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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 17

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 17

Chapter 17 – Cheonsol’s Pregnancy (1)

Regret. Exhaustion. Obsession. It is a keyword that once gained frenzied popularity. In the 22nd century, when the difficulty of dating increased several times, there were many unplayed games using the keyword.

I didn’t play it because killing the heroine was banned, but it was a genre with quite a few maniacs. A papier-mâché was also formed in the dwarf workshop in the first village.

“Our workshop to humans? No matter how much you are a goddess, this is the best workshop in Taecho Village. You can’t rent the tools of a proud dwarf to a human.”
“Heh heh heh! That person has a pretty likable impression, but we have to strictly distinguish between public and private. What? Did a dwarf and a human make a bet?”
“Breck? It’s the first name I’ve heard. Tsk. Disgrace the dwarves. It’s understandable that people ignore dogs. Can I still win?”

Ignored at first.

“You have a good form for holding a hammer?”
“I’m good at disregarding it, and I’m happy. He’s many times better than Breck.”
“What are you going to ruin…”

He was recognized when he was a blacksmith, and he was recognized when he completed a general grade sword. Breck, who was only forging while I was making a sword, didn’t get any attention from the dwarves.

“Human! Wouldn’t you like to work in our forge? Originally, only dwarves are hired, but if it is you, I will specially recruit you!”
“Working 5 days a week! Night allowance paid! Weekly holiday pay! Breakfast lunch dinner provided! Flexible work system! 20th annual leave! 3 nights and 4 days of vacation per quarter! Bonuses when selling items!”
“Churai! Chu-rai!”

If it was Earth, it would have been good enough to receive hundreds of applications for a public recruitment for one new employee, but Sophia cut it.

“Huh! To ask for a scout belatedly while insulting Yohan. You can’t listen!”
“Chick Show… Why did we ignore such a wonderful human being…”
“I want to go back in time…”

The dwarves regretted it.

“Why am I less than human I don’t deserve a dwarf. Just worms. It’s not Kim Dwarf, it’s Kim Worm.”

Kim Dwarf was impoverished.

“No! I can’t send it like this! I will take you as my disciple! So work in our studio!”
“I don’t work in the men’s bath.”
“I am a woman!”
“Because a woman with a beard is impossible.”

One of the best artisans in the workshop, the Dwarf’s obsession.

He overcame all adversity and escaped from the workshop. He tried to pay the rental fee, but he barely resisted grabbing the crotch of his pants to tell him to just work because he wouldn’t take the money.

I was going to throw away Kim Dwarf as well, but Cheonsol dragged me far away saying that I had to take care of the guards.

Because the sudden uproar attracted the attention of the gods and minions, they returned to that alley. Dwarf Kim, who muttered to himself like a crazy dwarf the entire time he was being dragged, admitted his uselessness.

“Keuheuk… I am… A bug lower than a dwarf…”
“Hey. Are you crying? Are you crying?”
“Kim Dwarf. Just one more time, if you put her snot on her clothes, I will drain all her blood.”

She patted Kim Dwarf, who didn’t stop crying, to quiet him down. If your child is going to be frustrated, do it alone. It’s noisy next to you.

“Gwangma. You are truly versatile. To think that he had excellent metallurgy to the point of being recognized by the Dwarves. The swordsmanship that defeated me…”

Suddenly, Chunsol covered her chest and withdrew. She must have remembered the memories of being spanked. Even though it wasn’t her hand, it was her sword blade, but she was her bosom.

I couldn’t forget the taste of my hand when I hit the nipple. No matter how hard I tried to hit it with the sword, the blade touched it slightly because the nipples were small, but those nipples were slightly redder than their original pink color due to blood.

No matter how much I think about it, I wish Sofia-nim would buy the cloth brush. Let’s try recruiting.

“Cheonsol. I heard what Sophia said earlier. You don’t have to make a living on ambrosia bread if you ask the god of your choice to make you a servant.”

Strangely, Sophia took damage. Anyone who sees you will think you have lived your whole life eating only 100 won bread.

“Where is the god who would accept her original daughter?”
“Yes? Me?”

Sophia, who had been slightly dazed, nodded her head.

“Ugh. Cheonsol is welcome. If it was just a vampire, I wouldn’t have been compatible with it, but since I’m a vampire, I don’t take holy damage. Level 1 skills will be okay as they receive the power of the Psychic God, but if you level up in the future, you will receive my power.”
“Then, is that also Sophia-sama’s skill?”

