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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 10

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 10

Chapter 10 – Turns Out to Be a Production Genius (3)

Upon entering, there were two doors. Is the one on the left my room? I just looked at it and Sofia jumped up and blocked me.

“Not here!”
“Is this Sophia’s room?”
“Right! So no!”
“I want to take a look. How are the houses?”

You are firm. I think I ate a sweet pumpkin.

“Then is my room next door? Can I come in?”
“Right! I’ve been working hard on it! Good to look forward to!

It’s like a child who wants praise. Even if you decorate it like a dirty studio, you should praise it. You will need to pretend to be impressed.

After loading the reaction and opening the door, a room the size of a studio appeared. There are beds, there are only beds.

“It’s good.”

Ah, I was so disappointed that I couldn’t show the reaction I prepared. But how can you admire a room like this? If you like it, you’re crazy.

I will become soulless because I have no sincerity.

“Sorry. I couldn’t bring myself to bed because I didn’t have a divinity. But look in the next room!”
“Is there a room next door?”

That’s right. There is Looking at the reaction, I think this is the main one. Let’s see how well it’s decorated.

Opening the door revealed a room three times larger than the main room. Various production introductory sets were also organized.

“Our John is a workshop! Do you feel a special energy?”
“Are you energetic?”

Did you fall for Do you know the way to the goddess subject? Oh, I got a message.

[John’s Workshop]
[Quality Increase Lv.1]
[There is a very rare chance that the quality of items produced in the workshop will rise by one level.]

“What do you think?”
“It’s good. Heartily.”

It’s a very slim chance, but it’s better than nothing. Anyone who’s played the k-game knows what a great skill this is. How many people are crazy about the 1% gacha chance?

I spent 30,000 won a month on cell phone games. I thought it would burn dozens of degrees if I was too picky, so that was the limit.

“Okay? Great?”

Was there a lack of reaction? As expected, excessive reactions are more suitable for conveying the sincerity.

“Not a sofa!!!!! What the hell is this!!!!!! What a wonderful workshop!!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!”
“Is it that good?”

Sophia was embarrassed and slapped the floor with her tiptoe. Also, this was the correct answer. If Sophia does something in the future, let’s react like now.

“That’s right!!!!!!!!”
“Yohan has a very loud voice. How expensive is this effect! Even the emergency fund was stripped and secured! I am a beggar now!”
“Then it is a big deal. What are you going to do next?”
“There is also a divinity that regularly harvests from Earth. I have Yohan! You can earn divinity by winning battles or selling crafted items!”

After all, I have to run fast. I gave you such a good workshop, so I have to work hard.

In fact, since I made the ring earlier, my hands have been itching. I’ll have to use all the introductory sets to clear my mind.

“I want to talk more, but I am too tired today. Haaam.”

Sophia yawned. Her original mouth should be ugly with her mouth open like that, but Sophia is so pretty. She’s a woman without flaws. Suddenly she became curious.

“Does Goddess go to the bathroom too?”
“What, what?!”
“The goddess only eats dew…”
“I hate John! I’m going to bed!”

It wasn’t even a question I couldn’t ask, but why did they say it? Sophia went out with a bang. Left alone, the desire to create surged.

“Great. Shall we try?”

I need to make a knife first.


When Sophia returned to the room that used to be comfortable, but now was as small as the kosiwon, she sighed.

“No! What is Yohan talking about to a woman!”

She was like that when we first met. Doesn’t she say it’s all about sex! Wouldn’t you like to have sex with yourself as a wish!

When I sent it to battle, I impregnated Tohoyo’s minion. Sophia has a mental world that is hard to understand.

‘But I fought well.’

Sophia, a newbie god in outer space, had nothing to do except observe the earth or play in the community of gods. She also watched the video titled ‘Reasons why you shouldn’t raise humans.’ In her best post on Game of the Gods.

The human in the video really couldn’t fight. After being hit by one, she collapsed in pain, and after knowing that even if she died, she resurrected, she didn’t even try to fight properly.

But Johann beat the elf. And that’s not just an elf, but an elf from a prestigious family who uses spirit skills and swordsmanship as well!

‘It was kind of cool back then.’

Although I woke up because I triggered the impregnation. Lying on the bed, the only piece of furniture in her tiny room, Sophia fiddled with her ring.

Half a piece… A half piece…

‘I also made an item.’

No matter how talented she is, she didn’t know how to make items from the beginning. I even liked the item description.

‘A ring made by a minion for its master.’

If sincerity is not included, it will not appear in the explanation. In other words, John meant that he was truly for Sophia.

Even the ring had John’s initials engraved on it. I took off the ring, stared at the initials engraved on the inside, put it back on, and touched the ring again.

