Golden Sun Chronicles 485

Golden Sun Chronicles 485

Chapter 485 – 484. Interlude Stories – Stories So Far (8)

Thrud, daughter of Thor.

And when she was stomping on the Canps in Phrygia, she was one of those who came to interfere with Liz under Odin’s orders. Did you say she was with Brunhild?

Well, that’s it. I faced him when I came to find Remilia and when I liberated Fenrir, and after that, in the process of defeating Modi, Magni, and these two, Thor came, and I had a fight with Thor, and Thor had a fight with him. He came out and immediately threw Thrud at me.

The same goes for Fenrir.

When he went to look for Remilia, he was reduced to a beast that dragged Remilia and Romus around.

I restored it there, gave it a chance to fuck Odin, and bit Odin in a nice way. Well, since she disguised herself as her own mother, she was like a pad lip in Fenrir’s situation, and how bitter she felt when she ripped Gungnir from Odin.

Well, Fenrir, Loki is said to be kind to me, but Thrud, Thor’s daughter, is honestly in an ambiguous position.

That’s right, Thor is the god of Urus, and although he acts separately from Odin, at least in my situation, he is an enemy, but what can I say?

Should I say that it makes more sense than I thought?

That’s it, I have my position in many ways, and I’m just taking her with her, so why are those pigs ignoring their little sister! Because it’s like this.

What do you mean, even if it’s the same maid, the direct and collateral levels are completely different?

“Before that, you won’t leave even though I told you to. What’s with you, you pigs?”

“Honestly, is it because our little sisters are lacking something that you don’t touch them?”

No, I’m talking about Thor’s daughter before that.

And with those pigs here, how could Grandma Loki be left out?

“Then why my daughter?”

“Hey. If I were a girl, would I look like a golden sun who would just go around picking on you, you old man?”



How did this happen?

Well, if you look at it that way, it doesn’t matter.

If I don’t do it, it’s okay. And on the other hand, whether they have a plan or not.

“First of all, this is my question: is there any benefit to it for you, and is there any benefit to it for me? Let’s talk about it.”

“…Hmm, it’s not like it doesn’t exist at all, but even so, I guess I should say that this is a way to strengthen the relationship that we fought and fought with. Above all, you are not a big threat to the world right now.”

“…But let me correct that stupid comment, I will not hesitate to crush these bugs when I feel like there is nothing more to see from the intelligent beings?”

“It doesn’t matter. A creature without development is not worth living.”

Oh wow.

Is this really madness?

Of course, I said this as a warning, but it seems to be more sincere in their situation.

“Be better. What kind of god would he be if he didn’t bless and support the creatures to become better than the creatures and move toward a better future? In that sense, Zeus was the worst, and Nodens is also an asshole. That future is not possible. “What’s so funny? How long are they going to play God to us and be our babysitters? Even though they don’t seem like pigs, they care a lot about that.”

“Stop talking nonsense, grandma.”

It may or may not sound rough. Loki continues.

“The cycle of life and death must continue. Creation and creation continue to change, the creature becomes the creator, the creator creates creation again, cycles, destroys, and regenerates again, and this eternal cycle continues. Only if it lasts will the universe survive forever without getting sick. That old truth is ignored simply to kill someone, and in the end, the universe becomes sick, and now that the god of death has descended on the world to correct it, this moment itself is crazy. It’s a situation.”

If you listen carefully and think about it, it is true. Mortus, she is the Minister of Death, and as it were, she does not appear in her own world, the world of death, into the mortal plane, into this material world where we are now. When she appears, most beings in the material world cannot survive and die.

So right now, it’s hovering around me in this spirit form.

“We are creatures that must die, and those who must survive are creatures. I don’t want to lead a life whining that I don’t want to die, depriving the future of my children who were born and should have a better life and future, but even so, my children “I want you to be able to see that future. That’s my real purpose.”

“…Thank you for saying that.”

“Oh, you know how to say thank you?”

What on earth does this old woman look at me for? Of course, it was one of the things I was curious about, and one of those questions was solved.

Of course-

“Increasing knowledge is always a good thing. Especially for me. It was one of the things I was curious about.”

“Don’t other goddesses and gods already have similar intentions?”

