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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 2

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 2

Chapter 2 – Summons (2)

My legs hurt from kneeling for a long time. My cheeks were still tingling, and when I lightly touched them with my tongue, a bitter pain came over me.

“Stay still!”

How long do you have to stay like this Feeling numb in his feet, he put his left foot on top of his right. I’ve heard that this makes him feel a little less numb, but it doesn’t work at all.

All of these senses let me know that this world is not a game, but reality. I tried to shout out to log out, but it didn’t work.

“I told you to stay still!”

The goddess got angry. Guess what I did wrong As if granting your wish. Is sex that hard?

It’s difficult, actually. Earth is a balanced game, so it made it impossible for anyone to enjoy sex, the main content. People like me had no choice but to use virtual reality sex ver.2 called Yasuna Chimaek.

It’s sad to think about it again. As she lowered her head, the overbearing goddess changed her attitude.

“Note. I’ll forgive you because I’m reflecting. Yohan is a minion and I am a goddess. Did she remember clearly?”

Something cool touched my cheek. Surprised, I looked up and saw that the goddess was putting a cold pack on my cheek. Her slightly blushing cheeks and swaying eyes, as if embarrassed, couldn’t be pretty.

“I’m sorry I hit you. It hurts a lot, right?”
“Little bit.”
“I will make you well soon. Let all the pain go away.”

It’s a very childish order. But I felt at ease. One of the reasons her parents envied the kids who had them was this childish thing.

The Goddess also had a magic attribute.

“Damn it…”
“What are you talking about!”

The goddess got angry and slapped my cheek with her pack. She prepared for pain, but she didn’t hurt at all.

“It’s late, but let me introduce myself. I am Sophia, the only god on Earth. It has healing-type abilities. We can’t resurrect a person who died shortly after birth, but we can treat Yohan’s wound lightly.”
“Oh oh.”

Until just now, she seemed like an ordinary town girl, but now she looks a bit like a goddess. Encouraged by my reaction, Sofia began an unsolicited explanation.

“The reason I summoned Mr. John is to participate in the war of the gods.”
“War of the Gods? Who are you fighting with?”
“No. How to explain this First of all, I will explain what the war of the gods is.”

Sofia begins with the history of the war of the gods, and each god battles with his minions. She explained that there are leagues in the universe outside of her periphery, and so forth.

After hearing it all, I felt that way. This is a pokemon It’s a game that God plays with humans, so it should be called Humanmon.

“John is really good at understanding!”

Sophia clapped her hands and she was delighted. Don’t you know the game that has been in existence for over half a century, saying that this god is in charge of the earth?

If you get me wrong, it’s fine with me. Seeing what he was talking about, it seemed like he was still vaguely straddling the line between love and performance.

Originally, young children tend to dominate affection over performance, so Sophia must be the same. So I’ll try to build a bond with Sophia so that if a creature like a dragon enters the party, I won’t be kicked out.

The surest way for minions and gods to bond. It’s sex

“Then let’s sign the contract. Will Mr. Yohan become my minion?”
[Once the contract is concluded, the wish cannot be changed. Accept?]

I looked at Sofia’s eyes, but seeing that her complexion didn’t change, I couldn’t see the message. I can’t stand having sex with a goddess.

“Great. Now John is my minion.”

Sophia, who had put aside her honorifics, tried to reveal her true colors, but the message hit her head.

[A human from Earth, ‘John’, became a minion of the goddess ‘Sophia’. John’s wish is to have sex with Sophia. In accordance with the contract of the great ancient god ‘System’, Sophia must grant John’s wish.]


Sophia hastily covered her chest.

“Sophia. You should grant her wish.”
“Ooh, ooh…”
“Are you refusing? This is a breach of contract.”

As I approached, Sofia smacked her butt. She held out her hand as she cried.

“Now, hold on!”
“Do you need time to prepare your mind?”
“We met for the first time today!”
“On Earth, we call this a one-night stand.”
“One night… But, give me a little more time!”

If you push too hard, things may not work out. In the fairy tale of the north wind and the sun, the sun took off the traveler’s clothes.

You have to act like the sun to undress Sophia.

“Whoa… Whoa…”

Sophia took a deep breath and made her decision.

“It’s impossible right now.”
“Then when?”
“How about unlocking them sequentially?”

It’s not a game achievement, what are you talking about.

“Yeah, you know. Do humans pay bonuses based on performance? This wish is like that, um, so, if John subdues a wild creature and makes it my minion, I’ll kiss you as a reward, and if I win the league, that, three, sex…”
“If I win the league, I will have sex. Like.”

A clear standard has been set, so I won’t be able to go and subtract it then. There is not even a condition that I must participate. Sofia is a young god, so as she gets older, she will bring in other minions, and if they win the league with a hard carry, I can beat Sophia.

