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Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 9

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 9

Chapter 9 – A Stranger (4)


Fuck this
This is really embarrassing

What did I do wrong
Rather, that crazy bitch did the wrong thing, I’m innocent!!

I really want to, but I’m not really getting metoo… ?
She headed to her Starbucks where the nerd told her that she couldn’t go unprepared like this.

‘No matter how heinous the world has become, even though women’s tears are evidence, wouldn’t it be possible to fight back if the evidence of innocence is clear?’

So how do you secure proof of innocence?
When I searched on a smartphone, recording was the most common.

This is it!
I quickly downloaded a recording app on my phone, and a sudden realization came to my mind.

“Oh shit! Come to think of it, I just wish I had recorded the phone call!!”

Why do I always regret after passing by?
As always, suffering from belated realization, I searched for it,

‘Record call log… Ah, why doesn’t my phone automatically record?’

Again, it was too late
After all, you have to change your phone to the latest model every year… By the way, what are the latest phones these days? This time, apple love, Samsung, which one is pretty… When you’re thinking of

Whoops, the phone vibrated.

-Doesn’t exist

Oh, look at the cheapness you can feel from the text.
People are not sincere What is ㅇㅇ A year without budding.

She quickly put the phone in her pocket and stepped into her Starbucks.
Really Starbucks. It is always full of people even in broad daylight on weekdays. Do these birds have nothing else to do? Why are they killing themselves here in broad daylight?

The atmosphere is strange to see couples sitting and chatting with each other and bursting into futility.
People seem to be distracted by something else… ?

Following the glances of the people, the goddess was there.
Long, shiny black hair and a small white face contrasted with it. Also, how distinct and harmonious the features are, even when viewed from a distance, the beauty radiates to the level of self-luminescence.

‘Wow. The charm gets stuck in Trudem.’

Even though she is wearing a plain white tee and jeans, there is no pictorial with just that simple is best.

It is very nice to see her assertive breasts sticking out of her fitted white tee.
Plus, those long legs that are comfortably twisted. The ankles and calves are thin, but when you go up, the thighs are tight… Oh wow

Since ancient times, Johnye has said that a white tee and jeans are national rules, but I felt here that the wisdom of our ancestors was not wrong.
It’s so damn pretty.

There’s a level to being really pretty, and people just glance at me because I’m that pretty.
Should I say aura? The presence itself is on a different level.

‘Envy. If I try it once with a woman like that, I won’t have any wishes.’

As he licks his lips, he tries to take his eyes off the woman and looks around.
But strangely enough, this time people’s eyes are on me.

What. Why are you looking at me
… Under. Now I’m tired of pretending not to know.

The power of charm 95 again.
John is tired.

I try to look around her Starbucks with a chic expression, but strangely, I don’t see that idiot. Could that crazy bitch be fooled? Oh bitch, I’m chewing on it, but Johnye over there keeps waving his hand.

What? Could it be that you fell for my charm 95?
To charm even a goddess like that… Scary, charm 95!

“Sssssom. Hello.”

As I tried to pretend to be relaxed, I approached him and greeted him in a dignified voice, and the woman was confused.

“Didn’t you wave at me just now? If you have time enough—”
“What are you really saying? Are you an idiot?”
“…Really? You really don’t know me?”

Woman brushing her hair with an angry expression

“Damn… You were a pervert.”

A woman with a rotten cow beckons her to sit down.

“Who’s talking about it. And what? They say perverts and all, but when I waved my hand, they were so happy that they died? Like an idiot, their mouths got caught in their ears.”
“Hey. Get me some coffee.”

Took, the pager thrown on the table.
Fists clenched in shame.

“I don’t like it? If I don’t like it… What should I do with this picture~?”
“Oh fuck! Bring it, bring it!”

I grabbed the pager as if snatching it up, and when I jumped up, I heard a little chuckle.


Looking back, I saw a crazy girl sitting with her legs crossed and her arms crossed.

“Aren’t you going?”
“Oh, yes, yes. I’m going, I’m going.”

Go really cheap
When I went to the counter, they only ordered it. And me

I ordered a drink to drink and waited as long as possible until it came out, then I grumbled that it was late again.

“Why is it so late? Can’t you even pick up what you ordered? I ordered it to drink while it’s warm, but it’s all cold.”
“Stop yelling and just drink it? It’s still hot, right?”
“I wanted to drink as soon as I got off!”
“They’re playing. Drinking right after getting off or drinking now, what a difference.”
“That’s why I can’t talk to the big guy.”
“Oh, is that so? Then don’t talk to the big guy and just let him go, right?”
“…I hate that.”

