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Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 14

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 14

Chapter 14 – The Strange Hayeon Sister (2)


It’s good that you look good too.
Handsome is the best

I went to the hotel with the girl. Besides, Hayeon noona paid for the hotel bill.
Five… Honey.

“Excuse me.”
“Yes, what is it, sir?”
“That… Please give me the empty room next door.”
“Yes? Could you say it again?”
“Not. I’ll just rent two rooms. Please give me a place to stay.”
“Ah, yes, I see.”

But why two rooms… ?

“Ah. When you sleep! I need it when I sleep! I have to sleep alone I can’t sleep because I can’t sleep if someone is there.”

What a stellar person.
I rode the elevator like that, but Ha-yeon noona’s behavior was strange.

Why are you so anxious when it’s your older sister who led you to the hotel? Maybe first… Will not be
People are disappointed when they expect it. You should let go of any expectations.

I’m friends with Jikyung noona, but it’s probably the first time.

“Ruler. Go in first.”

I open the door with my card key, so I’m taking off her shoes when I hear something drop.

“Sister? What did you drop?”
“Ah, no!”

Come on.
My sister hurriedly closed the door and took off her shoes in a hurry.

“Wash it first!”

And pushes me into the shower.
I’ve been rushing in, but I feel a little bad.

Whatever you say
When I came out of the shower grumbling, Ha-yeon was waiting for me in a gown.

“Hmmmm. Wash your sister too.”

Seeing your face makes me feel better again.
Also pretty is the best

I was sitting on the bed waiting, and I heard the soft sound of the water stream.
Beyond the opaque glass, a silhouette of movement as if washing one’s body.

‘I see the top….’

Unable to resist the small bump on her bulging chest, she opened the bathroom door and entered.

“Aww! If you come in suddenly… Hee! What is this. You are too big.”

My older sister, who had been spraying water just down her face and down her neck, pointed at her cock in surprise.
Jikyung’s older sister lacks a sense of volume, but she is a son who is very fond of women’s naked bodies.

“This is bigger than I heard.”
“Listen? Jikyung noona?”
“Uh, uh.”

Hmm. That’s right too.
Women say all these things, but it seems that they have all said it to each other.

“Oh wait. Did I wash everything? Let’s go out and do it.”
“Why? Let’s do it once and get out of here.”
“No no. You have to go out and do it.”

Pushed by her momentum, she sat down on the bed, and Ha-yeon noona asked with a sullen smile as she burrowed between her legs.

“Are we being honest?”
“If you like it, you like it, if you don’t like it, you don’t like it. If it’s good, where’s good, something like this.”

No big deal.
Isn’t it natural

Ha-yeon noona, who was squatting between her legs, opened her gown and took out her cock.

“Do you like touching me like this?”
“Eww… Good.”
“Softly? Harder?”
“I like it all.”

The hand that was gently sweeping her pillar stopped abruptly.

“Min Joon-ah. Did we decide to answer honestly? I like soft, I like hard.”
“It’s tough… ?”

Intense hand movements.
The feeling of excitement quickly rises at the touch of a strange woman on the pillar.

While I was savoring that touch for a while, Ha-yeon’s sister’s mouth opened as she stared at the throbbing cock.


He swallows the glans as it is and bites it with his lips.

“Eww… I like that.”
“Does it stimulate the glans?”
“Yes. It.”
“Then what about this?”

After taking it out of her mouth, Ha-yeon noona’s act of licking the sensitive tip with her tongue sent chills down her spine.

“Sigh… Good.”
“Which is better, sucking or licking?”
“Lick it.”
“Huh… Okay?”

Holding the pillar with both hands, she slightly sticks out her tongue and licks her glans while looking up at her.
I persistently aimed at the part where my sister’s tongue was split as she licked the glans as if she were licking her candy.

“Ugh… There… Good night.”
“Yes. Licking around the urethra?”
“Yeah that.”
“What about touching balls?”

One of her hands, which was holding onto her pole, goes down and gently grips her pocket.

“Then what about this?”
“Oh… ! Great.”

When I was gently kneaded, I didn’t feel much, but when I squeezed it, I felt a thrill that came up with a little pain.

“Ha. Sister, I will do it for you now.”
“No, stay still. You just have to answer the questions I ask.”
“… Eh?”

This older sister’s taste is a bit strange.
It’s fine though, so it doesn’t matter.

I think I’d rather enjoy it, so this is a bit of a charm.

“You seem to like to make things a little stronger, our Minjunie?”
“I guess so.”

Oh wow, you’re so good
Skillfully adjusting between pain and pleasure, Ha-yeon noona continued her caress.

I still have time to spare, but it’s not my taste to be hurt.

Her instep touches the place where her skinny thighs converge, where the disheveled gown casts a thick shadow.

