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Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 6

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 6

Chapter 6 – A Stranger (2)


When I opened the door, I could see a woman looking back in amazement.

‘Wow… It’s really fucking pretty.’

She was much prettier than Hayeon noona, who was the prettiest in the cheerleading squad. I’m sorry, but she was so much prettier than anyone else in the cheerleading squad.

Age is… Early 20’s as a rule of thumb.
She has long straight hair and is wearing a simple white T-shirt and jeans, but she has such a great body that it gives off a feeling of being in a pictorial.

But… The makeup breaks down a bit.
You have a pretty face, but why are you wearing makeup like that? The subtle makeup that is difficult to express in words, as if a child clumsily imitated an adult.

It’s obviously strange… I wonder if this is the unchanging law of not being able to hide the beauty even though the makeup is strange.

The woman is standing right in front of my locker room.
But how are you used to holding it? That thing she’s holding in her hand…

“My uniform…?”

Why is the locker room still open?

The woman, who had been standing still as if frozen, quickly hid her hands behind her back in surprise.
Is it too late It’s not like it doesn’t look like that.
The uniform protruding from the back is annoying.

“Hey. Who are you and you’re holding my uniform? No, how did you know the locker room password?”

As the woman staggered backwards, the half of her body that had been covered by the locker was revealed.

What else is that
Why are my pants half way down… What?

Wait a minute.
What was that woman doing before I came in?

I must have buried my uniform in my face… And the pants are down halfway… ?
Come… The tentacles are coming.

This… This…

“My smelly masturbation!?”

The woman shouts Barak, but she has half-down pants, so can you believe it?

Masturbate while sniffing… It’s a play I’ve only imagined.
It’s a maniac fetish, but isn’t it a situation that men hate?

To be honest, when I went to play with my childhood friend during my school days, I was worried about seeing my childhood friend’s panties. Should I take that and use it as a daughter-in-law?

There are people who masturbate with panties on their faces like a pervert, but I wasn’t that far.
Ordinarily, just to the point of jerking around imagining smelling the smell of the hot spot you just took off, especially the cracked part?

In the past, I was so careless.
When I was in the middle of it, I hit a lot with it.

Of course, I’ve never actually done it.
Childhood friend… Because she had such a good sense of humor, if she stole her panties, she would be caught right away.

“Excuse me. Calm down for now. I can fully understand why you masturbate in my uniform.”
“Oh no!!”

Even though I understood, he shouted and denied it with all his might, and then he hurriedly moved as if he was trying to run away and fell over.

It seemed that he was about to run without thinking about his half-down pants.

‘Are you stupid?’

Falling forward looked pretty painful, but what caught my eye more than that was…


Be pure white classic.
As expected, the end of tuning is pure, and pure white panties are the best.

“Don’t look!!”

I was sorry for the sharp cry, but quickly turned my head.
‘Cause I’m a gentleman

“Don’t look!!”
“You’re not watching.”
“I can see you rolling your eyes!”

… How did know.

“This… This pervert!!”
“I’m not a pervert.”
“You’re spying on me, you pervert!!”

No wait.
I thought of it because I was perverted, but isn’t this woman perverted?

“Excuse me. Perverts are rather—”
“Kyaaaaagh! Don’t look!!”

She saw the woman throw something, but since she was vaguely turning her head, she couldn’t avoid it and was hit right away.

A blow to the head. With the sound of watermelons breaking, the world flashes and turns round and round.

“Uh, what… Are you okay?”
“Sleep… Dizzy…”

She staggered in dizziness and collapsed just like that.
Something instinctively caught in the hand that was swaying.

When she came to her senses, for some reason, the woman’s face was in front of her eyes.
It smells good.

I involuntarily sniff the smell, but I can feel the weight in my hand.
When you grab it, the soft touch… What about horses?

I felt her gaze for a moment, so I suddenly lifted my head, and my eyes met the woman staring at me.


Momentary silence.
For some reason, there was no word for Vicky, so I squatted slightly.

“Your chest is so soft.”

Mr. Oh… So damn big and soft


Click, click, click.

“Hey… What are you doing…?”

Why cell phone… ?

“Get out of the way now.”

He stopped crouching at the callous voice and barely got himself up.
As soon as she woke up, she had to rub her forehead against the pain that swarmed in her head.

Fuck it hurts so much
I didn’t even know it hurt when I touched her breasts, so why does it hurt so much when I take my hands off her? Is the heart a treasure too?

‘It hurts, so I’ll ask you to touch me a little bit.’

I scanned the floor, thinking nonsense.
What did you throw… Hand phone?

A familiar cell phone was rolling on the floor.

“Damn it! This is my phone!!”
“Heh. I told you not to look at me like that.”
“No… What is this… Ha!”

I’m stumped, my nose is stuffy, and I’m speechless.

