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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 14

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 14

Chapter 14 – The Beginning Village (2)

“Welcome to Valhalla!”
“Today’s meat is very fresh!”
“The beer is good too!”

A noisy pub. We sat down at a table while talking. The menu is grilled Sehrimnir, beer, and dark beer. Only three.

Meals were the same, and dark beer and beer were divided according to taste. I whispered to Sofia while looking at the other gods chattering with red faces.

“Sophia. Was it like this?”
“Yes? What? I can not hear well!”

If you shout, Sophia will be ashamed again. He moved a chair next to her and whispered in her ear.

“Was it like this?”

Sophia was startled and covered her ears. He looked at me with clear eyes and struggled to say one word at a time.

“Um… A little… Maybe it’s your taste…”
“Also. Sophia-sama is a girl, but sometimes she has a wild side. Just looking at it online, it’s very…”
“Stop! Stop talking!”
“Why. It was cool.”
“Not cool at all!”
“Why are you so in denial? Sophia is great.”

The dwarf who was tearing off a wild boar hind leg at a nearby table laughed.

“Are you a couple? Fresh Fresh.”
“I was like that in the news too.”

Sophia can tolerate being teased, but making me into a farm is not acceptable. When the food came out, she decided to stop teasing.

Sehrimnir. A whole roasted boar that is said to come back to life the next day even if killed. A luster flowed from the skin.


This is not the sound that comes out of my mouth.

“The culprit is Sophia-sama!”

After staring at Sehrimnir’s hind legs, Sophia, startled to hear me, started to hiccup.

“Hiccup. No, John, Hiccup. Hiccups when you suddenly scream. You are surprised.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Anyway. Hiccup.”

Seeing the way she licks her lips at the meat, she wants to be angry, but she also wants to eat the meat. But because of the hiccup, she couldn’t knife easily.

“I will cut it.”
“Yes? Yes. Hiccup. Thank you.”

I’m not angry, but I’m grateful for cutting the meat. But the hiccups still haven’t stopped. I’m going to have to take a prescription.

“Sophia. I know how to stop hiccups.”
“What is…Wow!”

They got close enough that their noses touched and screamed. Sophia’s pupils dilated like a cat’s.

“Mu, mumu… What are you doing…”
“Mumu is nothing.”
“What are you really talking about…”
“Oh, my God! This is Amumu!”

Sophia sighed. It’s the face of losing a country. Were you actually enjoying the hiccups?

“Now that the hiccups have stopped, eat.”
“Uh? Is that so? Did Yohan have an idea?”
“I thought I was acting on a spinal reflex.”

Words are harsh. As soon as I took a bite of the meat, my displeasure disappeared. It was slightly bitter, perhaps because the beer had caught the fish, but the original taste of the meat was felt.

The gravy that oozes out of the mouth made the tongue happy. Oily but light. This is not the effect of beer. Is it a herb?

He chewed the meat crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, swallowed it a few times, and drank down the dark beer.


This is sex and this is life!

“They say it’s the best bar in the starting town… You drink too much…”

I thought Sophia would normally eat something like this for a living. Like me, it was the first time, so I greedily ate the meat.

I look good because I eat well. After all, women should eat happily. It’s hard to fight back if you criticize him for being snobbish.

We ate the meat eagerly without even talking.

“Master! One beer here!”
“The owner in the first meeting? Are you a crazy personhaha!”

A dwarf with a shaggy beard slapped me on the back. Thanks to the iron man, I didn’t get sick at all.

“You are a very generous friend! Do you like it! So, service! Eat with your girlfriend!”

Hiccups again? Fortunately, I didn’t hiccup again. It’s a loss if you can’t eat such delicious food because of hiccups.

“The service is fried skin? This is delicious too! Perfect for snacks!”

I shouted at the dwarf owner, who gave me a burdensome look. Then the owner laughed like a dwarf.

Haha! What respect is there between us! Just like before, call me the owner!”
“Okay, master! This is a very good thing!”
“John… I’m so embarrassed…”
“Eat Sophia too!”
“Oops. Whoops? Tasty!”
“The skin fried in lard is a delicacy! I can’t! It’s a woman! I’m not doing business today! Bring me some more skin fries and beer!”



I’m going to explode my stomach I was full from halfway through, but the combination of meat and beer was so perfect that I ate until I was about to throw up.

