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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 18

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 18

Chapter 18 – Cheonsol’s Pregnancy (2)

The previous pregnancy was like this.

[Get pregnant (S)]
[To impregnate a partner through sexual intercourse. Pregnant women lay eggs, regardless of how often, and from the eggs hatch offspring with human and other racial characteristics.]
[*Available to members of the opposite sex only]
[*You must get pregnant when using the skill.]
[* Depending on the species value, the time it takes to hatch varies. Up to 90 days.]
[*Has at least 1 father’s talent, and is born with at least 1 skill excluding impregnation. Depending on the probability, you can also be born with your mother’s talent.]
[*The hatched child becomes an adult within one year.]
[*Children conceived without using skills have an average gestation period and growth period, but instead are born with 2 or more initial feats.]

I found two more hidden options here.

[*Lays multiple eggs with a rare chance.]
[*In case of re-battle within 1 month against a target who has not violated the Impregnation skill, the physical ability will increase.]

The last time we fought close combat, I was stronger than Chun-Sol. But what about strengthening it there?

“Cheonsol. Do you know what a fire engine game is?”
“John again and again! Talking nonsense again!”

Sophia had a seizure and was reluctant to explain. Chunsol also laughed.

“I don’t know what a fire engine is. I don’t even know the meaning of your stupid lion’s roar. However, the original daughter is the former leader of Absolutism. Come. She is the original daughter and will tell you why she became a religious leader.”
“I look forward to it.”

Her skin tingled as Chunsol radiated momentum. This feeling she didn’t feel when she was training newbies. This feeling she could only feel from some of the top gamers when there was a pro league in Mangem.

This is it this is the real battle

We each glared at each other with swords raised in our own ways. Since they had already been together once, there was no need for a long search battle.

“Only body dialogue remains!”
“Mo, what a body!”

Frightened Chunsol sprayed her sword spirit. I didn’t mean it weird this time, but she misunderstood and freaked out by herself. She can’t forgive


A cross-shaped sword flew. [Iron Man] And [Impregnating] Strengthened the body’s eyesight, and caught up with the speed of the sword’s speed faster than the wind.

Originally, the attack was avoided by glancing at it and predicting the path, but this time, it was clearly confirmed with the naked eye and avoided.

Because it was cross-shaped, it was impossible to avoid it by just turning your head slightly. Maybe it’s because it moves in an oblique line too obvious? Chunsol prepared for the follow-up.

“Hemophotometry Type 3.”
“You Murim people, that’s the problem.”

Even in the game, there were people who fell into martial arts and shouted the herbivore name every time they used a skill.

“Blue Wave.”

The black energy that rose over 2m came rushing in like a wave. An attack that was impossible to avoid because it spread not only from the top but also from the sides.

I haven’t awakened mana yet. The swordsmanship was too strong to believe in the iron man’s durability. It was impossible to penetrate the front, but thanks to Cheonsol shouting out the herbivore name and giving us time to prepare, we found an evasive route.

Power your legs and spur the ground.

“Ah believe I can fly!”

Jumped over the waves Cheonsol threw a sword, but it brushed past her feet. I think I predicted the speed I used to impregnate her last time, but now I’m a little stronger than I was back then.

“If you shout out the herbivore name, the opponent prepares for it, so why did you do something stupid?”
“Blue blood flow!”

Cheonsol shouted the name of Chosi again, but the path drawn by her sword was different. She was trying to put in a fake, a bit slang term.

If she was a decent person, she would have been fooled. But I can see it all in my eyes. The moment I landed, Cheonsol shot like a snake.

A speed that is difficult to grasp even with the enhanced naked eye. But the path is too obvious. It was more so because it was a straight line attack to speed up.

I stepped on the ground and swung my sword horizontally to fully exert my strength. The moment his strength reached its peak, he collided with Cheonsol’s sword.


Unable to overcome the shock, the lump of iron trembled and delivered a shock to the hand holding the hilt. I mitigated the shock with ironman’s durability and technique, and Cheonsol seemed to have recovered with his inner strength.

“Gwangma! Use your strength!”
“I’m sorry, but I don’t have any internal skills yet.”
“What? I won’t let that happen!”

Cheonsol’s sword is cheap, not even an item. However, my normal grade longsword was weaker because of the sharpness of the blade. I tried to drop the sharpened sword as it was shaking as if it would break, but Cheonsol, who saw the target, persistently followed.

I’m going to get rid of the weapon with my black teeth. But can you beat me in a skill showdown?

There are many characters who handle swords in other games besides Oriental, the last fucking game I caught. There were swordsmanships created after consultation with modern swordsmanship experts, and swordsmanships created by the imagination of the creators.

Among them, all the swordsmanships that were difficult to use in real battles were abandoned, and geniuses who realized their talents in the game showed off swordsmanships recreated in their own way.