“There is no such thing as a real enemy commander.”
“Is it a red-bottomed field?”
“…Red half or red half. No, why the hell did you throw your cell phone? That’s my phone… No, this is also strange. Why does he have my phone?”
“It’s even weirder when you think about it. No, shit. In the first place, you were masturbating while smelling my uniform!!”

As I was talking, I got angry with the gradation, and I ended up yelling at the end.
Oh fuck I’m going to break my head from screaming

She is a pretty woman, Nabal, and once she gets sick, the anger stored in the depths of Danjeon springs up.

“…No it’s not.”
“No? Then why was my face buried in my uniform? Why were my pants down!”

As if an earthquake had occurred, his gaze, which had been shaking wildly, turned to the floor.
She said in a small voice that a woman with only parted lips murmured.

“Uh, I smelled something good and sniffed it…”
“Take it?”
“Go, suddenly, oh, I need to pee…”
“Ah~ I see. So. How did you get into the locker room of the soccer club, where outsiders are not allowed to enter, and the place that smelled good was my uniform in the locker room. Did you take the pants down?”

Are you kidding.

Haha. Hey. Be really honest, right?”
“Oh, no.”
“Honestly, I like smell masturbation too. I can understand. You can masturbate while smelling.”
“Sure. Well, I have to be quite handsome. I fully understand. You must have wanted to masturbate while smelling my handsome uniform.”

When I see pretty girls’ panties, I want to smell them.

“But fuck, what about my phone! What about my phone I bought a month ago!!”
“Kyaa! You were surprised! Don’t shout!!”
“Are you in a position to yell at me, pervert?”

I was sighing in amazement, and then suddenly stood up.
In front of your eyes, you can see the space between the thighs that have fallen slightly between the half-down jeans, and if you go up above that, you will see white panties where your thighs converge….

As I stared blankly at him, the woman quickly pulled up her pants.
I gazed vaguely at the disappearing panties through my jeans, then raised my head at the gaze I felt from above.


Surprisingly, when I woke up, the height of my gaze was similar.
You’re taller than you think

Around the early 170’s… ?
The woman with her arms folded proudly said with a snort.

“It’s absurd. Someone said someone was a pervert.”
“What. Do you have proof?”
“No, just my uniform—”
“Do you have any evidence?”
“Of course not! That’s…”

… Isn’t it?
Since it is a locker room, there is no CCTV. No fuck No real evidence?

“Look at that. There’s no proof. I feel unfair.”
“Wow~ I’m going crazy! I feel unfair? I feel unfair! I saw it with my own two eyes! Besides… Yes, this cell phone! What should I do with my cell phone! It’s the latest model I bought last month?”
“Don’t frown because it’s noisy. A phone? I’ll buy you one.”
“Yes. The latest model.”
“I’ll buy you a phone, tablet, and pad. Are you okay?”

… Then what
Once the phone is gone.

“Then my forehead! What am I going to do with this? My head is still fucking pounding? What if my hair goes bad!”
“It doesn’t look like it’s going to get worse, but it hurts, so I’ll give it a go.”

* * *

I looked at the back of the woman who was walking away.
I sent it once… Is this right?

It’s rather beneficial to think about it quietly.

‘The broken cell phone screen was replaced with the latest phone from Apple. They gave me a tablet and a pad, so it’s a bit of a gain?’

More than anything, it was because he gave me a ho~ on my forehead.
If we were a little closer, we would have kissed, but it’s a pity.

But where do you think I saw it?
Even though she’s a bit perverted, how can she forget such a pretty girl… Forget…

“Ah!! I remembered!! That rude woman back then!!”

A day I will never forget.
The day I got the status window and the first day I entered the soccer club.

That day, she ran to school to avoid being late, and met that unpretentious pretty girl! She just realized that he was the woman.

Burr— burr—
Just then, my cell phone, which had been set to vibrate, rang. A number that does not know the broken screen.

—Uh~ It’s Min-Jun~~ Min-Jun-ah~ Why aren’t you coming~~?

It was a woman’s voice.
Her tongue was loose as if she was drunk.

—Hell~ It’s too much~ Have you already forgotten Minjoon’s sister?
—Your sister is so sad~~ Minjun was really bad
“Oh sorry! I’m leaving right now!”
—Ugh~ Noona came out for a while because she was dizzy right now? Will you come this way?
“I’ll go right away if you tell me where! Oh, but how did you get my number?”
-Number? I asked the guys who were with me~ Why? Minjunie, you don’t like that noona knows your number?

When I ran to the place Jikyung noona told me about, a woman with a red face was sitting against the wall.

“Sister? Jikyung’s sister?”
“Min-jun, why are you late?”
“I have some work…”
“Min-Jun, my sister is dizzy, but I’m going to go get some fresh air. Can you help me?”
“Okay then.”

… Huh?
But why is it in front of the motel?

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

얼굴천재가 축구를 잘함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only condition to be good at soccer is"Sex"


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