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Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 20

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant. 20

Chapter 20 – Cheonsol’s Pregnancy (4)

Chunsol couldn’t come to his senses.

‘It’s hot…’

Vampir’s average body temperature is 30 degrees. He sweated when he was hugged by a human body that was like a ball of fire compared to his own kind.

I had to endure until there. However, as the hot breath tickled her chest, a sensation that she had never felt in her life came.

It’s hot, but not painful, like the feeling of being hit by heat and radiation. I couldn’t stand it and moaned.

He reflexively refuted what Gwangma said, but his actions afterward became even more dizzy. Her body felt weird, especially when a hot stick was driven into her pussy.

Since Cheonsol is a warrior skilled enough to win the position of leader, he accurately grasped the changes in his body. His own flesh clinging to her prick the way it would stick if you put her dick on her ice.

She could have hurt her if she moved around, but her own juices kept her cock moving smoothly. A vibration from her belly made her head thump as the hot cock hit her womb.

In the end, Chunsol became a female and had no choice but to growl. She felt so good that she feared that her body would melt like ice cream when a liquid much hotter than her cock entered her.


When her cock, which had filled her insides, slipped out, she felt relief and regret at the same time.

‘I wish I could fill you up a little more…’

Cheonsol aroused inner strength and awakened the spirit. She should be moderate in her nonsense thoughts. Is it normal to feel this way, no matter how much you like that person, that you were raped by a man you met for the first time today?

However, Cheonsol couldn’t afford to think about it. Her lower belly felt sore, then her belly swelled. I felt the pounding of a new life.

“Hey, what is this! What did you put in my stomach!”
“Are you ignoring the original woman? Even if you don’t have sex experience, you have received basic sex education! There’s no way the original woman could get pregnant by having an affair with another race…”

Chunsol remembered. At the beginning of the battle, the light horse shouted to impregnate!

“No way… Really? The original daughter is pregnant… Huh?!”

Pleasure similar to sex, but with a little more pain, hit Cheonsol. Something in her body, slightly larger than an egg, had come out of her womb.

“Whoop, whoop. Uhhh”

Chunsol pushed the object with strength all over his body. It was an instinctive act that no one told me. Something the size of an egg rolled inside her vagina, but it was colder than a cock, so it was less pleasant.

Meanwhile. Yohan swallowed his saliva as he watched Cheonsol spawn.

‘It’s too hot.’

Unlike Ebrande, the eggs were small, so her belly didn’t swell like a pregnant woman’s. It rose just as much as when the cock was inserted, but there was nothing stuck in the pussy, so I could see through it.

The constantly wriggling vaginal muscles made her guess the movements during sex. Every time the pale sky-colored egg came out little by little, Cheon-sol’s body was sweaty, and as her expression distorted, it became even more erotic.



The egg finally came out. Yohan, who was watching with interest, quickly received the egg.

“Congratulation. It laid pretty eggs.”

Cheonsol, who used all her strength to lay eggs, could not speak properly.

“Are humans a species that lays eggs?”
“Well. It’s not like that, but because of my skill, it lays eggs.”
“I see…”

I was exhausted, so I was exhausted.

“I have to admit it and go to sleep.”
“Ah. I didn’t lose A man’s ejaculation is not evidence of climax. Once…”

Come to think of it, the fact that I hadn’t been there seemed too false.

“I went once.”
“Then it’s a draw. We have to come together again to decide the difference between winning and losing.”

Doing that violent act again? I felt so good that I was going crazy, but now I’m so tired. If I did it again, I might pass out.

If you get semen inside again, you may get pregnant. I decided to just admit it.

“Actually, I went several times. There are too many to count…”
“Now I am honest. Let’s get along well in the future.”
“Yes… She hopes to become Sophia-sama’s servant…”

After saying that, Cheonsol lost her consciousness.


As Cheon Sol declared, a book appeared in the air. The page was turning, but Sophia ran up to Chun-Sol without even looking at her.

“Chunsol! Cure!”
“How much time has passed?”
“It’s been a few seconds. I’m coming to manage the contract, so hurry up and get dressed!”

Chunsol let out a silent scream and put on the clothes Sofia gave her. It’s a dress that looks like something Greek people would wear. Parts of her clothes stuck to her skin because she hadn’t cleaned her semen.

Sofia glared at me resentfully, so she whistled and avoided her gaze.

“Yeah. The book is very nice it’s golden is it pure gold? How much would it cost if I ripped it up and sold it?”
– To tear up the minion of the golden rule and sell it. Are you insane?
“It’s a surprise.”

The book speaks I was very surprised.

“John! He’s not just a book! He is a servant of the old god, the Golden Rule, who administers contracts!”
“A book is a minion? What race are you?”
-It is a living weapon. Humans only saw Living Armor, so I, who has a lot of bookshelves, should forgive me. Please don’t say you’re tearing up my bookshelf.
“Ah, yes.”

I don’t care if it’s not real gold. The golden book also turned my attention away.

