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Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 10

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 10

Chapter 10 – Two People Watching the Opening Match (1)


I almost fell for one point of unfeigned eyes.
No This bitch is a pervert who sneaks into the men’s locker room and masturbates while sniffing the uniform. This kind of bitch can’t be a virgin.

If you’re ugly, please understand.
Is this pretty girl a virgin? A woman with the appearance that men would follow her just by walking on the street. That’s also a smell fetish masturbator is a virgin.

What is it.
What kind of virgin beach are you?

“What kind of bees are you?”
“Mouth Mouth?”
“If you just open your mouth, it’s okay, you bitch!”

It’s nothing else, how dare you pretend to be a virgin… !
It’s like a bad bitch who tramples on my unicorn-like innocence, which I’ve been expecting for a while. Can never forgive… !!

From the depths of Danjeon, the rage of the six-year-old soared all over his body and radiated from his arms.
Impulsively, he poured the coffee he had been drinking into his face.

“…Oh sorry.”

Was it a bit harsh
The coffee dripping from my face enters my moist lips in a daze.

In the meantime, is this a true story of beauty… ?

“Oh my gosh. What is it? A man poured coffee on a woman’s face.”
“Wow, crazy. What is that man?”
“Is that a total asshole? How do you spray coffee in people’s faces?”

I turned around at the buzzing sound, and all the eyes in the cafe were looking this way.
… Fuck this

Forgot the place
After taking Charm 95, I felt a different perspective. It was enough time to feel what a respectable life is like.

Besides, this crazy bitch is fine on the outside no matter what the inside. No, beyond being fine, even if the appearance is the best, it really isn’t.

A man or woman with a handsome appearance that is hard to find around attracts attention even if there is only one, but there are two of them together? Besides, they scramble as if they were fighting?

Oh I can’t stand this
I will also glance at the country.

There, at the peak of Hwaryong, the man jumps up and the woman sits down and gets a cup of coffee… Fuck, if this wasn’t my job, it would be fun.

I hurriedly took a disposable tissue and wiped his face.
Why, why are you still? Did you lose your mind after drinking coffee?

After roughly wiping the face of the crazy bitch staring blankly at her with her mouth wide open,

“Ah, anyway, I’m sorry… Let’s not see each other again.”

He immediately exited his Starbucks.

* * *

After her personal training, life continued to meet Ji-kyung noona every night.
Contrary to my worries, there was no contact from the crazy bitch, and while enjoying sex and smoothly accumulating points day by day, I was having a very satisfying time. I recently fell into two worries.

‘How should I distribute the points so that rumors spread that I have distributed them well?’

The first concern is point distribution.

17 points accumulated by harassing Ji-gyeong noona every day.
I’ve been thinking about it until now, but now that the opening of the league is approaching, I can’t postpone it any longer.

When the coach makes me play as a starter for the opening match, it means that I am a member of the best 11 in my heart, but the coach’s standard must be based on when I temporarily became doped with event points 30.

But I can’t see that kind of activity in the league?
As long as I haven’t raised my stats, my skills won’t change, so I can’t say it’s because of my condition. Even if it’s the first time, two or three games… If it continues to be unchanged, wouldn’t you think of the performance at that time as a fluke?

It’s already been a long time since I’ve been in the middle of a long time since I’ve been in the middle of a long time, but what if I can’t even show exceptional skills? It’s a no-nonsense bench hang.

‘I can’t do that.’

I don’t plan to stay in the college league for long.
Unless I’m a normal player, if a guy who even uses the status screen to wriggle in college leagues is an idiot.

And now, the day before the start of the league.
Now is the time to distribute the accumulated points…

‘There are too few points.’

The second problem is that there are too few points.

30 points temporarily given for the first friendly match event.
I got a whopping 30 points and did that, but only 17 points? Oh, even if this is not enough, it is not enough.

Last week.
The result of stabbing Ji-kyung sister, who whined that she was going to die because it was hard, that she couldn’t do it today, and stabbed her every day was 17 points.

… Well, before I did it, it was hard, I was going to die, I was going to break down, and even though I was crying, I was happy when I got fucked.

