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Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 15

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 15

Chapter 15 – Tactical Moves (1)


Women say they don’t let go of their phones even when they die, so maybe that’s true.
As soon as Hayeon noona wakes up, she starts looking for her phone, and she sends Todok Todok Yeonshin Talk.

“Who are you talking to like that?”
“Uh… Uh? Yes.”
“Who is it? Boyfriend?”
“What is a boyfriend. It’s a woman.”

If it’s a woman… Isn’t that Jikyung’s older sister?
What are you two going to talk about?

From what I can see, everything with me seems to be open.
I’m curious what you’re talking about, but what… That’s not a bad thing.

That would be too,

〈 incomplete combustion 〉
—Unsatisfying sex! Acquisition reduced by 1/3!

〈 Rag Attack!〉
—Easy to capture women! Acquisition reduced by 1/3!

〈 Conquer the mop!〉
—Perfectly satisfying women with a lot of man experience! Reduces the debuff of ‘Incomplete Combustion’ by 50%!

As soon as I opened the status window, these event messages poured in.
All three of them share the same message as Jikyung noona. However, for Jikyung noona, more debuffs such as ‘unattractive woman’ or ‘boring sex’ are added here.

Looking at it this way, Jikyung noona seems to have treated her a bit too much.
But maybe it’s a relationship that started as a one night stand, so it’s not like they’re affectionate or dating, so if you do it every day, you’ll get tired of it.

Jikyung noona is not a beauty of the century or a famous fighter.
Maybe my sister didn’t get tired of me too?

Uh? Maybe it’s because I’m tired of constantly bouncing.
She was about to fall into deep reflection, but Ha-yeon noona grumbled and came to her senses.

“Ahh… I have no sense underneath. It’s a real beast.”
“Ji-kyung noona is like that too. Her friends are the same.”
“Really. I finally understand what Jikyung said. It’s so good, but… It’s too much.”

As shown in the event message of ‘incomplete combustion’, neither Ji-gyeong noona nor Ha-yeon noona had ever satisfactorily had sex because it spread in the middle.

This is so… The energy is too strong, so I have this problem again. I don’t want to reduce it though.

I looked at the time and it was 5:00 in the morning.
I got up a little earlier than usual, but she went to the shower, thinking that it would be better to get up than to insist that she sleep a little longer here.


Isn’t Ha-yeon noona frightened when she looked into her phone at the sound of the notification?

“Why? What’s going on?”
“Oh, no. Me, I’ll wash first! I’m in a hurry!”

She hurries into the shower, gets washed up in an instant, and gets out and gets dressed.

“Minjun, I’ll go first! See ya!”
“Oh, oh yes. Good bye.”

Bang! I stood there staring blankly at the closed door.
… What? Why are you acting like a hotteok restaurant on fire?

* * *

Genius 046 | Charm 095 | Intelligence 028

【Height 175cm|63kg】

[Retained Points] 4P

When I turned on the status window, there was an increase of 4 points.

‘Oh~ honey.’

4 times more efficient than Jikyung noona!
I feel like I’m becoming more and more human trash, but it doesn’t matter. What do we do because we like each other?

The face of a woman that flashes in my mind at the moment when I worry that if I get caught wrongly, I might be getting metoo.

‘I’ll have to be careful. I might meet a crazy bitch like that.’

After changing into a uniform in the locker room and stretching lightly, he packs a few training items and spreads them out on one side of the playground.

Even soccer players need strength training.
Until the 1980s, there were many soccer players who did not use weights at all, but weights are essential in modern soccer where physical fights have become intense.

Well, there was a player named Adama Tremushigi who retired now but was famous for his muscular body and said, ‘I don’t do weights or anything like that’… It’s genetically innate.

Of course, the muscles that soccer players need are different from those for cosmetic purposes, so they are different from what the average person thinks of being “Good looking.” For example, the pectoral muscles.

The largest part of beauty muscles is the pectoral muscle. From the beginning, the pectoral muscle is a muscle group that has little to do with exercise performance, so it is not suitable for soccer, which is an aerobic exercise. In fact, it is not necessary unless upper body strength is important, such as weightlifting and judo.

After all, the most efficient body for a soccer player is, surprisingly, the pectoral muscles! It’s not the body that does.

But what about human psychology?
If you’re going to weight, you should look good too.

‘Especially to women.’

That doesn’t mean you’re doing dead-lion weights.
If you blindly increase your muscles, the risk of injury will only increase and your physical strength will be consumed faster.

In particular, if you are a player like me who lives on technique and speed, you need to train your core zone rather than simple muscles.
These days, the training I’ve been paying special attention to is strengthening the core zone and improving agility. Like body balance, shifting the center of gravity, and changing direction.

Since it’s training alone, it can be a big problem if you overdo it.
Since there is no one to look after you, if you have a hard time training, you will naturally break down from your posture, and if you train with the wrong posture, various problems will arise.