I’m going to live a little bit because I burp. Sophia was covering her mouth like someone with morning sickness.

“I ate too much…”
“It was still delicious. Right?”
“I didn’t even pay much.”

Serhim, the owner, said that it was a celebration of making a new friend, and he asked me to pay only for the food and drinks that he ordered in the first place. Serhim’s wife asked if she was doing business by digging. She got angry and looked at my hands.

“By the way, is it this easy to become friends with a dwarf?”
“No. I don’t really like other races, but it’s a bit strange. I heard that if you have dexterity, you can easily make friends with dwarves, but it must have been true.”
“Is this talent?”

Somehow, I had a crush on the dwarf I met in the last battle. It was all thanks to dexterity. Wouldn’t it be okay to call dexterity limited to dwarves a celebrity talent?

“I ate, but what should I do next?”
“We just go for a walk together. Let’s get some rest.”
“Aren’t you hunting wild minions?”
“What are you talking about again? Where are the wild minions in the world?”

Shocking. No wild minions?

“Then where do you get your minions? After beating up a wild minion, ‘You want to die. Or do you want to live with me?”
“I heard that some evil spirits do that, but usually it doesn’t. There are three general ways to get minions.”

It’s a topic I’ve been curious about.

“The most common way is to give divinity to the Galactic Market and buy a minion, and the second is to grant the summoned minion’s wish through a lottery ticket. The last one is roughly extracted from my planet.”
“Isn’t the last method no different from drawing?”
“It’s a method of choosing yourself, so you don’t have to grant me a wish. Instead, since you don’t know the minion’s potential, it’s the same as a lottery ticket. In the old days, there was also a way to make pacts with other gods, make simple contracts, and send them to other worlds to grasp their potential…”
“Open your eyes. Warrior?”

Sophia, who was explaining hard, opened her mouth and looked at me.

“That’s an orthodox comment, how did you know?”
“My insight is this much. How does it feel to have smart minions?”
“It was fine until just now, but suddenly it got worse.”
“Why would you do that again? Sophia. Sophia~”

Ignoring my call, I followed Sofia, who was walking ahead, but I saw another familiar head in her alley. She dismissed it as an illusion and moved on, but if a coincidence repeats itself twice, it is inevitable. I smelled the incident.

“When I open my eyes in the morning, I wonder about last night.”
“Yohan keeps singing here. I will go.”
“Sophia. That’s not important now. Look at that alley over there.”

The familiar face had disappeared.

“Can’t you smell it?”
“The starting town was created for God’s convenience, so it doesn’t stink.”
“It’s not like that, go and see for yourself!”

I took Sophia’s hand and ran down the alleyway.

“Oh, John, wait, ah…”

Sophia, who had been angrier, followed me without a word from the middle. As he entered the alley, he saw a dwarf sniffling and eating ambrosia bread.

“Ambrosia bread soaked in tears… I’m in a position like this…”
“What are you doing here?”

The dwarf raised her head like a pitiful heroine.

“Keep it off!”
“Oh, sorry.”

It was so fucked up that a spinal reflex made her knuckles go out. But this taste. Are you too familiar? The beaten and weeping Dwarf saw my face and sat down in fright.

“Whoa! Crazy human!”
“You Dwarves have too free-spirited mouths.”

Who is the crazy person

“Poohye. Whoops. Yohan is a crazy person… Heuhuhhw. Ah, so funny.”
“Sophia? You heard that before.”
“It’s a barhaha. Herehehe. Oh I’m going crazy My stomach hurts.”

Let’s ignore the person who burst into laughter because it only makes them laugh more. But can I ignore it? Sophia, who trembles while holding on to her belly, thanks to which her big breasts sway like a cow?

It’s a really moving movement. Even if you’re wearing clothes, that’s about it, but what if you take them off?

“Crazy human! It’s all because of you!”

A mad dwarf interrupted the appreciation. Where is the beggar from?

“Be quiet!”

I hit the Daegalpak, but it caught on her hand. I know this feeling of hitting!

“Are you Kim Dwarf?”
“Hey… Crazy man! I was abandoned because of you, but you, you!!”
“It is really noisy.”

She hit the dwarf a few more times to keep it quiet. Just as Sophia’s laughter stops, a new guy appears from the alley.

“What kind of fuss is this?”

It was a year, not a bastard. Absolura is Cheonsol, who was a servant of the second grader Shin.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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