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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 11

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 11

Chapter 11 – Newbie Slayer (1)

The cockmangem that I reigned at the top of the rankings was Oriental. At the beginning of the release, this game, which was successful in attracting users saying it was reminiscent of oriental dressing, stimulated the souls of hard gamers due to its low adjustment and high operation difficulty.

Like a competitive game, you could dig a room and invite your opponent, or you could run random matching, but only the latter was possible in ranking matches.

In the beginning, both were opened, but they were blocked by people who paid money and ransacked them. Whenever I met people whose skills were inferior to their ranks, I cursed at them and made fun of them. It’s a pleasant memory.

“John! Today, we will run random matching instead of friendly matches!”
“Is it a ranking match?”
“Yes! Originally, I was going to have a regular match, but yesterday Yohanie fought well and went to the ranking match! Also, I heard there are bad trainers targeting newbies in the regular game… Give me more money.”

Then, of course, it’s a ranking match.

“Sofia-sama is a beggar.”

My inner thoughts and words went out the other way. Even sullen Sophia is cute.

“Anyway, I’m looking forward to the ranking match. What kind of minion will come out?”

She tried to say she was a woman, but Sophia opened her ax eye, so she changed it to a minion. What did I do? I just impregnated my friend’s minions and made them lay eggs.

Isn’t it a benefit to share an egg with a friend?

“You know what?”

The place where I tried to run random matching was my workshop. I stroked the egg placed in the corner. Sophia twitched her hand.

“Anyway! I’ll turn it around!”

[Ranking match]
[Searching for opponent]
[Exploration complete!]

Matching was caught as soon as the signal went. Newbie Lang War is caught in 1 second? Is War of the Gods a new game?

“I was caught quickly because this is the newbie trainer’s debut season! Let’s go!”

When Sophia, who explained to whom she was doing it, waved her hand, the space switched. Yes, that arena. On the other side, a man I had never seen before was taking a middle-class stance.

Haha! Know with glory! I became the first opponent of the ruler of the planet Absol!”
“Sophia. Does Shin also get mental illness?”
“Ugh. Because there are gods of disease and gods of curses. You might get sick He seems to have bought a lot of hate.”
“What are you two arguing abouthaha! You don’t have to say anything! Did you fall in love with the majesty of the throne? You can praise it as much as you like.”

[New Trainer – Sophia sent out the last minion.]
[Minion – Human John]


When I came to my senses, I was inside the Colosseum. Summoned to the coaching area isolated from the pitch, Sofia stomped his foot.

“John! Knock that bastard down!”
“You don’t know what?”
“All right.”

He’s just a guy with second grade disease, why are you angry? Is there a lack of resistance? If I hadn’t played a lot of games, I would have coughed up blood.

But that level of conceptism is all over the virtual reality. In the early days, there was a special virtual reality law that said that half of the female characters were netkamas, so they couldn’t change their gender.

“Heh. Are you ashamed?”
“Quickly raise the minions!”

[Sophia is ready!]
[If Absolu does not release his minions within 60 seconds, he will be automatically forfeited.]

“This. I still have something left to show you. You are a very anxious child.”
“Sophia. It’s a low-level provocation. Don’t fall for it.”
“Yes? Yes. Okay. I was so excited.”
“Did you take it as a provocation? What a pity. I have to let you know about my coolness. Scram!”

[New Trainer – Absolu has sent a minion.]
[Minion – Absolut Church Jincheon]

“Hurray! Hurray! Hooray! Infinite Glory to Absol!”

A garment made from weaving hemp. A sword dangling from the waist. Even the hero gun neatly tied on the forehead. The typical Moorim people appeared in creative works.

My minion’s name is Chinese, so why is Absol in English? Even the ears were pointed. A non-human Moorim? It’s a hybrid without a root.

“Jincheon! Spread my teachings among the heathen!”
“Honorable name!”
“Hey, your gods speak foreign languages, so why do you speak Chinese?”
“How dare you compare the great Absolus to some strange catch! Are you scorning the authority of God!”

He is the servant of that god.

“Shortly, that’s it.”

Sophia caused a pupil earthquake. If I say more, I’ll embarrass myself again. When he drew his sword, Jincheon also raised his sword.

“I will edify you!”
“A man me? Bring me a woman to reform me!”
“Khhhhh! You are an insane minion!”

[The two trainers are ready.]
[Defeat condition 1. Physical exhaustion]
[Locking Condition 2. Trainer’s Abstention.]
[Battle Start!]

The battle started, but I stood and looked at Jincheon. Originally, masters figure out their opponents before fighting.

