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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 16

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 16

Chapter 16 – The Beginning Village (4)

Primitive village. The hunting grounds of the starting village were different from what I had imagined. I imagined a grass field stretching on both sides of an ocher-colored road, a goblin-like monster that is familiar to us, but arrived at a strange dojo.

I read the dojo’s signboard, which looked like something out of a cartoon.

[Beginner hunting ground]

“This is a hunting ground? Isn’t it a training ground?”

Do you think men will sweat and exercise, or ninja-like guys will appear?

“What are you talking about. Just by looking at it, it’s a hunting ground.”
“You are curious about the hunting grounds in Gwangma’s hometown. Are there no dungeons in your world?”
“No, where in the world are dungeons? Right Sophia?”
“Ughhhhh. To think I lost to a person who didn’t even know the dungeon. Ughhhhh.”
“You shut up.”


A clear and pure sound came from the dwarf’s head. It’s such an addictive taste.

“Anyway, this is a dungeon, right?”
“No. Is it a hunting ground?”
“What is his hunting ground?”
“It’s a space where you can hone your minions’ combat skills and earn divinity. I know once you get in. Let’s go.”

There was a bald monk in the middle of the novice hunting ground. The form of drinking tea, kneeling on a cushion, looked like a noble monk.

A monk who was enjoying tea incense jumped up when he saw us.

“Did you come to use the hunting grounds?”
“Why are you talking like that?”

It’s so different from the image. The monk clicked his tongue.

“No complaints. Merchant emissary. Denial of truth. If you’re not hunting, just get out.”
Haha. John is really a kid. I came here to use the hunting ground.”

The monk wore scouter-like monocles.

“You are the new trainer, Sophia.”
“Are you a scout? It really varies.”
“The door to our hunting ground is always open. When you enter, you just have to shout loudly, “I believe in you, Dongbin.”
“It’s getting dizzy. Really.”
“I believe you, Dongbin!”

As the monk’s expression turned grim, Sophia hurriedly shouted, Not only Sophia, but also Cheonsol, Kim Dewarp, and I were all moved to an empty training ground at once.

“What was that?”
“All the hunting grounds are run by Yeo Dong-bin, who is famous for his dedication. That monk is Lu Dongbin’s servant.”
“Do you send your minions here?”
“Gosin has hundreds of minions. Minions who do not make it into the entry are offered training opportunities instead of doing chores. Will that monk work hard when the operating hours of the hunting ground are over?”
“Then, what benefits does Lu Dongbin get besides his minion growth?”
“Once God shouts that he believes in Lu Dongbin, divinity comes in, and not only believers, but also divinity gains in battles in their own district. It’s a win-win game.”
“I see.”

It’s like a big company subcontracting to a small business. Let’s hunt anyway. After waiting for a while, a group of monsters made of straw appeared.

“Isn’t that a monster?”
“Right. It’s a scarecrowmon.”
“It was built without sincerity.”

Be careful as the appearance may be flimsy and the reality may be strong. First of all, watching Kim Dewarf and Cheonsol fight, he checks his combat power.

Todak todak
Todak todak
“It is really pitiful. I heard that the scarecrow was made to chase away birds. If a harmful bird appears, it will be swept away.”

Scarecrowmon’s fighting power was truly devastating. With a little exaggeration, even a child on Earth could win.

“Sophia. Do you really get divinity by defeating something like this?”
“What are you talking about! Even if the enemy is weak, you can raise your skill proficiency through endless repetition of training!”
“What is your skill?”
“It’s tough!”

So the taste was good.

“Then you shouldn’t knock down the scarecrow. I’ll raise your skill proficiency.”
“Stop, don’t come closer! Teacher! The madman is trying to hit me again!”

Kim Dwarf hid behind Cheonsol. Sophia, who was smiling benevolently, hit Kim Dwarf’s head.

“Ah, sorry. I tried to touch my body, so my fists came out first. I want you to be as considerate as possible.”
“More than that, a scarecrow is really useless. It won’t be useful to raise my skills because there’s no blood coming out. Light horse. How are you?”
“Neither do I.”

Impregnation is a skill that has no proficiency, and self-healing is a skill that grows through the bond with Sophia, so no matter how much you catch the scarecrow, it is useless.

“How’s the divine punishment?”
“You give one point to each bird. Even if I kill 100 of them, I can buy ambrosia bread.”
“Ouch! Wow!”

Sofia screamed desperately, but she couldn’t stop Cheonsol’s words. A frustrated Sophia turned to me.

Haha. John. Didn’t you hear?”
“What? The ambrosia bread…”

Sofia wrote evil. Maybe it was embarrassing because the bread I ate for breakfast cost 100 won. I’m fine with cheap food.

If only Sophia’s breasts were there. Let’s play a wounded minion.

“I’m sorry, Sophia. The breakfast she had so confidently ordered was only 100 divine. Was I worth that much? Was I just a minion?”
“Uh… John. No. How precious are you…”

Sophia is so cute as she just shakes her arm, at a loss for what to do. Her breasts shaking like her arms are violent.

“Crazy people do crazy things again.”
“He is a man who suits the nickname Gwangma. Even Goddess Sophia is naive. To fall for such obvious acting.”

She was worried that Sophia would hear it, but it seems that I am the only goddess in confusion.

