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Heroine Netori 223

Heroine Netori 223

Chapter 223 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (26)

Hurt… My whole body feels like it’s about to tear…

Am I dying now?

When I felt that something was wrong, my life so far passed by like a kaleidoscope. And the faces of precious people came to my mind one by one.

My father who looked strict but always warmly embraced me, my mother who passed away leaving behind a will to always keep a smile on me, an elder who always accepted my pranks casually, an older sister who cared for me more than herself,


Older brother who taught me the feeling of love…

I’m sorry, I… I guess this is it.

After saying goodbye in my heart, I felt no pain. You’re really dead now When I realized that my life was really over, I looked back and regretted the past.

Training, don’t be lazy.

There are still many things I want to do…
There are many things I haven’t experienced…

I am too pitiful to die like this.

I should have tried a little harder… Like an idiot, I was peeping at my brother’s face during training. So, in a way, it could be seen that he was punished.

Haha, at least I should have stopped stealing during sparring.

So I reflected on my past self.

… However, in fact, it was too late to reflect now. What will change if you regret it after you die? I thought that if it was going to be like this, I would have crossed the line with my brother even if he it was forced.

“Eunah… Buy… Eye… “


But, what… ?

Maybe it was because I was thinking of my older brother, his handsome face appeared in front of my eyes. Is it like the last gift from heaven on the way to the underworld? Even so, being able to see my older brother once more made my depressed mood disappear a bit.

“I love you, brother… I love you with all my heart… I really wanted to say this.”

But now that I’ve seen it like this, I can’t just say goodbye and end it.

I said one last thing I always wanted to say to my older brother and then quietly closed my eyes… No, I tried to close it, but I saw my sister next to my brother. The older sister, who seems angry yet makes an expression as if she knew it would happen.

“Uh, sister… That is… “

“… Huh? What… Why can’t you hear my voice?”

“… Uh huh this is my room Eh? Oh, brother, why is he naked…”


I guess… It seems he’s not dead yet.


This is what… Hot, hot… Ha ha, what is it really…

“Sister, are you awake?”

“Brother, ha ha… This… “

I’m still alive…

“Eun-ah, I heard your confession. Was our Eun-ah thinking like that?”

“Sister, ha… Well, from the description… Ha, Aang!”

For various reasons, it seemed that he would die soon.

“Do not resist and stay still, sister.”

“Ha, ah… I hate it, why… Haaang!”

When I came to my senses, my brother was naked and having sexual intercourse with me.

“Hot, hah, hot… Oh, wait a minute… Ha ha!”

Confused, I tried to figure out the situation somehow… It wasn’t easy. It was because I felt like I was going to lose my mind because of my brother’s nourishment that I felt in my lower abdomen. I have to make an excuse for my sister… At this rate, I felt like I would lose my mind before I could even speak.

“Older brother, ha, ah… “

“Sister, are you okay?”

“Oh dear… I love it so much I think I’m going crazy… Haha, oh… Brother’s one is so big and hard… Even if it’s the first time, ha…”

“No, not that… “

It’s not what it is… I heard that the first experience was painful. But far from being sick, I feel like I’m going to die of love! It’s all because of Orabani!

Feeling my brother’s huge cock digging into me, I lifted my head with difficulty and whispered in my brother’s ear his.

“No, before that… What the hell is this Hopefully, ha… You raped me as I was dying… ?Hehe, this color horse…”

However, it was the older sister who answered, not the older brother.

“It’s not rape, it’s Baekrang and I helping you to save you from being poisoned.”

“… Do you wear coins?”

“That’s right. Since the sister’s blood flow was severely damaged, she is being treated using pure inner energy from Hyemae’s Taegeuk Yin-Yang body.”

“That’s right… Was it like that?”

Well, I guess so. No matter how much my brother is a sex horse, he’s not the kind of person who would even spend time. I just found out what happened. I still didn’t understand that intercourse was the cure, but I survived thanks anyway.