In a situation where Cheon-sol had to change her mind, she couldn’t talk about getting her pregnant. Sophia jumped in her place.

“No! That’s because Yohan is weird!”
“Whoop whoop.”

Did you hear a strange noise? I turned her head around so fast that I looked at her cloth brush, and she was sighing.

Kim Dwarf can’t have a pretty smile.

“The culprit is Cheonsol.”
“You’re talking crazy again. However, I am envious of you. It’s nice to see that the master and the servant treat each other innocently.”
“You come too.”
“Let’s keep an eye on it.”

Hit Kim Dwarf and knocked him out. In the meantime, Sofia and Cheonsol had a conversation.

“Cheonsol. Won’t you be my second minion? I don’t have any money right now, but I can borrow it from the market.”
“It’s an undeserved and thank you, but I refuse. Even though it was a relationship that lasted less than a day, I couldn’t leave the prisoner behind.”
“Umm… Then Kim Dwarf…”

Where to put your luggage in the party. I don’t know if she’s a woman who gives birth to a child because she’s pretty, but Kim Dwarf is an ugly dwarf with a beard.

The moment Cheon-sol, who had been staring at it as if to look at it, was about to spit out the words of her refusal. I hit the ball.

“Instead, you can open a way for Kim Dwarf to live. Everyone knows what skills he has, right? It’s tenacity, it’s tenacity. Do I really need to use a child as a minion because he has no combat skills and is only going to get hit every time he battles?”
“She just needs to teach her martial arts.”
“There is a better way. Sophia. If you permit me, I will occasionally work at the dwarf workshop. There is a Dwarf who is obsessed with me, so it would be possible as long as I hire Kim Dwarf as a helper.”

It was a regrettable situation, so I gave Sophia the highest honorific. Sophia, who was impressed by the respect she hadn’t heard except when signing the contract at first, stole her eyes.

“Finally, Yohan said something normal…”
“Suddenly, I feel bad. I was always normal.”
“By default, the insane do not admit that they are insane. John. Even in the original woman’s world, there was no warrior as crazy as you.”
“It’s going to be a fucking night.”

If it goes according to plan, we can hit it later, so let’s be patient.

“But the offer…”
“Why is the teacher’s tongue so long? Like a real man, let’s compete with a sword.”
“I don’t know what you are talking about. You must have seen it too, but she is a woman who is the original woman.”
“Then let’s fight like a soldier and solve it. If you win, I will hand over these three swords.”

Shake a general grade item made in the workshop. It was made to fit Cheon-Sol’s physique, so I couldn’t help but like it.

“You are intrigued. If the main daughter loses, she must be on the condition that she come in as Sofia-sama’s minion, right?”
“Of course.”
“Let’s add one more. It’s Kim Dwarf’s job.”
“That’s natural. What do you want?”

A light shone in Cheonsol’s eyes, which were lifeless like a dying animal.

“I like a single dance more than miscellaneous words. Originally, soldiers speak with swords, and minions speak with battles. Good night.”
“Sophia. Can I battle him?”
“Uh? Uh uh There is also a battle area in town. But there you are.”

Sophia put her hand to her mouth and spoke softly so only I could hear.

“Why are you trying so hard to recruit them?”
“It is pretty. Strong again Kim Dwarf doesn’t match Sophia’s ambition to advance to the central league because she doesn’t have a fighting sense, but Cheonsol has a chance.”

I am a veteran of various fighting games. When I see newbies, I get the feeling that ‘he will become a ranker’ and ‘he will give up after playing a few games’.

Cheonsol is obviously the former. Her momentum alone was enough to give her a passing grade, but she is also good at swordsmanship, and she used her skills well like a craftsman who only used blood bridge characters.

“I thought it was because of that. Okay. I’ll trust Yohan’s eyes.”

As soon as the conversation was over, Sophia resolutely declared.

“Cheonsol. Let’s go battle.”
“All right. Instead, I would like to add one more condition that I had not thought of before.”
“I want the light horse to seal self-healing. Instead, I will become Absolu-sama’s minion and won’t use the bloody flames I got.”

Skills that could only be used in a bloody environment and self-healing conditions that could be used at any time were not fair.

“Good night!”

But she agreed. Because I have a secret skill.

“Sophia! Hurry up and go to Battle-chan!”
“It’s not a battleground, it’s a battle area…”


The battle area had several themes. There were forests, deserts, mountains, beaches, etc., But we rented the most familiar Colosseum.

I shouted as soon as the battle started.

“Get pregnant!”

[I found a hidden option.]

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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