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Heroine Netori 225

Heroine Netori 225

Chapter 225 – Taegeuk Yin-Yang Body (28)

A lot happened, but… To begin with, it was a happy ending. My father-in-law readily allowed us to meet. To be honest, she was worried that she wouldn’t get hit properly this time, but… That never happened, and that’s how I became official with my two sisters.

“Get up, brother. It is already morning.”

“Baekrang is really… What if you just wake up here?”

“Because my real brother is a sexist… Wait, sister! Why are you taking it off!”

“You can’t train like this, can you? I have to take a step out.”

“…… Then don’t do it alone, do it together.”

After that, well, it was a series of pleasant days.

From morning to dawn, we mingled and made love every day, getting to know each other more and dreaming of a happy future. It’s a wedding ceremony in a month from now, and I think Hye-mae’s favorability will have gone up enough by that time.

… So, now I have to think about Netori.

“A guest is coming from the Namgung family?”

Even a tiger will come if you say it, and news of Siwoo came just in time.


Today, too, Peng Si-wun thought of Wi Ji-eun and secretly boiled his insides. Contrary to her growing feelings for her day by day, the relationship between him and her was in place. In addition, as the atmosphere of Jieun Wie changed and unexpected competitors appeared, Pang Siyun had no choice but to become more and more nervous.

‘Didn’t the youngest of the Wei family become so beautiful?’

‘Kuhm, hmm… That, it’s gotten pretty big too.’

‘I only looked like a child until recently… Now she has become a rare beauty. Where are you going to try? I think I’ll be able to do it.’

‘Uh huh, where can the bloodline of Wiji family go? I knew it would be like this from the start. So it’s not like we were friendly beforehand. It’s different from you.’

However, not knowing how Paeng Si-woon felt, his older brothers came and congratulated him saying that Mr. Je-su had become pretty. His brothers his believed his lie that he was doing well with Wi Ji-eun. In the end, Paeng Si-woon, who was suffering from being caught in a trap, hurriedly left the house with the excuse that he had work.

“Hey, little brother. Are you going to meet Jesu?”

“I believed you! After all, you are a fanga man!”

‘Panga’s man is a bitch, ha ha… If that’s the case, I’m just being honest… ‘

However, since he had nowhere to go, Paeng Si-woon, who entered a deserted alleyway, sat down and regretted the foolish past. And at this point, he began to think seriously about his relationship with his Wi Ji-eun.

‘I’m better than those idiots… It’s not like there’s a lot of potential. Eun-ah, it’s been really cold lately… What if the rumors get bigger? I heard that Mo Yong-se, the youngest guy, reveals a woman… No, of course Eun-ah won’t fall for a guy like that.’

‘Ha… First of all, I have to get close to Eun-ah again… It’s so frustrating that I don’t meet you because I’m training. There must be that nasty guy in Sega… Oh, is it because of him that I’m cold? I need help because I’m still?’

‘By the way… Aren’t you getting scolded again for helping me? I did something I didn’t ask for… Ha ha, Eunah really, what should I do? We weren’t so inhospitable. Clearly… She thought she was looking at the same future… ’

However, the more that happened, the more depressed Peng Siyun’s heart became.

‘I don’t know… Shall we go for a drink or something…’

Unable to find an answer, Pang Si-yun walked to a nearby pub to soothe his gloomy heart her.

“Ah, my older brother is really… In this place…”

“Should I quit?”

“Who wants to quit? A little softer… Hehe, it means to touch me.”

But then, the voices of a man and a woman were heard from across the alley. Along with lewd conversation on the street, as if trying to make love. Paeng Si-wun, who was already annoyed because of that, headed to the place where the voice came from to admonish the two.

“You mean this?”

“No. Inside the clothes… Yes, so…”

“Miss Eun-ah… Your nipples are already hard.”

But there, Wei Ji-eun, whom Pang Si-yun wanted to meet so much, was having her breasts caressed by a handsome man.


“Ugh, Eunah! You! This, this slut! Get your hands off Eun-ah!”