Because those geniuses walked the path of professional gamers, they were analyzed with 22nd century technology. Ordinary people could not follow even one hundredth of the analyzed data, but some pro gamers who lacked a bit of talent found a way to deal with it, and a virtuous cycle was established in which geniuses developed again.

I didn’t walk the path of a pro gamer, but I stole their skills by replaying videos on loop.

“In the world you lived in, martial arts would not have been handed down carelessly. I wouldn’t have looked at it hundreds or thousands of times from various angles and analyzed it.”
“Wu Gong is divine! Of course, shouldn’t we follow the principle of nasal insufficiency!”

“So you lose.”

A swordsmanship created by a non-partisan otaku claiming to contain the magic of Taegeuk. In Oriental, it contains the righteousness of swordsmanship, which became the motif of the character Jang Sam-bong.

As if not catching a single fly, the flaccid sword sent the three swords down. Shocked Cheonsol tried to control the sharpened sword, but my technique was far superior.

Using Cheonsol’s power, he pushed and pulled the sword, then gave it strength for an instant to shake it off.

“Slap me!”
“You won’t get hit twice!”

Didn’t you think that you would be beaten while putting Gensei in? The part I’m aiming for is not the chest. The long sword slashed Cheonsol’s forearm.

“About this much! Nothing!”

The skin touched and the wound was temporarily sutured. You don’t have to use your strength to do that either. As much as attention is diverted elsewhere, gaps increase.

“Head! Chest! Ship! Chest! Head!”

He attacked the gap by shouting out the 3 parts of the ant. Even at first, Cheon-sol, who responded to my words, was beaten a few times and lamented.

“She must have made her mistake. She shouldn’t have listened to the mad horse.”
“Bernard Werber!”

The writer who is said to have hit quite a bit in the early 21st century! The original author of the masterpiece movie of the late 21st century, The Ant! I put the impression I got from seeing it accidentally in my school days on the sword.

Cheonsol’s clothes were torn and the bandage also fell to the floor. The bottom, which barely held up, showed her panties, but it did not take my attention.

A chest that can be heard that it is not as big as Sophia, but it is big enough. A pink nipple that hangs slightly down from the middle.

“I was taken aback last time, but I won’t fall for the same number!”

Taking advantage of the gap I was looking at my chest, Cheonsol stretched out a move of conversion. He didn’t even shout the herbivore name, but the sword was filled with strong energy as before.

It curved like a butterfly and seduced the eyes, but was not dazzled and hit the center of the sword. My chest trembled from the shock… Not, but I followed the sword, met it, and then rode down the blade.

Cheonsol prepared her next move, but she gave her strength as it was, causing her to miss her sword.

Clink. With tinkling.

“Another nonsense!”
“You lost your sword. It is the shame of an unmanned person.”
“Blood dog rights!”

What? Bloody fist? You mean fuck me like a dog? He switched to a ground fight, avoiding Chunsol’s punch, which was slightly lacking compared to his swordsmanship.

He kicked his leg, knocked over Cheonsol, and climbed on top. As I rubbed her body, the cock stood up.

“Kuh! I haven’t lost yet!”
“I know very well. You must have a taste for rebellion.”

Pretend to grab Cheonsol’s wrist and fix it and headbutt him. He buried his face in her chest. The faint scent of blood tickled his nose, probably a characteristic of the Vampir race.

“Does a vampire’s chest taste like blood?”
“Didn’t I tell you not to compare yourself to lower species like vampires? The original woman is a proud vampir!”
“Does the noble vampire’s chest taste like blood?”

He bit Cheonsol’s chest lightly and teased her nipples.


I only touched her nipples with my tongue, but Cheonsol’s body felt weak. It was fleeting, and it came back, but we both knew it.

“Did you feel it?”
“What are you talking about! I was just surprised to find that her tongue landed on areas where others weren’t allowed to touch!”
“How long can she bluff?”

I bit off Cheonsol’s nipple lightly. Vampir’s body is a little cold.

“Your nipples are sensitive. I don’t think I was this sensitive the last time I had a nipple slap.”
“Now, wait. Isn’t this a sacred duel? Ugh! I’m telling you, don’t lick it! Was the mad horse actually a baby?! Breast milk does not come out of the original woman’s milk!”
“Estrogen comes out instead.”
“S? Anything! Don’t talk to your chest! Black! Don’t even breathe! Tickle!”

If you’re itchy, it’s normal to keep bothering you. He took a deep breath and licked her breasts. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel any special taste, but it was cool and it felt like I was licking ice.


As he sucked on her nipple like a baby, Cheonsol’s voice mixed with a sweet moan. He harassed her until her nipples were warm, then went downstairs, licked her bottom breasts, and snorted at her nipples.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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