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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 15

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 15

Chapter 15 – The Beginning Village (3)

No matter how small the world is, I didn’t know how to see Cheonsol in the village of Taecho. He looked around, showing a puzzled expression.

What are you looking for? Looking at Sophia’s nailed eyes, I can see what she’s worried about. I quickly warned Sophia.

“Sophia. Look out. You never know where that madman is coming from.”
“Yes? Ah! You are a servant of the psychotic god! Yohan is hiding behind me!”

You can’t be a man and be a coward hiding behind a woman. Even in NTR rice cakes, the male lead, who was always helped by the female lead, is stolen by the female lead.

I don’t see Sophia being run over by another guy. I spread his arms wide as if hurray, and I pushed aside Sophia, who was blocking my way.

“I will protect Sofia.”
“The relationship between the servant and the god is truly intimate. You can rest assured. The lord of the original woman… Isn’t Mr. Absolu here?”
“Okay? So, is it a free move? To be with a man in a dark alley? Are you working on a relationship?”
“Hee! Crazy human! Can’t cancel right now! I am a dwarf of the proud Iron Anvil clan! Hooking up with a woman without a beard! I wish I had hit that much! Why are you insulting me!”

You like bearded women? Are you saying female dwarves grow beards? I guess I can’t have sex with a dwarf.

“Cook cook. You’re crazy man It’s a really fitting nickname. If you were a resident of our world, you would have been given the nickname Mad Horse.”
“This bitch is real.”

He raised his fist and shook it menacingly.

“Would you like to taste the bitter taste of fear?”
“I will decline the needless waste of energy.”

Cheonsol hid her hands while pretending to put her hands behind her back. Is there anything you don’t want to show? At best, it would be blood, the food of vampires.

“So why are you here?”
“Why do you ask that now! Hit me like that!”
“Would you like more?”

The dwarf calmed down. Chunsol maintained her laid-back attitude.

“We are spreading the faith of Lord Absolu in this village. Breck here is the first prisoner.”
“Who is Breck?”
“It’s me! It’s me!”
“You are Kim Dwarf.”

Kim Dwarf grabbed his heart. Oops. It looks like you have a chronic disease. It’s not a drawing ticket, but a randomly selected minion, isn’t it? Otherwise, the wish would have cured the disease.

“Wouldn’t you like to learn Absolu-sama’s doctrine as well? It will help cure madness.”
“If you talk about madness one more time, will you be right too?”

Chunsol covered her chest and took a step back. Get a bit king If I had just backtracked, I wouldn’t have thought of anything. Why would you cover your chest?

You want to get pregnant Can I use my skills here?

“John. You can’t use skills in the starting town.”
“That’s too bad.”
“I did it anyway! You tried to use that skill again! How many times have I said no! Stop the minions of other gods, huh? Can you just do that?”

My soul is flying, but Kim Dewarp and Cheonsol flinch. Kim Dwarf muttered sadly.

“I have no owner…”
“This bastard?”

Annoyed, he slapped Kim Dwarf’s face. What is this thrilling hand taste! It hit me so hard that I hit it one more time.

“Huh. Why are you hitting me?”
“I was beaten because I said the right thing. And why is there no owner? Goddess Kim is there.”
“It’s not Goddess Kimhaha. Done. He registered me on the market.”
“Why, why! It’s because it was developed by humans or something…”

Kim Dwarf, who was about to get angry, looked at my fist and said a clumsy honorific. Whether it’s a dog or a dwarf, the hawk is the medicine.

Wouldn’t the dragons in fantasy novels treat dwarves like slaves like this? There are good dwarves like the innkeeper in Valhalla, but there are also dwarves who don’t listen well like Kim Dwarf, so you have to deal with them with a rod.

“What does this matter?
“Are you asking because you really don’t know? I was kicked out of the starting town because I was a useless minion enough to register in the market. Until another owner buys me, I have to live on my own.”
“In a word, it was abandoned, right?”

Kim Dwarf cried and tried to be hugged by Cheonsol. Cheon-sol with a kind smile avoided her side.

“It is too much.”
“Bonnyeo is your principal. She is not a mother She won’t complain.”

You two play well But why did Cheonsol take such a half-penny as a dwarf as a prisoner? Is it a plan to mass-produce weapons by locking them in a forge?

Sophia, who was working hard at the screen while we were talking, shouted.

“Really! Breck’s property is listed on the Galaxy Market.”
“Five. Shall we see you for a while?”

Name breck. Race dwarves. The price is 300,000 divinity?

