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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 19

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 19

Chapter 19 – Cheonsol’s Pregnancy (3)

While caressing Chun-Sol’s nipples, I realized that I no longer had to hold her wrists. Cheon-Sol can’t give strength to his hands because of the pleasure transmitted from his chest and nipples.

He slowly removed his hand, but he only flinched, holding back his groan.

“Stop it… I feel strange…”
“Our battle is not over yet.”

She put her hand down and her tongue up as she uttered something like the final chapter of a shonen manga. She tore Cheon Sol’s bottoms, leaving kiss marks on her upper chest, and kiss marks on her collarbone, trying to tear off her panties.

But the pants are tough and won’t tear.

“Where are you touching!”

Maybe it’s because I rubbed her hand too hard to get her panties off. Chunsol, who had lost his mind and was in the dark, raged. He kissed her on the nape of the neck, but rebelled as she wriggled.

Then, magic to calm an angry girlfriend. Gotta hit her with a kiss. Cheonsol is not my girlfriend, but since she is the woman who will give birth to my child, wouldn’t she be more precious than her girlfriend?

“Clean up your hands…”

She covered Cheonsol’s mouth with her mouth, which made her angry. Her lips are thicker than they look. I’ve heard somewhere that if her lips are thick, she’s a good kisser, and that’s exactly what it is. She’s as soft as an expensive couch, so you could rub her lips for hours.


Chunsol, who had her lips taken away, opened her eyes and nodded. Thanks to her, her lips rubbed roughly and her mouth opened. No matter what game, she must not miss a chance to take first place.

I put my tongue in her and checked the teeth of her cheekbones. It had a mouth structure similar to that of humans, but her canines were slightly longer and more pointed.

Won’t you bite me I can’t be anxious I’m going to make you lose your mind

“Hee hee hee hee! Hee hee hee hee!”

Her tongue was inside the Cheonsole, so the pronunciation leaked a lot. But every time she spoke, Chunsol flinched, so it got better.

Intertwining her tongue, she pinched her nipples with one hand, pulled her panties aside, and slid her fingers into her cunt.


A cloth brush that reacts more violently than touching the breast. The strength to push me away was gone, so she continued kissing her, relieved.

Cheonsole is nice to kiss because her tongue is also thick. The scent of her blood, which she had vaguely smelled, was also amplified. It’s definitely blood, but it’s not unpleasant, it’s sweet. She was addictive, so she kept sucking Chun-Sol’s tongue.

It seemed that he was too absorbed in kissing, so he also stabbed his pussy hard. It’s narrow, hot, and damp.

When I was having sex with Ebrande, I was in a hurry so I put my cock in it, but it’s more addictive than touching slime with my fingers.

After poking it in a straight line, I lifted it up and touched a slippery but sturdy membrane. Is this a hymen? My intuition from trying to impregnate her told me that it was not a hymen, but a thin membrane between the vulva and the pussy.

The G-spot was said to be at the top of the vagina. If you ride the vaginal wall like this, won’t you reach the G-spot?

It was slippery, but Chunsol’s waist was shaking as she climbed up while pressing down on the vaginal wall, which was as thick as a seaside rock.


Cheonsol pushed my tongue out and let out a moan that I had been holding back. As if someone who doesn’t normally get angry is frightened when he gets angry, the moan Cheonsol uttered after holding it back sounded like a lion’s roar.

“Huh! There is a precious part of her original daughter. So much like a toy… Uhhh!”
“Where is the precious part? Please tell me the name.”
“Even if the original woman was mistaken. It wasn’t a mad horse, it was a color horse…”
“Where does this come from?”

I finally found the dented area. As her fingers dug in, Chunsol groaned again.

“Do you like this place?”
“No, it’s a shame. No… Black!”
“What’s wrong with dripping love juice like this?”

I’ve never had real sex, but I have experience from virtual reality yagam. It’s common knowledge that when a woman gets excited, she exudes love juice.


There was so much juice coming out of her pussy that it made a sound every time she was poked. The painfully erect cock pricked Chun-sol’s strong abs.


As we persistently attacked the G-spot, Cheonsol immediately let out a loud scream. Her eyelids fluttered, her breath was rough, her skin was strangely bloody and her nipples stood upright.

Her virgin cunt, which was already narrow, contracted even more, and she clung to it so tightly that she couldn’t move her fingers. She didn’t feel any pain, thanks to the copious juices oozing out of her insides.

This is an orgasm. Let’s insert it into the gap where Cheonsol is lost in the afterglow and can’t keep her mind.

He pressed his cock into her procrastinating cunt, checking her shape. Like a virgin, her straight, tightly closed pussy. Like a race that feeds on blood, the cracks were red. The nipples are pink and the pussy is red. Aren’t you too hot?

