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Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 12

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 12

Chapter 12 – Maiden Hunters (4).

Enter the ‘Skeleton Labyrinth’ and start hunting.
In the beginning, the skeleton soldiers were smashed in a not bad atmosphere, but from the middle, the air flow in the labyrinth changed.

Suddenly, ‘Skeleton Warriors’ came and ‘Skeleton Wizard’ poured down curses.
As the body became heavier, the wounds increased.
As soon as the burden was placed on the avant-garde, it began to collapse like a ghost.

“Come on, run away!”

The ‘Mirage’ guild tanks took care of distance dealers and supporters.
As if he was accustomed to doing so, he blocked the influx of goods with his body.
Learned Sacrifice.

The men fell one by one.
As an F-class Hunter, that was the best.
Thanks to this, the women were able to survive.

‘I don’t know if I should call this alive.’

The three survivors of the ‘Mirage’ guild and I.
A total of four people took refuge in a narrow pit.
They hid themselves, avoiding the Skeleton Warriors flocking in droves.

There is nowhere to run anymore.
The moment it takes here, everyone is dead.
Everyone took a deep breath and muffled their voices.

“Lights, turn off… ! De, what if I get caught!”

I turned on my smartphone and got scolded.

Han A-ra was glaring at me with her tense face.
I was in a situation where I was free.

‘The Skeleton Warrior was too jagged.’

There were strong ones and there were weak ones.
It felt very difficult when fighting in front, but it was so easy when I led the way with women.

There is no time to analyze the reason.

“Now what do we do? All my brothers died….”

Someone just died
It was too calm to see death.
Mental defense mechanisms were working properly.

Just because someone dies, you can’t stay where you are.
We humans are programmed to struggle to survive.
How to survive is accumulated in the genes.

“We have to wait until the skeletons are quiet before escaping.”

It is a theory.
What I said is really the best option.
It was the only way out that I could think of in this situation.

“The four of us?”

Even with almost ten people, they couldn’t defeat the Skeleton Warriors, but only four?
Supporters of the ‘Mirage’ guild seemed to think so.

“Why don’t you rather wait for rescue?”
“There will be people attacking the Skeleton Labyrinth tomorrow, so we should be able to survive.”

The two people who voted against the idea of ​​escaping whispered to each other and came up with a different plan.
Let’s die in this place and hold on.
It seemed safe right now, so I just tried to sit down.

It was a supporter-like idea.

“Do you think it makes sense?”
“Each dungeon has a different attack period. Until someone posts a completion report, they judge that they are in the middle of an attack.”

Report to the association and enter the dungeon.
The association that received the report specified the period of attacking the dungeon, and rotated the cycle between each guild.

Is it possible to clear a dungeon quickly?
Is it enough to enter the dungeon and swing the sword a few times?
Not at all.

If there is no special variable, you have to proceed step by step from the entrance to the boss monster.
No one knows how long that will take.

“A grace period of about 15 days is something you won’t know if you visit the dungeon.”

Unless it was a special situation like dungeon monsters jumping out, about 15 days.
I can’t get help from anyone.

In this case, higher floors are better than lower floors.
Because there are many cases where the person who discovers the dungeon in the high-rise is the best.
Even if you get lost in a dungeon, there are often situations in which you can be rescued soon after.

But not downstairs.
From the 1st floor to the 10th floor, the system was stabilized.
The hunters hunted dungeons according to established rules.

Because of that rule, we have no choice but to try to escape on our own.
Because no one will come to rescue you.

“I know, I know. Still…. You don’t have to say that.”

The supporters burst into juice.
When I told them the truth, they asked me if I should have told them.

“… So absurd.”

Laughter came out of nowhere.
I was jealous because they seemed to be enjoying the fear of death among themselves, except for me.
I also want to know what the risks are.

There was still room for it.
The crisis felt funny.
If the monsters appear stronger here, I might be a little uneasy.

“You can’t keep doing this, can you? Shall we go out soon?”

It is not easy to be crouching in a pit.
I was annoyed by the uncomfortable posture.
It would be better to break the heads of the Skeleton Wizards.

The ‘Mirage’ guild supporters were startled and stopped me.

“No, no!”
“I’m just quietly here. Where the hell are you going!”
“Shhh… !”

Hanara hurriedly covered her mouth.
The Skeleton Warriors were still in the outer cavity.
Depending on the noise decibel, it was a distance that could be detected if it was wrong.

‘It’s a mess, it’s a mess.’

Watching the ‘Mirage’ guild survivors put on a show, he scratched his cock.
I had an erection halfway through, so I fixed it around my waist.
It’s dark, so you won’t know what I’m doing.

‘Wait a minute.’

As I looked at Hanara, who was crouching in the dark, I suddenly had that thought.
What if I escape with Han Ara?
A contact is made with Hanara.