Even in the game, I didn’t run straight to the first matching guy. After looking at the liver, I figured out the character proficiency and the attacking technique that I use often, and then I started working on it in earnest and found out even trivial habits and habits.

Let’s start the conversation first.

“Hey, Murim.”
“Moorim is the fantasy of a boring old man! I was reborn as Absolin!”

Enraged Jincheon narrowed the distance. Are you impatient? Or a high-level ploy to catch me off guard?

First of all, I couldn’t step further than Ebrande. If I use a ranged skill, how can I legitimately run? Do you have any corner to believe in?


He stretched out his hand and shouted loudly. Then Jincheon jumped to the side.

“What are you doing?”
“Go, how dare you despise me! You bastard! I will not kill you gracefully!”
“It is the fault of the fool. Why are you doing this to me?”

I’m really sorry If it was Ebrande, I wouldn’t have been fooled by this fake. God is a psychopath, so the level of his minions is low.

“Epsol Gum Type 1! Taesan Tack!”

Jincheon struck down the sword honestly.

“You really have to do it in moderation. Taesan Thumbtack is an absol sword. It’s a three-jae method.”

The newbies who entered Oriental, a fucking game, used their skills according to the route determined through correction. It worked well for the same newbie, but I avoided the rotten water even with my eyes closed after memorizing all the skills of the character.

If you are a master, you should mix something of your own. Slightly deviate from the established route, change the tempo, or mix variations.

Jincheon was not a master. A newbie who relies on skill. It’s real here, so stupid.

Moving lightly, he evaded an honest slash. Easier than eating cake.

“It’s not over yet! Absol Gum…”
“No matter how newbie.”

It reminded me of the oriental swordsman. A martial artist who has reached a first-class level by learning only the Samjae swordsmanship, which is common enough to wander around the streets of martial arts.

Afterwards, it was set up that he learned other martial arts and became a hyeon-gyeong-level master, but the production team used that martial arts as the deciding factor to create the character of a swordsman, and the rest of the skills were solved with the three-jae sword method.

“You shouldn’t shout out herbivorous names.”

A herbivore that cuts the sword horizontally. His name is Hoengsocheongun. However, a sword that draws a subtle trajectory with the skill of a prefectural police officer.

Because there was no internal air, it was not possible to reproduce the strong air. However, the iron man’s body made up for the lack of internal energy. The expanded five senses read the wind blowing through the Colosseum, and the steel sword that flowed along the texture pierced Jincheon’s side.

“Keep… Uh…”

No matter how strong the body was, reproducing the tricks of the prefectural police came as a burden. His muscles were cut, but I had a period of convalescence.


The severed muscles continued. There was no need to be serious about the next attack. Jin-cheon, who had a deep cut on his side, fell to the floor and vomited blood.

“It’s so dark…”

I harvested the bastard’s head as it was.

[Jincheon Battle Impossible!]

“John! Well done!”
“I just lost my appetite.”

It was a boring fight. I heard compliments, but I wasn’t happy. No matter how bad I was, I never bothered newbies.

It might give me pleasure by growing up through the ‘Fuck Bob Wars’, but why would you discourage newbies from the beginning? But now I didn’t feel very good because I felt like I was bullying a newbie.

But isn’t the battle over yet?

“Hmm. Jincheon was the weakest among my minions. Come out!”

[Absolu-nim has sent a minion.]
[Minion – Absolist Camp]

“Is he a jerk too?”

[Significant battle impossible!]

“It’s not over yet!”

[Absolu-nim has sent a minion.]
[Servant – Absolist Jinhae]
[Jinhae Battle Impossible!]

“Is the battle not over yet? A newbie with more than four minions? How many divinities are there?”

Sophia was frightened when the battle didn’t end even after defeating Jinhae. Absolu, who had been grinding this far, went mad.

Haha! You’ve been caught in the principal’s acting! You thought you had some fun, but that’s your downfall! Come out!”

[Absolu sent out the last minion.]
[The Servant – Absol Church Leader Cheon Sol]

A minion with an honest name appeared. Unlike the previous guys who wore ordinary uniforms, Cheonsol wore fancy clothes like a priest.

Chunsol appeared with her eyes closed and sighed as she pulled out her sword.

“The fishy smell of blood… All the three great true men have suffered.”

If it wasn’t a big deal, I tried to kill it at once like the previous ones, but I couldn’t move. It is common knowledge that religious leaders are stronger than religious leaders.

Cheonsol’s momentum was several times stronger than that of the three little Jins combined.

“This is fun.”

I’m tired of losing only newbies, but now I’m going to have a proper battle.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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