High School Seniors Transferred to Another World 281

High School Seniors Transferred to Another World 281

Chapter 281 – 68. Harem Party (3)

Academy Central Hall.

As its name suggests, this building, which stands tall in the academy’s central plaza, is a spacious and luxurious space that exists solely for school banquets and festivals.

For the young nobles who will lead the empire in the future, a complete collection of luxury that boasts dignity and artistry befitting the upper class of the future.

Some people who come here may lament this enormous waste and think that this world is unfair and that they must bring about a revolution themselves.

For 2nd Prince Dave Von Kairos, who was born into the highest ruling class, the Central Hall was just a good place to go on a date with a woman.

However, today’s date was planned to remain a very special memory for him as well.

‘I took the ring… Hair…No problem. There are no wrinkles on the clothes… Good. Perfect.’

After a while, Dave asks the two women to become engaged.

Princess Veronica of Henriette and Lady Louisa Secriffe.
Vice president of the student council and secretary of the student council president’s office.

Two beautiful and wise women who have been together since childhood, and who have developed a desire to be together for the remaining decades.

They and Dave soon begin officially dating.

‘You can do it.’

All conditions met. Preparation in advance was thorough, and the simulation was repeated several times.

Failure was not considered.

Instead, he thought about the future.

The surprising news of the second prince’s confession will surely spread quickly through social circles.
As many nobles make this provocative topic a hot topic, all kinds of speculations and rumors will come out.

Rumors and the resulting scandal.

This is his trick.

It is a kind of indirect declaration of war.

I, 2nd Prince Dave, am now confident that I can protect my women, so I will no longer just sit back and forth on the stage, but from now on, I will confidently move towards the throne.

It is a ritual in which she makes a firm promise and pledge to herself while at the same time showing kindness to her political opponents.

‘I will protect it.’

Dave loves them. Originally, I had no intention of using them politically. Rather, he wanted them to get away from him.

But they also love Dave. So, even when she deliberately hid her feelings and acted foolishly, they did not give up and steadfastly stayed by her side. So now it’s his turn to approach them.

Together, the three of us will definitely be able to overcome any hardships and adversities we will face in the future.

Dave had no doubts.

Central Hall 4F.

This is the floor that Dave personally rented to confess to them.

Originally, we wanted to rent the 5th floor, which was connected to the rooftop garden, but Sonyel had already made a reservation there under his authority as chairman. It seemed that the older sister was planning to spend some quality time with Jeong Ji-hu there.

The Academy banquet is currently being held on the first and second floors.

He called Veronica first.

“Chairman? What are you talking about?”

Veronica di Henriart.
A woman like sunshine who is always bright, warm, caring, and full of cozy charm.
A person who is always full of positive energy and automatically makes you feel happy when you are with them.

She always smiled brightly at herself, but as if she sensed something about her, she covered her mouth with both hands and did not move in front of her.

“Veronica… Will you go out with me?”

“·····Is it true…? Your Highness, this is a dream…Isn’t it…?”

“Yeah. It’s real. I’m sorry, I’m so late.”


Veronica immediately ran to her and hugged her.

Her body was warm. Her delicate arms were trembling, and tears were dripping from her kind eyes. Veronica’s joy, love, happiness and relief at losing control of her emotions seeped right into Dave’s heart.

I should have confessed a long time ago. I regretted it a little bit.

But it’s okay. Because much greater joy awaits us. From now on, you won’t even have time to think about this regret because you’ll be so busy being happy.

“I love you…! I love you… Your Highness…”

“I love you too, Veronica…”

Her embrace with her fiancee ended in the blink of an eye.

Although he wanted to stay like this forever, Dave still had work to do.

Veronica wiped her tears and whispered quietly.

“Are you confessing to Ruina now too?”

“That’s right. I’m sorry for being greedy… But I-“

“No, no. It’s not your greed, it’s ours. We don’t want to be separated from you, who is so generous to us, so we want to ask you a favor first.”

She was fiddling with the ring she had placed on the ring finger of her left hand.

“Then, your highness, stay here. I’ll bring Ruina. Hehe, I’ll have to hide this ring for a while so Ruina doesn’t notice.”

“Thank you, Veronica. I love you.”

“Yes, I love you too, Seobang♡”

She really is, she’s a woman you can’t help but like.

Dave waited on the remaining floor, adjusting his clothes and checking the ring for Louisa.

Perhaps Veronica will send her Louisa up to her hall. For equity with herself. She wants to provide her lover with more personal time than she just spent with herself.

