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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 1

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 1

Chapter 1 – Summon(1)

The world of gods is boring. Since the gods live at least tens of thousands of years, they set out to find a way to pass the time.

It is fashionable to observe humans from sub-planets as believers, and playing evil gods and simulators of creator gods have become popular, but solo play is inevitably boring.

Around the time there were several gods who committed suicide out of boredom, the god of amusement created a new game. A proxy duel in which followers are nurtured and battled with followers of other gods.

The duel by proxy breathed new life into the dead society of the gods. Until now, the content was a prevention game in which the gods did not actively intervene, but a game that directly affects a single human being was fresh and quickly spread throughout the planet.

As thousands of years passed, proxy dueling developed into a super-large event enjoyed by the gods of outer space on the periphery. Because the existing name was not cool, it got the event name War of the Gods.

A young god who has just attained divinity in the periphery of outer space. Sophia also fell into the war of the gods. She was enamored with the great performance of this year’s Champions League winner.

‘To win with a human in the squad!’

In the early meta, only humans were used, but gods who wanted stronger minions adopted elves, ogres, dragons, etc.

Humans have a high growth value, but it is difficult to grow compared to other races, so there were few trainers who focused on this race. Right now, out of all the trainers that came up to the quarterfinals of the Champions League, Champion was the only God who used humans.

‘I decided that my first minion would be a human!’

Raise a good human being and become a champion! Sophia, who looked at the sale of a servant with ambition, fell into despair.

“It’s too expensive…”

Her planet had a developed mechanical civilization, so it was difficult to collect faith, the currency of the divine world.

‘I have no choice but to use a human from our planet.’

If a god is strong enough to kidnap humans from another planet, he can rip off his minions, but this was impossible for the young god Sophia.

I have no choice but to use the start draw, which is given only once to beginner trainers. It is a great help for beginner trainers because it is a method of summoning the most suitable human for the war of the gods from the one you own.

The downside is that you have to grant the summoned human’s wish, but at most you’ll wish for eternal life. Depending on the number and strength of the minions you have, corrections are also made, but I can’t spare the draw because I don’t have money.

‘On our planet, there’s a saying that cherishing things becomes shit!’

Having made a decision, Sofia used the draw ticket. A blindingly bright light appeared and then disappeared, revealing a man wearing only underpants.

“Three, sex?”


The earth of the 22nd century has entered the age of virtual reality. Among countless virtual reality games, I liked the fighting genre the most.

It was because it was a genre that could be covered only with talent, even without changing time. Because I was living part-time, I couldn’t play games where money was power, and it was difficult to play MMORPGs where time was wasted.

I enjoyed AOS and FPS a little, but I gave up because the team was too stressful. Today, I hit the opponent I met in the ranked match.

“Lower! Top! Stop! How many times have you been hit, but can’t you avoid this obvious pattern? Are you playing the game with your feet?”
“Fucking dog…”
“Report profanity.”
“It really sucks.”
“Thanks for the compliment.”

It’s disgusting even when I hear it, but what about it? I’m not going to meet that bastard in real life anyway. In the Internet community, there are many people who curse at me, but to me it was nothing short of praise.

[Zx, the strongest zx, who will give this bastard true education?]
[Your ID and tone make me feel like a fucking 100-year-old. Why is this bastard ranked #1? Because of this, our game is said to be a fucking game, and the influx does not come in.]
B That bastard won’t even get stopped. Don’t game companies manage bad manners users?
B Once reported.

Again, the losers gather together and masturbate. The game is fun, but making fun of people who are shaking is more fun.

I commented to light firewood.

B lol. Give it to me and come to the gallery and whine.
B Where do you live? Where do you live
ㄴ I urgently need the address of this youngster’s house.

I was having a kiss with two people who spontaneously ignited, and I saw a comment that ruined my planting.

ㄴ I’m watching it with my girlfriend, it’s a lot of fun.


Suddenly all desire was gone. Korea in the 21st century also had a high dating difficulty, but in Korea in the 22nd century, it was much higher.

According to one study, 70% of men in their early 20s said they were mothers. In a world where surrogate dating is possible in virtual reality, there was no need for a man or woman to be thirsty for a real relationship.

