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Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 5

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer 5

Chapter 5 – A Stranger (1)


“Yes! Shiva this!!”
“Yeah~ As the director said, Hong Min-joon did it.”
“What did I say! That kind of personality is strong in real life!!”
“Kya~ It’s so strange. What’s the difference between training and actual combat?”

The head coach and head coach laughed at the breakthrough that led to a shot in an instant.
Even though they failed to score a goal, it is natural that Hong Min-jun’s powerful break-through slowed down the opponent’s play.

Existing players also moved enthusiastically in the performance of the young freshman, who had just joined and had not yet gone from high school, lubricating Hojindae’s play.

“Yes! Go! Good!!”

Hojin-dae took the initiative, but with a team of similar strength focusing on defense, it is unlikely that they will be able to break through easily. Besides, isn’t Hojin’s main tactic to counterattack after the player’s defense?

The defensive organization training was thorough, but the attack, especially in the attacking part, was lacking in training, which meant that there was no threatening offensive work even though they took the initiative.

Hojindae players, who had been passing the ball meaninglessly, naturally passed the ball to Hong Min-jun, who showed the most threatening appearance, more often, and Hong Min-jun showed sharp breakthroughs each time.

“Hey dude! I’m good at it, so I’m good at it, so I dribble there… That’s it?”

Even the head coach and head coach had their mouths wide open as he evaded an opposing player who was even closely marking with his footing, and pushed away two players who rushed after him with instant acceleration.

“What Messi is he? Mbappe?”
“…Iknow, right.”

Breaking through the dribble looks cool and fancy, but surprisingly it doesn’t appear often.
The success rate is also the success rate, but with professional-level organizational skills, there are members who will back you up even if you pass one member.

That’s why dribbling breakthrough is where the power is maximized when the right situation is created, and even if you forcefully try to dribble and get past one person, you will be immediately taken away by a backup player, or even if you do not lose it, time will drag on and commit a ball hog or turnover.

However, if you can beat not one, but two or three people in a row, what other individual tactic is as powerful as breaking through the dribble?

“…Crazy. How old is he already?”

At the head coach’s murmur, the head coach looked over his score sheet.

“6 out of 7 attempts to break through the dribble are successful. Besides, 2 basic players break through once.”
“As expected, my eyes are not wrong!

* * *

Beep! Beep!!
The whistle blew and the game ended.

90 minutes, 45 minutes for each half.
There is a halftime in between, but running around for an hour and a half isn’t usually hard work.

It is said that players famous as hard walkers lose more than 3kg after playing one game, so it is needless to say how important physical strength is in soccer.

And I tasted the humiliation of being replaced in 10 minutes after starting the second half because I ran out of stamina in the first half.
… Fuck.

‘I couldn’t distribute my stamina because I was so excited.’

I was so excited that if I just did my own thing, it worked, and if I ran, I was kicked out.

Even so, not very good stamina.
His stamina was rated below average even in the high school league.

In the college league, which is physically more complete and the overall level is much higher, he ran more frantically than usual and did not hesitate to fight fiercely.

In the first half, he devastated the left side like Mbappe or Messi, but around the 35th minute, he discharged and blocked his personal airway, which worked well, and at the start of the second half, he couldn’t even receive the ball properly, so he was replaced.

Seeing the coach muttering, ‘Phew, I thought this bastard was weak’ when he was replaced, it seems that he has devastated the side quite a bit. It’s a short-term performance, but it’s not bad because it has such a big impact.

The real question is whether it can sustain such an activity.

‘I haven’t accumulated any points.’

He played a big role in friendly matches, but it is confirmed that the points have not changed, and the expectation is more weighty.

‘As expected, the only answer is sex.’

I can’t help it.
I never did this because I wanted to have sex.
No, of course, it’s not that I don’t like sex… It’s not that I’m just liking this girl and that girl. This is an inevitable and necessary evil to win the Ballon d’Or!

‘Take the Ballon d’Or. Patriotism is different, this is patriotism.’

I can make Korean people drink gukppong, and I can raise the status of Korean soccer… Well, anyway, so from now on, I’m going to have sex to my heart’s content.

“You’re so good at soccer. What’s your name?”
“I’m Hong Min-joon.”
“Min-Jun? You have a nice name. How old are you? Freshman? Aww~ You’re cute. Baby, baby. That’s why your skin is so fair.”
“Minjun, tell me honestly. Do you have a girlfriend?”

Is this heaven
As soon as the game was over, I was greeted by the opposing team, and the cheerleaders rushed in and surrounded me.

I never thought the subtle skinship of gently sweeping the back of the arm and stabbing the cheek would be this good.

