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Heroine Netori 221

Heroine Netori 221

Chapter 221 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (24)

The nasty smell of blood, and the screams I don’t want to hear… The timing was so exquisite, I witnessed a terrible incident as soon as I returned after seeing Wi Ji-eun off. It was a very unpleasant incident where the Sapa guys came in and messed around.

-Chae Ae-Aeng

After clearing my mind and quickly coming to my senses, I broke through the crowd of safaris and asked the family head the truth of the incident. First of all, it was urgent to understand the situation.

“… What happened?”

“The non-solidarity suffered… “

“Kihehehe, fishtails and whatnot bothered me like flying flies, so I came to see the owner’s face his. But I heard that there is a human elixir here! Kihehehe, so if you give me that bitch, I’ll forgive her for one!”

Biyeon, as Wi Ji-hye’s armed force, was tasked with monitoring the movements of Sapa groups around Hebei Province for Wi Ji-hye’s safety. By the way… The fact that it happened like this means it was caught by the tail. As rumors of Hye-mae’s return spread all over Murim, it seemed that the affairs of Bi-Yeon were properly twisted.

“… About thirty people. I will help you, father-in-law.”

“No, you should go to Hye-ah right away. We need the strength of the elder who is guarding Hye-ah. It’s not enough for the two of us. Go quickly and switch places with the elder.”

“Can’t it be just the two of us?”

“That guy is a pair of hwadu twins, a master of Sapa who has crossed the wall of the climax, and he is a coward who thinks he is alone and attacks, his younger brother from hiding pops out and counterattacks. That’s why you have to fight with at least two people, but your skills are still not enough for that.”

“Kihehehe, I thought the Moon Night Sword knew me! This is an honor! But I have no intention of forgiving him that easily. Come on, offer up your daughter!”

Hwadu twins? It’s a nickname I’ve never heard of. Shit, then that means he’s not a Sapa guy near Hebei Province. It’s been a really peaceful few weeks, but the good times seem to be gone. Incidents like this won’t happen again in the future. It was annoying, but it was also something I had to endure for Hye-mae’s sake.

However, it is against the rules for a super-high master to come who has crossed the climax wall from the start.

It seems that the balance patch has been messed up because it has become a thousand times slow. Because of this, it seems that the game is over before even leveling up. Ha… This didn’t look easy.

“Shut up! How dare you tease your mouth with something like sapa! One hundred son-in-law! I don’t have time to be like this. Go ahead and call the elder!”

“All right!”

“Kihehehe, do you think you will quietly let go! Stop it, you bastards!”

-Soo Woo-wook


“Hoo… You must have been quite the swordsman.”

But like my father-in-law said, I didn’t have to deal with him. There is a master of hwagyeong in Sega, so what am I going to risk my life for? After lightly slashing the Sapa who stood in my way, I ran to Hye-mae’s room.

And if you think about it, it’s a desperate situation, but I have to protect Hye-mae’s side of her. An elder is said to be strong, but as a husband-to-be, I couldn’t entrust him with such a task.



“Baekrang! You’re all right!”

It’s a valuable event that can raise your affinity to the limit, so how can you entrust this to someone else? I hugged her trembling body so that Hye-mae could feel at ease.


“Clap. It came quickly, this one.”

“Master! We have to help the head of the family!”

“Don’t worry, I know even if you don’t say anything. Then… I will come and go, so take good care of Hye-ah.”


Huh… Is this the movement of a person stepping into the hwagyeong? Even though he became a heavenly body, he could not properly grasp the appearance of an elder. I’m sure you don’t have to worry about that much. I let out a sigh of relief and looked at Wi Ji-hye’s well-being of his.

“Hye-mae, are you okay?”

“I’m fine, but Baekrang… “I hope this blood…”

“It’s not my blood, so don’t worry.”

“Ha… You were surprised. I’m so glad…”

“Hye-mae… “

Uhm, could this be it? It is said that people instinctively feel the desire to reproduce in times of crisis. Perhaps because of this, Hye-mae’s trembling face felt more beautiful than usual. To the point where I want to hit it right now.