“Not all gods can do that, and not even Odin, who is still on top. And in this war, Urus caused Sigurd to retreat seriously injured, and as a bonus, Baldur is also in danger of death. Right?”

“Well, I guess so. That unlucky thing, I don’t care if he dies or not.”

I just don’t like Baldur that much. Well, I can’t control his personal feelings, and Odin treats Loki very harshly, and he does a lot of bad things, especially to his children, so he has to bear the karma himself.

What about Thor…

I’m not really interested.

I’m just fiddling with the grapefruit and waiting for it to stick.


Well, we’ll have to settle the matter with that side someday.

I know that this is a masterpiece for the purpose of educating my children in my own way and to help them become better gods, but the fact that the target is me is an uncomfortable situation in many ways.

“So, what does my daughter lack?”

“No, I wasn’t really interested in the first place.”


“…I mean, wouldn’t it be strange if the treatment I took in for business purposes was the same as the treatment I took in as my family?”

“…For work… So, everything is work?”

“If I really have to ask.”

To put it in a nutshell, this is the story that I don’t want to mess with unless I’m openly saying that I’m getting married for the sake of an alliance or something like that. Even for that, Hestia gave me all her help and was sincere.

What if that were the case?

This is what these two will be most annoyed by.

The first person I have to ask for permission to even have women around me.

“Our wife is fine. Should we ask her?”


Thor seems to have realized something only then, but he seems a little displeased.

“Do you become a man and leave that decision to a woman?”

“Look, Thor. Being the first wife means you have a right to it. And what good is being the first if you can’t even decide on that? “It’s going to cause a commotion, so why are you hugging me without making that kind of effort? Isn’t that really rude?”


Thor was slightly uncomfortable and was making a sound of boiling phlegm. And the same goes for Loki, but with his eloquent nature, Loki seems to think of all the best cards he can play.

After thinking about it for a while, Thor asks if he can help but talk to him.

“Hey Thor, can you help me?”

“Grandma, if you talk nonsense, I won’t leave you alone.”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. Ah! Okay, I’m sorry for holding you back for no reason, Clark. From here on, it’s just between us, so you can go.”


To be honest, I don’t know what kind of bullshit those two will say to my sister, but my sister is a woman who won’t hesitate to break a pot if she thinks it’s bullshit, so I’m not really worried, but I think they’ll bother me in many ways.

“…Hmm, well, your first wife is also ours.”

“… That woman, if you touch her, she gets scolded.”

Seeing as it ends with her getting scolded, it looks like she’s putting up with quite a lot. To me, she may be a kind and good sister, but to others, she will be seen as an alien being and a monster who cannot let her guard down. Of course, I love that kind of woman too.

To begin with, mine is more vicious.

Let’s see.

Where to go next –

-…King, isn’t it still far…?

Correspondence from Ihot.

Well, actually, I was caught while I was trying to head to the place that Ihot called, the place where there was the last person who was very horny.

So, Lucy.

Kthuga is waiting for me in a very heated state, waiting for the reward I give him.

“…I’m sorry, there was a bit of a commotion. I’ll be gone soon.”

Because a promise is a promise.

Compensation should be given according to compensation.

Above all, I have recently become unable to ignore the favors that come my way anymore.

Now that I think about it, the first time I met Lucy was truly a work of art.

Two years ago-

-…What the heck, what kind of invoice is this? Hey Lucy – what are you holding in your mouth?

-…Something to eat.

-He’s not going to eat it. No matter what, don’t eat people, you brat.


When I opened my eyes with a groan as I was dying, I saw Lucy, a dragon girl with red hair who was trying to bite my finger but was being stopped by Mordred.

They say she is a dragon girl born with flames who was found in the remains of a dead dragon.

A strange phenomenon that could never have happened.

And the first meeting with Mordred.


To bring us to this point, the choice and sacrifice Mordred made to let me and Lucy go.

It has come to this day,

“…Hehe…Clarke…Lucy, I’ve been waiting for you.”

A room full of fire.

And in the meantime, Lucy was greeting me, holding a bunch of sexy underwear.

Golden Sun Chronicles

Golden Sun Chronicles

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Wizard [Golden Sun] Clark – Dawn Bringer. I participated in the expedition and worked hard to kill the demon lord, but this world has long since become a mess due to an accident caused by the Goddess of Creation, and I have to clean up that shit. Holy shit.


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