“Then I promise.”

Sophia was genuinely delighted. If he had been born as a human, he would have been scammed someday. I held onto Sophia’s still-stretched hand.

“Is this level of skinship okay?”

Sophia got up shyly. Even after waking up, he avoided my gaze and cleared his throat.

“Anyway, since you became my minion, you must have acquired the initial skills. Check it.”
“Do you have any skills?”
“If you don’t have them, races that can’t handle magical powers are at a great disadvantage. It’s a benefit for balancing.”

I wish I had a cheating skill.

“How do I check my skills? Can I call it the status window?”
“How did you know?”

In the previous life in another world, the cheat skill in the status window is the national rule.

“Status window!”

[Type: Human]
[Name: John]
[Level Correction: Step 1]
[Retained talents: body vision, dexterity, iron man.]
[Possessed Skills: Self-healing (A) Impregnation (S)]

“What skill did you get? Since you’re my minion, you got the healing skill, right? What’s the grade? And how many? They say talented minions start with 2 skills at the beginning. Are there two?”
“For now, there are two. One is Class A self-healing.”

Sophia was excited and ran all over the place. Every time he jumped in place, his bouncing big breasts caught the eye.

Also a goddess. Her boobs are like a goddess.

“Any other skills?”
“I’ll start by talking about talent.”

Getting pregnant is not a skill that can be sanely revealed. No, why is that S-class in the first place? Did the system punish me for making a wish for sex?

“There are three things: moving vision, manual dexterity, and iron man.”
“Wow! Do you have 3 talents? Good thing I used the summon ticket! Originally, people say that even if you have only one talent, you are average! Moving vision and iron man are talents that are useful even in battle! He was an S-class human if he had magical powers. It’s really too bad.”
“I understand moving vision, but what is an iron man?”
“What a rare talent! He has better physical abilities than others, and his body is strong, so he doesn’t get hurt easily, but his resilience is good, and his stamina is high! It goes perfectly with self-healing!”

Somehow, even if I didn’t exercise, I didn’t gain weight and had the right muscles attached. It was thanks to the iron man that he did not get tired even after hitting three daughters in a row.

“How about dexterity?”
“This is a talent that crafting minions usually have. Items made by crafters with dexterity tend to have options! It’s a talent that even Dwarf minions don’t have. Hee hee I’m excited! You should post to the community!”

Community? I peeked at the huge screen displayed by Sophia.

[I picked a newbie trainer with body vision, iron man, and dexterity. Is it good?]
ㄴ Btick blocking
ㄴ Yeah~ Anyway, skill is everything~ If you send your minions to battle, they will get terrified and shudder, then get hit like a dog and retire~
ㄴ (Secret comment) Are you a dwarf? Dwarves with dexterity live with 500 million divinities.

Hehe. Exciting.”
“It’s okay to say it’s beatic! Our John is the best!”

Sophia hugged me tightly. A female character in virtual reality has a good physical appearance that cannot be matched.

Her hair tickled my chin, and the heavy baby mamma dispenser also pressed against my stomach. The goddess isn’t wearing a bra. A soft touch passed over her bare skin.

Naturally, her lower leg became sore. He poked her Sophia and she fell in embarrassment.

“Ugh. Ugh.”
“This is a menstrual phenomenon, so it can’t be helped.”
“That, is it? Anyway, our Yohan is a genius!”

It’s the first time I’ve heard of genius. I couldn’t understand the saying that praise makes even a whale dance, but this is how it felt.

“Then can you give me a reward?”
“Compensation? Mmm. Yohan hasn’t done anything yet…”
“You say you’re a genius. It’s not sex, so don’t do it too much.”
“So, a little bit?”
“Please give me a kiss.”

Thoughtful, Sophia closed her eyes tightly.

“Enough! Great!”

I need to get it done quickly before I change my mind. He naturally hugged Sophia and slowly brought her face closer. When we got close enough to feel each other’s breath. Sophia, who opened her eyes, pushed me away.

“Now, wait. You still don’t know what a skill is. I will listen and listen to that.”

This is out

“Why can’t you talk? Are you sure you lied to me?”
“It’s not…”
“I can’t believe it. I check!”

Sophia, who displayed my information on the screen, which had been twitching until now, hardened like a stone statue. Lost in her way, her eyes wandered pitifully.

The shaking eyes were tightly closed. Rubbing her eyes, Sophia murmured.

“Weird. I must have looked at it wrong. To get pregnant Something like that.. Hiyaaaaa!”

Sophia sat down in her seat. She kept muttering something like ‘S-class…Pregnant…Not real…’.

It’s like you’re not going to kiss me. I’ll have to try it before I wake up.

“Is Sophia nice? Kiss.”
“You pervert! Beast! Do not come!”

Oh Fucked.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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