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Heroine Netori 220

Heroine Netori 220

Chapter 220 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (23)

“I have a favor, priest.”


“Yes, will you listen?”

As usual, after finishing the training, I was about to go back to my room, but Jieun Wei called me and spoke to me with an expression that she was plotting something. In a very small voice, barely audible.

I was so cute that I readily answered that I would do her favor her.

“Of course. So what is your request?”

“The training method the priest taught me… If results come out, I’ll be dating too… Shouldn’t you get used to men a little in preparation for that time? That why… Maybe we’ll hold hands or something like that… If you show an awkward side at that time, it’s a little like that, isn’t it?”

“Hmm, I see. That’s what worries me.”

So you want to practice with me? Seriously, the fact that the pumpkin came rolling along the vine, I wonder if this is exactly the situation. Even if you leave it alone, you will become conscious of me, but if this happens, it is unconditional.

It was a request that I had no reason to refuse.

And he says he wants to try skinship first, but how can he refuse this as a man with a hot pepper? Unless it was Siwoo, it was only natural to help Jieun Wi.

“Yes, so I want to get help from the priest in preparation for that time… Is that okay?”

“Sorry. I know what the sister-in-law is thinking, but I have Hye-mae … It would be difficult to help a woman other than Hye-mae, especially her younger sister-in-law .”

But I refused.

No, the push and pull is important in this kind of thing. I couldn’t act like I was cheap, helping right away when I asked for it. Although I am a priest, I am a brother-in-law and an adult anyway. Here, it was correct to show an upright posture with a slightly heavy appearance.


“I would appreciate it if sister-in-law would understand.”

“…… “

“… Private residence?”

“… I will tell you everything.”


“If I don’t help, she will tell my sister that she taught me that ‘perverted’ training method that day! I know?”

However, Wi Ji-eun’s reaction was unexpected.

I tried to help by pretending that I couldn’t win if I hung on a little longer, but to think that he was threatening me like this… Come to think of it, I wasn’t a calm kid from the first time we met. Wi Ji-eun glared at me with tears in her eyes.

She mustered up the courage to ask for it, but did she get angry because I refused with a single knife?

Wi Ji-eun, who appealed that she was angry with her cheeks inflated, was so cute that I was going crazy. It was a serious situation, but doing such a cute thing made me laugh so much that it was a big deal.

“All right. I can’t help it. We’re here to help.

So I had no choice but to do her favor her right away.


“What exactly do you want to do?”

“… I don’t know.”


“I’ve never dated a man, how can I know? Heh, the priest, please think about it and help me.”

Eunah, then I can’t help you. I can’t help you if you tick like that. Wi Ji-eun answered me bluntly as if she was still angry. So I had no choice but to hold her hand her, just as Wei Jieun said at the beginning.

“You mean this?”

“Aww… Hehe, that… Not like that.”

“Exactly, this is what I mean. Like a lover, do you want to wear a pod?”

“Ha ha… Yes yes…”

Wi Ji-eun’s face became redder than the setting sun.

“No, I made a mistake. Instead of facing each other and holding hands, you wanted to wear your pods next to each other like this, right? While touching her shoulders, feeling each other’s body temperature.”

“Ha,haha… “

“Is it not?”

“No, that’s right… You know well too. Huh… Wow?!”

“And don’t you want to send a signal just for the two of you by rubbing your hands like this? Like wanting to secretly kiss you on the corner over there, or wanting to be with you until the morning tonight, etc.”

“… Do you do that to Hye-ah?”

“For Hye-mae… It whispers in my ear.”


It’s cute. When I whispered in his ear his, Wi Ji-eun was startled and hurried away from me. Because she is a child who has a taste for teasing after all. Wei Ji-eun, who behaves as expected, was very lovely.

“Ha ha… Ha… “

By the way… Was I a bit harsh? Seeing her watch out for me while wheezing her breath made me think she was too much from the start. So she was going to apologize…

“I get it roughly… Lovers do this… Then I’ll ask you until you get used to it. Let’s even whisper today.”

Wi Ji-eun approached me again.

After all, the bloodline of the Wiji family is a little different. Impressed by her fairly open attitude towards her, I did my best to help her.


“Private residence?”

“Write… “

“Hey, sister?”


“Are you listening?”

The lessons with Wi Ji-eun continued even after that. She thought it would be over in one day but she blackmails me every single day. She should have noticed when she said ‘today’, but she caught on.

“Write… Hot, yes?”

“Time is up. Let’s finish here for today.”

But nothing bad. Anyway, you’re having a fun time with your cute sister-in-law. It would have been a bit embarrassing if I was caught by Hye-mae, but fortunately that didn’t happen, and I was able to enjoy the lover’s game with my sister-in-law today.

“That, but… Aren’t you used to hugging yet?”

“Even though you’ve been in my arms for almost an hour today?”

After almost two weeks of non-attacking, it can be said that Wi Ji-eun is almost finished, right? This should give her peace of mind until she takes her as her second wife her.

There’s no way she’ll fall for another man now.

“That, but… How can I not get used to it! … Can you feel it? My heart is still beating like it’s going to explode. I’m trying, but it’s not easy, this.”

“Anyway, let’s stop here for today. It’s late.”

“Then…Finally, please whisper in your lover’s ear. …I need a review.”

“All right. Then can I just say ‘good night’?”

“No… I’m going out of town today… Saying ‘I love you’… Please. Just like you do to your older sister, be as kind as possible and with lots of affection…”

Wi Ji-eun, who asked me this far, is leaving me? That will never happen. And there’s no way I’m Siwoo and I can’t release the caught fish. It was safe to say that Wi Ji-eun had been captured since he had come this far.

“I love you, sister.”

Hehe… I love you too…”

“Are you done now?”

“…… Joy! Do your best until the end! What is that, like a knife! Until I leave, treat me like a lover!”

– Warak

“I’m sorry, sister. Are you upset?”

“Huh… Little bit.”

“You know I love you, right?”

“Yes, yes… “

“It’s cold, so take care of yourself and sleep while thinking of me. Got it?”


It’s easy.

Everything seems to be going well since it became a thousand delays due to random events. … Could it be that it is a heavenly body including that? Well, it looked like a possibility. Seeing only peaceful days like this continue.


“Ouch… My lord, I’m sorry… Our non-solidarity alone was not enough.”


“Kihehe, I heard that there is a walking elixir in your family. It would be better to give it away immediately. Hee hee hee hee!”

… I was stupid to think that. If you look closely, the main characters of martial arts get caught up in incidents even though they are incompetent. Seeing a group of Sapas attacking out of nowhere, I had a hunch that something had finally begun.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
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