I tried to insert it after rubbing and rubbing the clitoris a few times, but it went inside because of the juice.

“Huh?! What came in!”
“A cock… Her cock invaded her precious part. Mad horse! Wouldn’t you like to stop at this point? The original woman has kept her chastity until now. She will become Sofia-sama’s minion, so please help her keep protecting it!”
“Why did she keep her chastity?”
“Of course, isn’t it to offer it when someone who loves it appears?”

I’m a little angry. You reject me for a love that never came?

“How am I? Aren’t you okay?”
“Certainly, the light horse is attractive. She is strong enough to defeat her original daughter, has a good body, and has unexpected talent. However, points are deducted because the fangs are short and the mind is not healthy.”
“If you act like that, I don’t want to quit even more.”

I didn’t even strain her back, as her cock dug deeper and pressed against her hymen. Her plump membrane stimulated the tip of her glans, and the fleshy walls leading up to her vaginal opening writhed and licked her glans.

“Unlike her mouth, her pussy is honest. It sticks too much.”
“Oh, no. This is just a physiological phenomenon.”

She let out a sigh. Cheonsol has too much pride. It is as strong as Ebrande. What should I do to make him honest?

“Cheonsol. Sex is also a battle.”
“You’re trying to seduce me with crazy sounds again.”
“Let’s compete with sex. Whoever goes more loses. What do you think?”
“Did you say that we were talking about winning and losing with sex? You already won the battle, so why?”
“I’m asking for the obvious.”

In a daze, she kissed Chun-Sol, who was staring at me. Unlike before, the bird kiss that falls after kissing her. Cheonsol’s pupil caused an earthquake.

“Because I like you.”

She looks great, has nice tits and a nice pussy. The pelvis of the easy delivery type is also a bonus point.

“Muh, what! To think that she had her own daughter in mind! Didn’t we see each other for the first time today?”
“It doesn’t matter how long she likes or not. Didn’t you have a relationship like that too?”
“I did, but the feelings that will develop like thisheheuk!”

When I pressed her hymen as if it would tear it apart, Cheonsol lifted her upper body. Is she a headbutting attack? Elsewhere she would have been fine, but the hit on her chin hurts a bit.

“Sorry! Are you okay?”
“Sorry, let’s make a bet. It’s a loss for those who go a lot.”
“Ha. Got it. If that makes the light horse feel at ease, then I will follow.”

With her permission, you must take her maiden. A strain on her lower back tore her hymen, which was just barely holding on, and pushed his cock into her cervix.

“Hee hee hee hee!!!”

As I thumped her cervix, Cheonsol pulled me into a hug. The legs that had spread out on both sides also came together and bound my waist, and the sharp nails scratched my back.

I whispered to Cheonsol, who clung to me like a cicada.

“Are you gone?”
“Not! I was just surprised that he came in all of a sudden!”
“I’ll trust you for now.”
“She never told a lie… She didn’t…”

What not to do Even now, her voice trembles with embarrassment. A child who is not honest should be punished.

The quality of Cheonsol was roughly violated. Her cuddling body in the middle of the car is hot. It was similar to Ebrande’s pussy, but it felt much hotter, perhaps because it contrasted with her body temperature.

Every time he poked her twisty vagina, the hot flesh clung to it, and it was so good that it melted away as it fell.

“Huh! Ok…”

I didn’t get stabbed a few times, but it’s good. Cheonsol shut her mouth in embarrassment as if the words had come out subconsciously. Her eyes, round like her bunny, were so cute.

“I said the wrong thing!”
“What was so good about?”

She pulled out her cock and inserted it deep enough to compress her cervix.

“Do you like the uterus?”
“Your vocabulary is too shallow…”

She hugged her tightly and squeezed her chest.

“Or do you like hugging like this?”
“I’m out of breath…”
“Or a kiss?”

He grabbed her hair and kissed her to prevent Chun-Sol from escaping. Unlike before, when she accepted her tongue without any reaction, Cheonsol actively sticks out her tongue. She licked her fangs especially tenaciously.

You mentioned fangs earlier, I really like them. I also licked Cheonsol’s fangs, and the reaction came right away.


The suction power of the mouth and pussy became stronger at the same time. The tongue stopped going in a little deep, but the tightening became stronger as if the root of the cock was pulled out.

I couldn’t lose like this, so I shook my back desperately. As I forced my tight vagina open and stabbed it, I felt a sense of ejaculation.

The beauty of getting pregnant is intra-vaginal ejaculation. I couldn’t stand it, so I stuck it to the cervix and poured the semen.


Chun-sol, who had just reached her climax, went away again, widening her eyes. When the pussy, which had squeezed out the last remaining semen, loosened slightly. Chunsol’s stomach swelled.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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