Embarrassed, Paeng Si-wun immediately rushed at the two and shouted for them to leave immediately. However, the man did not take his hand off Wi Ji-eun’s chest even after hearing his cry of her, and Wi Ji-eun enjoyed the man’s caress and greeted Peng Si-yun with a calm face.

“Hello, Siwoon. Haang… Long time no see.”

“Miss Eun-ah, are you my friend?”

“Yes, hello. This is my friend Peng Siyun. Ha… And Siwoon, say hello to you too. It’s my fiancé’s brother Baek.”

“What is that, hey, a fiancé… Is that a lie?”

“Nice to see you. My name is Baek, Lady Eun-ah’s lover.”

“Lie! It is a lie! It’s a lie!”

Lovers, what the hell happened… Paeng Si-woon, whose head was completely blank at the reality he could not accept, desperately told the two not to lie. Being engaged to Wi Ji-eun was something that Peng Si-wun could neither understand nor admit.

“It’s true… Siwoon, it’s true. Ha ha, look at this. Can’t you believe it when you see this?”

“Miss Eun-ah, I think I have to show you some solid evidence.”

“Yes? Ah… Hehe, that’s right Ha-am, chu-ssong, ha… Chuup, Chuuut… Oh my brother, ha…”

However, seeing Wi Ji-eun kissing a man as if it was natural, Peng Si-wun had to understand and admit it. Wi Ji-eun has a lover, and she is that lover, but she is not herself. It was nonsense, but it was absurdly true.

“Then… Uh, Eunah, you… How… This man… I…”

“Really, my brother… Are you going to keep touching it in front of your friend?”

“Then shall we quit?”

“Who wants to quit? Ha ha, if it’s for my older brother… She can tolerate this much like her sister her. Eh, this is a lover’s affection, right?”

“Indeed… You have grown up.”

“Thanks to my brother. Hehe, hehe, haha…”

“Wow, what bullshit! Eunah please stop! This… What is this, stop it!”

However, there was no reason for Peng Siyun to stay still. No matter how much she was a lover, the actions of the two now crossed the line. Doing such vulgar things on the street… Embarrassed, Peng Si-wun continued to stutter and screamed to stop the two of them.

“Eun, you did this… How could you do such a slut like this… Is it because of this man? This man is Eun-ah you… Weird, Ma, did you make it? That’s it! This trash!”

“Did you force your engagement? There’s no way you could truly love a crazy person like this! Do you need my help? No, just talk! I’ll save you right now!”

And while still glaring at the man who was caressing Wi Ji-eun’s chest, she sincerely criticized him. To think that Eun-ah would do such a lascivious thing… It was clear that he had been threatened by the slave. So he thought he had to rescue her from her slut.

“Crazy… Are you out of your mind what kind of bullshit are you ha, true It’s really ridiculous.”

“Uh huh?”

“Siwoon, don’t you know? Women like to be touched like this too. You know what women don’t have sexual desire for? They are all the same.”

“… Uh huh?”

“I still ask for it. It’s okay to show it to others, so please touch it.”

However, Paeng Si-wun’s expectations were shattered by Wi Ji-eun’s answer to her.

“Of course doing it on the street, this might be crossing the line. But you, who have nothing to do with me, won’t interfere? You say we like you, but why are you interfering?”

“Aya, that’s… “

“And you, you lied then? When I said that all men like women’s breasts, what? Aren’t men like me like that? Are you saying that my brother is a pervert? Ha, that’s funny.”

“Jee, it’s true I… “

“Then why are you getting an erection right now, you slut? You… Are you jealous of your brother? You want to touch my breast too, right? You liar.”

“Uh, uh… No, that’s…”

“But, you know what? You could touch it if you wanted.”

“…… What is it

“But right now you don’t have a chance. It’s already too late So can you please go back now? I don’t even want to show you having sex with my brother.”

“Ah, ah, ah ah ah!”


Unable to withstand Wi Ji-eun’s sharp words that pierced her to the bone, Paeng Si-woon ran away in tears. And when he left, Wi Ji-eun’s strange moaning sound began to be heard.

Heroine Netori

Heroine Netori

히로인 네토리
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[You have awakened the 'Heroine Netori' ability.] [Try to eat the heroines.]


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