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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 12

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 12

Chapter 12 – The Newbie Slayer (2)

If you lose weight, you will win 100 times.

Chunsol has a neutral appearance. He has long hair, but there was also a man with long hair among Jin. In the past, he would have concluded that a pretty man was a cross-dressing man, but these days we have to keep all possibilities open.

Since she is from another planet, she may have a third gender. There are things like homo transgender, genderfluid, and homo sapiens on Earth right now.

Cheon-Sol is different from a miscreant like Jin-Cheon. You shouldn’t judge by appearance alone.

Since the leader came out after skipping the middle stages such as the head of the head or the elder, he did not know the main martial arts other than the Absol sword, and let’s understand the intention of Absolu, who sacrificed the disciples first and sent the leader.

“You did well to murder Absolu-sama’s disciples. I will ask you for the price of blood.”

Cheonsol pulled out the three swords. It is similar to Ebrande’s rapier, but it is classified as a sharp sword because it has two blades.

“John! I found out the main race of planet Absol! It’s a vampire!”
“Vampire? Are you like a vampire?”

I asked Sofia, but Cheonsol got angry.

“Compared to a lower race like vampires! We can live without drinking blood!”
“That is amazing.”

It was actually surprising, so I was deliberately sarcastic. When the opponent gets excited by being provoked, not only their movements become simple, but also their mouth becomes lighter.

“We Vampirs rule the blood! Look!”

As Chunsol dipped his foot in the pool of blood, the blood ran up his body. Both blades and the tip of the sword were dyed red.

The remaining blood spread in all directions and erected pillars. I get it.

“It’s the concept of blood ties in martial arts.”

It’s a role that fits the main character by appearing like licorice in a drugstore. If what he was holding was a staff or wand, he would be a wizard, but since he is a sword, he is a blood bridge.

“I roughly knew. Your level. I was bored and wanted to die.”
“The bluff ends there. Bloody flames.”

As Cheonsol swung his sword, the world turned red. I understood the situation without panic.

The technology that causes hallucinations is also common in games. The standard way of establishing blood ties is to use a medium to spread the truth. I think Vampire, which is similar to blood ties, will be the same.

The pillars of blood standing tall in a circle must have been the cause of staining the world red. Seeing the blood oozing from the pillar, it was clear that Cheonsol was producing a medium to use the technique.

“You are a rat in a poison!”

Chunsol, who tightly gripped the sword, charged at me. The three swords overflowing with blood were quite menacing. We don’t know the power yet, so let’s not face it.

“There is no point in running away!”
“Shut up, you fake!”
“What, what?”
“It is the famous words of the proud Admiral Yi Sun-sin, who is in the blood! No matter how much he longs for Korea, a vampir cannot become a Korean!”
“Profit! You spit it out with a pierced mouth!”

You seem more excited than before? Let’s provoke some more.

“Are you mad?”
“Sorry. I didn’t know you would be so angry. But plagiarism is right.”
“I will kill you!!”

Excited, Cheonsol swung his three swords. I thought I had narrowly avoided it, but my blood surged and cut my back.

The hot pain was intense, but I gnashed my teeth and moved on. This level of pain made me tired of early virtual reality games with a high assimilation rate.

“Stand there!”

Cheonsol shouted, and blood gushed from the blood column I was aiming for. Even if it does not contain magic power, a liquid of that size can damage the body.

However, believing in the iron man, he rushed forward. Blood spurted and burned the skin, but the pain was tolerable. He gritted his teeth and swung his long sword.


The blood vessels collapsed with a sound like cookie dough. Then the world regained its original color, albeit a little.

“You got caught!”

Chunsol cheered. It’s normal to get angry because one axis of the truth is gone. There was a hidden number here too.

A chill ran down her spine and she hurriedly rolled to the side. A warm sensation ran from the back of her head to her buttocks.

Her head spun and her whole body went limp. When I rolled over, I looked at the spot, which was stained with blood.

I knew it as soon as I saw it. That’s my blood If I stay like this, I will die of excessive blood loss.


But I have a recovery period. Body returned to normal.

“Is it just this much?”
“How do you use the recovery period in a sacred battle!”
“Yeah~ If you twist it, you can use it too~”
“Can’t you be serious!”

Chunsol got angry again.

“You have anger management disorder. It’s sick.”
“Yeah man!!!”

She thought, dodging Cheonsol’s attack with her sword disorganized in anger. She has nine pillars left. The number of remaining uses of self-heal is 6.

It is impossible to attack the pillars. You can do it by force, but Cheon-sol may have hidden a trump card, but you can’t use all the recovery.

In the end, there was only a head-to-head match. When I turned around instead of running away, I met Cheonsol’s face stained with madness.

“What should I die without dignity?”

He blocked the three swords with thicker blood than before. The moment the swords collided, her arms tingled and lost their strength. However, she gritted her teeth and grabbed her sword again.

“A wound on the back is a shame for a swordsman!”

Chunsol was taken aback. Opportunity is now! She thrust her sword into his gaping hole.


