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Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 14

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App 14

Chapter 14 – Maiden Hunters (6).

Blocked the Dark Knight’s Greatsword.
My body fell out like a paper doll.

But what is this?

Only the shield is broken, but the body is alive and well.
My heart was still beating.

Is my stamina enough?
Enough to withstand the Dark Knight?

Instinct is warning.
The Dark Knight couldn’t win, he had to run away.

Human survival instinct cannot be ignored.
It is because you need to be good at self-objectification to survive for a long time.

At that time, the scene where Lee Ji-eun pushed Han-ara and ran away was captured.
Han Ara just fell down.
In the dark knight forward.

Lee Ji-eun slipped into her common pit.
She used Hanara as her sacrifice and safely evacuated.

What is the fate of Han Ara who is left alone?
Death of course.

The Dark Knight raised her greatsword.
It flashes its eyes with the momentum to strike down immediately.

Han Ara curled up and waited for her death.
At that moment, the ‘Unicorn’s protection’ was activated.

The message didn’t come to mind or anything.
But I could tell.
Power flowed through her body, she couldn’t help but notice.

The action happened in an instant.
Before the Dark Knight split Han Ara in half, I faced his great sword first.


He blocked the greatsword with his forearm.
From the movement to the hardness, it is not the F-class Hunter’s.

At least C grade.
Class C means you have to be at least level 90.
With the ‘Unicorn’s protection’ activated, I will have powers that exceed level 90.

This level was like the Dark Knight, and it was a level where he could easily wrap himself up.

“… Mr. Seonwoo? How the hell are you still alive?”

Han Ah-ra seemed to not believe that I was alive.

“It’s definitely an F-class hunter….”

I have no intention of telling Han A-ra the truth about her.

“There is a skill that becomes stronger when there is a girl in the party.”

Han Ara seems to have decided not to believe me.
The look wasn’t very good.
If this place hadn’t been for the ‘Skeleton Labyrinth’, I wouldn’t have been hit three or four times.
I dare to predict.

“Han A-ra was able to be resurrected like this because she was her virgin.”

It’s good that Han-ara is her virgin.
What if she was a non-virgin, not a virgin?
What if she was Huda, who wouldn’t be chosen by a unicorn?

I would have died dead.
He must have been having a blast with the boatman at Samdocheon.

Cheers to Han Ara for cherishing her virginity.
I will eat the hymen later, as my snack.

“Sir Seonwoo! Dark Knight!”

Hanara screamed.
I could feel the Dark Knight’s disrespectful movement from the front.

A Dark Knight wielding a greatsword and charging at me.
The guy is strong
Not weak

I’m just stronger
‘Unicorn’s blessing’, a unicorn determined to save her maiden can become stronger than anyone else.
I decided to face all of the Dark Knight’s attacks.

Kang-! Kang-!

Sparks flew.
My skin is still soft, but it’s not steel, and the Dark Knight’s greatsword didn’t lift it.

When I step back, her virgin Han-ara gets hurt.
That’s why I can’t back down.
Become infinitely stronger to protect the virgin.

That is the unicorn, the ‘unicorn’s protection’.

The Dark Knight swung his greatsword at random.
He shivered in a fucking frenzy, enraged at the fact that the attack didn’t work.

However, it was to no avail.
The weak are weak even when they struggle.
Just like an ant can’t kill a human just because it bites.

In front of Han A-ra, I raised my fist proudly to her.
Is it because strength and agility have been amplified?
The lightly punched fist blew away the Dark Knight like a 1-inch punch.


Is this really the sound coming out of my fist?
It was only a short stretch, but the Dark Knight flew into the passage outside the cavity.
I even felt the illusion that the labyrinth was shaking at the shock.

“Han Ara, are you not hurt anywhere?”

The Dark Knight will no longer be able to move.
Because it was right for me who received the ‘Unicorn’s Protection’.
You don’t even have to go check it out.

“Yes, yes…. How did this happen….”

I reached out to Hanara and supported her.
Hanara grabbed my hand and stood up.

Han Ara was still unable to grasp her situation.
All she did was look at me with her bewildered face.

In the blank eyes, the feelings of looking up are mixed.
Admiration and respect for the first time in my life.
I was only hated or scorned every time….

It feels like my cock is about to get an erection.

“Thank you, Sunwoo.”

Hanara expressed her gratitude to me.
A sincere word touched my heart.

I’m just proud
The corners of her mouth twitched involuntarily.

“No, what?”

It feels like someone is pulling a clown.
Even if I tried not to show it, it wasn’t easy.

“Hmm, hmm. Let’s get out of the labyrinth. I don’t have time to be like this.”
“… Why? Does that strange skill have a duration?”

To answer that I just want to rest quickly….
Maybe it’s sick?

