Golden Sun Chronicles 487

Golden Sun Chronicles 487

Chapter 487 – 486. Interlude Stories – Stories So Far (10)

I was thinking that something like this would happen with Lucy someday…Me?

Honestly, I don’t know.

Seeing how Lucy, who accepted me, reacted with such a burning heat that I could also feel it, this pain must have been an unfamiliar and unwelcome feeling for Lucy as well. That means the raw flesh that was in one corner of your body is torn away.

But, that too for a moment.

The heat that was thought to be a little hot was gradually changing into a warm heat.

Lucy, with slightly tears in her eyes, was smiling at me as she hugged me tightly.


Lucy was trembling with joy, caressing her face with both hands. Did Lucy control the energy of the flame? Even so, the temperature feels high in many ways. From my perspective, I’m sweating moderately, but what about outside?

Also, Lucy had been patient for a long time to have a relationship with me.

Even though he didn’t want to leave for the reward I’m talking about, he went out of his way to fulfill my mission and my request. Save Lucy, Lucy save me.

And when Lucy was having a hard time, she carried me and ran away, and when I was about to die, she carried me up and ran away, and when Lucy moved according to my instructions, and when I said anything, she would go in without hesitation, even if it meant limbs.

After that, I would make the enemies escape by making them escape, and we would run away together, and we developed a relationship of trust as a result of our accumulated experience.

Of course, Lucy was never satisfied with this simple relationship of trust with me.

I was able to realize that when I reunited with my older sister.

And that was when I reunited with Anna.

As soon as Anna saw her, she tamed her as her food, and at the same time, she tried to correct Lucy’s behavior and her way of speaking, but she watched and listened to me and learned a lot, so it was not easy and it was a headache.

Well, there was no way Lucy didn’t know about Anna’s affection for me and her feelings for me.

“…Yeah…♡ For now, mine…♡ Clark…For now, it’s Lucy’s-♡ Ehehe-♡”

Lucy’s lips are cute and teary-eyed and she doesn’t let go of me, and after kissing my forehead, I grab Lucy’s waist and whisper to her.

“From now on, no matter how much I cry or cry, I won’t let you go unless I’m satisfied. Are you ready?”

“Yes…A lot, please…Fuck Lucy ♡”

Lucy held onto my waist with her tail and wouldn’t let go.

As I could see the nuance that he would never let me go until he completely screwed me up, I began to have a desire to challenge and a desire to commit rape. Now that I have become a golden sun that cannot be escaped, I hold onto Lucy’s waist tightly and continue pistoning into her pussy that is holding my cock tightly and won’t let go.

Paaang♡ Paaang♡ Paaang♡

Squeak-♡ Squeak♡ Squeak♡

“Ahh♡ Ah♡ Ahhh♡ Clark, I love you-♡ I like you♡ I really, really love you♡”

To be honest, I don’t know how water can splash from a flame. But apart from that, the thing that was accepting me was clearly the pussy juice that filled Lucy’s pussy, and it was holding my dick tightly and acting as a lubricant, allowing my dick to be accepted smoothly.

Lucy, who accepted me and kissed me with a completely melted face, gently held her breasts in my hands and placed them in my mouth.

As she rolled the nipple with her tongue, Lucy giggled as if she was tickled – but as soon as her waist moved, her face relaxed with a strange “Whooshing” Sound, and she had an ecstatic expression again.

It felt like I was picking on her just as she became an adult.

Honestly, if you compare it to Lorraine, who is of the same age and similar age group…

This side is hotter, and it doesn’t get tired as it accepts my dick.

Haha♡ hehe-♡ He’s gone again… I keep making Lucy go again and again♡”

“Do you even know how to say you’re going?”

“Yes ♡ Anna, Shubni Guras, Lavinia, and other goddesses too – if they get fucked by this dick… Her face will become relaxed like mine, like this – hehe ♡”

“Yes, just like this-“


I lift Lucy, who is holding onto me tightly and screaming, and cast a barrage.

And with the momentum of good, she moves her waist on my cock, her red hair soaked in sweat flutters, and drops of sweat roll up from the nape of her neck to her collarbone and cleavage, to the point where I can’t stand it without tasting them one by one.

If you ask me why I endured this much obscene body for so long-

That is to say, after awakening to the existence of a star, I didn’t feel anything because it felt like I was violating an ego in a subadult body that I myself had not yet awakened properly.

Yet Lucy, who did not stop her onslaught of affection, was truly persevering.