The ‘Mirage’ guild must have been ruined, so it was a situation where it was possible to organize a new party.
It’s like a party change.
F-class hunters don’t feel guilty about that.

‘Using Han Ara as her stepping stone, she might be able to reach Han Sora.’

My mouth watered.
Because you want to do good, you come back this way.
I think I did well by joining the ‘Mirage’ guild hunting.

If it weren’t for me, even Han-ara would have died.
Let’s eat the pussy too.
Since I’m saving it, I think it’s okay to borrow her pussy.

Han A-ra wishes she was her virgin.
She doesn’t have to, it’s just a minor wish.


She seems to be thinking of something.
Don’t I have a skill for her maiden?

Waited for the Skeleton Warriors to leave.
10 minutes, 20 minutes, endlessly.


A groaning sound came slowly.
They were also in a state of patience as much as possible.
It means you’ve reached your limit.

“I’ll go outside and scout.”
“Wait! Goo, do you have to?”
“Yes, nothing will change if you stay here like this.”

Skeleton Warrior?
To me, it’s like a kid in elementary school.
If you attack, it will only break your head.

She felt it when she ran away.
This dungeon is shit.

“Oh, what if I just go and die? Without Park Seon-woo, we… !”

One of the supporters grabbed my hand.
The only tanker, the only vanguard, without me, they would be completely defenseless.

It is impossible to attack and impossible to escape.
It was no different than a death sentence.

The supporters’ concerns were also valid.
It was the logic, the theory, that the last remaining rope could not be thrown away in vain.

“I will only check the outer cavity. Don’t worry, you can just shake off one or two and bounce off them.”

I spoke as kindly as possible.
I wonder if the supporters understood what I was saying, and they didn’t hang around anymore.
Both were saying the right thing.
However, the weight was only on my side of action.

Walked to the entrance.
With a stance close to a duck’s step, he stepped out of the pit.
Gently push the stone slab and crawl through the narrow hole.

The labyrinth looked very bright.
I felt welcomed by the torches installed all over the place.

Several Skeleton Warriors stood at the common entrance.
Those who have lingering feelings for human energy.

I approached the Skeleton Warriors.
A skeleton warrior who finds me and turns around.

“Funny, funny.”

What if it was before you got the “Training assistant app”?
Even a single Skeleton Warrior would have been tough.
I would have never thought of trying this.

Hunter had to be strong first.
How comfortable is it to be strong?

“One-two, one-two.”

I hit it hard with my shield.
The Skeleton Warrior’s skull shattered at once.
I gave rest to the poor ghosts.

Warrior one, two, three.
Toss Captain America’s shield.


It wasn’t the sound of the wizard’s head being smashed, but the sound of rolling on the stone floor.
It seems that it was impossible to use a shield at level 1.

But it’s okay.
Even without a shield, you can beat a wizard.

A fireball from a wizard?
Receive it with your body and right hook.

“It’s hot, it’s hot!”

It contrasts with the slightly chilly Labyrinth.
Thanks to the fireball, I felt the warmth.

Is this the wizard’s warmth and love?
Giving back as much as you receive is the essence of Korea.

Instead of Fireball, Park Seon-woo’s special rice ball, Colonel.
Instant gift of Rice Ball Gifticon to Skeleton Wizard Mappak.

“Whoa, I’m feeling a little better now.”

I easily defeated two Skeleton Wizards and eight Skeleton Warriors.
The feeling of loosening up sore muscles.

Picking up the scattered shield, I approached the hideout.
Shall we go around the labyrinth and pick up equipment from the ‘Mirage’ guild members?
So it’s nice to save money.

‘Write. It’s okay, it’s okay.’

You have to take the women with you.
It seems impossible to go further into the labyrinth.

“You can come out.”

I called the women to the pit behind the stone slab.
I could feel the presence of people from inside.
Someone was crawling right out.

It was Hanara.

After coming out of the pit, Han Ara asked as she looked around the empty cavity.

“I heard something strange earlier….”
“I was organizing the Skeleton Warriors. It’s over there.”
“No, not that. Just making a strange noise…. Clearly, Sunwoo’s voice….”
“I think you heard wrong? I didn’t say anything during the fight.”
“… That’s strange.”

Han Ah-ri tilted her head.
It was embarrassing, so I pretended not to be me and moved on.

Even two supporters came out of the pit.
He stretched out her swollen body and freed her.

“Huh… !”

A sound that resembled a moan made my cock swell.
Especially Hanara was real.
I need to eat it soon.

“Let’s move carefully. If there is danger, it jumps right here.”

Han A-ra and her two supporters looked up with nervous faces.

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

어플로 S급 헌터를 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I got a training app that can summon opponents to the training room."It's S-class and it's Nabal, and to the assistant's room for now."If you eat and don't get caught, you're good.


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