“Haha, but… How long do you think I’ll stick with it! Haaang!”

I owed a lot to both of them.


To allow her man to embrace another woman in order to save her sister her… Her older sister her was also a really nice woman. But she confessed to her brother her in front of her older sister her… Am I really a bad girl as opposed to her sister her?

… She felt ashamed of her own ugliness of her.

“Ha-ang, Baek-rang, uh! Do you like my pussy better? Haaaaang!”

“Hye-mae! Ugh, of course!”

“Um, is that so too? Ha… It’s a pussy just for your cock…”

However, that sense of shame disappeared thanks to that older sister over there who was mixing her body with her with her older brother with her. What else is ‘I like my pussy better?’ You’re telling me to see and hear, that’s it.

She’s the older sister I’ve always admired… She was a bit disappointed.

“Haha, okay, aang! Poke harder, please!”

… But more than her disappointment of her, she came to admire her older sister her.

How are you so good at it? The older sister rocked her waist as if riding her horse on top of that monstrous older brother’s cock. Is it because of the Taegeuk Yin-Yang delay? It was strange that she could withstand her brother’s cock her even though she was not an uninhabited person.

“Hye, Hyemae… Oh, Hye-mae!”

Or is it really a vagina difference? My heart ached a little when I saw my older brother, who seemed to have no time to spare unlike when I was with him. I can’t even look at her sister? Ugh… She felt sad because nothing seemed to win.

“Stop! Ha… From now on, please do it to Eun-ah… Unfortunately… Because the treatment isn’t over yet… “

“All right.”

“… Eh? Me, to me?”

No, what … They suddenly left me alone and had time for themselves, so I did something … It seems that she did it in order to gain the pure internal energy from her sister’s body her, as I said at the beginning.

Then… Is it my turn to get fucked again? Ugh… There’s no comparison at all! It was nice to be able to work with my brother again, but… At the same time, it was a complicated feeling that wasn’t so good.

“Eun-ah, do you remember the breathing method I taught you earlier? Now, while thinking about that, spread her legs so that Baek Rang can easily fuck her.”

“… Yes.”

“This time, as Baekrang ejaculates, a huge energy will enter your body. Then I’ll help you then, so Eun-ah just needs to entrust her body to me. Got it?”

“Ah, I see.”

“Then let’s begin, sister.”

But she couldn’t stay still.

At this chance… I don’t have to show that my pussy is a pleasant enough pussy! I felt my brother’s cock digging into me once again, tightening my cunt like a heroine in a novel.

“Brother… Haaang, even though it’s for treatment… Don’t worry about me, just taste me… My pussy will be delicious like your sister’s, uuuuu… It’s because I always thought of my older brother and went away.”

Then she stretched out her legs and wrapped them around her brother’s waist her, then hugged her brother her and recited obscene lines from her novel her. Just like when you masturbate with your brother every night.

“Private residence…”

“No… Please call me Eun-a. Ha, we… We are already one! The second time is fine too, haaang, please make my pussy my brother’s exclusive pussy… !”

Then, get into the mood… She was a little greedy.

I won’t ask for the first spot… But the second one is fine. If you took my virgin, you’re to blame. My pussy has already changed into the shape of my brother’s cock… So, please love me too… !

“Aya, you… “

“Sister, I’m sorry… But are you okay? I also really like my older brother… Yes?”

“Huh, Baekrang doesn’t have a heart either, right? I actually knew. The atmosphere between the two is unusual… But still, since I’m the first of Baekrang… I will acknowledge you as a sister. So, hurry up and wrap Eun-ah’s womb full! We need to finish treatment quickly!”

“Sister, thank you… Haaang!”

Did the prayer in your heart work? Her older sister her returned to her always kind older sister and accepted her ugly younger sister like this, and as her older sister said, she made me her own woman by giving me full ejaculations.

Ah, i’m happy…

It’s a little strange, but that’s how I was able to start the relationship I’ve always dreamed of.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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