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High School Seniors Transferred to Another World 279

High School Seniors Transferred to Another World 279

Chapter 279 – 68. Harem Party (1)

Dave gently put the teacup in his hand down on the table.

His eyes looked directly at Park Min-ho as clear and clear as the calm water of black tea.

“Anyway, Minho, thank you. It gave me courage.”

“No, Your Highness. Did I do anything?”

“Of course. Didn’t you tell me that in other people’s eyes, I look like a simpleton who doesn’t know women?”

Who would dare harbor such blasphemous thoughts?

Dave is a member of the sacred royal family, a popular student council president, and has a noble appearance, a strong body, a wise mind, and is even kind. Objectively, Dave is a near-perfect man and an ideal groom for many women.

Aside from the Princess Veronica and Lady Louise that he knows, there are probably quite a few women who have a crush on him.

“I’ve made up my mind, so I can’t hesitate. I have to confess right away tomorrow. There’s a regular academy banquet tomorrow evening, and there… Minho, are you coming too?”

“No, I don’t plan on attending… I don’t have a partner yet.”

“······I see. But, you don’t necessarily have to have a partner. You might meet a good person there, so think about it carefully.”

The news that Ah-young became Ji-hoo’s, or more precisely, ‘Park Min-ho lost his lover Seong Ah-young to Jeong Ji-hoo’, a provocative rumor about the summoners who were already attracting attention everywhere, seemed to have already reached the 2nd prince’s ears.

Park Min-ho didn’t care. It was true anyway, and it wasn’t like anything could be changed now. For now, I had to be satisfied with protecting Dave’s lovers.

“Or Louis can make me her entry partner? I don’t care. You’re not cheating on me with Louis, are you? No?”

“No. And I will only accept your heart…”

When Park Min-ho declined with a straight face at the 2nd prince’s joke,

The break room door opened and a familiar voice approached.

“Your Highness. You are here.”

“Ruina! Did you have a good time?”

“Yes. Here are the documents sent by Her Majesty Adele.”

She went to the magistrate’s office to exchange her work documents, but returned to the student council in just 30 minutes.

Park Min-ho was inwardly relieved. 30 minutes is too short a time for the demonic power to reach you after stopping. Every time Jeong Ji-hu hugs a woman, he teases her waist for hours. I didn’t find out because Park Minho wanted to know.

Still, just in case, he looked at Ruina closely.


Ruina’s eyes.


Her round eyes look back and forth between herself and Dave.

‘No way, that can’t be…! Probably not… I guess it’s because of my mood…?’

······For some reason, Ruina’s upright eyes are colder, duller, and more inorganic than before…


It looks natural, as if you are somehow acting, but the ridicule and madness are revealed at first glance.


Even the faint yet dense smell of semen that I vaguely sensed from Ayoung and Gracia…!

Ruina has changed.

Park Min-ho sincerely hoped that it was his illusion and paranoia.

“Okay, rest is over! Ruina is resting. I’ll go to work now.”

“Yes, Your Highness. See you later.”

Dave went out and left the room alone,

Park Min-ho asked Ruina.

“···Did anything special happen? At the Public Safety Council…”

“Yes. I came here after chatting with the people there for a while.”

“Have you seen my friends too? Choi Ji-hoon, Min Hye-rin, or Jeong Ji-hoo…”

‘After stopping’.

The moment those words came out of his mouth,

Ruina’s body convulsed once.

A blush appeared on her cheeks.

Her eyes became moist, and her breathing became hotter and rougher.

······It wasn’t an illusion.

Just one day before His Highness Dave confessed.

The prince’s lover was transformed into Jeong Ji-hu’s female counterpart.

“Yes… I met you… Mr. Jeong Ji-hoo… A truly beautiful and romantic person… A sturdy and manly man…”


“Ah, Mr. Park Min-ho. Go see His Majesty Gracia. I have something to tell you.”

“All right···.”

Hello, Ruina.

I will never forget your kindness, sincerity, and love for Dave…

Eventually, as Ruina said, Park Min-ho went to the student council’s religious department to find Gracia.

There he received her questionable instructions from her.

“Are you telling me to attend the banquet tomorrow with you?”

“That’s right. On the outside, we’re engaged, right? In reality, it’s different.”

There was no way Gracia, and her owner, Jeong Ji-hoo, would have given such an order to herself unnecessarily.

What on earth is going to happen tomorrow…?

“Of course, no physical contact as partners is allowed. No arm-twisting or escort required. Please maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from me if possible.”

“······Is there anything I have to do at the party? Can I just keep going with you?”

