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Heroine Netori 218

Heroine Netori 218

Chapter 218 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (21)

“Do men hate women with small breasts… ?”

It was a very embarrassing question that made my face turn red when I asked it, but I had to bring this up. For the love that will happen someday… It is a question that must be addressed. Since there was no one else to ask, I couldn’t miss this opportunity.

“Um… That was a concern.”

“…… Yes.”

“To be objective… I don’t hate it. But I don’t even like it. If I had to find an answer, the correct answer would be that I am not very interested.”

But… The answer that came back was a very heartbreaking story.


I’m not interested… Yes, that’s right. I did, but unfortunately it happened. After all, with a flat chest like this, you can’t get the favor of the opposite sex… I didn’t want to admit it, but in the reality that I had to admit it, my shoulders drooped.

This is a big hit

It feels like there’s a hole in my heart. Even this man who was like a slut had no interest in small breasts. I hated the man who answered honestly.

“It’s like human nature. As long as you have sexual desire, you have no choice but to be conscious of the sexual part of the other person. It doesn’t matter if you’re a monk or a guru, but you can think that all ordinary men are the same.”

“Yeah, that’s right… “

“But there is no need to be discouraged already. Actually, I know how to grow breasts. Sister-in-law’s concerns are problems that can be sufficiently resolved.”

“…… Yes?!”

But, what does this mean? Unexpected words came out of the man’s mouth. His chest his… Can you grow? As I looked up at the man with hope, he smiled happily and continued his story.

“It’s a bit embarrassing that way, but… If you really want your sister-in-law, I’m willing to let you know. How about it, would you like to learn it?”

“Uh…Now, hold on…”

Can I trust you? It’s a color horse… ? I wondered if he might be using this as an excuse to do lewd things to me. I can’t believe there is a way to enlarge your breasts! Hearing the story made me feel as if I was cheating.

“That is…”

However… You said that you have no interest in small breasts. It didn’t look like the sex demon that only looked at my sister would come and aim for me. … So after much consideration, I accepted the man’s invitation.

“Yes, I will learn. Uh, what can I do?”

“I will show you a demonstration, so you can watch it, listen to my explanation, and follow it slowly. Simple, right?”

“A demonstration… ?”

“Yes, it is a demonstration. Now, just put your hands on your chest like this first.”

“Oh, my!”

What is it, it was right to do lewd things after all!


“In this state, hold the nipple with your thumb and index finger.”

“… Uh, how?”

“You can hold it like this.”

“Ah… I see…”

“It’s embarrassing, but it’s easier to explain if you take it off.”

“Ahaha… That, I will.”

It was right to do lewd things, but that didn’t stop me from learning. I’m doing my best to teach you like that, how can you say you’re going to quit? It’s obscene, but it’s sure to be effective, so I had to put up with it even if I was embarrassed.

And what’s embarrassing is… It’s not just me. Even at the thought of a man who had the shame to strip his upper body of his for a detailed explanation, he could not be selfish.

No, since he said he didn’t know, how could he doubt and reject that man who took off his clothes and tried to teach him seriously. As a person with a conscience, I had to trust the man.

“But could you come a little closer? It doesn’t look good.”

“All right.”

I’m still touching it under my clothes. It’s okay to show this much. Excusing myself like that, I broke the man’s chest… His nipples his… Stared intently

I felt it when I first saw it… On the topic of male nipples, they are very pretty. I felt that I wanted to touch him instead… Crazy, hey crazy bitch! Are you really a pervert? Why do you keep thinking like that?

My sense of wonder increased today.

“And now, think of the person you love and turn the nipple round and round.”

“Sah, someone you love… What if you don’t?”

“Then you can think of your ideal type.”

But I love you… No? Even the ideal… I mean, there is nothing. As I hesitated in embarrassment, the man who noticed the situation added an afterword.

“It’s okay to be the main character in a novel, or the main character in a delusion. You can think of an ideal man who would like to touch my breasts.”

A man who wants me to touch my breasts… Come to think of it, the man in front of me… He touched my breasts for a moment. He was quite thrilled at the time…

“Have you decided?”

“… Yes yes…”

Then, just for today… Shall we decide on this man? There was no one else that came to mind, so I thought of the man in front of me and twisted my nipples as he said.

“Then I repeat the action, imagining that the man is caring my nipple.”