-Chunsol, a minion that Absolu uploaded to the market. Does she hope to become a minion of the goddess Sophia?
“I hope.”
– Was there any external pressure?
“The winner was determined by a fair battle.”
– Battle is recognition. Can Sophia pay 10 million divinities right away?
“A lump sum payment is unreasonable. Lend me.”
-Please wait a moment.

The light from the bookshelf skimmed the cloth brush.

– Reliability normal. Excitement… Abnormal. Does the minion Cheonsol love the goddess Sophia?
“No! How dare you harbor feelings of longing for your master! Not even of the same sex!”
-Then. Hmm. Right. It was. Are you a crazy person who tried to tear me apart? Your taste is very peculiar.
“When did you say you were crazy when you saw me?”
“John. Every kid you meet says you’re crazy, but shouldn’t you come to your senses?”
“Stop accepting the nickname of a mad horse.”

The bookshelf was split to such an extent that the letters protruded. I want to split

– Anyway, I get it. Since Cheonsol’s satisfaction is high and her sense of purpose is firm, we will apply a discount rate of 30%. Loan 7 million divinities to Sophia and apply an interest rate of 1% per year.

“Wow! It’s the lowest interest rate for the maximum discount rate!”
“Golden book…! I will never try to tear it again!”
– I had fun too. Crazy man

The golden book disappeared and reappeared.

-I love handmade bookmarks. It’s good if a craftsman with good dexterity makes it himself, and if it has a pretty female character drawn on it, I’ll buy it at a high price. Then.

The golden book really disappeared. Sophia muttered.

“Chuck book…”
“Who is crazy about whom? It’s not too hard. Does that mean you want me to make bookmarks and sell them?”
“The world is really wide. The talking book was also amazing, but it was so strange that the light horse was crazy.”
“Absolu was crazier.”
“Hmm. He was an unusual person.”

Anyway, I recruited Cheonsol. Like a romance cartoon character, he smiled brightly and reached out to Cheonsol.

“Then let’s go back to our nest.”
“It would have been cool if I had said it over eggs. Is that egg really my child? Aren’t they too small?”
“Right. Hug you.”

Cheonsol, who received an egg the size of an egg, carefully took her hand and put it on.

“It’s a little warm. It seems that the warmth of your hands remains.”
“They hatch in 90 days. Let’s grow well together.”
“Whoop whoop.”
“Why are you laughing?”
“It was because it was funny. I wasn’t even married, but I had a child. Indeed… I’m glad I became Sophia-sama’s minion.”

She is not interested in talking like a heroine with a story. What is the importance of a woman’s past? She just needs to be a virgin.

“Ruler! A new minion has arrived, so let’s eat something delicious today! Do you want to go back to that pub? Cheonsol, have you tried Sehrimnir?”
“It’s the first time I’ve even heard your name.”
“Let’s go!”

The friendly dwarf owner recognized me and received another service. I also learned the recipe for Sehrimnir Whole Roast from the dwarf lady in charge of the kitchen.

“Since you’ve learned, buy the hind legs of Sehrimnir and go!”
“Uh… That’s… I’m full today, so what about next time…?”

You have no money. Tears come out because of Sophia, the poor god.

“Our goddess has no money, only debt.”
“Oops. Then sometimes come to work part-time. I’ll take care of you better than the hunting ground.”
“All right.”

No matter how well you give it, the profit will be less than the workshop. You can learn new cooking recipes, so I’ll come back sometime.

“I would have lost. Let’s go back.”
“I look forward to seeing what Sophia-sama’s domain will be like.”
“Why do you say honorifics? Make it even!”
“How could I treat my master badly? I am comfortable with this.”
“Did you hear me, John?”
“Yes, Sophia.”
“Oh really! Say respect!”

We’re back at Sweet Home. I think I forgot something. I guess it’s not a big deal since I can’t think of anything.


“Chief… Crazy person… Why did you abandon me…”

Breck woke up from fainting and wiped away tears. He faints after being beaten by a madman, and when he wakes up, there is no one around.

It’s abandoned. I was crying in frustration when someone stabbed me in the shoulder.

“Were you here? I just found it.”

It was a beautiful artisan I saw in a workshop in the village. Thick and short limbs like a dwarf. She is a woman, but she is a really nice woman with a beard that is thicker than her own.

“A guy named John asked for you. Tsk. If I had asked for it earlier, I would skip work during work hours. Why is it time to leave work?”
“So, then am I being hired by the studio?”
“Even if you mishandle the hammer, you’ll be able to run errands, right?”
“Of course! I will do my best in anything!”
“Don’t cling. Die.”

Breck thought as he was hit by his father-in-law. Hits weaker than a madman. Still, he’s the human who introduced him to a new job, so he’ll have to reciprocate later.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

Humans Are Good at Getting Pregnant.

인간이 임신을 잘시킴
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
A game of gods in which gods battle with humans. Eat them all and get pregnant.


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