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Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 13

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 13

Chapter 13 – Maiden Hunters (5).

Just three hours ago, we were going inside to clear the labyrinth.
Now I’m heading outside to get out of the labyrinth.

I pulled the wrist strap tight to secure the shield.
He let out a nervous expression and moved on.

A silent labyrinth, thanks to unknown magic, a torch always burning.
Ranged dealer Han Ara and two supporters followed behind me.

Moving slowly while breaking the head of the Skeleton Warrior that comes out occasionally.

“Sir Seonwoo, you are very strong.”
“Warrior in one shot….”

The supporters were praising me, but it didn’t feel too bad.
It’s because it’s the first time I’ve been praised by someone.

She was often beaten by Choi Da-eun and bullied by her teammates.
Compared to that kind of treatment, the current situation was close to heaven.
To the point where I want to hunt like this for the rest of my life.

“Then why were you hiding your power?”
“… I think I could have bought them all.”

As my body becomes more comfortable, it seems that I start thinking about other things.
I began to grieve as I thought of people who had already died.

Maybe it’s my fault
Once the line was drawn.

“It’s because there are conditions for activating the skill. You can’t have a man at a party.”
“… Yes? Can there be a skill with such a condition… ?”

Supporters expressing their doubts.
It’s absurd even when I think about a skill that can’t show its full potential if there are men in the party.

In this case, you just have to push it backwards.
The mentality of being beaten first before the opponent resents me.
Before showing the report card, it’s like blowing a candle because you failed the exam.

“Well then, I said I deliberately left the members of the ‘Mirage’ guild to die…. Do you want to talk?”
“No, no! That’s not it. I’m just sorry….”

I’m the boss
I can’t escape without my strength.

I informed the ‘Mirage’ guild supporters about it.
Even the guild master is dead, and it is ridiculous to call it a ‘mirage’ guild.
The two supporters looked at me and blurted out their words.

At that time, skeletons appeared on the other side of the aisle.
I don’t know how it can move like that without joints.

“S-It’s a skeleton!”

Supporters screamed.
Because he couldn’t even have a proper party, the crowds of skeletons felt more frightening.

If it was a normal skeleton, you could win even if dozens or hundreds of people came.
The ones that break when you tap them couldn’t be my opponent.

But, behind the group of skeletons, I saw a strange guy.
Just looking at it, he’s bigger than Warrior.

The fear stabbing my lungs, living.
A guy wearing black armor.
That baby is real.

It wasn’t a buggy monster like a Warrior or a Wizard, but a real monster that turned this labyrinth into a mess.
Irregular from ‘Skeleton Labyrinth’.

“Everything, why is the Dark Knight on the first floor?!”

Even Han-ara, who had been calm, couldn’t help but be shocked this time.
He showed a reaction similar to that of the supporters and talked loudly.

“I have to run away. You can’t catch that guy, there’s no answer as an F-class hunter.”

Hanara touched my arm and turned my back.
The two supporters also hurriedly followed Hanara.
In this case, the action was swift.

I also have no intention of fighting the ‘Dark Knight’.
Because that guy comes out on the 10th floor.
It’s unreasonable to try right now.

I didn’t want to risk my life in an uncertain fight.
My heart wants to enjoy only safe battles.

It’s time to get nervous.
I walked around leisurely as if I was out for a walk, but it seemed like that wouldn’t work.

“Ugh! Ugh!”

Go back through the aisle you passed through.
The supporters, who lacked stamina, ran only this far and gasped for breath.
At best, it’s not even 100m.

Cut it, cut it!
“I’m chasing you!”

The Dark Knight comes running.
While destroying all the skeletons in front of him, he only glared at us and ran.

Eyes flashed under the black helmet.
The bright red eyes tightened our hearts.
Cold sweat broke out.


One supporter tripped over a rock and fell.
The Dark Knight did not miss that opportunity.

He jumped up almost flying and swung his greatsword.
In the blink of an eye, the supporter’s body split in half.

Blood splattered and poured into the intestines.
The surviving supporter screamed horribly.

“Quaaaaa! Kyaaaaa!”

Death is imminent
It seems that one of the gods of death is whispering in my ear.

Is there really no way?
Is being killed by the Dark Knight the end of this damn life?

‘There are a lot of women who haven’t been picked yet. Even Choi Da-eun….’

I just ate my virgin pussy.
I didn’t even enjoy watching it.
Even an ass look.

But to die?
It can’t be.

I survive
Whichever method you use, you will surely survive.

The Dark Knight glared this way.
Even after killing one human, he did not think that the vicious life would subside.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Lord, I don’t want to die… !”

A supporter starting to scream.
Hanara bites his teeth tightly.

‘If I had known it would turn out like this, I would have eaten Hanara earlier….’