“Hey, John. Are you mad? Sorry. Calm down.”

Is it a chance

“Then let me touch your chest.”
“Oh really! John speaks frankly! Aren’t you mad? Was it smoke? You were worried for nothing!”

Sophia got angry. This doesn’t work Next time I’ll have to struggle a little harder and touch her breasts.

“Right. Anything from Sophia-sama is fine.”

Sophia is moved to tears. Is this the next one?

“Then I’ll touch your chest.”

I had a honey night. It hurts a bit Sophia is all good, but she’s too violent, so she’s out of the picture. From time to time on Earth, an article titled ‘A Husband Beaten’ comes up, and I wonder if her wife, like Sophia, assaulted her husband.

After the trifles passed, I grabbed some of her scarecrows. I got tired of about 10, but I stopped after catching 200 each of Cheonsol and Kim Dwarf, who depended on their livelihood.

It also took 10 minutes to regenerate. In terms of hourly wages, it is 2,400 won an hour. It’s too inefficient hunting.

“Are there any higher-level monsters?”
“You have to pay a separate entrance fee for that. This is the only hunting ground that can be used for free.”

I want to experience a more expensive hunting ground. Kim Dwarf is sending an expectant gaze. They probably didn’t want to be teased either.

“Keep! Why hit! Yo. This!”
“Don’t look at a man like that.”

But I thought it would be nice to give grace to Cheonsol. Our poor Sophia-nim can’t buy a cloth brush right now, but you won’t know if I earn money by making items hard.

“Sophia. How does the market’s minions trade?”
“Once you register a minion in the market, it takes about a week to review. I figure out if the evaluation is wrong, and if the price is justified, I go up to that price, if not, I fix it.”
“Is there any way to purchase without paying divinity?”
“Ugh. It’s not free at all, but if your minions want to go to a certain god, you can get a discount, borrow money from the market, or buy it in installments.”
“Can’t we do private trading?”
“The person who runs the market banned it because he said he was digging the ground for business. You have to trade through the market unconditionally to receive commissions.”

Since it is a market run by a god who built a pan-cosmic system, it seems that such an outrage is possible. If it was Earth, it would be perfect to get caught for violating some law.

“On the other hand, the minion also has the right to refuse. It is said that the clause was created by an evil god who buys cheap minions for the purpose of consuming them as test subjects.”
“Then it’s better.”

Let’s give grace to Cheonsol. She wasn’t selfish, she was just pretty, and her breasts and areolas were pretty, and that’s why. Among the minions I saw while walking around town, there was no one prettier than Cheonsol.

It is rare for a female creature who does not lose her beauty even by Sophia’s side. Of the female bodies I’ve seen so far, only Dohoyo, Ebrande, and Cheonsol are comparable to Sophia.

I suddenly thought that I was good at getting Ebrande pregnant. The elf’s pussy, which I only encountered in creative media, was as good as its reputation.

“Then Cheonsol and…”
“It happened. I will take your heart.”

I was going to bring up the topic of re-entering another hunting ground, but Chun-Sol, who guessed it, hit the head.

“Sophia. Thank you so much for your help so far. However, I want to do my best to enter the upper hunting grounds. Even though I was abandoned by Absolu, it is because I am the religious leader.”
“What is Chunsol? How proud of you.”

Kim Dwarf inadvertently intervened in the women’s warm space.

“I want! If you purchase me, I will repay you with my life!”
“Kim Dwarf…! I believed in you and accepted you as a prisoner. Are you betraying the church?”
“Don’t you call me by the title of a crazy person, not by my name, too!”

Cheonsol was genuinely shocked. It would be better if you put in the sound effect of Kwagwagwang. Dwarf Kim liked it because he defeated Cheonsol in a verbal fight, but it was too early for him to be happy.

“I don’t need you.”
“Yes? Is it because I rebelled? Crazy man, no I will be good to that, senior Yohan!”
“Where to use a dwarf who can’t even make items? I’m much better at blacksmithing.”

Kim Dwarf clenched his fists.

“I can’t believe it! No matter how bad I am compared to my people, I am still a dwarf! Humans are better at making weapons than I am!”
“I’m sure I’ll be much better at other tasks besides weapons.”

Because you are not dexterous and I am dexterous.

“You’re not lying to keep me away!”
“This cheeky bastard is talking nonsense again.”

After all, dwarves are weak. However, even when this child was beaten, he did not lose his momentum.

“No matter how much you beat me, the truth won’t change!”
“The truth is always one!”
“As expected, a madman. You’re not breathing and you’re talking crazy.”

Did the dwarves and the vampires live deceived? I don’t believe it at all

“Would you believe me if I showed you?”
“Wherever you try it!”
“Sophia. Is there a smithy in the beginning village?”
“It’s the starting town, Yohan…”
“Wow! Look at that! It’s a primitive village!”
“Stop! I can’t live because of John. Okay. Let’s go to the forge. Okay?”

She is also my goddess We moved to the forge.

“Ah. Right. I forgot this. Monk. I have a present for you before you leave.”
“Hoo. What is it?”
“A piece of cloth that will light up your bald head.”

He gave me rags, a by-product of Scarecrowmon. Hey It’s not even an octopus, but it changes color?

“Sophia! Run away! Into the corner!”
“John! John!”

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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