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Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 13

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 13

Chapter 13 – Strange Hayeon Sister (1)


After all, a handsome boy like that is no good for me.
The happy Hayeon lowered her shaking hand and brushed her hair pretending to be elegant for no reason. Ha-yeon, who was looking for her phone to send her message to Ji-gyeong while humming a song of excitement and satisfaction, turned her head to the sudden gaze she felt next to her.


The terrifying gaze felt through the sunglasses.
Envy — no, isn’t that annoying bitch staring at her out of the blue?

“Why, why?”

Ha-yeon was proud and arrogant everywhere, but she couldn’t even be proud in front of a predator superior to her.
This is a predator like she is not a rational judge… So, it was a sixth sense that came from the unique aura of women who are popular with men.

“Hey! Yes Yes?”
“What are you.”
“What, what?”
“What are you? Say hello.”

Ha-yeon, who had blinked her eyes, realized it only then.

“Ah. With him… While dating number 15… Please?”

I never thought this kind of year would stick around.

What kind of resentment did Ji-gyeong have on her that drove her here? Hayeon felt like she was going to cry because of her resentment.

“Who? I? Under. Not really? Not at all? Dating Who with that monkey….”

But the woman twitched her lips and let out a deep breath.

“Ah. Then he… No, number 15, he seems to like it.”
“Under! I like you? I? Jean?”

The woman who let out a sigh in succession,

“Hey. You say I like you?”
“Oh, isn’t it?”
“Not really.”

Whoever sees it, it spits out words that are obvious lies.
A furrowed brow that couldn’t be covered even with sunglasses and a hot stare. Ha-yeon felt unfair.

‘Chi… It’s not like elementary school, it’s good if it’s good. Why are people doing this unfairly!’

The woman in sunglasses, who had been glaring at her for a long time, relaxed her expression and crossed her arms as if satisfied with Ha-yeon’s restless appearance.

“Yes Yes!”
“Do you know him well?”
“No… I don’t know….”
“Yes? I don’t know? Why?”
“If you ask why… We just met once a week ago, and that was for a short time, a very short time….”

Watching Hayeon speak carefully, in case of misunderstanding, the woman tilted her head.

“But why are you so close?”
“Not really friendly… “
“You said hello. Nice to meet you Just wave your hand.”
“That’s no big deal.”

Is it sighing
No matter how much you want to be sarcastic, why are you being sarcastic? When the unfair Ha-yeon spoke as if complaining, the woman in sunglasses pouted her lips as if she couldn’t understand.

“So you’ve only met that monkey once, and that very briefly, and yet you say hello like that?”
“I’m not particularly happy… “

That’s right, but hearing that sounds like something.
Deep in thought, the woman undid her arms and lowered her sunglasses.

Through the sunglasses lightly on the bridge of her nose, the exposed eyes.
Hayeon muttered, forgetting about the situation.


Even with her back and side openings, her eyes were slightly dissatisfied.
Everyone else praised me for being pretty, natural, and perfect, but I was in a frustrating state where I felt a strange lack, but didn’t know what I lacked, and now I understand why. Because the perfect eyes that Ha-yeon dreamed of so much were in front of her eyes.

“Hey. What’s your name?”
“It’s Hayeon… Hayeon Kim.”
“Yes. Okay.”

The woman who was staring at Ha-yeon with brown pupils that seemed to fall into it said.

“You are my dog.”
“Yeah… Yes?”

Huh? What?

* * *

Beep, beep, beep—
The game is over.

1:0 win.
Early in the second half, a decisive chance through my dribble breakthrough became the only goal of the game.

Since then, he threatened the opponent’s side through vigorous movements, but unfortunately, there was no goal, and the stat itself was 1 assist. Still, if you look at his performance, MOM is definitely me today.

If I edit the highlights, you can probably see me in most of the scenes.
Of course, there is no one who highlights and edits the university league belt.

Look, you can do it! I think the opening game was successful enough.

After taking a shower after the final stretch, the sky is already dark.
No matter how much a starting member was, I couldn’t get out of the tidying up like the youngest line, and after tidying up like that, I waited for all the soccer members to leave, and in the end, I came out last.

It’s nice to have a bigger cock, but when we shower together, he stares at me too much.
These days, even if it’s embarrassing, I tend to do everything and wash at the end. This is a bit inconvenient.

“Are you late?”

As soon as I left the locker room, a woman suddenly appeared and crossed her arms.

“Who… Ha-yeon’s sister?”
“Yes. You remember.”
“Absolutely. How can I forget a pretty girl like my sister?”
“Oh, you speak well. And you haven’t contacted me in a while?”
“Are you in touch? I need to know your sister’s number— Ah!”

When the cheering squad came, I exchanged numbers with Hayeon noona.

Ha-yeon noona laughs as her mouth goes blank at the belated realization.

“What is it~ I’m sad. They say that pretty girls like me don’t forget, but she already forgot.”
“No. It’s not… I forgot to exchange real contact information… Still, she hasn’t forgotten her sister.”
“I don’t know. I am sad.”

100 million… Is this it?
A passive skill unique to women who ask for relief from their anger.

Fortunately, Ha-yeon noona smiled and said in a calm voice.