‘I am blessed.’

Dave held back the joy overflowing in his heart,

Ruina, who will come here soon,

I waited.

She waited.

I waited.

30 minutes passed.

‘It’s a little late…’

I waited.

I waited.

I waited.

I waited.

······Until an hour had passed since Veronica went down to the banquet hall.

‘What happened?’

There was no way Veronica was going to make her wait an hour without hearing anything.

It was clear that some urgent and important problem had arisen while looking for Ruina.

Or maybe Ruina had an emergency.

Dave hurried down to the first floor.

Sure enough, the atmosphere in the banquet hall was a little chaotic.

Several men were gathered in one place, giving off a heavy and gloomy atmosphere.

The women had a slightly dazed expression for some reason.

Neither Ruina nor Veronica were anywhere to be seen.

Dave turned to the men.

“Ellen… Why! Why… Why…”

“Aine… Ai… Ugh… Hmm, huh…”

“Hex… It’s hex! Jeong Ji-hu used hex!”

A man muttering with a blank expression.
A man sobbing and crying.
A man who can’t hide his anger.

“Minho. What’s going on?”

Minho answered his own question with a stern expression.

“Your Majesty… Jihu… Took away all the partners of the people here.”

“What do you mean, they took you away? Where are you? You’re sure they didn’t drag you by force, right?”

“To the 5th floor… Yes, it wasn’t forced. It was all their choice. And His Highness Soniel banned men from entering the 5th floor, so now… We’re stranded like this.”

No way.

No way.

Probably not.

“Minho… Have you ever seen Veronica or Ruina?”

Minho is startled by her own question.

Probably not.

It has to be not…


“······Ruina has been with Jihu from the beginning. And Her Majesty Veronica······ said that Ruina should be brought with her, so she went to the 5th floor… ·.”

“······When did you go up?”

“About an hour ago…”

Currently, Veronica and Ruina have been with Jeong Ji-hoo on the 5th floor for an hour.

What on earth is going on there now?

* * * *

I decided to rule the empire.

Once you make up your mind, you must act without delay.

First of all, start from the academy.

As of today, the Academy is mine.

In fact, the academy’s goods, facilities, and rules are already under my control through Soniel, the chairman of the board.

Then the only thing left is people.

Professors, staff, and students.

What must be done to dominate them?


All you have to do is tell us your topic.

How insignificant and inferior they are,
Why is absolute obedience to me the only justice and way to live?

So that it penetrates my bones, so that it is imprinted in the deepest part of my soul,

All you have to do is persuade them.

The method is also simple.

For men, there is an overwhelming sense of defeat.
A fantastic ecstasy for women.

Just inject it into the body and head.

An hour ago, I entered the banquet with Hyerin and Sonyel on either side of me.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on me.

My left hand was placed on Hyerin’s chest, and my right hand was placed on Sonyel’s stomach.

The men furrowed their eyebrows, and the women blushed and glanced.

But it was still too early for them to be surprised.



The 3rd princess’s balloon-like big breasts clung tightly to my back.

“Jui… Mmm, Jihoo. Try some of this.”

The Crown Princess of Griff began to take care of me.

“Jihoo, I missed you♡”

The first princess of Senius left her fiancé behind and came up to me and kissed my cheek.

“Jihoo. Your clothes are a little disheveledㅡ Ugh, on the side…♡ Jjook…♡ Haha…♡”

The first princess of Bondrania came out from Minho’s presence and kissed her.

The banquet hall suddenly fell into silence.

No one opened their mouth.

At that time, a woman caught my eye.

Her face was pretty, her tits deserved a few massages, and her ass was very voluptuous. A body that stands out for its maturity and easy delivery. There was no doubt that twins would also be born.

Of course, there were many shortcomings in having my own child.

The female body was sufficient for a disposable cock case.

She was arm in arm with the man next to her, and judging by the fact that they both wore the same ring, he was either her betrothed or her husband. And yet she was a virgin. So even if I pick it up, I have nothing to say.

I approached her.

“You have a pretty body.”

And grabbed her breasts over her clothes.


High School Seniors Transferred to Another World

High School Seniors Transferred to Another World

고3들이 이세계로 전이됨
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Class 1 of the 3rd year of OO High School, who was transferred to a different world the day before the entrance exam. In a fantasy world where modern constraints do not exist, Jeong Ji-hoo, the first student in the school, makes a choice. Beliefs and reality, love and sexuality, masks and sociopaths.


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