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Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 16

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 16

Chapter 16 – Tactical Moves (2)


Collegiate leagues usually have a schedule of one game per week.
A preliminary league that is conducted by grouping certain regions into regions. And the national league, where only the top teams with good results in the preliminary league advance.

The national league, which selects teams representing each region in the preliminaries and determines the best in the country, is the wannabe of all college soccer teams, in other words, the first division.

Because of this situation, no matter how much you win in the preliminaries, you tend to be treated as one of the best in the neighborhood and not recognized as a prestigious school.

In order to be recognized as a truly prestigious and strong team, it is essential to play an active part in the national league. Of course, if you are a college soccer team that you want to be in, you will be aiming for the national league and make a season plan.

Then, what about Hojindae?
Our college football team… There is no such thing.

I can’t even get treated as a local iljin, but what about the national district?
First of all, if you have to break through the regional leagues, you will only be cursed if you already think about the national league.

Fortunately, there is no team that can be said to be prestigious in the area where Hojin University belongs.
There is no clear strong team, but there are teams with strong strength, so if you look at it positively, there is no opponent you can’t beat.

In a word, a situation where each other looks at each other. In this case, it may be more convenient to have an overwhelming 1 river. Because similar powers are gathered together, you never know what kind of unexpected situation will occur.

“I have bad news.”

And the opening week of the first league game.
The first anomaly occurred.

“Ugyeoldae, which was considered the weakest in our region, defeated Hoseongdae, which was considered the strongest.”

The battle between the strongest and the weakest… But in fact, in the eyes of the nationally strong teams, it must be a feat. Still, it is surprising that a surprise show took place in the confrontation between the weakest and strongest in our region. Even from the first game.

“And our next opponent is Ho Seong-dae.”

The director frowned as if he was in pain.

“Since you’ve been dying from the first game, you’ll be grinding your teeth against us. Everyone, be prepared.”

The training schedule that followed was also tighter than usual.

Well, the coaching staff including the coach seems to be serious, but… I don’t think it’s a big deal.
There are 2 tickets for the national leagues assigned to our region. Even if you finish runner-up, you can advance to the national league.

That doesn’t mean I won’t aim for the championship, but no matter how much I think about it, I don’t think the team I’m on will ever be able to win the runner-up. Is it too hard work?

But this is why I went to Hojin University.
There are two reasons why he refused even the invitation to go to the prestigious university soccer team and came to this village.

The first is that the power is weak.
In particular, the offense resources are poor compared to the defense, so the first thing is that I, a freshman, deserve to try to compete for the starting position.

Of course, even if you advance to the national league, it will be difficult to expect good results as it is a power that is evaluated as a mid-lower level nationally, but… Well, that’s something to think about again then.

The evaluation of Hojindae is in the mid-low range, but the defense is worth watching… Is a general evaluation.
To put it simply, it means a team with high-mid defense and low-level offense.

I don’t know if this is because of the coach’s defense-oriented tactics or because he has excellent defenders, so I don’t know if he applied counter-attack tactics after first defense, but the important thing is that my role as the lead in the attack for victory is that big.

And for that, more points… More points are needed!

“Oh Ji-kyung, older sister. I am Yes. Ah so don’t you like it? Is not it? See you later.”

After regular training, while cleaning up like the youngest, she contacted Ji-kyung noona.
As usual, today he whines that he can’t, that he doesn’t like it, that he wants to take a break, but when he calls, he runs to say yes again… I don’t know why women bounce like this.

It will be evening when Jikyung noona comes here after finishing her schedule, so she should be doing her personal training in the meantime.

‘Well… What about Hayeon noona?’

It’s been three days since I spent the night with Hayeon noona.
Since then, she has had no contact.

It’s not like we lost contact at all… Contact continues, but something doesn’t fit. Why do you ask so many questions, ask about pointless things.

When she clicked on the Kakao Talk profile picture without thinking, in the meantime, it has changed to a new one.
A self-portrait in a coat that looks expensive at first glance.

It’s pretty too, it’s pretty
Did Hayeon noona study aviation? She sure would look good as a flight attendant if she looked like this. She later she uniform plays me… She thinks something like that, but sees a status message.

〈 The Lattebang coat that my sister gave me as a gift♥〉.
If you are an older sister, you are an older sister. What is an older sister?

“Hey. What are you doing here without washing?”
“Ah. Senior Yoon Hyuk.”

It was senior Yoon-hyeok, a sophomore, who came over, brushing off his wet hair as if he had just finished taking a shower.

“I’m going to stay and do some personal training.”
“Personal training?”

Why do you look like that What’s wrong with personal training?
Senior Yoon Hyuk stared at him for a long time and then laughed dejectedly.

“A talented kid like you works so hard, but I don’t know what I’m doing.”
“A. How is your senior?”
“How is it? It’s for soldering.”

