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Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 11

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 11

Chapter 11 – Two People Watching the Opening Match (2)


Kim Ha-yeon turned her sloppy body around and looked around her.
The old buildings she had seen last time.

“Oh Mr. Why is the traffic so inconvenient here?”

I’m already exhausted waiting for a bus that runs 30 minutes apart.
She grumbled and made her way through the dilapidated buildings towards her destination.

It is a complicated road that you will surely get lost in for the first time, but Ha-yeon arrived at her destination without difficulty, saying that she had been there once.

As soon as I passed through the narrow buildings, a wide field opened up in my field of view.
On the football field filled with green grass, only the loud shouts of the coach and players echoed as if the game had already started.

“There are no spectators either.”

What is the college league like?
As a member of the Jijangdae cheering squad, Ha-yeon, who often went to cheer for the soccer team, knew how little attention the college league was getting.

Even now, it’s the opening game, but the only spectators watching from the stands are a few people who look like officials and a beautiful woman…

“Eh? What is that woman?”

A woman was sitting in the corner of the stand, hidden from view by a tree that grew from a crack in the broken stands.

Pretty suspicious outfit.
Wearing a black ball cap tightly and wearing sunglasses…

‘Variety. What kind of celebrity is Ji?’

Hayeon snorted, but she could tell at a glance.
That the mysterious woman is quite beautiful.

I forgot my purpose of coming here and wondered what I was doing. As I quietly approached the area, I noticed a sweet scent wafting in the gentle breeze.

‘Sniff sniff. What? Isn’t this Bottega perfume?’

Expensive brand perfumes that cost hundreds of thousands of won for a bottle.
Among them, the perfume Hayeon was aiming for was ‘Bottega No. 8’.

It’s a high-end brand that she doesn’t even try, but she remembers it clearly thanks to how she smelled it with tenacity that she would definitely buy it someday.

‘What the hell are you doing?’

Ha-yeon, who became even more curious, slightly distanced herself from her and sat next to her, only then the woman glanced at her. And that’s it.

The woman, who was suspicious of whether or not she knew Ha-yeon’s curiosity, rested her chin on her crossed legs and watched her game. Ha-yeon was relieved to glance at her woman.

Shiny white skin without a single blemish, a high, straight nose, and red, plump lips.
The aura of beauty that radiates through the tight ball cap and dark sunglasses comes to Trudem and sticks.

‘Crazy! Is that a Graia hat? The sunglasses are mincemignon.’

My head is dizzy at the feast of brands that I have only seen on the Internet.
What year are you doing?

When Ha-yeon stares openly at her in shock, the woman she was ignoring also frowns and turns around as if she is uncomfortable. When Ha-yeon pretends not to know, she turns her gaze to the soccer field again.

The look of concentrating on the game, what is so fun about soccer, where boys flock to each other with one ball. Ha-yeon, who was watching her, secretly took a picture of her girl and posted it in her chat room.

—Anybody know what they’re wearing for two years?

The numbers disappear in an instant, and the answers come up.

—Ji-kyung: He went to see a man and he is voyeuring a woman.
—Soo-yeon: Did our Ha-yeon wake up to forbidden love? Just looking at the pictures, the beauty pierces through, very
—Ayoung Park: Hey, isn’t that Jeans Rous?
—Hyejin: Does this sound right?
—Hyejin : 〈 Link 〉

While searching for crazy bitches, I went through a link posted by one of the members, and when I went in, the same skinny as the woman next to me appeared.

“Sorry, sorry…”

How much is this
Surprised by the price beyond imagination, the woman gets annoyed.
Hayeon, who was suppressed by her momentum, lowered her head subtly.

She has been pretty since she was young, but everyone herself is very interested in her appearance, so Ha-yeon, who dresses well, was always the center of the crowd. Whether it is of the same sex or of the opposite sex.

Of course, Hayeon, who has a high nose, wasn’t the type to easily bow her head anywhere, but that also differs depending on the opponent.

In the meantime, the group chat room keeps ringing the notification without notice.

—Suyeon: Who is Hayeon Hayeon? Does anyone know
—Hyejin: Wow, the hat is also expensive.
—Park Ah-young: I don’t know where you got an Instagram picture from.

I’m still annoyed, but this bitch Park Ah-young keeps bothering me.
Ignoring her unhelpful chat room notifications, Ha-yeon glanced at the woman sitting next to her extension.

‘Look at your skin. How much do you manage? What kind of moisturizing cream should I put on?’

Ha-yeon muttered involuntarily, and she was startled.

Ha-yeon, who has never been seen with her beauty enough to monopolize the attention of males wherever she goes, felt unfamiliar with her in front of a more superior predator.

East longitude.
Ha-yeon, who was spying on women like a girl who met her role model, sighed in her embrace.

‘Seed… Where did a bitch like this appear?’

I pout my lips for no reason, but my phone keeps ringing.

—Ji-kyung: Did you meet?

It was Jigyeongi’s gantalk.

