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High School Seniors Transferred to Another World 280

High School Seniors Transferred to Another World 280

Chapter 280 – 68. Harem Party (2)

It was just so dirty.

Sensuality itself.

Hyerin’s lustful female body, hidden by a thin gown, simply tempted me with its curves alone.

Chest rising and falling slowly.
Reddish, snow-like skin.
A slim face, moist lips, warm breath, and sorrowful eyes looking up at me…

All of her feminine parts were gently wagging their tails at me, whispering softly in a dirty voice.

—Jihoo, don’t you think it’ll be delicious?

A fascination that men can never resist.


I grabbed Hyerin’s big breasts.

With one hand, he roughly pushed up and pulled the soft lump of flesh, massaging it greedily. I was filled with joy as I conquered a pair of round, resilient hills at my own will.

Her breasts are a monster that anyone can’t help but be fascinated by.
How many people have been amazed, jealous, and excited by spying on this body? How many men couldn’t stand it and consoled themselves violently by fantasizing about their night with Hye-rin?

Either man or woman.
Whether you are an office worker on Earth or an aristocrat in another world.
From adolescent students to seniors over 80.

People who know Hyerin,
Even those who just happened to pass by her,
It would not have been easy to relieve the desires boiling up in each person’s genitals.

The woman underneath me is such a bitch.

A seductive woman who has captivated countless people until now and has not allowed herself to anyone.


A thrilling sense of conquest penetrated my prick. The cock, which had already become fully erect, was barely able to suppress the feeling of ejaculation that was already overflowing. Just squeezing the chest in front of me began to test my patience.

This was an ordeal that depended on my survival.

I pounced on her lips.

“Aum… Side…♡ Jook♡ Joop…♡ Halchak…♡ Haa…♡”

It’s good.

A pair of tongues were entangled between the joined lips. I licked Hyerin’s lips and let her gooey saliva flow down her face. I explored her neat teeth and gums and indulged in the small, obedient womanly mouth to my heart’s content.


Hyerin’s saliva was sweeter than any onahole juice I had ever tasted. A refreshing, clean, yet warm and sticky, addictive taste. It was more ecstatic and stimulating than Ayoung’s breast milk or Amer’s biological medicine.

That’s why I almost got taken over last time.

At that time, her single deep kiss was enough to reduce me to a pure lover who only loved one woman.

‘Not now···!’

I have grown. Since that day, more females have been picked and new attributes added to the collection.

Right now, I am massaging these vulgar tits to my heart’s content and filling Hyerin’s mouth with my tongue and saliva.
However, my consciousness was still intact and I had not even ejaculated yet.

I am no longer the person I was back then, when I almost fell in love with her just because of her kiss, and then she was rescued by an angel.

I became stronger.

So, Hyerin also did not restrain herself.


Suddenly, my lower body felt itchy. Her little bitch was snooping around my pants and underwear. The hand that slowly and meticulously traced the area between her thighs provoked my sexual desire and aroused me.

It seemed cheap.

It was a similar feeling as when I inserted my dick deep into Ireina’s womb and pressed my hand on her lower abdomen, which was bulged in the shape of a dick.

I really wanted to pack it up and throw it away.

“Take it out.”


Hye-rin escapes from the stuffy clothes and gently strokes the swollen Yukbong up and down her body.

I was excited. I felt like I was going crazy. It was a pleasant movement of the hand, a mixture of the awkwardness of a virgin and the pleasure of a prodigal woman’s hand.

“Whoa… I’m going to cum.”

“Yes♡ side♡”

I didn’t hold back.
No, I couldn’t bear it.

A sticky white cloud covered everything in front of the glans.

From Hyerin’s stomach to her chest, arms, neck, face, and even her hair.

It was a huge amount of ejaculation. I feel like my balls are shrinking and my prostate is being squeezed.

I had just released all the sperm that was inside me.

And immediately filled his testicles with even more sperm.

“Are you refreshed…?”

She asked in a whisper beneath me, covered in her white flecks.


Hyerin tastes the semen on the corner of her mouth by licking it with her tongue.

“······I think it’s still not enough♡”

It was all because of her. How could I not be aroused by that lewd figure swallowing my seed as if it were delicious? I wonder if my dick won’t tremble.

In the first place, would it be possible to stop Hye-rin’s erection in front of her?

“Other women can’t do this…?”

“Uh… You are the best. You are the only one who can satisfy me.”

I inserted my cock deep into her cleavage.

