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Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 11

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 11

Chapter 11 – Maiden Hunters (3).

The sun had set and it was night.
While Park Seon-woo made plans for the next day and sent an application to the ‘Mirage’ guild,
Choi Da-eun was squatting with her weapon, the ‘thorn whip’, in her hand.

‘It still hurts, fuck.’

I was raped yesterday morning.
I was obviously sleeping in the room, but when I opened my eyes, it was a gray locked room.

There, he met a man, who forcibly raped him.

It is an unforgettable memory.
I wished it was a terrible nightmare.
Unfortunately, what Choi Da-eun went through was real.

Da-eun Choi had her virginity stolen.
Da-eun Choi touched her body, which no one else had touched, and tore off her hymen, which she had protected from numerous flirtations.

The guy who ruthlessly trampled on his first experience and played with it.
Choi Da-eun thought that the trash rapist would come again today.
There’s no way a horny bastard can end it with one shot.

So he was in full gear and waiting.

When we meet again, we take off the mask and check his face.
And he will dig up all the sins of the bastard and put him in prison.
No, I’ll just tear it up and kill it on the spot.

Choi Da-eun’s face was distorted like a demon.
Just thinking about what happened yesterday made me angry.

I want to be strong.
Be strong.
It feels like a lot of motivation.

It was the first time in his life that he felt such a desire.
Neither the sarcastic remarks of the members of the ‘Milky Way’ guild, who ignored her, nor the gaze of Hwang Duk-soo, who peered at her up and down, did not stimulate Choi Da-eun to this extent.

Because of the world, it was a series of days where I lived like water flowing.

It’s not like the others did to please the boss.
She lived with her personality quite suppressed.
If I had been in middle and high school, when I was more damn right, I would have left the ‘Milky Way’ guild right away.

Choi Da-eun knew the reality.

He said that the only way to succeed for himself, who has nothing to do with it, is to become stronger.
At least, it was hopeful that he had awakened as a Hunter.

He didn’t go far
He himself has barely started running, but when he sees the bitch flying away….
I was half giving up.

The rapist gave me a reason not to give up.
If you are weak, the same thing will happen again.
I can only be violated and eaten by him, I can’t kill myself.

You need to be strong.
Anger was the surest motivator of all.
I want to succeed, I want to become stronger, not abstract goals.

She wants to kill the baby.
The clearly visible target pushed Choi Da-eun’s back.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been enthusiastic.
He waited for the bastard who stole his virgin, the trash-rape.

Like that, Choi Da-eun stayed up all night with her eyes open.
Since Park Seon-woo went to bed early, it was as if he had done something meaningless.

* * *

I got up early in the morning and got ready to go out.
I took my shield, my only equipment, and moved to Gwanghwamun Square.

Gwanghwamun Square has long been a shelter for hunters.

There, she found members of the ‘Mirage’ guild.
At first glance, there were a bunch of clumsy people gathered, so I couldn’t figure it out.

The ‘Mirage’ guild is a small guild with a total of 10 members, but two of them had a punk due to a sudden situation.
Thanks to you, I was able to fit in here.

‘Hunter Factory’ is a community that can be used only after verification of ID, hunter’s license, and criminal record.
The people I met at the Hunter Factory were tolerably trustworthy.
Even though I do meet psychopaths from time to time.


Approached boldly.
I have nothing to bow against other F-rank hunters, who have grown rapidly over the past week.

Can you handle me at the small guild level?
In case there is a quarrel or misfortune occurs.
I will beat F-rank male hunters with fists, and F-rank female hunters with cocks.

“Park Seon-woo Hunter?”

The members of the ‘Mirage’ guild welcome me.
Among them, there were those who gave disapproving glances.

The sex ratio is 5 to 3.
There were five men and three women.

“Thank you for applying, Hunter Park Seon-woo.”

One of the members of the ‘Mirage’ guild greeted me.
Looking at the form that came forward, it seemed that he was playing the role of a guild master.

The master of the ‘Mirage’ guild seems to be a man.

“I almost couldn’t enter the ‘Top’ because there were two vacancies for the tank. Thanks to Hunter Park Seon-woo’s support, I can fill the avant-garde.”
“Is one person still missing?”

In the ‘Mirage’ guild, two seats were vacant.
I thought we would form a raid with a total of 10 people, but looking at the atmosphere, it seemed like we would just enter.

“I couldn’t find anyone. Because only one person, Hunter Park Seon-woo, applied…”

Sudden lightning parties are bound to have low preference.
It’s something you don’t do well unless you’re a bottom F-class hunter.
I came out on my own to check my growth, so the nuance is different from my bottom friends.

“Then are you leaving?”
“Yes, Hunter Park Seon-woo is the last one. The preparations are complete, and all you have to do is enter the ‘top’.”
“All right.”

I simply shared my name.
I didn’t do it with everyone, only with people who need to know moderately.

For example, ‘Mirage’ guild master Kim Seong-hyeon.
A range dealer and a few supporters.
Among them were some familiar faces.

Who should I say I look like?


Her name is Hanara.
She’s an F-rank hunter like me, but a woman who looks like someone famous.

Seonghyun Kim explains my questions instead.

“Ara is the younger sister of S-rank hunter Han So-ra. She joined our ‘Mirage’ guild in order to work without her sister’s help. That’s how bright our future can be seen.”

Kim Seong-hyun boasted of the vision of the ‘Mirage’ guild with a hearty laugh.
While receiving assistance from the youth hunter support project, they say that they are growing slowly.

