Golden Sun Chronicles 486

Golden Sun Chronicles 486

Chapter 486 – 485. Interlude Stories – Stories So Far (9)

“Clarke…Hehe ♡”

Lucy comes to me and hugs me, looking like she has everything in the world. Now that I see it, it looks like a dog, with its tail gently wagging.

The sight of flames fluttering and shaking, and the room burning.

Turn off the light.

Ihot says he wants you to deal with that flame before it spreads throughout the labyrinth, and since he can’t overcome Cthugain Lucy’s power on his own, he wants me to help him.

Of course, since he is the manager of my house, I should help him.

As a resident, it is right to help, and if the cause is me, it is right to help even more.

The sight of Lucy being hugged by me wearing sexy underwear. The combination of freshness, innocence, and sweetness makes me want to hug her with a sexy feeling from her heterogeneous charm. Red hair, red eyes. Carnal desire hidden in innocence.

Lucy, who was hugged to me with her tail wagging, wearing a red, see-through negligee and lace panties, was like a female in heat.

When I think about it, I feel sorry that I did something absolutely impossible to Lucy, who watched and watched and endured the sex scene over and over again.

That’s right, I’ve been making it difficult for you.

For the past year, Lucy has assisted me in many ways when he lost his powers, and has done many things under my direction.


-Mod, let’s go together.

-…It’s okay. Anyway, I thought this day would come someday.
-Like a knight, I’m going to die like a knight for just one day today.

Mordred, who sent Lucy away with me with those two words, succeeded in killing King Arthur.

And from then until now.

Starting from the cold winter, he uses his flames to warm me as my body temperature drops, and then, following my instructions, burns the enemy and goes out to fight.

To be honest, even when I asked Lucy what reward she wanted or what she wanted, it was always like this.

-Right now, I’m with Clark. Please don’t throw me away… Are you going to throw me away?

That he just wanted to be with me.

When I think about it now, I think Lucy was awakened as Cthuga, and as a subadult of the star being, she was drawn to me and stayed around. And finally, now that Cthuga has consumed all the flames and electricity, he has awakened.

At first glance, she seems to think that she has transformed into a passionate woman herself… But from my perspective, she is still just a big baby.

She is truly a bagel girl with a gentle and gentle appearance.

Of course, for me as well as for others, it would probably be an irreplaceable nightmare of fire.

Because she is like that.

The fact that this room is filled with flames that burn up instantly when other people touch them is also proof of this.

Of course, it was turned off by me – but this is also something only I can do.

“Hehe… King, Clark, Prince… Hehe-“

“When you say ‘prince,’ I actually feel more embarrassed.”

That’s because I was treated so poorly that I could be called a prince.

Ha ha! Become stronger and harder! Slap Slap Slap!!! That ah ah ah !!!!

Because this was repeating itself. In particular, the Demon Sultan himself placed various prohibitions on me, and I broke all of those prohibitions and completely awakened as a star. As a result, the gods were completely destroyed, and the creation goddess Tiamat, who was transformed into a demon, was also destroyed. This is evidence of this.

Of course, either way, Lucy comes up to me and rubs her head. The sight of him burying his head on his chest and taking deep breaths. The sight of his tail gently wrapping around my waist. There was lust in those moist, wet eyes.

And Lucy’s hand moves towards my crotch.

“…I held back a lot, a long time, a lot – yes. Until Clark came looking for me. Until the prince came looking for me. Hehe -“

“Did you wait?”

“…Yes. From the time I left Mord, until now-“

I can’t do it.

Indeed, calling it this way is Lucy’s unique identity.

Caressing Lucy’s face. This cuteness makes me want to hold it in my hand and pet its cheeks like a puppy. Of course, apart from that, she is wooing me with her sexy, mature body. How can I express how unbalanced it is to just push my body in because I don’t know what to do?

It’s like handling a baby.

It also feels like dealing with a full-sized idiot.

But apart from that, Lucy is just dazed, but she also clearly has intelligence.

That’s right, if you’re stupid you wouldn’t have survived until now.

