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Heroine Netori 219

Heroine Netori 219

Chapter 219 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (22)

It is a martial arts worldview that I only came to after seeing Wi Ji-hye. So she had no intention of touching any other woman but herself. If she made a mistake for nothing, Wii Ji-hye’s likability could be cut. In order to avoid such stupid things, it was only right to look at Wi Ji-hye.

‘Do men hate women with small breasts… ?’

However… Wei Ji-eun came out like this, but she couldn’t leave her alone.

She blushed as if she was ashamed, but she looked up at me to see if she wanted to hear an answer, how could she leave this cute child alone. I planted a small seed in her for a pink future to come someday.

‘… You can watch it, listen to my explanation, and follow it slowly… ‘

Apparently, it doesn’t seem like I have any feelings for me, but I noticed that I yearn for romance and skinship between lovers. Like most girls of that age do. So, I made her an unforgettable memory for her, so that Ji-eun Wei would be conscious of me when she dreamed of her love her in the future.

You are an innocent girl who has never held a man’s hand. But how much do you have to worry about doing such a strange thing? I guarantee you that every time you do a breast massage, you will think of my face, and that way you will think of me more and more as a member of the opposite sex.

Then the preparations are over now.

When she marries Wi Ji-hye and settles down in Moorim to some extent, she will eat her fruit her, Wi Ji-eun. Wouldn’t her mother-in-law admit it if her opponent her was her own brother her? As I imagined the flowers in her hands her, the flowers of laughter bloomed.

‘Hey, you can show me. Now, like this!’

By the way… Originally, was Weijise people sexually open?

The fact that she brought up the story of her breasts without any resistance, the way she learned to massage her breasts without any resistance, the way she showed her bare breasts at the end … Unexpectedly, Wi Ji-eun was very easy-going. She said it to the point where I wondered if she was the one who was angry at her, saying that it was her color.

Well… Well, good is good Anyway, thank you, we had a fun time. After the consultation with Wi Ji-eun, I went to visit Wi Ji-eun with the food she cooked myself.

“… I’m impressed, Baekrang.”

“It is a sign of gratitude. I am always indebted to you.”

“Oh, that’s what I’m talking about…”


“You’re indebted to Baekrang’s cock every night, huh… “

“Hye-mae… “

“You look very well taken care of today. To grilled eel, to oyster dishes… Huhuhu, don’t you intend to put me to sleep? Cheeky white…”

“Haha, you got caught.”

“Because you cooked for me anyway… Come here, I’ll feed you. Aang. Huhu, please eat a lot and ejaculate hard in my pussy. Until my womb overflows. Got it?”

They say there is no younger brother like an older brother, and there is no younger brother like an older sister…

Wi Ji-eun was also very cute and nerdy, but Hye-mae was also the best. To think that she had such a strong vaginal appeal while not eating… I think I need to work a little harder today.


A week had passed since her Wei Ji-eun opened her heart to her Baek her. She needed the help of an experienced person because she seemed to be getting further and further away from Wi Ji-eun, let alone progress.

“Panga is a spirit, a spirit! She has no spirit, no martial arts, no love! Her older brother’s marriage her was all done with spirit. Oops It’s not okay to be timid like you!”

“Brother is right, the youngest. Shouldn’t you at least show Paengga-like spirit? I don’t know what’s good about that flat kid, but if there’s a hole, you have to show your spirit.”

“I am flat! Eunah is just a little… She’s it’s just small And don’t talk dirty with Eun-ah! Do you want to do that to your close brother?”

“This is called ambition, maknae. Eun-ah, it’s scary when that girl runs rampant, but… If you are a fanga, you have to show this level of spirit! The reason why my brother won the love of Miss Mina is because he showed this spirit!”

“Keuuu, yes, that’s all! It is also second.”

“Your brother is cool too!”


“Cheer up… Ambition… Got it, brothers! I will do it like a fanga!”

Paeng Si-wun, who had learned so much, called Wi Ji-eun and spoke with enthusiasm. She said that she would punish the slut who tormented her heart her instead.

“I’ve been thinking about it, but I don’t think I should let that color horse go. Even for the morals of Hebei Province!”