To be honest, in the case of my sisters Shubniguras and Atlacnacha Nia, I felt sexual desire and preyed on them because at that time I thought of them as humans rather than as beings of the stars.


In fact, they are more like older sisters, and to men, older sisters are a symbol of sensuality itself.


Right now, the feeling of eating another [Spirit world] Like this is – well.

I’m so excited that I can’t even put it into words.

“Tsk, Aang♡ As expected, Clark-♡ You’re good…♡ Ahhhhh♡”

“For something like that, you’re good at crying, aren’t you, Lucy?”

When I lightly bite the ear, Lucy’s body trembles and clings to me.

And not only that, he rolls the nipple with his tongue and gently bites it with his teeth. Even if the heat seems to rise slightly, then it decreases again –

I enjoyed holding Lucy and fucking her mercilessly, torturing Lucy’s body and watching her agonize.

“Hehe♡ My…Body…♡ Is delicious…?”

“It’s fucking delicious.”

Oops – mistake, mistake – Of course, if Anna hears it, she’ll say something about telling Lucy something strange again, but more than that, it’s Lucy’s fault that she’s so lewd.

“Hide such a sexy body in the clothes you normally wear, and wear sexy underwear – and underwear that doesn’t even get hot in this heat – If you look this sexy, wouldn’t it be natural for me to taste you like this, Lucy?”

“Yes♡ lots of it… Taste it♡ my body… A sumptuous feast only for the prince…♡ Haha♡”

Every word they say will make a man’s cock angry. As I said, I pinned Lucy to the wall and started punching her roughly.

Lucy howls like a beast and me who commits a crime while making animal-like noises.

They both became male and female, and the moment of being fucked, fucked, fucked, fucked continued.

This is the first situation.

“Ah, ah ♡ cock-♡ cock- it’s gotten bigger..♡ Are you going to cum? Inside Lucy..♡ Please cum♡”

“Could it be that you didn’t want to receive my semen?”

“Ugh♡ No♡ Clark’s semen, Baby♡ Mine- Mine… Ehehe♡ So, Kthuga… Please give me a lot of Baby-semen to make Lucy- Mommy♡”

Lucy continued to say lame things and urged me to ejaculate, so I injected an amount of ejaculation, semen, and baby seed inside her that made it hard to believe it was my first time.

Byurreut- Byeureurrut-

“Ahaha♡ Me…Babies-♡ Lucy’s babies…♡ Babies…♡ Yes, make Lucy a mother♡ Chuuuuu-♡ Yes♡”

He kisses Lucy, who only spits out her lovely words, and accepts her tongue. The ejaculation continued for several minutes. And the amount of semen flowing out from the junction with Lucy’s body.

And Lucy, who had fallen to the floor with a string of her semen hanging down, wagged her tail again and looked back at me, opening her pussy and showing me the dripping semen.

“…I can still do more…♡”

Yeah, well, I thought it wouldn’t end in just one game.

Of course, the surrounding heat is also enormous.

After using my hands once more to block out the surrounding heat-


With the sound of air pressure splitting her cum-filled pussy, Lucy is once again fucked from behind, holding her arms and her horns.

As always-

The sadism and desire to conquer that I feel every time I grab something with horns like this is truly the best.


As Lucy moaned, she ejaculated as many as 10 times…

And Lucy, her entire body covered in semen, is sucking my cock.

As he sucked his cock with his tail wagging, the vulva carved on his stomach was proof that Lucy was pregnant.

“Hehe…Clarke, baby…My, baby-♡ hehe♡”

…Lucy actually became pregnant right then and there.

As I stare intently at the vulva, Lucy asks, drooping like a puppy being scolded.

“Could it be…Clarke, you don’t want to have a child?”

“That’s not possible. But then, doesn’t that mean I won’t be able to fight for a while?”

For your information, Lucy, even though she looks dazed, is a battle fanatic. As soon as they faced Liz, they sparred with each other with swords, competed with each other’s strength, and measured it, so they recognized Liz as their natural rival, and Liz also recognized Kthuga as their natural enemy.

That’s why I enjoy fighting.

What I like even more than that…


So what I’m saying is that I don’t go around fighting with people around me because I like it better.

They say they’ll do it if I tell them to, but they go around beating, killing, and destroying things.

Anyway, I thought I was stressed because I couldn’t do my second favorite thing.

“Yes, it’s okay. Just give birth as an [Egg].”


Were you born as an egg?

And before I can question it, Lucy asks me.

“Are you going to give me a name?”

“…How can something be done without parents even giving it a name? Of course I thought about it.”