Hyerin said, pressing her chest with both arms.

“Think of me as your masturbation tool… You’ve accumulated a lot over the years… You’re not satisfied with other women. You can do whatever you want, anywhere on my body. Masturbate with me. Cum on my body.”

I planned to do it even if she didn’t allow it.

My back was jumping back and forth like a machine with broken brakes. Hyerin’s milk was so kind. It was a warmth and softness that was sure to take me no matter what I did, whether I was cumming or peeing.



I quickly finished it again.

As the hills on either side of her spread out to the left and right, a sticky river appeared in the deep valley, over which a thick spider’s web hung down.


Hyerin opened her lips at the right time, and a white puddle formed in her mouth. I placed her glans on top of her teeth. The liquid remaining inside the dick was leaking out of the urethral opening.

“Min Hye-rin, you are my toilet.”

“Ah…♡ Ah…♡”

“You have to accept whatever comes from me.”

Whether it was semen, pre-cum, or urine was none of my business.

I couldn’t stand the feeling of residual urine.

He slowly moved his waist and leisurely explored her face with his glans.

He split Hyerin’s dazzling appearance with his prick and stained it with cum.

Thanks to this, my urethra felt refreshed, but my balls were in more pain.

More. More. It’s not enough. Need to cum more. I need to quickly dye it with my own color. You have to fill every hole with my seed until she gets pregnant…

I masturbated hard with Hyerin, struggling to suppress the temptation to insert her into her vagina.

Her long black hair was as fine as luxurious fabric. Luxury hair that is dense but not messy at all.

With the mindset of pushing toothpaste between the bristles of a toothbrush, I injected the thick semen into Hyerin’s hair until it reached her scalp.

“Uuuuup… Uuuuup…♡ Juuuuup…♡”

The sweat-soaked penis was thoroughly cleaned with her tongue. Every single strand of pubic hair, from the urethra to the scrotum and underneath, was thoroughly cleaned with fragrant saliva. The process was so tickling that I couldn’t stand it again, so Hyerin showered me with semen from the top of her head.


This time, not even her blow job could take away my mind and desire to dominate. It was truly a remarkable improvement compared to before.

So, while she was pushing me away, I tried using Hye-rin’s neck deeply.


I realized it as soon as I put it in.

This was my current limit.

Hyerin’s throat was the Maginot Line that kept me from losing my mind.

It was still early for me, her virgin pussy and anus.

One day, it will inevitably dominate.

The day I conquer this year, I will be reborn as an absolute being in the true sense of the word and reign over the whole world.

It won’t take much time until that day.

The moment Hyerin’s high nose pressed against my crotch, I ejaculated.


With one hand I pulled her thick, stiff neck towards me, and with the other I pulled her large breasts and perky nipples towards me.

I force-fed Hyerin all the desires, anguish, and stress that had built up inside me.

“♡♡♡?! ♡♡♡♡♡···!!!”

“Whoa… It’s cool…”

Even though Hyerin had semen flowing back into her mouth and nostrils, she was still beautiful.

She is the best girl

A female who is prettier, sexier, and more sensual than anyone else.

Surely the vagina and womb are the most delicious in the world.

But that doesn’t mean you should fall in love with Hyerin.

The life of marrying Hyerin, having sex with Hyerin every day, cumming, making love, and raising a family with the daughter Hyerin gave birth to would probably be very happy.

However, no matter how superior Hyerin is as a woman, she is a female. Property subordinate to the male. A pretty-looking trophy. A sex slave whose only purpose of existence is domestic help, sexual desire, and pregnancy and childbirth.

She is not and should not be my equal.

“Stop tasting it and swallow it quickly. There’s still a lot of time left. We’ll do it all night.”

“Yes, yes♡♡”

As the owner of this obedient and lustful Onahole, I cherish and love it more than anyone else.

Slap her cheek,
Strangle her,
Squeezing the udders,
Shaking her hips roughly,

Staining her arms, legs, stomach, and hair sticky,
As the stomach, esophagus, oral cavity, and nasal cavity are filled with semen,

In the blink of an eye, the next morning dawned.

High School Seniors Transferred to Another World

High School Seniors Transferred to Another World

고3들이 이세계로 전이됨
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Class 1 of the 3rd year of OO High School, who was transferred to a different world the day before the entrance exam. In a fantasy world where modern constraints do not exist, Jeong Ji-hoo, the first student in the school, makes a choice. Beliefs and reality, love and sexuality, masks and sociopaths.


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