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Heroine Netori 224

Heroine Netori 224

Chapter 224 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (27)

He told me not to be new to everything in life… A little earlier than I thought, I was able to get flowers for both hands. Wi Ji-hye and Wi Ji-eun are very beautiful sisters. My heart was filled with grandeur at the great achievement that even Jojo could not achieve.

“Hamm, Churup… Haha, that’s great… Being hard again like this… Chew, chew…”

“Hye-mae… Is your treatment over?”

“Yes. Now, if you eat a fortune-telling breakfast in that state, you will be cured soon. Chew, ha… So, this time… Will you wrap me in my womb too? So here… My pussy also wants Baekrang’s semen.”

All of this was thanks to Hye-mae’s benevolence for her.

In that situation, instead of being angry, she forgives her brother her, and where else can there be a woman who induces her to ejaculate as it is? If it wasn’t for Hye-mae, she would have been an impossible pair of legs.

“Come on… Quickly!”

So, as a token of gratitude, I inserted my cock into Hye-mae’s vagina her, which she had cleaned.

“Haaang! Ah… White Rang’s cock… Also, so good… Haha! Haaang!”

Ah, as expected, Hyemae’s pussy is the best.

Eun-a’s virgin pussy was also really good, but it couldn’t beat Taegeuk Yin-yang’s pussy. Who the hell will win this unrealistic pussy that is both cool and warm? I mingled with her, admiring her cunt her.

“Ugh… What really! You were so jealous that you almost got drunk again!”

“… Private residence?”

“Call me Eun-ah! Eight!”


But, perhaps after finishing the breakfast, Eun-ah suddenly appeared and kissed her.

“Chuuuuu…” Ha, if you’re going to do it, let’s do it together… Gulp, ha… I’m also your brother’s lover now… Please take care of me too. Yes?”

“Ah, you! Ha… Wow, haang… You must follow the order… Haaang!”

“You can do both at the same time! Hehe… My older sister is using my older brother’s cock, so I’ll brush my older brother’s lips. Is that enough?”

I know… You don’t have to do it separately. I agreed with her opinion of her because it was n’t wrong, and I mingled my tongue with her Eun-ah as I fucked Hye-mae’s cock.


“Ugh… Jaw hurts This is harder than you think…”

“Look at what unnie is doing and follow her slowly. Like this, haaam, chueup, chung.”

Wow, that’s awesome

I was in awe of the wonderful sight of my two sisters laying down in front of my cock and putting their mouths to it. This is happiness When the mature Hye-mae demonstrates first, the inexperienced Eun-a carefully follows, but the unbearable stimuli are repeated so that it really drives me crazy.

“Oh, brother… Hehe, did you feel good?”

“Baekrang? Huhu, do you like this place? I already know everything.”

But I can’t be satisfied with this.

I laid her Hye-mae on her floor her and then made her Eun-ah ride on top of her. Then, secretly, the two of them took out their smartphones from their inventory and started filming the current situation.

“Haaa… Sister, hey… My pussy rubs… Oops, ha… It’s going to get weird…”

“Eunah, haha… Stop haang! Don’t move!”

“I’m just excited… I can’t stay still… Sister…”

“Aya… Haa, Baekrang! Haaang!”

Then he slipped his cock between their pussies and slowly moved her waist to stimulate them. Then the two started to grow and cling to each other.

“Sister, haaang! Have you ever had sex like this? Weird this…”

“Unnie’s first too, ha ha! Haang… The clitoris rubs against the white wolf’s cock… Good mood… “

“Unnie’s expression, ha ha… Very naughty… This is the older sister’s face during sexual intercourse from the older brother’s point of view. So pretty.”

“Euna, you too… Haha, he’s my little brother, but he’s so cute… Our Eunah, haaang…”

Um, should this be enough?

Watching this, I pulled out my cock once and then asked the two of them a question. I mean, who wants to get hit first? The two, who seemed to be on good terms with the question, raised their voices, saying that they should be nailed first, as if they had always been like that.

“Euna… Ha, that’s a sick body. So please give me your cock.”

“What did you say. Did everything go well thanks to you? Brother… Wouldn’t my fresh pussy be better than my older sister’s, which I’m used to? I heard that men originally like virgins.”