Fortunately, Hanara made a reasonably good excuse.
She wasn’t bad because it was a restriction that Hunter would have.

“Yes, I can only spend 10 minutes a day. It only triggers when the maidens around her are in danger.”
“I don’t know what is true and what is false. She’s a skill that can only be activated when there’s a virgin….”
“I’m glad that Mr. Han Ara is her virgin. If it wasn’t for her, she’d be in big trouble.”

Mouth is salivating.
In this world, is there any dish as delicious as a virgin pussy?
I can confidently say that there is none.

Hanara, who listens to my words and ponders their meaning.
He blushed and screamed in anger at her.

“Isn’t that a girl? I also had a boyfriend. And, I even had a relationship!”
“Oh yeah?”

It doesn’t even sound like words.
Hanara’s words were not credible.
There is no way that a god-like “Training app” Can make a mistake, so Han A-ra is a virgin.

I must have had a boyfriend.
With that pretty face, the possibility of being a mother-of-a-kind solo?
Close to zero

“Then Lee Ji-eun must be a virgin.”

He answered briefly and changed the topic.
There was nothing good about holding on to it for a long time.

Because checking the hymen can be done in the assistant’s room.

“Lee, Ji – Eun….”

Jieun Lee, a supporter who ran away after pushing Hanara.


Han Ara gnashed her teeth, recalling the previous incident.
If it wasn’t for me, I’d already be dead.
That too, Lee Ji-eun killed himself.

“Where did Lee Ji-eun go?”

I sneakily asked Lee Ji-eun’s whereabouts.
She knows it’s in the pit behind the stone slabs, but she asks Han A-ra what to do.

What if I left Lee Ji-eun behind?
You can avenge what happened before.

‘What are you going to do, Hanara?’

Had a good impression.
If you meet someone in a foreign country, he looks gentle enough to believe and see.

What is your personality like?
She was hit hard in the back of the head. Are you going to take care of Lee Ji-eun?

Han A-ra fell into trouble for a moment.

“Uh, huh?!”

Before she could hear Han A-ra’s answer, Lee Ji-eun crawled out of her pit.
She heard human conversation and tried to escape.

“Uh, how?!”

Are you curious about how Han Ara is still alive?
Or how did she kill the dark knight?

Are both in the same context?


Han A-ra let out a deep sigh.
If it were me, I would have slapped Lee Ji-eun on the cheek, but she seems to hold back her anger.

“What about the Dark Knight? Are you dead?”

Lee Ji-eun came up to her ho and stuck behind me.
She was like a chick searching for a safe place.

“Yes, I killed it. I did my best.”
“Wow, wow… ! Incredible!”

Lee Ji-eun sighed next to me.
Her flattering skills were extraordinary.

Is it because I’m a man?
It was nice to see her being sucked in with a soft female voice.
Again, the corners of the mouth twitch.

‘As expected, people have to succeed.’

The stronger the Hunter, the better.
Even if you do the same thing, the weak hunter is a brute, but the strong hunter is a noble.

Go higher up
Become one with the “Training App”, Up to S rank.
And beyond that.

Hanara grabbed my arm and urged me.

“Are you going outside? Seonwoo also said that the duration is short.”

Han A-ra is not interested in her curt voice.
Lee Ji-eun didn’t even look at Han-ara.
It was as if an invisible wall had formed.

“It’s Seonwoo’s skill. Jieun doesn’t need to know.”
“… It’s the same party, I should know what I know.”
“Can knowing help?”

Lee Ji-eun, who makes her own assertion.
However, she was somewhat intimidated by the betrayal she had committed earlier.

Han A-ra glared at Lee Ji-eun.
She was forced to come along, but she doesn’t seem to want to forgive her.

“Once I know, I can deal with it….”

Coping here will mean pampering.


Hanara gnashed her teeth.
Because of what had been done to her, she only split up.

Then, in an instant, he adjusts his expression.
He regained his peace and smiled.

“Tell me? The skill Seonwoo told me about?”
“… Oh, tell me.”

Han A-ra glanced at me and said to Lee Ji-eun.

“I explained earlier that it’s a skill that makes you stronger when there are only women in the party, right?”
“… It did.”
“It’s an upgraded version of that skill. The condition is that there will be a virgin in the party.”

Lee Ji-eun asks back, not understanding Han A-ra’s explanation.

“Yes, maiden. A chaste woman with no sex experience.”

Hanara is not a nice girl.
She is a very scary woman.

“Her sister Jieun is so lucky, right?”

A mocking laugh is the point.
Apparently, Lee Ji-eun is a non-virgin, Huda.

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

Fucked an S-Class Hunter With an App

어플로 S급 헌터를 따먹음
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I got a training app that can summon opponents to the training room."It's S-class and it's Nabal, and to the assistant's room for now."If you eat and don't get caught, you're good.


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