I didn’t know, but my libido was quite strong than I thought.
The basic 3-4 times should be cheap, to the level of ‘Ah, now I’m a bit satisfied~’. I don’t know because I’ve never done it to the limit, but I think it’s possible to do it 5 or 6 times if I roughly estimate it.

What kind of beast is this?
My older sister said that she lost weight and had dark circles under her eyes like a panda. She’s met men, but she’s never seen a beast like this.

Besides, a bigger problem than Jikyung noona can’t stand it is that points don’t simply accumulate that much by simply doing a lot of things often.

It hurts to lose more than half of the points gained with debuffs such as slut attack and incomplete combustion, but later on, strange debuffs like 〈 Unattractive Woman 〉 and 〈 Boring Sex 〉 were added.

Yesterday, even though Ji-kyung noona passed out, she only managed to get 1 point.

‘To get points, you have to have satisfying sex with an attractive woman.’

After all, it means he has to get a new girl.
A new woman is always attractive to a man.

Well, I’m not particularly sorry for Jikyung noona.
Maybe it’s because the relationship started as a one night stand, so there’s no special affection.

I’m a bit worried about not being able to settle down with one woman and wandering around looking for a new woman every time… If you think about it, it’s not a problem.

‘Because soccer players have so many scandals.’

In general, soccer players are a popular job among the opposite sex, so if you enter an overseas league, there will be more than one woman to push you into.

Besides, my charm is that of an ordinary guy A.
He smiled happily and then came to his senses.

‘Under… Then what do you do? I don’t really have a girl right now.

It is impossible to be Jikyung noona anymore.
Points are also points, but my sister can’t stand it. She suffers every day, and my older sister, who used to turn a blind eye whenever she gets stuck, is now in a state of exhaustion to the point where she loses weight.

And above all… I’m bad
After doing it without a wish, it is no longer attractive.
Tired of being honest

“Well. Is this too trashy?”

I’m scratching my head, but what can I do?
I’m sincere
Even Jikyung noona was yelling at me to stop torturing myself and find another woman.

So, I have to find a new girl, have sex, and earn points… With who?
I look through the list of friends on Talk, but there is no girl who doesn’t exist.

Hey, let’s go to sleep first.

‘Ah! Before that, distribute some points.’

【Skills】         【Spirit】         【Body】
Skills 067(▲5)  |Visibility      046|Main strength      062 (▲3)
Dribbling 060(▲5) |Anticipation | 044|Acceleration     067 (▲4)
Trapping 057 |Judgment 042|Balance 056
Short Pass 048|Concentration| 056|Agility| 059
Long Pass 041|Off the Ball| 047|Reaction Speed ​​079
Shooting 045 | Space Mark 038 POWER 054
Free Kick 042| 052| Jump
Header 038 |Leadership 040|Endurance 053
Tackle 032 | Teamwork 039 | Resilience 065

Genius 046 | Charm 095 | Intelligence 028

【Height 175cm|63kg】

【Possessed Points】 0P

It took more than a week to collect 17 points, but the distribution is instantaneous.

The standard, as before, is the direction of maximizing one’s strengths.
The effect was good when I think about the performance when I got the event points the other day, and now I can’t show a play style that is completely different from that time.

5 each for individual skills and dribbling. And after investing 3 and 4 in speed, the points disappeared like sugar in water.

I’m sorry in many ways, but what can I do?
I have no choice but to hold on until I find a new sex party.

On the day of the opening day.
It was a home game, so I just went to school as usual.

“Today is the opening game. It’s the start of the league.”

The coach, who gathered the players, spoke slowly with the tactics board in front of him.

“As you all know, each game is important to you guys. You guys, do you want to end your career in the college league like this?”
“Okay. At least you don’t have to be a pro. Instead of artificial turf like this, try stepping on a natural grass pitch well maintained by professionals and listening to the cheering song sung by thousands of home fans. Isn’t it?”

The players who were excited or nervous because it was the opening game were just quietly silent.
College league.

Elementary student… No, anyone who started before that, passed through middle school and high school and came this far can be said to have staked their life on soccer.

The realistic dream of all soccer players is to become a pro, and the college league is virtually the last chance to become a pro.
The players stared at the coach with big eyes.

“Go out and do your best. Run like you’re dying Okay?”

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

얼굴천재가 축구를 잘함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only condition to be good at soccer is"Sex"


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