“It’s been a long time. Let’s go.”

Entered the tower with the ‘Mirage’ guild.

The nine people gathered and headed to the ‘Skeleton Labyrinth’ located on the first floor of the ‘Tower’, a dungeon where skeleton soldiers were constantly pouring out.
You only need to be careful about hunting ‘Skeleton Warrior’ or ‘Skeleton Wizard’.
Other than that, there was nothing to notice.

The first floor of the tower is the lowest level of the tower, an area that can be passed lightly.
Even if you’re an F-rank Hunter, it’s a bit scary on the first floor.


“Has Seonwoo joined a guild?”
“A guild? I joined.”

On the way, the members of the ‘Mirage’ guild asked various questions.
I felt like I was being left alone, but thank you for taking care of me.

“Where is the guild?”
“…The ‘Milky Way’ guild, it’s a probation.”

Be sure to attach the tutoring.
Because there is an enormous wall between the formal members and the probationary members.
Full-time and part-time, headquarters and subcontractors, and beyond.

“Oh, so.”

The ‘Mirage’ personnel understand the current situation and move on.
Why did I find a lightning party and go to the dungeon by myself?
I just got the answer from my answer.

Trust in each other plummeted.
I brought him once, but I didn’t think anyone would trust his skills.
I will hunt with moderate caution.

The half-shattered shield also helped.
I’ve been sending suspicious glances from before, but I feel like this answer has driven a wedge.

‘Anyway, I’m done watching today. Just make no mistakes and go.’

He came to the dungeon alone to test how much he had grown.
There was no need to look good to the ‘Mirage’ guild or anything.

“This is it. ‘Skeleton Labyrinth’, it’s gloomy.”

The portal shook at the huge gate.
There was a passage to the basement beyond.

The ‘Mirage’ guild received permission to hunt today.
I went straight through the portal.

The air changed in an instant.
You entered the dungeon, a pleasant tension wrapped around my body.

I moved forward while fixing my shield.
Since I joined as a tanker, I decided to stick to my role.

* * *

Why did this happen?

“Heo-eok, heo-eok!”
“Fuck! What is this, what the hell!”
“Why are warriors suddenly pouring in? What is the skeleton labyrinth like?”

The ‘Mirage’ guild members couldn’t believe the current situation.
Watching the ‘skeleton warriors’ rushing towards me, I thought as I ran away urgently.

Right after entering the dungeon, the atmosphere was not bad.
Park Seon-woo’s skills were better than expected, so he attacked the labyrinth step by step.

But at some point, the air became strange.
The number of ‘Skilleton Warriors’ increased, and their defense power increased.
The difference was so great that it was unbearable.

“Master, Master…!”
“I can’t help it! I have to run!”

Kim Seong-hyun, who was in charge of the vanguard in the ‘Mirage’ guild, died.
I tried to stop the ‘Skeleton Warrior’ from going to the back, but I couldn’t withstand their attacks and stopped.

‘Skeleton Labyrinth’ is used by F-class Hunters on the 1st floor of the tower.
It’s not very dangerous, so it’s a dungeon that you can level up safely.

However, it does not guarantee 100% life.
Variables can happen anytime, anywhere.
Now was such a time.

The ‘Mirage’ guild found shelter within the ‘Skeleton Labyrinth’.
A shelter where you can take a break from the attacks of the skeletons.

“Ah, ahead! Another ‘Skeleton Warrior’!”

One of the supporters shouted.
It was an unmanly, delicate scream.


The Skeleton Warrior’s rusty sword falls on the head of a member of the ‘Mirage’ guild.
Even Kim Seong-hyeon, the strongest among them, couldn’t stand them.
Will the remaining personnel be able to deal with the Warriors?

It had to be seen as impossible.

One by one, they fell after being hit by the Skeleton Warrior’s sword.
Most of the men lay down on the ground first.
He protected women because he was a man.

Only Park Seon-woo was running away from the lead.
I was feeling the taste of the stamina I had grown through sex and the worth of growing up with my whole body.

Why is it that only that man is fine?
It felt like the stronger the male hunters were, the stronger they became.

To be precise, when helping or saving a female hunter.

“Do, run away! Go back for now!”

You shouldn’t be driven to a dead end.
While running until it was covered in dust, I found a hole in the bottom of the broken stone slab.
It was a cave wide enough for a person to enter.

Skeleton Warriors are running from behind.
The moment you have to make a choice.

“D-Go in!”

Hanara shouted.
She loaded the gun barrel.

At her critical moment, she gives her life to someone else.
In a situation where her life is at stake.
Very few people were able to make their own decisions.

The ‘Mirage’ personnel crawled down the hole.
Regardless of whether or not the soil was soiled, it was important to survive.

Fortunately, four people could crouch in the burrow.


Skeleton warriors roam outside.
Four people holding their breath and looking at each other.

Distance dealer Han Ara, support Kim Ji-eun, support Lee Joo-yeon.
And tanker Park Seon-woo.

All the men in the ‘Mirage’ guild died.
Because of Skeleton Warrior.


Supporters began to sob and cry.
Just then, Park Seon-woo takes out his smartphone.

“Turn off the lights…! De, what if I get caught?”

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

어플로 S급 헌터를 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I got a training app that can summon opponents to the training room."It's S-class and it's Nabal, and to the assistant's room for now."If you eat and don't get caught, you're good.


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