“Ah… !”

Unfamiliar sensation felt in the instep.
The gap between the cracked pieces of flesh opened up and a hot, slippery liquid flowed out.

“How is your sister? Do you like this?”
“Sigh… Come on, don’t play around.”
“I’m serious. Didn’t we decide to be honest? What do you think. Great?”

As the insteps of her feet, sliding back and forth, moved back and forth between the cracks in her skin, her sister’s hands slowed down.

Haha… Great… I like this.”

Trembling body.
What. This older sister was more excited than me.

The hot liquid spilled down the top of my feet and dripped down to the floor.
Hayeon noona, who leaned her face on her thigh and breathed heavily, stood up in surprise.

“That, so! You mean it’s good to be strong?”
“Yes? Suddenly?”

After shouting that, he pushes her to the bed and knocks her over.

“Condoms, where are the condoms?”

Urgently looking for condoms… Whoops, was it that good?
Looking cutely at Ha-yeon noona who couldn’t win over her excitement, she put on a condom and tried to get on, but stopped.

“Oh right.”
“… What else?”

Under. Are you going this far?
My sister asks, shaking her body whenever the sensitive glans squeaks in her cracked flesh.

Haha… Do you like it when a woman rides on it or a man rides on it?”

What bullshit is this?
Are you gay if you like men riding?

“Of course a woman gets on… “

Oh Right.
What noona means is that I like riding on it or my sister riding on me.

If that’s the case, both are good—

“Hey, you mean it’s better for a woman to take the lead?”

Eww… If you rub your glans like that…

“Under… Good night.”
“I can’t, I can’t stand it.”

Shivering and rubbing her glans, the older sister sits down as it is.
It’s a sleep that goes in.

For an instant, I had the illusion that my older sister’s belly was protruding to match the shape of her cock.

“Ugh… !!”

She put her roots in at once, and she lifted her head to the ceiling and trembled her body, but she was motionless for a while.

“Sister? Ha-yeon’s sister?”
“Pole… Ugh….”
“Is it moving?”
“Ah, dear… “

Yes. It’s a similar reaction to Jikyung noona.
He said he was a friend. Do you look alike?

Grasp the thin waist and bounce the waist slowly.
Thin and soft at first.

The sound of flesh colliding with flesh.
The sound of dripping wet liquid rubbing.
Even moaning that couldn’t make sense.

The pleasure from the peripheral nerves, the warmth that touches the body, and the lewd sounds that are heard in the ears combine to quickly heighten the sense of excitement.

Thump, thump.
Soft movements using the elasticity of the bed continued, and Ha-yeon noona’s body, which was letting out a low moan, stiffened in an instant. And then the convulsions that follow.

The small muscles flinched wildly, biting hard on the cock, and the hot inner flesh clung to it chewily, spewing juices.

“Huh… Aaaaa….”

With a drowsy moan, he took Ha-yeon’s body as she fell forward and gently stroked her back.
The flinching that had been going on for a while stopped, and as if she came to her senses, she whispered in her shy sister’s ear.

“Can you do it a little faster?”
“What? Oh no, hee!”

After accepting a few climaxes like that and coolly erupting.

“Yeah… Uh… “

Hayeon noona was making sounds like a wounded animal with a cracked voice.

“Sister. Sister, are you okay?”
“Gwahe, gwahechanaha.”

It seems that he is still out of his mind as he mumbles with half-turned eyes.
In this gap, she threw away her condom, wiped her cock once, and replaced it with her new condom, so Ha-yeon noona sighed.

“Ugh… It was really good. It’s my first time being this good. What does it mean to say that Jigyeong is going crazy or going crazy… Minjun?”
“Uh. Why?”
“Why, why did you grow up again?”
“What are you talking about? I did it once.”
“… Ha, isn’t it over once you do it?”
“What do you mean sister? Didn’t you hear from Jikyung noona? I do the basic 2-3 times?”
“Oh, no!”

I can’t.
Same with Jikyung noona, and she said no at first.

If you hit it,

“Kheuk! Oh no! Joe, good! Ok!!”

Because you’ll love it like this

Thump thump!!
I am having fun when someone knocks on the wall in the next room.

“I guess it was too noisy. I’m sorry, sister.”

I blocked Ha-yeon’s screaming sister’s mouth and moved her body, but he kept hitting her, so I just ignored her and knocked on her door.

He’s really good-natured.
You can play a little loud in the hotel, but I can’t stand it.

“Hello? Is that the police station?”
“Ah… Ang dae… Ang dae eh…”
“Shh. Be quiet, sister. Oh, it’s not like this.”

See if you’re right.
It can’t be the dirty temper that comes to mind.

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

얼굴천재가 축구를 잘함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only condition to be good at soccer is"Sex"


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