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Heroine Netori 222

Heroine Netori 222

Chapter 222 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (25)

…… It is a familiar ceiling.

Did you come back? Looking at Hye-mae who is happy, father-in-law who is proud of her, and elder Han, it seems that they have returned properly. Haha, I turned off the urgent fire for now. As I listened to the congratulations of the three, I let out a sigh of relief.


“Ah, this is the heavenly intellect. You can follow the Moonha sword method that you are learning for the first time with familiarity.”

“Ohhh… ! Indeed, heaven and earth!”

“And, this is also a heavenly delay. You can easily follow the lunar seal for the first time like this.”

“Clap! After all, you are the hope of the Weiji family!”

This is a return…

I got goosebumps at the effectiveness of such a fraudulent regression. It makes me feel like a total genius. My father-in-law and an elder exclaimed and rejoiced when I naturally used the tricks I had learned before returning.

“Elder, isn’t this enough to be called the All-In-One?Haha!”

“Yeah, you bastard! What should be called a retarded body! Clap!”

“…… “

Yea, but this isn’t much.

I worked hard on training after pretending not to hear the two people’s dog drip. Anyway, if I don’t want to go through something like that, shouldn’t I be strong? The purpose of this road is to save Wi Ji-eun, so I decided to do my best in preparation for the upcoming crisis.

“Do men hate women with small breasts… ?”

“If you really want your sister-in-law, I am willing to inform you.”

… Of course, that didn’t mean that he would leave Wi Ji-eun alone and devote himself to training. You have to plant the buds in advance so you can dream of flowers in both hands. While reminding me of the good atmosphere before the regression, I told them how (?) To increase their breasts like before.

“Yes, so I want to get help from the priest in preparation for that time… Would it be okay?”

“Sorry. I know what the sister-in-law is thinking, but I have Hye-mae… No, there is, but that’s… Mmm.”

“Do not worry. If she finds out, she’ll say I threatened her. Yes? Please don’t do that and help quickly. A priest isn’t such a heartless person, is he?”

But… I could n’t treat her the same way I did before her return her.

This time, I was thinking of winning Eun-ah’s heart her little by little by hitting the wall in moderation, but every time I see her smiling face her, I think of what happened … I took care of him a little more than before.

“Haaa… Is this a lover’s hug?”

“Sister, didn’t you just decide to hold hands… “

“Don’t do that, could you hug me a little longer? Yes… Like that.”

“Private residence…”

“… I want to stay like this. You don’t like priests? I’m good…”

And because of that, the seed planted in Eun-ah’s heart her sprouted a little earlier. He wasn’t even married to Hye-mae yet.

“Ha, brother… Whisper a little more tenderly…”

“Are you saying more than this?”

“If only… Tell her you love her more than her sister her… It’s a secret between the two of you anyway. Yes? Brother… Ha, please whisper in my ear quickly…”

“I love you, sister… “

“Cheet… I know. I’ll take a look at this today.”

Still, there won’t be any big problems, right?

Anyway, I was confident because I showed much better performance in all areas after the regression. Because it has already reached its peak. However, I couldn’t be vigilant until the end, so I prepared for the upcoming crisis tonight.

“Ha, Aang! Baekrang’s cock! Ha… I love it!”

“Hye-mae, ugh, Hye-mae!”

“Ah, please wrap it like this! Ha, please fill it up today too!”


But a problem arose.

As if the world line had been twisted, a group of safars attacked a week earlier than before returning. With far more men than ever before.

“Kihehehe, since I was born with two balls, I can’t miss this opportunity. Guys! Let’s jump on it today! Kihehehe!”

I heard that my father-in-law talks about me whenever he has a chance. Is that an influence? I broke into a cold sweat at the number of nearly a hundred of them prepared to face us.

“Baekrang… Uh, what…”

“Don’t worry, Hye-mae. They are no big deal.”

But they weren’t the ones I couldn’t deal with. In this worldview, numbers don’t really mean that much. Words such as one per hundred, one per thousand, etc. Do not come out of nowhere.




If you blow the sword like this once, the trash mobs will fall out in one shot.

“Kihehehe… This is as rumored!”

As soon as I showed the extreme mastery of the moonlight swordsmanship, ‘Kihehehe’ who appeared to be the boss rushed at me. But I let go of his attack lightly and took a step back.

“Yeah man! How dare you aim for my son-in-law!”

-Chae Ae-Aeng!

“Clap! I will see the end of the hwadu twin ears today!”

“Kihehehe… Brother, is this a big deal?”

I could get help from two people, but I didn’t have to step out for nothing.

The level must have risen, I didn’t think I would lose even if I fought alone, but I didn’t want to show off my telekinesis-like skills here. I don’t know if it’s a one-on-one situation like before, but I didn’t want to reveal my secret skills in a situation where there are many eyes like now.


And, it means that Hye-mae is not the only person to protect.

“Hye-mae! It is this way. Let’s move away so as not to disturb the two of you!”

“I know!”

“Good idea, son-in-law!”

I came up with a suitable excuse and went looking for Wi Ji-eun with Hye-mae. Perhaps it was a joke of fate, but today, too, Eun-ah was away from her seat. So, if she didn’t care, she could have been beaten by the hidden youngest of the hwadu twins. Even though she regressed to prevent it.

“Ugh, Eunah! Why! White Rang! I-over there is Eun-ah!”

“Leg 2 of the Under the Moon! Moonlight Sword!”

By the way… Fortunately, it wasn’t too late.


“Kihohoho! Girl, no matter how much you jumped on me… What, what? Queueek!”

As I swung the sword, a beautiful blade that glistened in the moonlight flew towards the Sapa who was aiming for Eun-ah, and he died on the spot without being able to resist properly.

Indeed… This is the moon sword. It was my first time using it in real combat, but I was very satisfied because it was as powerful as a sword made of a combination of shiny stones, mica, iron powder, and pieces of iron.

“… Eunah! It’s okay? You were surprised… Uh uh uh… ? Eunah!”

“Ugh, ugh… “Aaaaagh!”

“Private residence! Wake up, sister!”

No, it wasn’t the time to be satisfied.

I thought I had passed the crisis safely, but Wi Ji-eun’s condition seemed unusual. She didn’t show any wounds, but she screamed in pain. Just like I used to…

… That is, I guess…

“Ah, it’s a coin inhalation! Eunah, please wake up!”

Shit! Are you late again? Embarrassed, I took the two of them back to Sega. And he asked for help from an elder who was a master of the Hwagyeong. He believed that if he was at the state of the flower mirror, he could fix the infancy of the coin.

“This… Too late. Damn… All blood vessels are already twisted.”

“What are you talking about, Elder! Eun-ah… Eun-ah is late!”

“Private residence… Ah, sister…”

However… My faith collapsed like that, and I lost Eun-ah again this time.

… However, I still had one chance left.

I have to go back quite a while, but… Still can’t help it I decided not to lose Eun-ah this time, so I decided to go back to the save point saved in the first slot.

“It’s not too late! Because Baekrang and I are… You can save Eun-ah!”

“What, what?”

“Father, have you forgotten? I’m Taegeuk Yin-Yang! If you get Baekrang’s help, you can lightly fix Eun-ah’s magic spell!”

However, it didn’t seem necessary.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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