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Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 7

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 7

Chapter 7 – Sister Jikyung


Sadly, I’ve never been to a motel with a girl.
What’s even sadder is that I’ve seen a lot of couples going into motels. Fucking envy

The days when I was so envious.
Finally, I came to a motel with a woman for the first time. … Can I come in?

“Hey… Sister Jikyung. Is this right?”
“Ugh~ I’m so dizzy. I think I’m going to vomit.”
“Ah. Then shall we go to the pharmacy?”
“.Haha, my head hurts so much that I can’t walk. Let’s rest for a bit, Minjun.”

What? Just for a moment, it seemed that my sister was biting her teeth.
Doubt for a moment. My mind was drawn to the feel of her arms buried in her voluptuous breasts.

“Ssomheum. Is your sister okay?”
“I’m having such a hard time… Can’t I just take a break and go?”
“…It works.”

Because of Ji-kyung’s older sister, who constantly whines with her bright red face, I entered the motel countless times.
This is where noona came in to take a break because she was drunk… Hanging horns. Shit, is it finally Ada’s escape point? Is this the dignity of charm 95?

With my daughter
A bell hanging above the door rings, revealing a small space. The small counter in the front and the elevator are all inside the room.

“Room? Accommodation?”

The man who was sitting at the counter as if he were the owner didn’t even look at me and asked me in awe.

“It’s a large room.”
“40,000 won.”

Juseom Juseom I tried to take out her wallet, but Ji-kyung’s sister, who was wandering around, took out her money first and held it out.
… Uh? I don’t think it’s 40,000 won?

The counter man who received her money glanced at his older sister.
Then she glanced at me and she nodded her head to herself,

“Okay, receptionist.”

Spat out nonsensical words.

He receives the key from the man and stands there, but does not intend to give change.
What the fuck Why don’t you give me change?

“Minjun, let’s go up quickly.”
“No wait. Change—”
“Ah~ hurry up~”
“Wait, wait, sister.”
“Quickly, quickly~”

What power is so strong
In front of the room I arrived halfway dragged by my sister. It’s the first time, but when I put the card key on my mind, the door opened with a beeping sound.

‘Phew… It’s the first time, so I shouldn’t show off.’

Pretending to be familiar, I opened the door and entered, revealing a smaller interior than I thought.

‘This is smaller than my own room, isn’t it?’

As she looked around and took off her shoes, her sister grabbed her hand.
Already!? As soon as you enter!? Dad, are you fast?

“Minjun-ah height.”
“Card key.”

When her older sister took the card key she was holding and inserted it into the spot attached to the wall at the entrance, the light came on in the room.
… Aha.

“Min Joon-ang~ Noona is too hot.”

The older sister, who had taken off her shoes, suddenly stumbled and collapsed onto the bed.
Then she starts to take off her clothes… Oh wow

“That… Are you okay?”
“No~ I think it will be okay if Minjun cools it down.”

… No matter how ignorant it may be, you can’t be unaware of it sending signals like this.

“Since my sister said it was hot… Shall I take off my clothes?”
“Yeah. Take it off quickly.”

I could have imagined it countless times.
But when she gets into the real fight, her hands tremble like she’s an asshole.

With her trembling hands, she pretended nothing was wrong and took off Jikyung’s older sister’s clothes one by one.
She took off her coat, her pants, and all that was left was her underwear.

I must have been staring at my sister in her underwear without realizing it.

“It’s a bit embarrassing to look at it like that. Are you going to let this go?”

I put my hand through the back of my sexy black bra and fumbled it… I do not know.
Where is the solution?

I have no experience, but how many porn videos have I seen? You’re not sick, you say you can’t solve this? This fucking virgin cliché is real… ?

“This is going forward.”
“Is this the first time you’ve seen a hook on the front?”
“No. I didn’t know because I didn’t see it.”
“No. Even if you don’t see it, you can tell just by touching it. There’s no loop on the back.”

I’ll just pretend I didn’t know from the beginning.

“Hey, Minjun. I’m asking just in case… Is this your first time?”

Does the opportunity to experience it for the first time fly by like this?

Disappointed, his son, who had been resilient until just now, lost his momentum and shrank.
After all, I can’t help it. Blowing away this opportunity I will never be

I’m just bowing my head in the confidence that shrinks as much as my shrunken son,

“Mi, crazy. Wow, great. Are you really new?”
“It is.”

I replied bluntly out of useless pride, but Ji-gyeong noona’s reaction was very strange.

“Awesome! Wow, that’s crazy. How can a guy like you still be crazy? Are the girls around you really idiots? They just let a good-looking guy like you go? Whoa… It’s really crazy.”

At first, I wanted to be teased.
But looking at the atmosphere, it seems to be sincere.

“How can the real Minjun be so pure. I’m so excited.”
“So this is Minjun’s first time with noona?”

Suddenly, sister Ji-gyeong, who was shaking her body, suddenly hit her lips.
Town… ? What?

“Wow~ It’s the first time with this face. To think that I’m eating such a handsome Ada… Fucking hot.”
“I’m going crazy. I’m already hanging out below.”

