop her hands from sweating.

Are you conscious of me when you only hold my hand? Cute. I feel that I have no experience with men. The goddess is probably a virgin. Then, when my wish comes true, is it the day I break the goddess’s adha?

I will have to fight hard. I can’t stand the piercing of the goddess hymen.

“Check your skills!”

[Get pregnant (S)]
[To impregnate a partner through sexual intercourse. Pregnant women lay eggs, regardless of how often, and from the eggs hatch offspring with human and other racial characteristics.]
[*Available to members of the opposite sex only]
[*Be sure to impregnate when using the skill.]
[* Depending on the species value, the time it takes to hatch varies. Up to 90 days.]
[*Inherit one or more of the parents’ talents, and are born with one or more of the parent’s skills, excluding impregnation. Depending on the probability, you can be born with a random talent or skill.]
[*The hatched child becomes an adult within one year.]
[*Children conceived without using skills are born with 2 or more feats instead of having an average gestation period and growth period.]

[Self-healing (A)]
[Recovers her body by deducting the number of times she uses it.]
[* Depending on the bond with Sophia, the number of uses and recovery power vary.]
[*Current bonding F rank]
[Can be used 2 times. 20% recovery amount]

Making her pregnant is a scam skill. Anyone who played the game to open an egg to pick out a child with a high individual value could tell that it was a dog cheating skill, even for those who did not.

I’m not saying that if you find a woman, you can pull out a minion every 90 days. If I eat a dwarf, I might make a 500 million half dwarf with dexterity.

“It is a good skill. As if the goddess is worried, they don’t impregnate her even if they just make eye contact.”
“Yes. That’s right.”

Sophia couldn’t seem to focus on her status bar. I’m used to it, but he still cares about holding hands.

From a man’s point of view, it’s a very satisfying response. Sophia, who finally checked the skill description, twitched his hand, so he naturally put on the pod.

“Hey… John…”
“My hands are sweating a lot. Would you like to let go now?”
“Are you ashamed?”
“Oh no! Not that! I guess I wanted to hold on long enough…”
“It’s embarrassing.”

Sophia couldn’t argue and shut her mouth. Seeing your blushing face makes me want to tease you more.

“Goddess is so cute. You are the cutest woman I have ever seen.”
“Stop it…”

[Bonding has risen to E rank.]
[Can use self-heal 4 times. Recovery amount 30%]

“Kill me…”
“Are you still holding my hand?”

The atmosphere got weird. The tickling of my heart made me wonder if this was what the in-laws were talking about. Just holding hands makes me feel so soft. How about kissing?

“Why why?”

He said nothing and met Sophia’s gaze. Looking at her intently, Sophia slyly averted her eyes.

“What’s the matter…”
“Your eyes are pretty too. It is like a jewel.”

I never thought I would say such a cheesy line with my mouth. Reflexively tightening her hand, Sophia flinched like a frightened cat.

My face was reflected in Sophia’s eyes, as if she liked the pretty compliment. Isn’t this the angle to kiss?

As we gradually closed the distance, a transparent screen appeared between us. Sophia reflexively clicked and a beauty with straight black hair appeared.


Sophia freaked out and she walked away from me. Then he fanned her hand to cool the heat in her face.

Then Beauty narrowed her eyes.

-Did I interrupt you? I just got stuck with a guy.
“Minions! It’s a minion! I was under contract!”
-Are you sticking to the contract like that? Were you holding hands?
“Handshake! You shook hands!”
– Why are you screaming like that? Stabbed?

Sophia shuddered. She asked me for help as if she felt unfair because she was beaten, but in fact, I want to take the side of that dark-haired beauty.

It feels so good that I want to keep playing with it.

“Anyway, it’s Doho. Why did you call me?”
– Spin the horse?
“Why did you call me!”

Sophia is angry. It’s awkward, like a person who gets angry for the first time in his life. Sophia is such a kind goddess.

-I also bought a minion to commemorate becoming an adult. Why don’t we practice together before we battle other trainers?

Although she had just met Sophia, she was so transparent that she could read her thoughts. She humped It’s a temptation that’s hard for her to refuse.

“I am confident.”
-Your minions are confident. Ebrande. How about you?
– I’m confident too.
-Then shall we battle? I will summon the arena.

The environment around us has changed as much as Sofia could have shouted. Originally, it was a black space, but here is an arena reminiscent of the Colosseum in Rome.

“Are you human?”

Dohoyo was a typical oriental beauty. Her features were Asian, and her breasts were Asian too. The size of her breasts is a landslide win for our goddess.

“Your minion’s eyes are a bit strange.”
“What, what.”
“Or it was. Anyway, to make the first minion a human. Didn’t you see the newbie trainer strategy?”

Sophia flinched. She looked at me triumphantly as an elf having a master who had won a verbal fight.

That goddess and that minion. She is pretty and her breasts are small. After the evaluation of her appearance, her gaze naturally went to her pointy ears.

A real elf First time seeing an elf. When she was summoned by the goddess, she didn’t realize it, but it wasn’t until she saw the elves that she realized she was out of her normal routine.

“A cheeky human being. What do you see?”
“Finding out who to fight soon is the basis of a warrior. Aren’t you a warrior?”

Sophia widened her eyes and licked her lips. Let’s read the shape of her mouth, ‘Even John isn’t a warrior…’ He can’t support his minions, but he stabs them to the core.

Dohoyo gave a little admiration.

“Hoo. Are you okay as a human? At least I won’t whine about not wanting to fight. I’m not a talent that you would have captured with your eyes, did you use the lottery ticket?”
“How is that!”
“But. I couldn’t buy a good minion because I didn’t have much holy power. If you nurture the minions obtained through the lottery ticket well, you can achieve good results in the qualifiers for the border leagues.”
“I’m also aiming for the Champions League!”
“With that minion?”

Seeing Sophia pushed aside made her angry. She’s naive and kind, so I like teasing her, but she’s still my goddess. She’s not one to be ignored anywhere.

“You’re provoking me from the start. Are you scared?”

A word that touches self-esteem. Jjool. It is an all-around word that can provoke both women and men.

“What, what? Under! Very cheeky! Ebrande! Can you win?”
“Sophia! We can’t lose either!”
“Uh huh? Me, what do you want me to do?”
“Please support me!”
“Johan fighting?”

Seeing Sophia clumsily putting on a fighting stance gave me courage. This battle. Can never lose

“Great! The battle begins!”
“John? That’s what I have to say…”
“It’s a start!”
“Oh John…”

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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