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Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 8

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 8

Chapter 8 – A Stranger (3)


“Huh, hah… Are you really new to this?”

Ji-gyeong noona sheds her eyes as she barely holds on to the door of the shower room.

“I feel like I’m really holed up underneath. I can’t feel it.”
“…It’s okay?”
“Do you think it’s okay? Even if I tell you to slow down a little, you won’t listen. What kind of a kid doing this for the first time really is like this.”

Was it too bad
I was ignoring my sister who was struggling, but later I couldn’t even scream, and I was surprised how much I was shaking my body. I knew I was out of breath and couldn’t even fight.

“Because he is a soccer player, he must have good stamina.”
“Aren’t all football players like that?”
“How does your sister know?”
“I know how you know.”

I was a bit taken aback by the vague answer.
I was first

“Please help me.”

While washing while helping her like that, her son, who has not yet wrapped up, continues to stab her sister without notice.

“What are you doing? Could it be… Yet?”
“Sister, let’s do it one more time.”
“It’s already the third time!!”

I quietly lifted one of my older sister’s shocked legs and put it around her waist.

“Now, wait!

A languid sense of exhaustion comes as she lays her half-performed older sister on her bed and lies down next to her.
Keu~ Is this the afterglow after sex?

It was so unreasonable that even my sister put it in and moved it a few times, and then she drove it excitedly, and her back was sore.

Messages pouring in as I open the staff window that Ji-gyeong noona had been waiting for while touching her breasts while she was sleeping soundly.

〈 Ada Breakthrough!! 〉
—Celebrating first sex! Acquisition increased by 300%!

〈 incomplete combustion 〉
—Unsatisfying sex! Acquisition reduced by 40%!

〈 Rag Attack!〉
—Easy to capture women! Acquisition reduced by 40%!

What is this
How many points did you get?

【Skills】        【Spirit】         【Body】
Skill 062|Visibility 046|Main 059
Dribble 055 |Anticipation 044|Acceleration 063
Trapping 057 |Judgment 042|Balance 056
Short Pass 048 |Concentration 056|Agility 059
Long Pass 041| Off the Ball 047| Reaction Speed ​​079
Shooting 045 |Space Mark 038| Power 054
Free Kick 042|Calmity 052|Jump 046
Header 038 |Leadership 040|Endurance 047
Tackle 032 |Teamwork 039 | Resilience 065

Genius 046 | Charm 095 | Intelligence 028

【Height 175cm|63kg】

【Retained Points】 6P

Got it!
I finally got points!!
After all, the answer was sex!!

Just looking at it made me feel full.
It is also a while to look at the point happily. Belatedly, attention goes to the event message.

‘Three times as a first experience. This is good But what about incomplete combustion and rags? It’s reduced by 40%?’

What a scam this is!!
Come on boss!!

The status window did not respond.

* * *

While training, on the other hand, I was thinking about something else.
Sex. More sex. Even more sex!

How can I have sex again?
The coach called me separately because I was seriously thinking about it not because I wanted to have sex, but as a way to improve my soccer skills.

“Hong Min-jun.”
“Yes, manager!”
“I’m taking off the roster for tomorrow’s game. You’ve already shown enough skills, so the others should play too, don’t they?”
“You’re right!”

As a player, it is natural to want to play in all games, but the lineup is the coach’s authority. For this reason and not for any other reason, it was acceptable.

“And the next game and the next game after that, you’re on the bench.”

What kind of bullshit is this?
Didn’t I do that? Not really.

“So, you’re improving your form as much as you can before the start of the league. You’re going to be the starter for the opening game, okay?”
“Yes, yes!!”

Oh yea!
This means that it is confirmed for the week.

It seems that he has completely fallen for the porok he showed in every game.
After the first friendly match, I saw that even if I couldn’t perform well in training, the coach advocated me to go over because it was my physical constitution.

After all the friendly matches were played, the training camp was over.
The university starts, and the next week, the university league finally starts.
Only 2 weeks left now.

Sex in two weeks— No, you have to raise your stats.

‘What can I do? If you have only 6 points… I wouldn’t be able to play as well as a friendly match with this.’

6 points.
That’s not enough. Even if you have to do it, the message will go in order, but it’s not because only one stat is high.

Even in the last friendly match, it was temporary, but didn’t it increase the 3 stats by 10 each?
Even though he raised his stats to 30 and showed great performance, he had to be replaced shortly after the second half started due to lack of stamina.