He’s smart, and even though he can’t use magic, he has the knowledge about it, so it’s possible to deal with it. When it comes to combat, he can hardly be considered a child.

It’s just that Lucy doesn’t care about anything else and has no intention of caring about it.

Right now, the sound of my pounding heart and the intense heat were facing me.

“Lucy, do you like me?”

“Yes! A lot!”

The power of hugging with the tail becomes stronger. Well, Lucy was hugged gently while trying to control her strength so as not to make her feel too sleepy.

And I stroked Lucy’s face with it.

Lucy, too, seemed to notice something and closed her eyes.

And then my lips match those lips.


And unlike the first time, Lucy’s stiff body seemed very tense. He gently wraps Lucy’s waist and gently caresses various parts of Lucy’s body to relieve Lucy’s tension.

As if she was looking forward to this first time for a woman and this moment she had been waiting for for a long time, Lucy gradually surrendered herself to me and relaxed into my kiss.

“Haha-♡ I like it…I like it…♡”

It even makes a purring sound, as if it feels good. She is a star. Among them, she had the appearance of a dragon, and in reality, Cthuga also had a similar appearance. In fact, she looks more like a devil than a dragon, but from my perspective, there is no difference between a dragon and a devil.

Plus, she was said to have been born from the remains of a dragon, so if she’s a dragon, she’s a dragon.

In the end, if you think about it, I was born in a human body, so it is natural that I take on a human form.

Starting from the waist, and as soon as the hand touches her chest, a light spark appears as if she is startled. I think a normal person would probably have burned before even feeling the heat, but…

“Clarke… If it’s… It’s okay… Ah♡ so it’s not hot… I wrote it down in my blood♡”

“If it’s someone else, they’ll just burn up?”

“I don’t want to be touched by anyone but Clark.”

And yet, you obediently listened to me being deliberately captured by Bashumu and told to be a jerk. I feel proud of that for no reason, so I pat his head.

“Hair… Is good too…♡”

And then, Lucy’s hand grasps my hand tightly and brings it to her chest.

“A little more… An adult’s world – please tell me…♡”

Fortunately, Lucy, who asked the man to teach me about the world of adults, entrusted her whole body to me and hugged me tightly, and I caressed her entire body as she requested. He kisses Lucy while caressing the area from her back to the part where Lucy’s tail connects, as well as her buttocks, waist, and chest.

He caresses Lucy’s breasts, which are visible through the negligee.

Rather than being voluptuous, the appearance is moderately bulging. And the nasal sound that comes out at the end of the kiss is Lucy feeling happy with each and every touch of my hand, and the flames are fluttering and burning.

It looks like he’s trying to reference it somehow, but um…

-Ihot, just don’t restore this and other areas for a while.

-Yes? What is that-

-For a fire to burn, there must be something to burn.

-Wow, king!!!!

Are you surprised? But this is one way to prevent the fire from spreading further.

In addition, Lucy also found it difficult to control the flame, and when she thought about the actions she was going to take from now on, she thought that it would be better to burn hot rather than praying that the fire would not go out.

Did he notice that I was talking to another woman? I see Lucy with tears in her eyes and a very distressed face. He said I should only worry about myself now. I couldn’t stand it anymore, seeing him like a puppy demanding his owner’s attention.

To be honest, I couldn’t believe how much I held back when Lucy kept hitting on me.

“Really, Lucy – what do you think I’m going to do to you when you look at me like that, Lucy?”

“…You heard it like that?”

What is the answer?

“I’m going to just listen and fuck you, right?”


A lot of fire is burning. But there is no heat. All I can feel is Lucy’s slight fever. And if I could feel that slight fever, the surrounding area would probably become a huge sea of ​​fire.

Anyway, it’s good.

At first, I wanted to do it on the bed… But the bed had long since disappeared without a trace due to the surrounding heat. This room itself is Lucy’s space, a space filled with flames and electricity, so I made some preparations, but seeing as how even my magic couldn’t hold on and burned out, Lucy must be in the most excited state right now.

Nevertheless, it’s true that the heat really has no effect on me.

“Lucy, do you like me?”