Oh wow i’m dying I hate it
He takes a sip of the coffee I brought him and puts it down.

They said it tasted like coffee, took a sip, and it was over.
That’s why you should have ordered sweet cocoa.

I laugh at him and drink cocoa leisurely.
Um~ sweet

As he was drinking his cocoa with dignity, the guy sitting across from him with his legs crossed and arms folded stared at him.

Why are you staring

“Give me too.”
“That. Drinking now.”
“Look what you did.”

As if teasing, the guy grabs his cell phone and shakes it.

“…It’s just cocoa.”
“So give it to me.”
“So why?”
“I’ll try it too.”
“Why? Make a new one?”
“…It’s okay, so give it to me.”

The color is so damn good.
I don’t eat it because it’s dirty.

He handed over the half-left cocoa, so he stared at it and sipped it.

“It’s delicious.”
“Yes, drink all of you.”
“Yes. I will.”

For a while, I watched him drink cocoa.
It wasn’t until after a while that he drank all the cocoa and suddenly said something out of the blue.

“Give me the phone.”
“Why all of a sudden?”
“Give it to me.”

I’m not going to steal the broken screen anyway.
He took it out of his pocket and put it on the table.

The guy who quickly took the phone frowned.

“What’s the pattern?”
“I hate to tell you.”

It’s a little harsh to stare at.

“Oh, what else?”
“What is this?”
“What else?”
“Innocence evidence? Call record recording? What? A recording application?”

… Oh right.
Crazy year. Why are you fucking looking into someone else’s phone?

“A real star…”

Wasn’t the muttering guy smiling and wiggling his fingers all the time?
What? What? What?

What the hell are you doing with my phone!!
Was it so insecure to leave your phone in someone else’s hands?

‘On the phone… What was there not to see? What have I done?’

I was shaking my head in belated anxiety,


After a while, the crazy bitch returned the phone.

After that, he rested his chin on the table and looked at me with a subtle expression.
Why do this again

“Are you Ada?”

Year of the year, year of the year!

“What… Bullshit?”
“Do you know?”
“Of course not. Everywhere I look, I look like Ada.”
“You did it on Talk. When did you wake up, Ada?”

I fucking remembered
A few days ago, the text message I sent to a friend.

“Crazy bitch! Why are you reading other people’s talk!”
“It’s okay.”

The crazy bitch grinned and said,


Talk nonsense

“Really, why are you so cute?”
“Ears, dear…”
“Will you do mine?”
“What are you talking about again?”
“Yeah. I hate men in real life. They’re unconscientious, filthy, crazy about women. They’re always giggling around. Why aren’t there men like the princes in cartoons?”

What are you talking about?
I blankly stared at the crazy bitch.

“But strangely… I keep thinking of you. Why is that? Why are you so cute?”
“Excuse me. Are you sick? Your head or something…?”
“Hey. Do you want to do mine?”
“Aha. That’s right.”

Under… What.
Was this after all?

Ha, I am
I did something… Aren’t you a poor lamb struggling with my charm 95?

After all, this was all a ploy to get my attention.
I understand now.

I see.
Masturbating while sniffing my uniform, and calling me out under the pretext of MeToo and all.

I was so good Enough to confess in such a strange way.
Cute, cute

“Whoa. This guy’s popularity. That confession—”
“Yes. Be mine. I will raise you well.”
“What is—get off, you bastard!!”

Also, the crazy bitch was the crazy bitch.

“No? Why?”

The crazy bitch had a genuinely puzzled expression.

“No, of course I don’t like it!
“I’ll feed and sleep in my house.”

I was stunned for a moment.
Scary year….

“It’s okay. I’m not a dog of any kind. In the first place, it doesn’t make sense to go out with a woman who threatens me like Me Too.”

As she got up, she grabbed her arm.

“Sit down.”
“Are you going to let go of this?”
“Sit down.”
“So, I hate it.”

The expression that I really don’t understand.
Is this woman serious?

“You know.”

Should I kill

“Me too.”

Admit it if you know
In this unfortunate age when virgins have become a joke, virgins, and those who are pretty as well, are precious treasures. I have to save you.

“…No, wait. What did you just say…?”

What did I hear?

“Me too.”

… You heard me right.
Are you really crazy?

“Even the gura, bitch!”

I was almost fooled.

“Gura? Is it true?”
“Are you a real virgin?”

I almost fell for one point of unfeigned eyes.
No This bitch is a pervert who sneaks into the men’s locker room and masturbates while sniffing the uniform. This bitch can’t be a virgin.

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

얼굴천재가 축구를 잘함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only condition to be good at soccer is"Sex"


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