But I want to date in real life. I wanted to date and have sex with a real woman, not a virtual reality character.

“Why is the deceiver in the gallery…”

Could that be some kind of deception to fuck me up? When I couldn’t stand it and asked for certification, a picture taken with a woman came up.

“Baby… He’s handsome…”

Through the mosaic, I could see his handsomeness. The woman had a good body like a character in virtual reality.

“Please pinch me 3cm”

I burned my ugly jealousy, but it didn’t make me feel any better. I didn’t even feel like playing games, so I lay down on the virtual reality device.

“I want to have sex.”

I want to have sex with a real woman. I want to fuck each other and then go to sleep. In the morning, I want to wake up with a fella.

Shall I play an adult game? I was undressing to prevent an unfortunate accident that my clothes get wet, but I saw a strange message.

[The goddess needs you. Will you accept the summons?]

What. Is this an ad for a new game?

The company that made the connector I use sometimes advertised in this way. Ad removal is a paid option, so I couldn’t pay.

Until the installment of the connector is over, I have to live with it. Seeing the goddess talking about it, is it a constellation? I don’t really like constellations because most of them are MMORPGs.

[You can request one wish from the goddess by responding to the summoning.]
“Really? What is the scope of your wish?”
[Anything is possible.]

Occasionally, there are games in the form of giving a goal and rewarding it when you achieve it. It’s mainly a method used by small and medium-sized businesses to promote games, but since it’s a large company, the level of compensation is different.

“Can we have sex?”
[Of course.]

It’s a hard 19 gold game. As it is a work of a large company, sex may not be the main content, but I prefer games that foster characters and increase the favorability of female characters to have sex rather than general yagames.

That means you have a lot of freedom, and you can pick and attack the character you want.

“I will respond to your summons.”

The game download will now begin. I won’t be able to have sex right away after logging in, so let’s drain the water with another game.

“Is sex okay? Virtual reality sex games are also sex.”

I played the game while talking about sex, but my body felt strange. I felt a sense of floating, and the space changed in an instant, and a woman prettier than a celebrity appeared.

Look at the level of corporate gaming. No matter how well-made virtual reality is, there is bound to be a bit of a gap, but this feels like real reality. Especially the women’s modeling was huge.

No character I’ve seen so far can match this character. While I was admiring it blankly, that message came to mind.

[Tell the goddess your wish!]

You say you’ll grant my wish right away? Chew Hyeja game!

“Three, sex?”

[Please state a more precise wish.]
“I want to have sex with the goddess!”

As she closed her eyes and shouted, the goddess’s closed mouth opened.

“Goddess? I want to have sex.”
“Goddess. I want to have sex!”
“That, that, that…”

As I took a step closer, the goddess hesitated and withdrew. You made the character really well. It’s like a human, not artificial intelligence.

Confused expression and fluttering eyelids. Besides that, every gesture was human. Technology has advanced so much. I don’t like RPGs, but I have to enjoy these Godgames.

How can I break through this goddess’s guard and have sex? I guess I’ll just have to push a little harder.

“I-I am a virgin!”
“Rather good.”
“That’s not it, that’s it, can’t I ask for something other than that wish? You can have eternal life and become a sword master…”
“The genre of this game is fantasy.”

A genre that is consistently popular. The famous game Raising Gladiators is also set in a medieval fantasy setting.

The goddess who heard me muttered in bewilderment.

“Crabs, games? This is not a game. It’s real!”

I believe you have to sound like a horse. If it’s real, even if you pinch the ball…

“Are you sick?”

In the early days when virtual reality games were released, people died playing games. The degree of pain felt varies depending on the pain reduction rate setting, but it was because humans who set it to 100% accepted death in the game as death in reality.

To prevent fatalities, modern virtual reality has not raised pain relief rates above 50%. So even if I pinched my cheek, it should only be slightly itchy when I touched it, but it hurt.

“Is it really real?”
“Right! So you know how absurd your wish is, right? I want to have sex with a goddess!”
“Then sex with the goddess is real sex?”

My old wish will come true! Goddess is the best!

“Goddess! Let’s have sex!”

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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