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Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 12

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 12

Chapter 12 – Two Watching the Opening Day (3)


The coach hit the tactical board.

“Hong Min-jun! You’re not doing it right!! You don’t want to play!?”
“Then what is it! Are you out of shape!?”
“Then what! Speak, Speak!”
“He was distributing his stamina.”

At my answer, the director sighed.

“Hey. Hong Min-joon.”
“Did I care about that?”
“Who doesn’t know how much you lost your stamina? But what did I say?”
“Run as hard as you can…”
“Today’s league opening game. You’re a freshman from high school this time. What does this mean?”

What do you mean, he must be a talented boy who plays as a starting pitcher from the first year.
I thought it was stupid, but the director explained.

“I don’t have your information!! The opposing team doesn’t know you! Got it? If you shake the opponent from the beginning, the second half will be easier!”

Oh is it?
I thought hard about it.

I don’t know either.
If you think about it like that, wouldn’t it be more surprising if you were energetic in the first half and showed your full potential in the second half?

“Hey bastard! I don’t know that!? Ugh, you piece of shit. You man… Just don’t think. Don’t think and just do what you’re told to do. Got it?

I was honestly stunned.
I’m not saying this is bad I admit that my understanding of tactics is a bit low, but it’s a technique one tool!! … Of course, this is also true.

After being robbed like that throughout halftime, I had to go to the field for the second half.

“Hey. Are you okay?”
“It’s okay what.”
“Yes. Cheer up.”

I didn’t feel the comfort of the senior who was walking side by side, but I couldn’t ignore the senior who comforted me, so I just nodded.

“Look over there.”

A senior with a shoulder to shoulder gesture.
Looking for something, I saw two women sitting on the stand.

“Doesn’t it just look pretty?”
“One looks pretty, but the other is hidden by a tree so you can’t see it well?”
“No, it’s pretty. My senses have never been wrong.”

Shouldn’t you trust that feeling?
The one who makes one decisive mistake in every game….

“Kya~ Hong Min-joon. You already have a female fan?”
“Are you my fan?”
“Then I’m your fan. Who do you think you’re here to see?”
“Bitch. Do your best and run. Do you want to be replaced helplessly in front of female fans?”

Kyaa~ Is this a sincere consolation?
I’m already strong.

The home team room after the players have left.
The head coach, who was preparing to go out, asked.

“But, Director.”
“What dude.”
“Isn’t Hong Min-joon right? I think it’s not bad to explode in the second half.”
“…I know, dude.”
“But why…?”

It is a law that can be known even without speaking.

* * *

‘The director is right. My strong point is a personal tactic that can break through one or two people… It was too passive.’

I understood the director’s big picture belatedly.
It wasn’t because of the girl fans in the stand that I was on fire.

“Seniors. Drive the ball from the start. This time, I will somehow connect you with a decisive chance.”

Seniors shaking their heads.

Among the 11 starting members, I am the only freshman.
The members of the 3rd and 4th year, with only one 2nd year, were very reluctant to me at first.

The college league, your last chance to become a pro.
Among them, there was less than a year left for the 4th graders.

In college leagues, where only a handful of talents gather, there are many cases where the order of skill is the order of age. Of course, the starting members selected in order of ability are mainly 3rd and 4th graders.

Talent that transcends age? Of course there is.
However, such kids go to Europe early or go directly to the K-League, so it is rare for players with such talent to come to the college league. Even if they do come, they will only go to a prestigious school famous for soccer, not to a mid-level university like Hojin University.

In the end, most college soccer teams tend to gather players of similar talent.
Outstanding talent goes to Europe or the K-League, or to a prestigious university, and lacking talent goes through elementary, middle, and high school.

In terms of similar talent, those who have worked harder are excellent, but it is rare that a player who has reached the college league lacks more effort than others.

In the end, if you have similar talents and similar efforts, your skill level will be divided over time.
In an environment where 3rd and 4th year players are forced to play the main role, with an irregular like me intervening, the seniors have no choice but to be embarrassed.

If there was no status window, I would have been the same as my seniors.
Of course he is.

It’s just that I couldn’t go directly to the K-League, and there were offers from universities famous for soccer.
Among the talented Hojindae players, I can confidently say that my talent is the best. So, even without the status window, he would have been a starting pitcher around the second year.

But if you ask me if I can become a pro with it, I’m not sure.
Europe? That’s unsympathetic

However, now we cannot be satisfied with the K-League alone.
There is even a status window, but I wonder if they will be satisfied with only domestic leagues.