I need to raise my stamina, which is below average even by the standards of the high leagues, and to maintain my previous performance, I need 30 points for dribbling, skill, and acceleration by 10 points. Not. Aren’t there various stats that are several times that?

I don’t know how many limit stats are, but I have to shoot all of them until the end, so when will I collect them?
Under… Grabbing my head and pondering, I suddenly remembered my first experience in the past.

The feeling of touching your cock. Touch. Mood.
Nice… It wasn’t satisfying enough, but the satisfaction that can’t be compared to doing it alone.

Shall I contact Jikyung noona?

After that, I keep in touch with Jikyung noona.
When we parted, she whined that she had a hard time and almost died, but the next day, she said that it was so good, that it was the first time that such a good thing had happened, and it wasn’t a big fuss.

It’s just that her older sister is also a college student, and it’s not the same Hojin University. She doesn’t even have a car.

In case she doesn’t know, should she contact me
If you ask her to come, she’ll come right away.

It was when she was watching Internet news to kill time after sending her a talk like that.

〈 Incumbent K-League player, turns out to be a comprehensive crime set? 〉

I was browsing the sports section, and the title of an aggro full of bullshit popped up on the main page.
Oh I can’t stand this Did he drive drunk again?


At the top of the article, a photo of the mosaiced man.
Even though he was mosaic-processed, he was someone I knew who was instantly recognizable to those who knew him, with a mysterious mosaic-like picture, not a mosaic in which the shape could be seen if you focused on it in a porn video.

“It’s Kim Sang-shik!”

Our school’s direct senior and current K-League.
And he was a famous senior as a young player with a promising future.

It’s clear to see that the text reads, ‘Young K-League with a strong chance to advance to Europe’.
Among the K-League players, Kim Sang-sik is the only player who is rumored to be advancing to Europe, so this is something that is being told openly. When he entered the soccer community, he was plastered with Kim Sang-shik.

“What the hell did this guy do?”

Looking at the contents step by step, the family was the problem rather than the player himself.
The first article was four days ago, about the mother’s abuse of power, abusive language, and assault.

It was an article about her mother, who was holding a position at her father’s agent company, and habitually abused, abused, and assaulted her employees.

Not even a day after the first article was published, suspicions of his father’s embezzlement and tax evasion broke out this time.
At first, it was a rumor, but after another day, evidence emerged and even testified that he had gone on an overseas expedition with the money.

This is just a bunch of sweet potatoes.
The long-awaited end is this morning. Player Kim Sang-shik died magnificently for being caught drunk driving.

“Ah fuck. I was wondering if my direct senior would be connected to a promising K-League, but this is fucking shit. Aren’t I also disadvantaged for being in the same school for no reason?”

Annoyedly, I was browsing through the comments when I got a call from an unknown number.
Who is it?

-Where are you?

What. Who are you talking nonsense?

“Who are you?”
-What. I do not know?

The voice of a young woman.
Where have you heard this charming husky voice that is low for a woman and feels sexy… Where was it

“Billion! That idiot!?”
-What? Stupid?

That innocent pretty girl!

“Isn’t that the guy who masturbated to the smell in the locker room!?”
—I said no!!
“Hey you thief!!”
—What, what? Thief? I?

The absurd voice came out, but I won’t be fooled anymore.
Well done you thief.

“My phone!! What are you going to do with my Apple phone!! They bought me one!! They said they would change it to the latest model!!”

A faint sigh came through the phone.
I hope you try to eat and run like this… ?

-Under… Was it just that?
“Barely? Barely. Do you know how expensive this phone is? Money doesn’t come out when you dig it!”
— Jjing jjing jing jingle noisy
“You’re just caught. Wait, call 112 right now.”
“Why. Are you scared now?”

The boy was silent for a moment.
What. Did you hang up? Not really.

It was then.
Burr, vibrating phone.

—Look what you sent

I wanted something, so I lowered the screen while I was on the phone, and there was a call.
Looks like you even made friends.

In the chat room I entered without thinking, there were only pictures posted.
It’s just a photo of me and him together.

“…What is this? This must be…”
— Doesn’t it look like it’s attacking?

It was a picture of me violently massaging his chest.

“Ah~ don’t be mean.”
— Shit?
“…Let’s not joke.”
“…Excuse me. It’s okay if you don’t buy me a phone.”
-Hey. Come out to the Starbucks in front of your school
“My, why me? I don’t like it?”

A snort was heard over the phone.

— Me too
“I’ll leave immediately!!”

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

얼굴천재가 축구를 잘함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only condition to be good at soccer is"Sex"


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