“… Yes.”

Is this man my nipples? Ugh… The man’s fingers massaging his ass he came to mind. The attractive fingers of a man who are firm yet soft.

Thinking that his fingers were pinching my nipples and tormenting me like this, a tingling sensation ran up his lower abdomen. I’m sure you’ll feel great… Perhaps the moment you caress him, he will spit out obscene sounds right away?

When I thought that, I laughed without knowing it.

If it was this lecherous man like a slut, he would come out and kiss him. She’ll suck my tongue out, teasing an unmarried girl for making a lewd noise. Then, as he kneaded my ass again, he would laugh at how good his butt his was.

Then he’ll pull out that big cock and put it in my cunt…

After all, my virgin…

“…… Are you listening?”

“Huh?! … Oh yes!”

“If I had imagined it properly, my nipples would have hardened. Now caress her breasts her, being careful not to touch her nipples her.”

“Are you still imagining it?”

“Yes, you have to keep imagining until the end.”

Whoa… It’s a surprise. You’re too focused… I came to my senses and once again imagining a man caressing my breasts, I carefully caressed my breasts.


By the way… This… It feels so good…

She obviously did n’t feel anything when she touched alone … Is it because a man is in front of you, or is it because you imagine that a man is touching you … An unbearable pleasure was felt in her chest her.

“Huh, ha ha… Yes… “

It’s nice to touch yourself… Wouldn’t it be much better if a man touched you directly?

“Hahm… Ah… “

She was envious of her older sister her, who must have been loved by a lot of men. Even when this slut did that shit on her street her… You must have felt a much better pleasure than you do now. It was understandable that her sister had become a naughty woman.

“And finally, you can do this by holding the nipple between your index and middle fingers like this, and then caressing her her breasts. How easy is it?”

“Ah, ha ha… Like this?”

“Well… Even if you say so, I cannot recognize you.”


“Hey, you can show me. Now, like this!”

“Sister, sister… !”


Mad bitch, mad bitch, mad bitch, mad bitch, mad bitch!

I was so excited that I did something crazy. While thinking of something stupid, I want you to touch me a little… Ugh, she wasn’t such a lecherous woman… I keep feeling like a slut in front of this man.

“… That’s right.”

“…… Yes.”

Bae, don’t care! You get more depressed… The man who pretended not to see anything made me even more annoyed. He should at least be ashamed! It’s small, but it’s a woman’s breasts, right? At least it’s polite to blush!

Hee… I feel like crying.

“Hmmmm, anyway, if you caress your breasts like this, your body will heat up, and that will work. My body gets hot because of the fever of growth.”

“…… “

“Fortunately, sister-in-law’s body is still growing, so if you continue to touch her breasts from now on, she will become a size above average.”

“…… Really?”

“Really. And when that happens, it’s over. A woman with a cute and beautiful face like the sister-in-law, but her breast size is also above average? What man wouldn’t love a woman like that.”

“…… Really? Yes, the priest too… Are you interested?”

“I’m not interested in other women because I have Hye-mae.”

“… Heh, is it?”

“But if she had such a woman nearby, she would be in quite trouble. As a man myself, I have no choice but to be conscious of such an attractive woman.”

“Huh… I see… “

Yes, I guess. They say that only unnie looks at her, but the essence of her is that she’s a slut. It’s because she doesn’t have a girl as attractive as her sister, would her eyes roll over if she appeared? Uh huh… Oh, that’s funny If that happens, won’t you secretly cling to me?

I regained my energy from the priest’s words, shook off my depressed mood and smiled, and the priest suddenly whispered in a small whisper with a serious face.

“By the way, sister-in-law, today’s work is a secret.”

“A secret?”

“That is… Didn’t we do something embarrassing to each other today? So why don’t you keep today’s secret between the two of you?”

“It’s our secret…”

Are you afraid that your sister will find out? How cute…

Anyway, my heart started pounding at the word that it was a secret between the two of us. It’s a secret between the priest and me that I hide even from my sister… Hehe, as expected, priests are like male protagonists in novels. You know how to make people flutter.

Feeling better, I smiled broadly and spoke to the priest.

“I know. Instead, please listen to my concerns next time.”

“Are there any other concerns?”

“I don’t know. Will you listen anyway?”

“It’s a sister-in-law’s request, so you have to listen.”

“Okay, I promise!”

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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