Continue for a while.

That time. John, who had made a nest of straw, was petting his eggs.

“I know. This is your house Should I grow up quickly?”

[Your bond with Sophia has risen to D rank.]


You were angry earlier not because you didn’t like it, but because you were ashamed. I’ll see you tomorrow and ask if you’re going to the bathroom again.


The talent of an iron man was really great. I stayed up all night making equipment, but I wasn’t tired at all. On the contrary, he was full of stamina like a student having lunch.

Thanks to that, I made more equipment than I thought. Is it the effect of manual dexterity? Or maybe it’s because I’m good at making things, and I’ve completed six items.

[Steel Sword]
[Leather Armor]
[The Ring of Speed.]
[Hammer for work]
[Stable rocking chair]
[Straw Nest]

All of them were normal grade, but to me, who didn’t have anything, they were like rain during a drought.

I especially like making weapons and armor into items. In the early 21st century, there were many characters using fists and feet in computer fighting games, but since the introduction of virtual reality games, various fighting games with concepts such as fantasy and martial arts have been released.

I became a ranker in most fighting games. The game, which had a particularly good taste and reigned as the No. 1 in the rankings, had a background that mixed all the worldviews.

He mastered all the characters, but he was particularly good at the one that uses the long sword, the most common weapon.

If I had had a steel sword when fighting Ebrande, I wouldn’t have dragged her into grappling while adjusting the distance. It must have been stamped with swordsmanship from the front.

The effect of the sword is to enhance cutting power. The armor had defense power, the ring was as the name suggests, and the hammer came with a crafting skill auxiliary effect.

And a rocking chair to sit on for a break. This is really luxury Because it was made to fit my body type, it was several times more comfortable than the 100,000 won gaming chair I used on Earth.

There are no special effects, but it’s really interesting. If you entrust your body to the shaking, you will easily fall asleep…

[Skill Integration Condition Accomplished!]
[You have acquired more than five crafting skills. Integrate skills.]
[Various crafting skills have been integrated into item crafting (C).]

I’ll let you know when the job is done. Why do you come out on time and wake up? I was just a little tired because I stayed up all night. I woke up because my body wasn’t tired.

I thought all iron man traits were good, but this is the problem. Can’t sleep It feels like an energy drink with no side effects flowing through your veins.

Knock Knock

“John. Woke up?”

Why is Sofia knocking on the door?

“Wake up!”
“Do you want to have breakfast?”

I’m going out because I’m talking about rice. I came out with a sword and armor to brag about.

“Come out, what is that!”

Seeing the item, Sofia jumped from place to place.

“It is an item. I worked hard on it.”
“Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! I have this ring too, did you make two more items?”
“It’s not two. There are more. Come on in.”

I went to the workshop and showed off the rest of the items. Sophia touched her items excitedly, like a child at her cousin’s house.

“Wow. Is this real Did Yohan really make all of this?”

Sophia’s patterns of behavior when she is happy have been learned. Opened her arms and waited. Come!


“Yohan is the best!”

Morning breasts are the best. She snuggled Sofia into her arms and tried to have more fun, but Sophia pulled her butt back.

“Hey, Yohan, something hard is stabbing me…”
“Ah. Morning erection.”
“Morning, what?”
“It is a natural phenomenon. Just wait a little bit and it will subside.”

So let’s rub our chest a little more. Despite my wishes, Sophia fell.

“Let’s eat! I ordered something delicious!”
“It’s not Sophia’s special dish.”

I was honestly looking forward to it.

“Ugh. I can’t cook…”
“Then I’ll do it next time.”
“Really? Is John good at cooking?”
“Don’t underestimate the livelihood of a self-made student.”

I’m not proud of it, but it tasted good with just eggs and soy sauce. If you have dexterity, you will be fine.

I thought he would like it, but Sofia was dumbfounded.

“Ugh. Your cooking would be nice too, but let’s order it for the time being.”
“They said they had no money.”
“John has money to feed! I will teach you the food of the gods!”

Five. This is a bit tempting It wasn’t long after waiting, but white bread and a purple drink appeared.

“This is ambrosia bread and this is wine!”
“Did you order this at Hermes Mall?”
“No. I ordered it from the Demeter app.”
“He is also from Greek mythology. Do you like that myth?”
“Yes. Right…”

If it’s good, it’s good. Why are you sweating? Are you the type to be ashamed of being caught cheating?

Anyway, I had a good breakfast.

“What do I do now? Shall we make an item again?”
“No. Today we will have a real battle!”

It’s a real battle

“The opposing minion must be a woman, right?”
“You John! Then no!”

Guess what I did wrong It’s sad. Really.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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