That, that’s right
This was also the dignity of charm 95!! Damn, that’s awesome

“Min-Jun, do as Noona tells you to do. All right?”

And then a strange situational play began.

“Come on. Minjun’s hand. Yes, well done. Touch it here, here. Can you feel the hook? Slightly, yes, well done. Then it will come off.”

My sister’s attitude is really

“Yes. Then, shall we touch our breasts? Our Minjunie, would you like to touch our breasts?”

Damn pissed off

“Ahhh. Yes, so softly, gently..Hehe. How is your sister’s breasts?”
“Soft and soft…”
“The convex thing in the middle sticks out.”

Wow. The chest is really soft.
A sweet voice came out of Ji-gyeong noona’s mouth every time she rubbed the soft flesh with one hand and touched the tip, the hard protruding part.

“Haa. Minjuna. Would you like to suck your sister’s breasts?”

Her arms wrapped around her head gently buried her face in her chest without resisting the pressure. A feeling of numbness all over the face.

While enjoying her pleasant touch, I secretly stuck out her tongue and licked her nipples, and I could clearly feel my sister’s body trembling as she was being held in my arms.

As she frantically sucks her breasts, her shrunken alter ego springs up as if it never did, and her confidence rises.

“Sister. I can’t stand it anymore.”
“I can’t stand it eitherhaha, really. Why are you so ugly?”

I would never have thought that the word “Hot” Would come out of her woman’s mouth.
The few girls around me are all modest, like a wife from the Joseon Dynasty, so it’s the first time I’ve heard such a primary expression.

“Wait a minute. A condom.”
“Ah… A condom. That’s right.”

No matter who said it first, I hurriedly pulled out my pants, and I wondered if the moment of entry would finally come, but there was no condom.

“Oh, sorry, sister. I’ll buy it right away.”
“Didn’t you get the amenities?”
“Oh my… What?”
“Didn’t they give you something when you got the key at the counter?”
“I didn’t… I didn’t.”

What is that.
Ji-gyeong noona sighed lightly, and she took out a condom from a small bag that had been thrown away.

Sister, do you also carry condoms?

A little bit of reason returns to her head, which had only been hot with her excitement, and a different side of her lovely sister, Ji-kyung, comes into her eyes.

‘But. She was this easy girl.’

She was even thinking of marrying herself.
But her disappointment is disappointment, and her excitement is excitement.

In the midst of her darkness, he traced her sister’s body as she lay on her bed, aimed at her, and stabbed her —

“Ah!!! Hey! It’s not there!!”
“…I guess it’s not here.”

When she couldn’t stand it, her sister’s hand directly adjusted her position.

“What, what is this. What is this. You… Is this real?”
“Really? What?”
“No, this… Why is this so big?”
“Am I a little taller?”
“Crazy! This is too big! Hold on, wait.”

Fumbling cocks, groping hands on her stomach.
Soon Ji-kyung noona does it.

“What the fuck is this. This won’t go in.”
“Ay, everything goes in.”
“No, I’m not really going in!”

What are you saying
Did you come all the way here and take it out? No way

“Oh my god… The alternative length… No, the thickness… Wait a minutehaha!!”

I ignored Jikyung’s older sister’s muttering words and pushed it in as it was.
She wanted to get in and out, but something in her tightened up and grabbed her cock.

Oh sick.

“Huh! Now, wait, wait.”

Ji-gyeong noona’s hand pushing her chest was annoying, but moving her lower body wasn’t too difficult.

It wasn’t easy because I was biting her cock tightly, but as I slowly pushed it in and out, the hot, slippery liquid came out little by little.

“Hehhaha! Ki, deep! Ah, heuh, me, I already…”

A subtle pleasure that cannot be felt with her hands wraps around her pole.
How nice it would be to put everything in this tidy place and move it just by moving it gently.

“Huh!! I-I…”
“Sister. I’ll put everything in.”
“…What? You, how much did you put in?”
“Now? One… Less than half?”
“Ah, no, haaaaa!!”

I can’t stand it.
The moment she pushed her all the way in, her sister’s legs, which had been staggering in the air, straightened stiffly and began to tremble.

At the same time, whispers tightening her pillars.

Five… I know this
I saw it often in porn or manga.

‘This is where women go.’

It was a development often seen in porn or manga, so it was not unfamiliar even though it was the first time.
However, I feel a little lost that it is not as dramatic as I thought.

‘Is it different if I go several times?’

I heard that the woman has multiple orgasms or something, and if she goes a few more times she will just tremble all over her body.
It’s hard to move because of the tight flesh, but I pull it out with my trained core muscles and then push it in.

Haha! Stop! I’m going… Again…!!”

A muddy, obscene sound resounded, and the sister’s legs wrapped around her waist convulsed. You can feel the twitching muscles in your body.

Puck puck puck puck puck puck the flesh bumping into each other, Ji-gyeong noona’s mouth didn’t come out properly from some point.

“Ah, noona, I think I’ll be cold too.”
“Eunggok… Ogok!!”
“Yes, it will be cold.”

This is the answer I’ve heard a lot.
Is it because of the mood?

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

얼굴천재가 축구를 잘함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only condition to be good at soccer is"Sex"


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