I wanted to cheer up and confess, but … She thought it wasn’t the right time yet, so she was thinking of raising her likeability her first.

“What? What is he saying now.”

“That slut who harasses your sister, I will punish you instead! If you get scolded once, you won’t be able to do such a mean thing again!”

“… Done.”

By the way… Wi Ji-eun’s reaction, which she expected to like, was unexpectedly cold. Of course she thought she would be delighted … She looked at her Peng Si-yun pathetically, then called her out for just that, exclaiming her irritation of her.

“No, that… Hey, don’t worry! Because there are brothers! Do you think that color horse is surprisingly a master? It’s okay though! You’ve heard the saying that if the three Panga brothers step up, she’s invincible, right? Haha, I’m going to ask the hyungs…”

“Even if it’s okay. What are you saying really Hey, did I even ask for that?”

“… Uh? No… That, Eun-ah, to give you strength…”

“So, did I even ask for that?”

“That is…”

“Say it straight. Did I ask for that?”


“Right? But why are you trying to make useless things?”

“M-I’m sorry… “

Fang Siyun, greatly embarrassed by her aloof her Wei Jieun, cursed at her older brothers in her heart her. She said that, like Panga, she would be able to do anything if she stepped forward with a confident attitude … She did n’t work for Wi Ji-eun, and it seemed that she was only hated by her.

It’s her words when the mood is n’t good with her.

“Ha… Shiun-ah, I’m grateful that you think of me, but please don’t make me uncomfortable. Huh? Siwoon isn’t that kind of person.”

“That, that… Yes… “

“And hey, you know what’s been really weird lately? Sweating all the time, stuttering, is there any pain anywhere? It’s very uncomfortable to see.”

However, Wi Ji-eun pointed at that point.

Recently, she said that just looking at her face would make her heart burst, and she was dumbfounded like an idiot … Wi Ji-eun sharply pointed out Paeng Si-wun’s stupidity.

“No, that… Uh, uh It’s a little like that these days, because there’s work, I guess.”

In the end, Pang Si-woon stuttered her words while still sweating profusely.

“Ha, then don’t call me until the matter is resolved. Got it?”

“Uh, uh, thank you for worrying about me.”

“…… I’ll go.”


After returning home, Wei Ji-eun angrily criticized Peng Si-yun for his rudeness of her. Although she is a friend, she is definitely someone else’s family, and she was annoyed that she insulted her priest.

“What are you talking about…”

Wi Ji-eun, who was disappointed with Peng Si-woon today, remembered the priest who was cursed without any fault. To be precise, after a long sparring, the priest’s body was wet with sweat.

“Ha… I didn’t see you change clothes because you called me for nothing…”

“Chi, it was the last sparring this week… “

“… I’m glad I saw a lot of them during the sparring.”

And as she reflected on the scene, she slipped her own hands into her clothes.

“Hahm… But the priest is also a real pervert…”

“Even when I get a little wet, my insides are completely transparent… You keep wearing those clothes? Are you just trying to show off me? Hey, you can’t focus on sparring because of that… Ha… “

Wi Ji-eun, who started the “How to grow breasts” Taught by the priest, continued to think about the priest and play with her nipples. Then he twirled his nipples, imagining that the priest was caring for them.

“Ha, priest… This color horse… What are you doing all of a sudden in sparring… Aang…”

“Someone else sees… Hot, ha… No… Wow, haha…”

For some reason, when she thought of another man, there was no effect, so she was a choice she had no choice but to make. His childhood friend her, Paeng Si-wun, or the male protagonist in the novel could n’t possibly warm up his body her.

“Huh, ha ha… Wait, there… Can’t go there… There, ha…”

“I am still a virgin… Yes… “

But there was a problem. The problem is that when she chooses a priest, the area between her crotch becomes strangely unbearably itchy, just like when she overheard the priest having sex with her sister her.

“Then… The priest has an older sister…”

“Ha, yes… Do you love me then… This color horse…”

“Haaang… Chu, chu-eup… If you soften… I’ll forgive you…”

In the end, Wi Jieun had to caress her own breasts with one hand while caressing her own pussy with the other. While imagining being violated by a priest.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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