“Baekrang… Ha, Baekrang…”

And, as if it wasn’t just me, Wei Wisdom let out her strange breath and rubbed her own breasts against mine. He looked at me intensely with eyes that seemed to be looking for something.

“Hah, ha ha… “

This… Is it each?

The master of Hwagyeong stepped forward and made the family safe, there must be a purpose to calm Hye-mae’s heart, if we make love with Hye-mae for a while…

“Kihehehe, this must have been the year of the owner. But it doesn’t matter if it’s just a hole. Hey, go there, if you don’t want to die, you’d better give that bitch away.”

Oh what the atmosphere was good…

No really what That’s him. What the hell did the father-in-law and one elder do? What would you do if you passed a master who had crossed the peak wall? I broke into a cold sweat in an unexpected situation. It was a crisis that could end this ‘Heroine Netori’.

“Hmph, if you really don’t want to die, you better turn it off right now.”

Embarrassed, I stood in front of Hye-mae and grabbed her sword and glared at her bastard.

“Kihehehe, you’re a lover. Do you want to die for a woman? Great. I will grant your wishhehe!”

And then I noticed something strange.

This bastard… It’s not ‘Kihehehe’, it’s ‘Kihehehe’ while laughing. On top of that, if you look closely, the shape of the curved sword is different… Isn’t this the guy you saw earlier? Isn’t it the sister’s side that the father-in-law said?

After making plausible reasoning, I gained grounded confidence. At least there’s no younger brother to sneak up on. He was burdened with crossing the peak wall, but he was confident of winning if it was one-on-one.

“Heh, I will grant your wishes. Hyemae! Please stand back for a moment. I’ll take care of it right away.”

“Bae, Baekrang… I will believe you!”

“Kiheheh! I’ll fuck that bitch in front of you!”

“You… You will not die gracefully.”




In conclusion,

“Kihehehe… Kiheh…”


It was my victory.

It would have been my inevitable defeat if I had fought as a Murimin vs. A Murimin, but I had the skills I got from ‘Heroine Netori’. Those were the open-air skills such as observation and telekinesis.

“Kich… Weird guy… To use such a strange boatman…”

So I was confident that I would never lose one-on-one.


…… What, is this the end?


“A hundred sons-in-law! Are you all right!”

“Clap. He is indeed my disciple!”

As soon as the battle, which was briefly summarized, the father-in-law and an elder returned to Hye-mae’s room, and after a considerable amount of time, we were able to relax.

“Baekrang, you are wonderful… I fell for Baekrang once again!”

“I was lucky… “

However, I felt strangely uncomfortable, and I felt very uncomfortable because I felt like I had forgotten something. Even though things ended well, there was no laughter. At the end, ‘my brother will avenge me…’ Is it because I heard useless words called ‘? The aftertaste was burnt out.

“Baekrang? Have you ever been hurt? Your complexion is not good.”

“No, it’s okay… It’s not, ah!”

“… Baekrang?”

“Hye-mae! And two minutes! I don’t see sister silver!”

But then I realized the true nature of the discomfort.

Eun-ah, who should have returned home, was nowhere to be seen. I already did, but I lost. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, I left Hye-mae in the care of my father-in-law and went out to search the house with an elder.

“Disciple, I will look to the left, so you look to the right!”

“All right!”

All the groups of Sapa who invaded were subdued or killed. So the chances of something happening to Eun-ah were slim. But ‘my brother will avenge me…”His last words her kept coming to mind.

You must be the younger brother… Talking as if there was another little brother who was hiding from the world, I couldn’t help but be concerned. You’re saying there’s one more Sapa we couldn’t find. I was so worried that I felt like I was going crazy.


“Kihohoho, you have to kill chickens instead of pheasants to honor your brothers. Bye bye. Kihohoho!”

But sad premonitions are never wrong

“… Kkuh?! You guys…”

“Sister, sister, wake up! Private residence!”

Wi Ji-eun, found in a dark alleyway, was already a corpse.

“Private residence… Eunah! Eunah! Open your eyes!”

With a slight difference.


“…… Road.”

Ha… I’m really glad I saved it.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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