“…Yes. I’m happy, but what are you going to name me?”


And the vulva engraved on Lucy’s stomach can be seen slightly glistening happily. Do you feel that even though you are a young child?

Well, it’s a good thing that a child is smart.

By any other name…

“Besides, as for names that can be used normally…ClariceShall we do it?”

“…! Okay, pretty name! I like it! Ehehe-“

I immediately said “I like it” And patted Lucy’s head as she hugged me tightly. Well, somewhere, I can feel the child’s gaze expressing happiness at the number of younger siblings.

At the same time, he also feels a little sad that other children are being looked at other than him.


Would you like to have some fun later after we finish?

Anyway, it’s good.

Lucy’s body trembles as if she suddenly remembered something.

“Shub, you won’t get angry… Right?”

Isn’t it too late to remember that, Lucy Lucy?

Of course, she welcomes the expansion of her clan,

She is the one who catches all the horny star beings and brings them all in front of me.

And as a side note, Lucy is really scared of her sister.

That’s right, in terms of atmosphere, this is a crazy bitch that will be fucked if you touch it! Is this what it feels like?

That’s why even if you ask Liz to fight, you won’t fight with Nui.

I think it will be soaked properly later.

In reality, Lucy’s intuition was right, and my sister used to discourage me from doing anything.

A representative example is Spiegel.

Well, I saw it right when I said it was scary even when I first saw it.

That’s right FatherBecause we have the same temperament, we hit each other hotly.

After chatting with Lucy for a while and patting her stomach, I left Lucy’s place.

And Jormungand’s heat radiation engines and insulation engines and Ihot’s magic spread throughout the passage where Lucy’s residence is –

Charred passageways and rooms, and a child standing between them, with white hair, wearing a white dress, approaching me.

“Father, did you have a good time? Huhu-”

Sometimes, when you look at him, you wonder if he’s a kid, but well, let’s just say he’s precocious.

…He’s openly watching me having sex.

Even if you are precocious, you are still too precocious.

I open my arms to Evelyn and hug her tightly.

Evelyn looked a little pouty, excited, but happy, and came to talk to her, leaning her head against her.

“You can’t forget your sisters too, okay, father?”

“I won’t forget you either, Evie.”

“.. Hehe, I’m only fooling you once!”

“I think it won’t just happen once, it will happen all the time…”

“…Because you’re my father, I’m giving you permission. Hmm, huh!”

Really, sometimes he seems like a little devil, but when he acts like this, I feel like Evie is a child. A child who also wants attention from her father. And, I moved along with Evie, stroking her head.

Well, after this, there is space for this rain to use her strength.

And as expected.

“A little more hehe.”

A child is a child after all.

-Aha~ You were having fun producing again, Clark?

“Isn’t there something strange about production activities?”

-Well, I guess your affair was roughly like that. The existence itself is like that.


To put it bluntly, it’s true, so I can’t refute it.

To increase the king’s descendants and increase his power. That’s what I do, and Cthuga and Lucy are saying that they will accept my seeds and lay eggs without hesitation.

Well, since she is an egg, she will be stuck in her room and doing nothing for a week, and Lucy asked me not to come to her.

-…I don’t like showing it because it might show me looking bad.

Well… That’s right.

And now here,

Here’s what I’ve been working on.

After gathering and sculpting the flesh of the fallen creation goddess, she finally created a vessel for Mortus’ soul.

In fact, it is almost like a half-living corpse, and since it was created from the body of a dead god, it is sufficient for the conditions for Mortus, the [Prince of Death], To reside.

Tiamat’s flesh.

Made using those pieces of flesh.

A woman with gray hair and unfocused black eyes.

That was Mortus’ vessel.

I made it myself, Mortus, and she is happy when she sees it.

-So, why is your daughter here?

“Dead but not alive, alive but dead. For the sake of a twist – and only then can Lord Mortus, who contains the energy of death, descend into this material world perfectly. Minimize the influence on the surroundings and, if necessary, explode. “Everything is ready to make it into an existing body. It was made from Tiamat’s flesh, so it will be enough space for Mortus to live in.”

-There’s more to it than that, he was a child full of vitality.

Mortus seems satisfied.


“From now on, I will begin my descent here.”

I am ordering Mortus here now.

Golden Sun Chronicles

Golden Sun Chronicles

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
Wizard [Golden Sun] Clark – Dawn Bringer. I participated in the expedition and worked hard to kill the demon lord, but this world has long since become a mess due to an accident caused by the Goddess of Creation, and I have to clean up that shit. Holy shit.


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