“Sophia. How much is three hundred thousand divinities?”
“If you combine the beer and Sehrimnir we had for dinner, it should be around 50,000.”

Can you think of 1 divinity as 1 circle? Then Kim Dwarf is only 300,000 won?

“Puhuhhhhh! Hey! Kim Dwarf! Are you so cheap Why is it so cheap?”
“You’re a pitiful child, but don’t make fun of me too much.”
“Sofia… Are you going to buy me?”

Sophia was disgusted.

“No. Sorry. Dwarves who can’t do blacksmith work are a bit like that.”

I’m crying again I don’t want to indulge

“Stop it now! Don’t you guys have a purpose for coming to the village too!”
“Why are you in such a hurry?”
“I am only fulfilling my responsibilities as a leader. Do not persecute my disciples.”
“You two have a good time. Sophia. Shall we go for a walk?”
“Yes. I feel sorry for him, but I don’t have to worry about him because he has an agent of the psychotic god. Okay.”

As soon as I got out of the alley, I grabbed Sophia’s wrist.

“Sophia. Go back to the alley being careful not to get caught by them.”
“Chunsol is suspicious.”

Why would a bitch who is a religious leader on Absolnom’s planet bother to pair up with a dwarf in the back alley of the starting town?

“Oh, I see!”
“Vampires seem to like full-bodied dwarves.”

Did Sophia and I think differently? What else is there to do in the back alley besides sex?

“Anyway, let’s go.”

He moved stealthily like the spy agent we saw in the movie.

“Profit. Codename 007 here. 008 Reply.”
“You’re talking nonsense again.”
“Sofia-sama doesn’t know this fun. Still a child child.”
“Do you want to get scolded?”

I don’t like to get mad. I calmly zipped my mouth and watched what Kim Dwarf and Cheonsol were doing.

“A storm blew through. I’ve got more ambrosia bread for you. Let’s eat together.”
“Uh huh. Call me the teacher.”
“I can’t believe the headteacher eats his meals with cheap bread like this. Tears cover my eyes.”
“Blessed are those who persevere. Today’s suffering is tomorrow’s hope. If you eat them all, let’s hunt and earn divinity. Still, shouldn’t we have a good dinner?”

Playing very well Still, I figured out the situation.

“Stop moving! All mysteries have been solved.”
“What! Crazy human! Didn’t you go?”
“Gwangma… Why did you come again?”
“I saw through all of your intentions! Don’t move! If it moves, it’s the culprit!”

Sophia, who was behind, sighed.

“Cheonsol. Would you lie to me?”
“Why do you slander her original daughter? No lies were put in her mouth.”
“Are you… Abandoned by Absolu?”

The cloth brush hardened like a stone statue and then moved again.

“Huh, huh. Yongke knew it too. Aren’t you interested in me too much? How many times did she notice when she looked at me with her anxious eyes? I will accept your respect, but I will decline her love affair.”
“Sophia. Look at this. He’s talking nonsense too. I’m not weird. Are all normal people like that?”
“That, is it?”
“So, do what I say. In her grandfather’s honor!”
“I don’t have a grandfather?”
“Then, on Sofia-sama’s honor!”
“My, on my honor!”
“I will not forgive you!”
“Forgive me or not!”

She’s all over it, but this doesn’t work. Cabi.

“Anyway, you were abandoned too? Why?”

Cheonsol was a strong enemy. Although she lost to me, there was no opponent stronger than Chun-Sol, even if Ebrande was added to the opponents she met in five consecutive matches.

“Isn’t it because of the light horse? Absolu-sama can only put six in her entry, but she said that in order to use the main girl, she had to put in her sacrificial minions, and since it was risky, she had to show me a return, but she registered me in her market, asking if I lost to a human or something.”
“Oops. I wouldn’t have done that. Tsk tsk. That psychopath has no eyes to see.”
“Not. It’s all my fault.”

It didn’t matter what happened to Kim Dwarf, but I wanted to reap Cheonsol. First of all, her face was pretty, and her breasts were pretty too. I’m sure it’ll look pretty too.

“I know. I know… Look at this.”

Sofia showed the screen. As soon as she saw the information registered on the market, she couldn’t help but freak out.

“No! What kind of divinity are you doing?”

It’s damn expensive. No wait, if Sophia is 10 million, how much will I win over him? Isn’t that at least a billion?

“I am a man. A very expensive man.”
“Has the madness gone?”
“Conversation. Difficulty. If you want to talk to me, take a number ticket.”
“He is real!”

Sophia blew me a honey chestnut. It hurts If it wasn’t for the iron man, she’d have a hole in her head.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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