—Ji-kyung: Since it’s the opening game today, there will definitely be
—Jigyeong: Did you tell me? If you look at it, you’ll know
—Ji-kyung: Look carefully

Oh right.
Recalling the reason for coming here, Ha-yeon only then paid attention to the game.

‘Let’s see.’

Where is our cutie
Because it was first grade… I looked over the bench, but all I see are potatoes.

‘Isn’t this the team?’

Even if you scan the opposite bench, it is full of potato stones.
Hayeon’s head tilted.

2 years of cheerleading experience.
Although she has no interest in soccer, she acts as a cheerleader who is inseparable from the athletic club, and she knows the circumstances of the soccer club.

‘I’m sure he was a freshman in the first year… Excluding the list altogether? Or maybe… ?’

I looked around the field with a hopeless heart.
A group of men running around with a ball between them. Ha-yeon couldn’t understand. What is so funny about this

I can’t understand, but Ha-yeon knows.
Boys know that when a girl pretends to know a little about her favorite sport, she really likes it.

Especially sports men.
It’s easy to seduce them because they’re simple guys who only exercise. If you just pretend to know soccer and give compliments like you were cool in the game, your passing was good, your dribbling was amazing, you’ll get into trouble soon.

Ha-yeon, who was looking at the players, was able to find the boy Ji-kyung mentioned.
Because there was a player with white skin and good looks that could be seen from afar.

‘Wow… He’s also handsome.’

I saw him a week ago when he came as a member of the Jijangdae cheering squad, but he looked really good looking again.
Even if Ji-gyeong didn’t snatch it in the middle, it was his. Hayeon gnashed her teeth as she watched the handsome boy.

‘You sure have skills. A rookie also plays as a starter for the opening game.’

Grabbing the ball and successfully dribbling consecutively.
Even to Ha-yeon, who doesn’t know much about soccer, her splendid foot talent looks different.

‘A good-looking kid can run well. Must have good stamina.’

All the players on the field were running vigorously, but Ha-yeon could only see one.

‘As Ji-kyung said, he must have great stamina because he’s a soccer player.’

Seeing the sweaty handsome boy reminds me of my friend’s words, and I’m already flinching.
Hayeon let out a hot breath and recalled her friend’s words.

‘Beast… It’s a real monster. He thought he was going to fall.’

After taking away the child he had been waiting for, the friend lost weight no matter what happened and dark circles came down to the bottom of his chin.

When I asked because I wanted something on earth, I avoided answering at first, but later said that I couldn’t stand it, and wasn’t it telling the truth to please save me?

‘I can’t believe he’s so desperate.’

What he looks like is a slender, handsome boy… He couldn’t believe it because he was Ha-yeon, who knew his friend’s masculinity better than anyone else, but he couldn’t help but believe it because he himself became that shape.

So I came to check it out for myself.

‘Help me, Ha Yeon-ah.’
‘You crazy boy. If you don’t like it that much, don’t do it.’
‘I love it. It’s a problem because I’m going crazy because I like it.’
‘It’s so good, what’s the problem?’
‘Tiring. I feel like I’m really going to die I need to stop… If he does it, it will already flow from the bottom, and I think I’m going crazy.’

The plea of ​​a friend who did not nod even in an orgy.
Ha-yeon’s face was already red with excitement as she watched the handsome boy running around sweating hard.

And next to it.
A woman wearing sunglasses was watching them, glancing at them.

‘What is this, panting next to me. Is it a crazy bitch?’

* * *

Before the game started, the coach said.

“Hong Min-jun is in charge of the ball delivery in today’s game. If you catch the ball, push it.”

It is the same everywhere that a fast and technical player is in charge of a counterattack.
And the coaching staff as well as the players acknowledged that I was the player who could best perform that role at Hojin University, so I was able to receive the ball from the start.

He showed overwhelming skills against Jijang-dae, who is said to be in the middle of the college league, but it goes without saying if he was the opponent of the opening game, Hago-dae, who was weaker than him…

‘My stats are lower than then, and I have to think about my physical strength.’

If you only play the first half and do not intend to be replaced, you must also pay attention to the distribution of your stamina.
My stats were also low, but I couldn’t try to break through as much as I thought because I was concerned about stamina arrangement.

After gaining possession of the ball, the players who had been aimlessly turning the ball turned the pass towards me.
It may mean to start an attack, but it is not a counterattack situation, and it is difficult to break through well-formed enemy lines, and since physical strength must be taken into account, I calmly turned the ball back.

After repeating that several times, he inevitably enters the enemy’s final third through pass play, and then the ball is stolen.

Perhaps because it was the opening game, the passive opponent only focused on defense, so there was rarely a chance to counterattack, and out of frustration, all he did was try to break through the dribble a couple of times.

Of course, he succeeded in breaking through the dribble both times, but it did not lead to a decisive chance because the defensive camp was well held.

And the halftime we met.
The coach hit the tactical board.

“Hong Min-jun! You’re not doing it right!! You don’t want to play!?”

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

얼굴천재가 축구를 잘함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only condition to be good at soccer is"Sex"


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