“Yeah… I really like it♡”

And, the flame that does not burn anything as much as the loved one. I picked up Lucy, who was covered in flames, and laid her down on the floor.

Lucy lies down on the floor without any resistance and spreads her legs according to my touch.

Lucy’s clean pussy mound exposed along with the panties flowing down Lucy’s thighs and the heat and water flowing from it showed that Lucy was very excited and was tempting me as she spread her pussy with both hands as if she wanted me.

“Now, are you going to fuck Lucy’s ripe pussy?”

“…You really are.”

Each and every wording is picked up from what I or the people around me said and then spit it out. I found out later, but now, rather than putting it in the flooded pussy first, I put my face in Lucy’s pussy and licked it with his tongue.

I feel the heat rising momentarily. And regardless, I lick Lucy’s pussy, insert my tongue between the cracks, and suck it. I ecstatically suck the sweet water flowing from Lucy’s pussy.

“Ang, ahhh♡ Ha, ahhh- Clark uh-♡ Clark…♡ I love you, I like it♡ I really, really like it♡”

While I was sucking on the pussy juice that was flowing out, I was loosening Lucy’s pussy with my tongue. Lucy, who had gone lightly and convulsed, went limp. Then, I also took off my clothes and showed her my fully erect cock between my legs, and Lucy got even hotter. It was a situation where even my face turned red.

I approach Lucy.

The joint where the private parts and the cock meet – and before inserting the cock into the pussy, he places his lips on Lucy’s forehead.

Hehe- it tickles..♡”

“Now, if I put more in, I can’t go back. Is that okay?”

“…Yeah…♡ Okay… You know, Clark… I’ve been holding back a lot? I mean… Digest Lucy’s burning pussy… With ♡ cock…Give me♡”



Why, why is every word so vulgar?

Naturally, it seems that the correct answer was that Lucy’s pussy, which was the flame itself, was on fire, as the literal request was to extinguish the burning pussy.

Because Lucy felt a heat that even I could feel.

“Put it in… Give it to me… ♡ Lucy’s burning pussy – use Clark’s fire truck… To extinguish it… ♡ Kya-♡”


With the sound of flesh being torn, Lucy’s virginity being torn apart, I pounce on Lucy without hesitation.

Did I get warmer, or did the surroundings get warmer?

I do not know. Anyway, from the point of view of the fucking bullshit, that kind of thing is meaningless anymore.

-Lehu got hot.


The aftermath was spreading throughout the labyrinth.

The incredible heat can be felt even in the repair shop that Ilias has set up. From there, both Sleipnir and Jormungand, who were busy inspecting, felt the temperature around them rise sharply, and of course-

“Ahhhhh!!! Really!!! Ctu is such a crazy bitch!!! How can the temperature in the entire labyrinth exceed 40 degrees!!!”

Only Ihot, who was running around and managing the labyrinth, was running around hastily lowering the temperature. Jormungand, who saw this, clicked his tongue and asked Ihot.

-If you allow me to have some stake in the labyrinth, I think it would be okay to try cooling using a part of my body. What do you think?

“Anything is fine, so hurry! There are already mothers and the king’s descendants, and if the temperature continues to rise like this, it will be a big problem!!”


It’s hard work for you too.

Meanwhile, Jormungand expands his body to match the heat expanding throughout the labyrinth and begins cooling.

Even more than that.

This heat itself is enough to become a source of energy for oneself.

The master’s fight is difficult.

Because you need to replenish your energy for the difficult journey.

Especially when it comes to the heat of Kthuga, the living sun itself…

-Lehu? Why even to Watashi-

-If I’m the only one who eats it, I think I’ll overheat.

-…Lehu that much?

-It’s so hot that it’s almost cooked to a crisp.

-…Doyoung, Lehu who kills the hotness quickly.

I’m really going to die if this continues.

Golden Sun Chronicles

Golden Sun Chronicles

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Wizard [Golden Sun] Clark – Dawn Bringer. I participated in the expedition and worked hard to kill the demon lord, but this world has long since become a mess due to an accident caused by the Goddess of Creation, and I have to clean up that shit. Holy shit.


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