“Hey! You guys wouldn’t even support us, so why did you follow us?”
“What are you really saying? You cheered me on.”
“That’s right. It smells like sweat, so go away. Don’t make it so bad.”

It’s heartbreaking to see one of the opposing team’s players oxidize fiercely and walk away, but it can’t be helped. Anyway, I will smell sweat after running the game.

“Oh, hey. I have to go wash up too. I sweat a lot.”
“Huh? Ah~ It’s okay, it’s okay. I don’t even smell sweat.”
“Yes? Could it be…?”

It was replaced a long time ago and the sweat has cooled down, but how can it not smell like that?
When I sniffed it, it smelled really good.

“Huh? Why does it smell?”

Then, the noonas laughed loudly.
Ah… Somehow I thought it smelled sweet, but it must have smelled like noonas’ perfume. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the middle of a long time, and I can smell it.

“Minjun, today’s game is over, aren’t you having dinner?”
“Uh… I’m not sure about that.”
“Ah~ Why~ Let’s have dinner with my sister~”

If I could, I’d do it too. Really.

“Come on, gather Hojindae!”

“Everyone worked hard today. The performance was good, and I like the organization. I’m happy to see the results of training.”

Everyone smiles at the director’s words.
Although we fell in the middle, our team scored 3 goals, including the one I recorded, and recorded a clean sheet.

Satisfactory results in attack or defense.

The coach, coaching staff, and players are all happy because they defeated a team that was evaluated with similar strength.

Five… Something looks angular.
Maybe it’s possible if I do well?

I looked around and slowly raised my hand.

“Oh! That’s right, Min-jun, our leader! What do you have to say?”
“Director! Do you have any free time?”

The atmosphere becomes chilly as soon as the words are finished.
I’m not captain, vice-captain, or veteran, but it’s too harsh for a freshman who just joined the team… I know that too, but then what?

Snow is waiting behind me.
This isn’t about being crazy about women and trying to have sex.

It’s just to improve my soccer skills.
So please!!

“Huh… What’s wrong! Okay, I’m in a good mood! Have a good day today! However, alcohol is prohibited. You know we’re still in camp, right?
“Wow! Thank you!!”

Fortunately, the pleasant director gave permission.
Of course, in the place where the coach and coaches left, the sad seniors remained.

“Hey, youngest. What are you doing now?”
“If this gets out of hand. The captain and the seniors aren’t saying anything, but is there a freshman stepping out? Huh?”

Also like this
But there is a workaround.

“Seniors. The older sisters over there asked to play together… Would you like to come with me if it’s okay?”

The noonas from the cheering squad waved at the seniors who looked back.

“Damn it… Well done.”

With this, the seniors are also recruited.

I quickly told my older sisters that I would wash up and join them, so they asked me to take a number.
Is this a bug… !

Looking at it, it seems that the Jijangdae players are going back by bus, but the cheerleaders are left behind because they go separately.

Bureung— Beyond the window of the starting tour bus, you can see supporters with melancholy expressions on their faces.

‘… Wow. It’s really pitiful.’

I lost the match, but I was abandoned even by the cheerleaders.
After all, life is handsome and worth seeing.

* * *

Among the seniors in the soccer team, there were only 10 people including me.
There are 9 noonas in the cheering squad, so the number doesn’t match, but this is within the permissible range.

“Minjun, tell me your number too.”

As many as 19 people rushed out, in the midst of a commotion, they clung to the prettiest Ha-yeon noona, but Ji-kyung noona waited and got tangled up.

If Hayeon is the prettiest out of the 9 cheerleaders, Jikyung has the best body.
Wow~ Flowers in both hands~

There is nothing to be found in rummaging through her pockets.

“Huh? Ah… I must have left my phone. I’ll go back to school for a while.”
“Wait a minute.”

Ji-gyeong noona takes out her notepad and writes her number in a pretty handwriting.

“This. You’re a freshman. Do you know the geography of this area?”
“Call me on my number when you find it. I’ll give you directions.”

At the same time, a tingling sensation gently touched my forearm.
Holly… ! A woman’s breasts are so soft!

She nodded and quickly ran towards the school.
Could this be a green light?

… What is rice
As soon as I find the phone, I will call Ji-kyung noona and go to the motel.

Finally taking off Adah… No, she thought she could get points, and as she was about to enter the locker room with a smile, she heard a strange sound.


It’s a woman’s voice that’s husky and attractive… A very strange feeling.


I did something and opened the locker room door.

“…Who are you?”

There was a woman with my uniform pinned to her nose.

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

Face Genius Is Good at Soccer

얼굴천재가 축구를 잘함
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The only condition to be good at soccer is"Sex"


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