“Hah? That’s unpleasant. Of course, my place is at my master’s feet from start to finish. You just… Just act like you normally do.”

“As usual…?”

“Yes. Just like usual… Like a helpless loser.”

It seemed clear that Jeong Ji-hoo was planning to do something at the banquet tomorrow.

What are they planning to do at a venue held in the Academy’s Central Hall, attended only by students and faculty who wish to attend?

Moreover, it is summer vacation now, so there are not many people on campus…

‘His Highness Dave’s confession… Will it be okay?’

Should I tell His Majesty? Do you think it would be better to do it some other day than tomorrow? Wherefore? Because Jeong Ji-hu is dangerous? ······ If she said something like that, she might be in real danger. She is the one who encouraged His Majesty in the first place. It’s a bit funny that you’re suddenly saying that confession isn’t a good idea.

Maybe it was just unfounded news.

No matter how much Jeong Ji-hoo, I can’t think he would harm the royal family in such a public place. He has been increasing the number of women in places that are not often seen by others. So tomorrow will definitely be the same,

Park Min-ho guessed.

He is not ready yet. If he had wrongly stimulated Jeong Ji-hoo right now, his precious people – the maids Seria and Christina, the baby in her stomach, and Lim Soo-yeon, a classmate whose survival Jeong Ji-hoo did not know yet – might be in danger.

Also, His Highness Dave needs to get married to Princess Veronica as soon as possible, so he shouldn’t be too late like Ruina…

So Park Min-ho,

Making loser-like excuses in my mind,

This time, like a loser, he pledged not to go against Jeong Ji-hu’s wishes.

Dreaming of the day when I will be free from Jeong Ji-hoo.

* * * *

“Hmm… I was wondering what you would say when you suddenly came to see me. I see you have such a plan.”

Haa, umm, gulp…

As I watched the blood-red wine go down Hyerin’s throat, I quietly swallowed the saliva in her mouth.

But soon, my mouth started to water again.

Ah, it’s so hard to bear.

Uncontrollable sexual desire and appetite.

I want to crush that woman in front of me right now.

I want to thoroughly subdue her, mercilessly subdue her, and ravage her from head to toe.

I want to rob her of her attributes, chew up her soul, and reduce her to nothing but a dick.

Min Hye-rin.

Her very existence is sensuality and sex.

In this world, there is no prettier face, sexier body, enchanting body odor, sweeter voice, or fairer, softer skin.

Her lips taste better than dozens of virgin pussies.

Her big tits are sure to plunge my hands into an endless swamp of pleasure, and I won’t be able to take my hands off her breasts as long as she doesn’t let me.

And her pussy will definitely suck my dick in completely, from root to tip.
Immediately after that, the semen will be squeezed out of my testes until they are destroyed by tremendous squeezing and forced injection of pleasure.
Before long, I would be devoured by her, every last bit of her soul, and I would be reduced to being her living dildo, just for her and for her.

Min Hye-rin is that kind of woman.

I shouldn’t fuck her yet.

“Hmph. These days, he’s been busy with other women and hasn’t even paid attention to me…”

“Hye-rin, you know that. You are the only woman in this world that suits me. All other bitches are just sacrifices to be with you.”

“Yes, but… I also want to do something with you… I want to get pregnant like Ji-hye and A-young… I want to mate… I want my period to stop and I want to be full… Healthy. “I want to ovulate the egg… Fertilize it with your sperm… Get implanted… Go through pregnancy… Have morning sickness, bleeding, go through labor… And give birth to your baby…”

As a woman, Hyerin harbors a completely natural desire.

This room is her domain.

If she starts raping me for real, I probably won’t be able to escape.

But Hyerin doesn’t attack me.

“Still, I want to be dominated by you, so I’ll be patient. Because I want to be your toy, a sex slave. I’ll just wait until you kill the earth dragon.”

“Yes, thank you, Hyerin. But I’ve grown, and now I can do even more dirty things than last time.”

I laid her down on her bed and climbed on top of her.

I feel like my whole body is tingling and my brain is being eaten away by the lustful female body beneath me and that drug-like scent.

The dick swelled and pulsated so much that it hurt a little.

This thing looks like it’s going to explode.

I’ll be okay…?

High School Seniors Transferred to Another World

High School Seniors Transferred to Another World

고3들이 이세계로 전이됨
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Class 1 of the 3rd year of OO High School, who was transferred to a different world the day before the entrance exam. In a fantasy world where modern constraints do not exist, Jeong Ji-hoo, the first student in the school, makes a choice. Beliefs and reality, love and sexuality, masks and sociopaths.


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