“Then give me a drink instead. Are you fine?”
“All, of course… Oh But some alcohol… “
“Why? No? Minseong doesn’t want to buy me a drink.”
“No, not that… And my name is not Minseong.”
“… Huh? Oh, mistakes, mistakes. Minsun.”
“… This is Minjun.”

She gently untied her arm.
Ha-yeon noona, who was making her embarrassing smile, clings to her again and rubs her breasts against her forearm and trembles with her charms.

“I’m sorry ~ I don’t remember Minjun’s face either. She looks so good~”

Handsome… Big hum.
That’s an admission

“Then my sister is eating.”
“Yes. Let’s go sister.”
“Uh… I’ve never bought one from a man before.”

… This older sister is also with Jikyung’s older sister.
But. Jikyung noona was also part of the cheering squad. Oh yeah… Should we be together?

If it was before, she would have liver and gallbladder that it would be nice if a pretty girl like this approached her, whether it was an easy girl or a slut. But I’m not a man with a charm of 95.

“Then let’s buy it first.”
“That… Will it?”
“Why. I do not like it? Then quit.”
“No no no. Good~”

Certainly Jikyung noona has more breasts….

Savoring the feel of her forearm, I headed to Daehak-ro with Ha-yeon.

“Oh sister. Not at the bar because I don’t drink.”
“What!? Why!?”
“What kind of alcohol is it for athletes? I just came from playing that too.”
“How is that?”

Ignoring Ha-yeon’s grinning noona, I went into her regular meat restaurant.

Ha-yeon noona only stares at her grill with a sullen expression, but doesn’t set her tableware, doesn’t pour water, doesn’t even grill meat. This isn’t even a princess.

“Sister. Grill the meat quickly.”
“What!? Why me!?”
“I came to play.”
“No, that’s where I live!”

… Is that so?
Then I grill the meat.

They grilled the meat and wrapped it in wraps, so I smiled.

“Umm, my good~ As expected, the meat grilled by a handsome man is the most delicious.”
“But sister.”
“I wanted to ask you earlier… What are those sunglasses?”
“Sunglasses, sunglasses.”

Sunglasses that give a luxurious feel that does not go well with casual outfits.
It wasn’t there when I was playing earlier, but I was surprised to see where I got it from, and he showed up wearing sunglasses.

“Ah… That… Host… No, her sister, who knows, gave it to me. How is it, pretty?”
“It’s pretty, but take it off.”
“Why~ how much is this~ I hate it~”
“It seems like you’re trying to hide the fact that you’ve been hit by your husband and your eyes are sore.”
“… Even if you say it.”

Even so, he sneakily takes off his sunglasses and carefully wraps them up and puts them in his bag.
Hey, it’s not any kind of jewelry, it’s a pair of sunglasses.

“But Minjun-ah.”
“Are you really not drinking?”
“I don’t drink.”
“Just one drink. Huh? Can’t you have a drink?”
“No, go back.”
“Oh Mr.”

They mumbled when they wrapped the meat.

“Then there is.”
“Oh really! Ugh… Mumbling, that’s why~”

When I looked at this older sister, wondering why she was doing this, she said with a strange expression.

“I have a question.”
“Feel free to ask. What are you paying attention to?”
“Yes. That is… What is Minjoon’s ideal type?”
“Yes? My ideal type?”

I did something, but nothing.
He’s my ideal

“Your face is white. Do you have big eyes, a sharp nose, and red lips?”
“Ah~ What is it~ Say something like that~”
“Actually, there is nothing. Because my ideal type isn’t a certain style.”

She laughed lightly and lied.
Rather the opposite. I have a clear ideal type.

However, that ideal type is someone I can no longer meet.

‘I wonder if that bitch is doing well.’

While I was reminiscing about my old memories, Ha-yeon noona asked in a high-pitched voice.

“Then next! Who is the most attractive woman you have met recently?”
“Well… If recently, until when?”

What are you doing?
My older sister glanced down at her phone and answered.

“One week?”
“If it is… “

These are attractive women I met in a week.
Jikyung noona, Hayeon noona… And that crazy bitch.

Honestly, if it’s not for her personality, that crazy bitch is pretty.

“Of course Ha Yeon-nu—”
“No! It won’t be! Think carefully.”

Also, this is too clichéd.

“Well then… There was a woman who was rather strange. Her personality is completely strange, but her face is very pretty, right?”
“Yeah, yes! Then… “

I glanced down at my phone again,

“But why aren’t you dating that pretty girl?”
“…… ?”

What question is this

“Should I buy all of them if they are pretty?”
“It’s not like that, but still! There must have been a chance to date!”

Oh, that’s annoying.
“I’ll be adequately full,” The woman got hungry and answered roughly.

“I’ll have to see the inner compatibility first.”
“Hick! Ji, you really look like that, no, do you think?”
“Uh. But sister Let’s get up now.”

Women don’t let go of their phones.
As if she had so much to say, to-dok, to-dok, to-do-do-dok — the older sister who was sending the message made a bizarre sound.

“Oh, what else?”
“That is… “

Under. This woman is also a bit strange.
Are all pretty girls like this?

“Well. Min Joon. We over there… Would you like to hear that?”

Where my sister is pointing.
It was the tallest building in the area.

〈 Ratz Hotel 〉

“… Good.”

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

얼굴천재가 축구를 잘함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only condition to be good at soccer is"Sex"


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