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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 13

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 13

Chapter 13 – The Beginning Village (1)

Boys are crazy about martial arts. Same goes for adults. Boxing was popular in the 20th century, UFC was popular in the 21st century, and even after the advent of virtual reality games, martial arts in reality continued to exist.

According to martial arts fans, the game is flashy but lacking in intensity? I couldn’t sympathize with them. How fierce is the number of rankers? It’s the sound of people who don’t know how to play.

After virtual reality realized not only blood but also sweat, and some extreme reality fanboys started watching virtual reality leagues, that thought grew stronger.

However, I felt it now. Fighting in real life is fierce.

“Come! It’s a man’s fight!”

The battle opponent’s face hit my fist. Pain in the fist, blood and sweat flowed.

“Kuk. Your guy! It’s not a wire field, but an iron surface! What do you do to make your face look so hard! You ate something good!”
“Are you a Dwarf?”

Dwarves are a manly race. Even though he was holding strong iron armor and a huge Battle X, he was suitable for hand-to-hand combat.

The manly dwarf tried to break my fist with a headbutt. Fearing that his fist would be damaged, he angled it and counterattacked with his strong nose bone.

“You are a real man! I respect you!”

This time, he tried to bite his fist with his teeth, so he fed him fist potatoes. How delicious it is.

“Guest! 5 stars please!”
“No! Trying to strangle my arm with your neck this time! Admit it! You are a real man! I will show you my special move in the sense of love and respect! Come, come, come!”

The goddess in the coaching seat opposite sat down on the floor.

“You! Newbie Trainer Goddess Kim!”
“John… That’s Breggit…”
“Goddess Kim! Your minion, Kim Dwarf, is a real man! I envy you! To have such a real man as a minion!”
“Porridge, open it…”
“No! Kim Dwarf! Why am I killing you We’re squeamish!”

Boys become friends by fighting. Friendship made of fists. What a wonderful sound

[The battle ends.]
[Newbie Trainer – Sophia wins!]

I wanted to have more fun, but the dwarf’s stamina ran out. The other goddess left without saying goodbye.

“Sophia. As you commanded, I did not use to impregnate her and won.”
“John..Haha. No. You did really well.”
“It’s so nice to hear compliments!”

Sophia sighed and touched her forehead. It’s embarrassing to be so moved. I pointed at the screen that appeared in front of Sophia.

“It’s already 5 wins in a row! When do you get your newbie ticket?”
“A month must pass regardless of the number of wins.”
“To be promoted annually. It’s an old-fashioned company.”

In the 22nd century, which has become a competency-based society, you have to do well to get promoted. God’s world is inefficient.

“Is the long-lived god stronger?”
“Most of them? The longer you live, the more famous your name will be, and the more believers you have, the more divinity comes in.”

In the world of gods, seniority equals skill. I understand.

“Uh? The 5-game winning streak has been rewarded!”
“Yes! Look at this!”

Sophia smiled brightly and held out her copper box. Our Goddess, her smiling face is so pretty. She’s pretty just as she is, but she’s even prettier when she smiles. Want to have sex


Sophia calls me in an anxious tone. I can’t stand it.

“Sophia. I won 5 in a row, but is there any compensation?”
“Uh, huh? What a reward.”
“Still, it’s a five-game winning streak. Since it is difficult to achieve, there must have been a reward.”
“It is, but…”
“You don’t trust your minions? I’ll just hold your hand.”

Sophia shyly held out her hand. Ha, this feeling of being healed. He’s good at hugging, but he trembles when you hold his hand.

“What will come out of the box? Let’s open it together.”
“Yes. Let’s open quickly!”

The moment Sophia grabbed her box, she put her hands on hers. Sophia, her face flushed red, bowed her head.

“Sophia? Are you sick? I have no strength in my hands.”
“It’s strangely hot…”
“Does God catch a cold too? I’ll take the heat again.”

He brushed Sofia’s bangs and put them on her forehead. I felt her body temperature with my forehead and admired Sophia’s face with her eyes tightly closed.

Be cute My eyelids are trembling.

“Now stop!”

Sophia withdrew her hand and ran away. Will you be satisfied here today? Let’s open a treasure chest.

[Do you want to open the bronze level treasure chest?]
[You can get rare grade items from normal grade.]


A light came from the treasure chest and the wheel turned. 90% common and 10% rare?

“Return board! Cheer up!”
“John is really different.”