Senior Yoon Hyuk, a sophomore who alternates between starters and rotations, is a typical small hexagonal player.
He’s versatile, but he’s not great, so he’s a bit short of a starter, but doesn’t have the resources to be a substitute. He is the epitome of the manager’s favorite substitute player style.

Maybe that’s why he was originally a midfielder, but he often jumped in and ran regardless of his position.
Recently, I was replaced a lot, and I was replaced with a role that covered the lack of offensive power as I was exhausted with the activity and defense power of senior Yoon Hyuk, who plays diligently.

“It is versatile. That’s why the manager believes in it and replaces it.”
“It’s okay dude. I know that, but I mean.”
“No. Really. I envy my senior’s soccer intelligence.”

I firmly nodded my head in the sense of real to Senior Yoon Hyuk, who was making a questionable expression.
To be honest, it’s half sincere and half crap.

If I’m the type to play soccer with my innate talent, senior Yoon Hyuk is a typical player who plays soccer with his head.
No matter which position you put it in, serving one serving means that you can understand the role and movement of each position that suits your tactics and execute them.

Tactical understanding, spatial understanding, positional understanding… Isn’t it a difficult requirement to succeed unless everyone has excellent soccer intelligence?

I am lacking in everything except technique, speed, and body balance, but when I think of soccer intelligence as one of the biggest weaknesses among them, I sincerely envy senior Yoon Hyuk’s talent.

Of course, I’m not envious of my skills.
Honestly, even though I lack soccer intelligence, I am not the me who eats the starting pitcher from the first grade because of my talent, right?

“That’s right, if you study, you will grow. A natural talent like you is difficult to develop.”

I realized the problem at the words of Senior Yoon Hyuk, who smiled bitterly.

‘This senior doesn’t have too much confidence?’

Only then will my skills come out.
I thought about it for a while, but decided to pamper myself for the first time in a while.

“Senior. Intelligence is also a talent. To be honest, no matter how much I study, I don’t know how to move in any situation. No, the word is study. While playing soccer, each situation is different every moment, but I think of what is right each time. There is no pause whatsoever. Even if one second passes, the situation will pass.”

In the past, there was a rumor that physical ability and technique were innate talents, and soccer intelligence was a talent that could be cultivated.
But my honest opinion is that soccer intelligence is also an innate talent.

Isn’t soccer supposed to be played after moving a turn and thinking for a while? In a situation that changes every second in real time, making a quick decision about the best option is a talent in itself.

And I lack that talent.

“You speak well. Would you like to do an interview later?”
“Yes? What interview?”
“Thanks to you, I’m getting some strength, you bastard.”

He still doesn’t look confident, but he couldn’t help but frown in front of his juniors. Senior Yoon-hyeok laughed and got up.

“Can I train with you?”
“Absolutely! There are many things you can do more than doing it alone, and above all, it is not boring.”
“Nice… Young. Watch him gnashing his teeth.”

It is said that a prestigious university famous for soccer will turn on the lights for night training even at night, but at Hojin University, it is unimaginable.

Even if it’s not that dark yet, time will pass quickly if you train, so I found an interesting fact while sitting in a place with a lot of light and warming up lightly while talking about personal affairs with my seniors.

“Uh? So, is your senior from a sports family?”
“Is not it? My father was a cyclist and my mother was a fencer.”
“Oh exercise gene~”
“Nope. My sister must have taken it all.”
“Hey, do you have any seniors or sisters?”
“Did you not speak? This is our school tennis club.”

Hojin University is a poor university in terms of grades, but it is a pretty good university in terms of arts and sports.
If it’s the tennis club, I’ve heard of it a few times, so the level isn’t that low. You seem to have the skills

… Than that

“Why are you staring at me like that?”
“… No.”
“Bitch, are you all showing off? Don’t worry, my sister doesn’t look like me.”
“Ah~ How are you, senior? Compared to me, of course… “
“Wow, this bastard is messing around with this. Hey! Am I good-looking too?”
“I’m not as handsome… Hot guy?”
“Okay. As long as it’s a handsome guy, it’s acceptable.”

After giggling and laughing, the senior suddenly takes out his phone, turns on Talk, turns on the phone, and then suddenly holds it out.

“What is it?”
“What is it, bastard? It’s written all over her face that she will die of curiosity.”
Hehe… Thank.”

When I quickly accept the phone that my senior handed me, I immediately see a profile picture.
Unfortunately, it was a picture that looked like a trophy, so when I turned it over in disappointment, the selfie popped up.

“Five… !”
“Why? Are you pretty?”
“Yep. You are pretty.”

Sports beauties full of health… !
Besides, it’s our school. If done well, it might develop into a meme… !

The anticipation is high!!

“Don’t be fooled. It’s all photoshop.”

… It’s falling down
But objectively speaking, Yoon Hyuk-senpai’s face isn’t inferior… If it’s a brother and sister, can’t we expect it?

I need to help you train hard.

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

얼굴천재가 축구를 잘함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only condition to be good at soccer is"Sex"


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