In this case, you can do it easily, and because it is the basic of the basics, van training is the best.
Ladder training, also known as the speed ladder.
Ready by simply placing the ladder-shaped device on the floor.

Since it is such a basic and famous coordination, there are over 100 training methods, but I decided to repeat a few familiar ones.

One-foot jump, side step, step with both feet together, back course after front dash, running through each space as quickly as possible with one foot, jump training to jump through each space, and training to move left and right along a ladder alternately followed.

“After, after, after.”

All of these are basic training that any soccer player can follow without difficulty, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Just as you have to train the basics constantly, these basic trainings are also the basis of the basics that you have to constantly repeat and control your body.

After soaking in sweat, it’s time for the seniors to come.
I reflexively opened the stat window, but there was no change.

A little disappointment is unavoidable for humans.
I don’t know if this kind of training has an effect on my stats, but even if there is no effect, I don’t want to quit. It’s a routine I’ve been doing all my life, and if I don’t even do basic training, I think the perception of me as a soccer player will disappear.

“Hey, Hong Min-joon. You came early today too.”
“Hello, Director!”
“Yes. We played the day before, so don’t overdo it.”
“It’s okay!”
“Yes, yes.”

I’m organizing the training equipment, so people are slowly gathering.

“Minjun is high.”
“Hello, senior!”
“Ongnya. Ah, I’m tired.”

8 in the morning.
After confirming that all the players have gathered, the coaching staff proceeds with a training session, starting with a light jog, divided into players who played yesterday and players who did not.

I, who played full-time yesterday, was put in the starting group and received light recovery training, and the coach’s mental attack… I had to listen to the tactics lecture.

With the tactical board in front of him, the coach attaches magnets representing players one by one to describe the formation.

“Let’s see. This is our basic formation, 4-3-3.”

Starting with the goalkeeper, 4 defenders in front of him. In front of them, there are three midfielders in an inverted triangle, and three strikers are marked with arrows at the forefront.

“What is our point? It’s ‘Pressao Alta (high pressure)’. Powerful pressure starting from the forward striker! Like all-court pressing in basketball, you have to block the enemy from entering and lock them in the enemy line!”

The coach pointed to the four magnets placed in a row representing defenders.

“The four-back forms an offside line based on the goal 30m and narrows the gap with the midfield to take over the space. At this time, even if he loses the side, he has to defend as much as the center! Okay? After all, in soccer, a goal is the difference between winning and losing, and goals come from the center! Center! The center is key! Stack the center thick to eliminate space!”

The director’s hand, explaining the movement of the defender and midfielder according to each situation, faces the magnet representing the attackers on both sides.

“Wide striker! You should be active too! Especially the right side! When defending, the attacker on the right must join the defense to eliminate space. Geology. Okay?”

Nodding at Ji Eon-hak’s angular answer, who is playing as a side striker opposite me, the manager’s hand soon comes to my seat, a magnet representing the left striker.

“Left side! Don’t come down the half line even when defending. You are the vanguard of the counterattack. When the ball is stolen, the ball is sent to the left striker in the shortest distance, and the left striker receives the ball and somehow carries the ball to the enemy final third. Hong Min-joon!”
“Yes, Director.”
“You know counterattacks are entirely at your toes, right? If you can’t, tell me soon. We have to change tactics.”

A tactic that reminds me of Jose Mourinho’s first season at Chelsea, which was a popular season in the past. However, the biggest difference is that the attack is skewed to one side to the extent that it is deformed, and this was the director’s decision entirely based on my personal ability.

A typical ace sucker tactic that relies on one ace.
As a tactic whose performance depends on the condition of the ace that day, it is a tactical trend that was popular in the 1990s and early 2000s, when central attacking midfielders were in the limelight.

If Ace had been someone else, he would have been displeased… It’s not my taste to say that I’m an ace in public like this.

“No! I am confident!!”
“Are you really confident? Dude, you have to answer well. If it spreads in the middle or the game is bad, it’s your responsibility to eat it this season. Think carefully and answer. Are you really confident?”

It is an ace position with a heavy burden, but the players’ eyes are pouring out at the words of the coach who adds more pressure.

The heavy gaze of seniors in the 3rd and 4th grade, whose time is running out now. But rather good This kind of heaviness is what I wanted.

“I am confident. Trust me, Director.”

The coach who hit the tactical board exclaimed cheerfully.

“Then now, when attacking, go to the partial tactics. This is only if Hong Min-joon succeeds in carrying the ball properly.”

There is no need to worry about the weekdays now.
Declaration that throughout the season, the ace position is as good as mine.

But when one worry goes away, another comes.
Now, the responsibility to show an activity worthy of the team’s ace in every game.

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

얼굴천재가 축구를 잘함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only condition to be good at soccer is"Sex"


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