Cheonsol’s front lip was ripped open, revealing her bandage around her chest. Not only her robe, but also her bandages were slightly torn, revealing a plump outline.

“Gender is meaningless to the religious leader who worships Epsol!”

Cheonsol gritted her teeth and swung her sword. Every time her swords met, shocks accumulated in her body, but that was not a problem.

“Khehehe. Were you a woman?”
“Don’t underestimate a woman! I am the best soldier of my time!”
“This is the best master in the world.”

It is the best in the world on the planet Absol. I’m excited about potatoes.

“But the pussy is third-rate.”
“It’s rude!”
“Your minions are insane.”

Sophia did not dispute Absolu’s muttering. At that time, you should say no and save the minion’s spirit. Sophia rather bruised me.

“John! That skill doesn’t work!”
“Hold on to worry. Get pregnant.”
“I can’t!”

A force up to seven times the usual size welled up.



She took a few steps back each time they encountered swords, but tied for the first time. The smell of her sticky, gritty blood became as sweet as virgin blood. Perhaps he was intimidated to get me pregnant, but the blood on Cheonsol’s sword softened.

“Now I will show you my [True mind].”

Sophia vomits, but she doesn’t mind. A woman who vomits is unattractive except when she has morning sickness.

“No way! Blood width!”

Blood exploded everywhere. Drops of blood filled with internal energy pierced the iron man’s hard skin and made a hole. However, it is only a wound on the skin. No bones were broken.


The blood that came out of my body sizzled. This too only burns the skin. Enduring all the pain, I aimed for Cheonsol’s chest.

Cheonsol swung the sword for defense, not offense. It’s definitely a thin and light sword, so it’s nimble. Cheonsol’s defense was easy because the only thing he was aiming for was his chest.

“You bastard! Evil! Where are you aiming for!”
“Let’s see some chichi.”
“This person!!”

Chunsol gritted his teeth and gathered his strength. Blood pooled on the floor and a mist of blood spread faintly.

“You can’t use a big technique in an obvious way.”

Fuck Mangeem Oriental has an instant kill machine. This instant kill, which is known as ‘if you don’t know, must be right’, took more than 3 seconds to cast, so even newbies didn’t fit well.

Am I the right person to avoid instant killing even for newbies? It’s nonsense. There are two ways to cancel instant fraud. Either hit it or beat it up.

Chubuck. Chubuck.

He rushed forward, forcibly removing the blood that clung to his feet. Cheonsol pulled her body back, but it was slower than walking forward unless it was a moonwalk.


My sword touched her wrist before Cheonsol could swing her sword. Just as a moth goes to a fire and burns. Cheonsol’s wrist came close to my blade and was cut.

Cheonsol, who lost her hand and sword at the same time, gritted her teeth. A fountain of her blood lifted her spurting arm and tried to spray her blood at me, but she lightly dodged.

“Slicing a piece of meat.”

In harmony with the martial arts, I spit out the herbivorous name. The sword, stretched out like a sword, cut a wound from Cheonsol’s collarbone to her stomach.


The bandages cut by the sword fell to the floor. Her breasts, which were like gum scabs when pressed down by bandages, revealed their original majesty.

“C cup?”
“Hey, hey… The sexist!! Look at my breasts!!”

Chunsol cried and vomited her blood. Red blood clots clumped together in the air like a strong ring and hit me. She tried to dodge but was too fast and got her shoulder pierced.


The blood that dripped from Cheonsol’s chest flowed backwards and sprayed on me. It’s too late to dodge, so let’s avoid fatal woundsheheld his sword like a shield to protect his throat and heart.


Blood splattered all over her body, including her face. Her eyelids pressed together, blocking her vision, and the burning pain, the worst of the pain, tried to break her will.


It wasn’t cured even once, so I tried it once more. Healers are really shit. I’m fine now

“I must have done all the jokes. Beating me up.”

Match. Shit.

He hit Cheonsol’s chest with the side of his sword. A bright red mark in the shape of a sword appeared on her well-shaped chest.

“Nipple spanking.”

This time, I hit Cheonsol’s nipple with the side of the sword. Chunsol groaned and sat down.

I neutralized it roughly, so let’s taste it now. The time when I tried to arrest Cheonsol.


[The battle ends.]
[Newbie Trainer – Sophia wins!]

Chunsol disappeared and I was moved to Sofia’s side. Cheonsol disappeared completely without appearing next to Absolu, perhaps because of the severe wounds.


I was wondering what it would be like to see a vampire.

“Today, I will admit my defeat. I never thought a female minion would have such a downside. I will never repeat the same mistake again. Crazy perverted minions. And she’s a perverted goddess. I will definitely remember my humiliation today!”

The threatening Absolu disappeared.


Give me back my vampire cunt and go.

“Fuck? Did John say fuck now? I am the goddess who wants to swear! I told you not to write that.”

Why do I have to listen to nagging every time I win. I couldn’t even have sex this time. Really sucks

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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