Sorry, sorry
Then, a thought suddenly occurred to me.

The Dark Knight is slowly approaching.
He created a menacing atmosphere as he dragged his great sword.

I had time to take out my smartphone for a moment.

“What, what are you doing!”

Hanara let out a loud noise.
Even if you focus on the dark knight, it’s not enough, so you’re looking at your smartphone.
From her point of view, Han Ah-ra was angry.

But it is necessary.

‘Unicorn’s Blessing’, a bizarre skill that increases her abilities the moment she serves a virgin.
What if only one of them is a virgin?
There is a possibility to break through the current situation.

‘Please be a virgin… !’

What if you’re not a virgin?
Immediately summoned to the teaching assistant’s room, ate it, and then threw it away.

I can’t confirm it with the “Training assistant app”.
Then what should I do?

If you can’t activate ‘Blessing of the Unicorn’, it’s best to run away.
Fighting when you can’t even activate it is an idiot.
The next best thing is to check that it is activated and fight.

“Han Ara, and that.”
“I’m Lee Ji-eun.”
“Yes, Jieun Lee.”

Han A-ra and Lee Ji-eun.
The Dark Knight asks the two before they get any closer.

“… Are you a virgin by any chance?”

I didn’t even get an answer to my question.
The Dark Knight came right in front of me and swung a greatsword.

I hurriedly raised my shield to block the attack, but the damage was not completely shed.
At the same time as the heavy pain, my body floated.

Be used to.
The last time I was beaten by an orc great warrior, when Choi Da-eun kicked me in the balls, similar to that time, through the wall….


─ Mr. Seonwoo!
– Are you going to die like this? No… ! I don’t want to die!

* * *

How did it happen?

Is it wrong to forcefully enter the dungeon?
You gathered all the members of the ‘Mirage’ guild and came in, isn’t this enough?

Even if only F-rank hunters were gathered, I never dreamed that I would struggle in the first floor dungeon.
‘Skeleton Labyrinth’ is a recommended dungeon for F-class hunters who have just awakened today….

“… Are you a virgin by any chance?”

Han Ah-ra was absurd.
The question to ask in this situation is, is it a virgin?

Before Han Ara could answer, Seonwoo Park ran away.
It was because the Dark Knight hit Park Seon-woo as if to punish him for a question that didn’t sound like words.


Park Seon-woo was pinned to the common wall.
It was a huge shock just to look at.
Can’t happen
You can’t withstand the Dark Knight’s blow with your F-rank Hunter skills.

The ones who survived were Han Ara herself and supporter Jieun Lee.
The combination is also a problem, but the skills are also lacking.
Survive against the Dark Knight?
Absolutely impossible.

It would be faster to win the lottery.
Such an atrocious situation.

“No, I don’t want to die!”

Jieun Lee pushed Hanara.
Taking advantage of Han A-ra’s fall, she ran into the common pit.

“Jieun sister?!”

At the moment of her fall, Han A-ra stared blankly at Lee Ji-eun’s back.
Her tensed body did not listen to Han Ara.
Her legs gave way and she couldn’t get up.

The Dark Knight raised his greatsword.
The blade shone fiercely.

He seemed to be laughing at me somehow.
Lee Ji-eun, who runs away in an ugly way, and Han Ah-ra, who urinates before her death.

A blade falling towards her.
In her fleeting moment, Han Ara thought of her older sister.

‘Sister…. Sora’s sister… !’

Han Ara grew up being compared to Han Sora every time.
Because of her older sister, who is the same age as her zodiac, she has high expectations.

As soon as she awakened, she was judged Hunter rank.
Potential for an F-class Hunter is low.
A shabby result compared to Han So-ra.

The interest of the press and public opinion has disappeared.
They changed their attitude like turning the palm of their hand.

The public criticized Hanara.
She didn’t do anything wrong, but she just lived and breathed.
Han A-ra became Han So-ra’s burden.

The attack by the ‘Chosun’ guild failed.
So-ra Han ate a lot of curses.
Hanara was equally criticized.

Her brilliant older sister and her incompetent younger sister were just gossip to chew on and enjoy in Korea.

“Sister…. Sorry….”
─I told you not to be a hunter, it’s dangerous.

Like her older sister, she wanted to become a great Hunter.
I don’t know why.
It was because the appearance of Sora, whom she had seen since childhood, was so cool.

Han Ara closed her eyes tightly.
Then, a voice is heard.

“Ara Han, are you a virgin?”

A man blocked the Dark Knight’s greatsword.

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

어플로 S급 헌터를 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I got a training app that can summon opponents to the training room."It's S-class and it's Nabal, and to the assistant's room for now."If you eat and don't get caught, you're good.


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