I will chew up the college league as soon as possible, conquer the domestic league, and then move on to Europe.
And for him, he needs the trust of his colleagues.

Right now the stats are still lacking.
Unless you can score a goal by dribbling 3-4 people alone without the help of your teammates, linking with your teammates is essential.

Whether it’s passing, off the ball or tactical moves.
So now, in the opening game, I had to trust my teammates.

To choose me over a long-time colleague.
After all, aren’t these people dreaming of being a pro? Your grades should be your top priority.

Of course, it would be nice to do it with a colleague if possible.

But what if you are a junior who has better grades than your peers? Would you choose a junior?

‘So… I have to prove my skills.’

Immediately after the start of the second half.
It was a time when the slackness of understanding each other’s skills through the first half did not go away.

While my team was passing the ball, I dug into the opposing camp little by little.
As part of the promised play, the moment when our team’s two main strikers dig into the other side to attract the enemy, and only one player around me remains to mark.


As soon as he raises his hand and makes a call, the ball comes over long.
Before receiving the ball, he quickly scans his surroundings.

One opponent coming to mark me. After that, it’s open to where the defender is.


I don’t know if it’s because I’m a freshman or because I’m docile in the first half, but are you trying to stop me with only one person?
I tried to catch the flying ball lightly with the inside of my foot, but it bounced farther than expected.

It was a mistake, but thanks to that, while the opponent who was running was hesitant to make a sudden stop as if he hadn’t expected it, he quickly secures ownership of the ball and runs away.

Tuk-tuk-tuk, taking advantage of speed, lightly pushing the ball with the front foot, the opponent’s center back is approaching.
On the left is the opponent’s side defender, behind is the marksman who just passed by, and in front is the opponent’s centre-back. Opponents who have already established themselves on the only right side block the pass path.

The situation of an isolated muwon that is blocked on all sides.
But there were no worries.

It was because the pass that pushed the out front between the legs of the opponent’s centre-back was passing by.

I’m not a quick judge or a good passer.
Normally, when faced with such a situation, the type who loses the ball and commits a turnover or procrastinates by dragging the ball to keep it.

However, if it is part of the promised play.
If it is one of the prepared tactics, my lack of judgment and passing are enough.

While all the opposing team’s players were driven to me, our team’s striker, who had been hiding like a ghost by digging into the opposing team’s camp from early on, appears.

“Senior Jinho! Shoot!!”

Main striker Na Jin-ho, 4th grader.
Senior Jinho, whose strong point is penetrating movement and decisiveness, received the ball accurately and entered into a 1:1 situation with the goalkeeper. A goalkeeper who jumps out like a spring.

The moment when you look anxiously at whether you will hit the goalkeeper once more or hit the shot as it is. Jinho takes a narrow stride as if he is about to dribble.

‘Oh no!’

If you dribble there, the goalkeeper will take it….

Aiming at the moment when even the goalkeeper is convinced that it is dribbling and chooses to approach rather than throw his body, senior Jinho connects with a quick shot.

It wasn’t a shot with proper power and it wasn’t fast, but the goalkeeper who lost the timing had no choice but to stand still and watch the ball passing by.

Beep, beep, beep!

“Wow! Did this bastard score a goal from the opening match!!”
“Goal! Goal!!”

Senior Na Jin-ho, who spreads his arms wide and runs in reverse on the ground, and the seniors cheering and chasing after him.
I too tried to join them—

‘… There is no audience.’

Seeing the empty seats, he licked his lips and stopped.

“No. 15! Well done! Go for it!”

A woman’s voice calling my number out of nowhere.
I turned around and one of the 2 girls was waving her hand at me.

I shook my face in the cold, but who is it?

‘Uh? It’s Hayeon’s sister.’

One of the members who came to cheer for the first friendly match against Jijangdae the other day.
It was Hayeon noona who had the prettiest face.

She said, ‘Come to think of it, she said Ji-kyung noona couldn’t do it alone. … Ay no way Probably not.’

Even though she is not dating, can she give her man another woman? She’s dying, she’s dying, she’s dying, she’s dying, but she’s dying when she starts to like what she’s dying for.

Take a day or two off and you’ll be fine.
But why did Ha-yeon noona come?
I hope you fell for my charm..Hehe, I should play with Hayeon-noona after the game.

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

얼굴천재가 축구를 잘함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only condition to be good at soccer is"Sex"


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