I can make a normal grade, so please make it a rare grade. Rarity please!

“Uh, uh uh huh?”

As the wheel slowly stopped, Sophia also screamed in excitement. I quickly moved to her side and shouted in the same posture.

“Spinner! Cheer up! Let’s go for a rare item!”
“Go, let’s go!”
“Sophia! Louder! That’s how the wheel spinner gets stronger!”
“Let’s go!!”

The stone board, which received our support, worked hard. The needle, which seemed to have stopped at normal grade, stumbled and then went to rare.


As soon as the rare item was confirmed, he hugged Sophia. When our goddess gets excited, her shyness disappears. Her hand holding is good, but after all, her breasts are the best.

“Hmm, hmm. John?”
“Shall we check the item?”

[Enhanced Bronze Ring]
[Ring for weak minions. It makes mana easier to handle and promotes growth.]
[Growth Correction Lv.3]
[Magic Correction Lv.3]

Does the rarity grade include 2 options and 3 level corrections?

“John! Awesome!”
“Is it good?”
“Yes! I should post it on the bulletin board!”

Sophia was excited and manipulated the screen. But haven’t you been banned for a week?

“The strongest newbie. When did you change your nickname to a sexy newbie?”
“Ahhh. This is a sub-account…”
“When did you make the sub account again?”
“Actually, it’s Dohoyo. Shin can only create one account, but Dohoyo has a lot of family members, so there are many unused accounts.”

One account per person is not important. A site operator in the 22nd century should see and learn.

During the conversation, Sophia posted a message.

[This came out of a newbie box. Is it any good?]
[Enhanced Bronze Ring Photo]
[I was hoping for a weapon, but it’s a ring. It’s better than nothing, so I’ll just write it.]
B Where do you live?
ㄴA newbie gave a shit last time, and he gave a shit today. Let’s wait and see when the protection period for the newbies is over. Searching for the gangbanged bastard and fighting.
B That’s not very good. I exchange it for my rare quality bastard sword.
B Are you in our district? I’m in Outer Space A League, so don’t run into me. Don’t know what to do

“Hee hee! A rare bastard is a dung item, so why am I changing it?”

Sophia, who was excitedly commenting, looked at me.

“Uh, uh. John. That’s it.”
“It’s okay. There is a saying that the original servant resembles the master.”
“There is such a thing. John? You don’t resemble me, you’re just a bit…”
“Is it cool?”
“It’s crazy.”

Received this direct. Sad.

“Anyway, John. Aren’t you tired from fighting too much?”
“Not at all.”

I was tired when I spent the day without being able to pick Cheonsol, but the next match was only one minion, and the level was low, so I studied hard and wasn’t tired at all.

“Hey, don’t do that. If you’re tired, let’s go to our newbie village and rest. I’ve made a lot of money thanks to Yohan, so I’ll buy you something delicious!”
“I did go out.”

What is in God’s Village? I’m curious.

“Then let’s go to town!”
“How do you get there?”
“Just press a button!!”

As Sofia manipulated the screen, a message popped up saying ‘Would you like to go to the starting town?’.

“Go! To the beginning village!”
“It’s not the original village! It’s the starting town!”
“That or that. Go quickly!”


“John. Shh!”

I was impressed, but Sophia slapped me on the side. Ah, there are other gods around.

I thought they all looked like Sophia, but there were so many different races. Elves and dwarves as well as tentacles roam.

There were some gods who went alone, but there were also many gods who brought minions. The faces of the minions are also diverse. Everyone except humans.

Hehe. Let’s go eat!”

Sophia grabbed my hand, hummed her, and led me to her dining room. I’m usually shy about holding hands, but this time I’m active.

“Uh? There’s a Demeter Newbie point. Would you like to go over there?”
“Uh… It came out after a long time, but let’s go somewhere other than the delivery place. Yes?”
“Sophia, don’t you like that franchise?”
“Ah, yes. That’s right… But let’s go somewhere else today!”

Why are you so desperately blocking it? Tired of ordering and eating too many deliveries? Come to think of it, when I go out, I tried to eat new food instead of the ones I had delivered.

I understand.

“Like. I can’t wait to see where Sophia’s recommended restaurant will be.”
“You can look forward to it!”

I felt like I saw someone I was used to walking down the street with.

“John. What’s the matter?”
“No. It must be an illusion.”

It’s God’s world, but where can I know anyone? Let’s eat quickly

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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