“Eun-ah, isn’t your sister’s pussy one you get used to so easily? He told me that Baekrang looked like a virgin yesterday as well.”

“Hey, my pussy is only used twice now, right? You have to compare what you compare.”

Great, really

Seeing that the word ‘pussy’ came out naturally from the mouths of the two innocent and innocent people, I felt a thrilling sense of immorality in my heart. If it wasn’t for me, there wouldn’t have been a case of two people overlapping their pussies like that and then opening their pussies so that they could easily get stuck.

Satisfied with that fact, I thrust my cock into Hye-mae’s cunt. It’s a martial arts worldview. Confucianism should be maintained. It was a reasonable decision according to the logic of Jang Yoo-Yuseo.

“Haaang! Also, ha… Do you like my pussy better, Baekrang? I’m glad, ha… Haaang!”

“Noisy… Eight!”

“Huh?! Ha, whoops! Ha… Eunah, you!”

“Gulp, ha… Sister… Let’s not say who is better… I don’t want to be hurt or receive…”

“Miss Eun-ah is right. Both of them are my girls, why are you fighting? Instead, focus on the present moment.”

“Hey?! Now, I was wrong! Ha… No! Don’t pull it out!”

“Yes! Cock! Ha… Brother’s cock… Haaang! You’re in!”

But when this opportunity came, you look at it like an idiot, but you can’t taste it. I pulled my cock out of Hye-mae’s cunt and inserted it into Eun-ah’s cunt. And when Eun-ah was gone, he pulled it out again and returned it to Hye-mae.

“Ah! Sorry! Ha, Aang! I won’t fight, so please fight like this! Please sow baby seeds in Baekrang’s nursery!”

“I hate it, I hate it! Give it back, brother! I’ll tighten it better! Give me one more chance!”

Oh, it’s really good, but it’s really good too.

The pleasure I felt from the cock was also a pleasure, but the best part was being able to fuck and eat both pussies at will. It was the best thing to do was to squeeze his cock not to pull it out, and the best thing to do was cry and beg him to cum on him.

This is the flower of both hands, no, the pussy of both hands.

“Hey, brother!Haha!”

“Ah, sorry… Baekrang, can you still do more?”

“Ha… It’s full of my brother’s semen… Hehe…”

“Quickly, I want you to cum inside my cunt!”

Having made the two women slaves to my cock, I fucked them excitedly until the sun rose, filling their vaginas with my semen.


“Hey, Jegalryun. Why do you follow Did Namgoongjin ask me?”

“This is Jegal Yeonhwa. At least call me by name. Wouldn’t it be bad if they were called the Soviet Union? And he asked me too. She wants to come with me.”

“Ha, he? It’s funny Even though we’re not dating yet, she’s cheating on me like he is?”

“Put, did you know that you secretly cling to each other just because you’re a childhood friend, and you look so cheap?”

“What? Cheap, cheap, cheap look? Let’s do this with me now, right?”

“You did the provocation first.”

Haha, stop both of you. Even if we get along well, it’s really nice.”

“”…… “”

“Ha… My brother has no real answer.”

Namgungjin of the Namgung family obeyed Murimmaeng’s order and headed to the Wiji family with his younger brother Namgungbin, Jegal Yeonhwa of the Jegal family, and Tang Soyeon of the Tang family. It was because the movement of Sapa forces aiming for Taegeuk-Yin-Yang-Ji-Che was unusual.

However, his intentions were different. Actually, it was to check the face of a man who broke off the engagement. She was the man who poured cold water on him while he was running on the road to success, so she wanted to find out who he was.



“Stop right there! Giggling giggling, you’re bringing a feast.”

“That’s right, brother. It’s good for our three brothers to eat… Big brother? Why is the expression…”

“Damn it! Run away! That bastard is the son of the Namgung family!”

If he was an insignificant fellow, he intended to take his life her for offending him. It was because I couldn’t just watch a guy who didn’t help and was just a hindrance running around in Moorim.



So, Siwoogeom (矢雨劍) of the Namgung family moved to the Wiji family with his group with nefarious intentions.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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